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Make your own Fakémon!
« on: July 29, 2013, 15:02 »
Simple. Just make your own pokemon, including level up moves and typing, as well as a description of what it looks like. You could even make a new dex entry for it, or go much further and make a sprite for it!

As a thing to avoid problems, try not to post new moves for your Fakémon, because that sorta thing's for the move thread. If it's exclusive to your new Fakémon, go ahead =)

Otherwise, go nuts!


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Re: Make your own Fakémon!
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2013, 15:36 »

Pokédex entry: Following research into the effects of the radiation emitted from the electromagnetic spectrum on food, some food mutated and became a danger. When this food was disposed of, several alligator hatchlings were exposed to the foods radiation. As such, Tacogators where made.

Height: 1'4"

Weight: 10 Kilograms

Appearance: A small alligator, with dorito-style spikes, and a Taco in place of its mouth. It has a long tail, which at the end has a cabbage on.

Type: Ground / Grass

Base Stats:

HP: 70
Atk: 90
Def: 70
Sp. Atk: 60
Sp. Def: 70
Spd: 90

Total: 450


Level 0: Tackle; Tail Whip
Level 3: Vine Whip
Level 5: Mud Slap
Level 8: Razor Leaf
Level 10: Leech Seed
Level 14: Growth
Level 17: Mud Shot
Level 20: Bullet Seed
Level 24: Dig
Level 28: Crunch
Level 31: Rock Slide
Level 34: Earth Power
Level 38: Ingrain
Level 42: SolarBeam
Level 45: Earthquake
Level 48: WoodHammer

Evolves into Quesadile at Lv. 34


Pokédex Entry: When a Tacogator reaches a certain age, it's spikes store too much power, and in a sudden burst of energy, they transform into the monstrously powerful beasts known as Quesadiles.

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 200kg

Appearance: A large crocodile, with giant Quesadilla spikes. Still has a taco as a mouth, although the taco is much bigger and more full. It's brown and green in colour (mainly) and has a spiky Cabbage on the end of its tail.

Type: Grass / Ground

Base Stats:

HP: 100
Atk: 140
Def: 90
Sp. Atk: 75
Sp. Def: 90
Spd: 105

Total: 600


Level 0: Vine Whip; Mudslap; Tackle; Tail Whip
Level 5: Razor Leaf
Level 9: Leech Seed
Level 13: Growth
Level 17: Mud Shot
Level 21: Bullet Seed
Level 25: Dig
Level 29: Crunch
Level 33: Rock Slide
Level 37: Earth Power
Level 41: SolarBeam
Level 45: Earthquake
Level 49: WoodHammer
Level 60: QuesaStorm (see below)


Using a great amount of power, the user stirs the area around. A huge storm is called forth, and Meateors (yes, that is intended) strike down on the opponent.

Type: Grass
Category: Special (but uses users physical attack)
Power: 180
PP: 5
Effect: The users Attack and Speed sharply decreases.

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Re: Make your own Fakémon!
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2013, 17:48 »
Species: Pegasus Pokemon
Type: Fire/Flying
Ability: Blaze, Flash Fire, Moxie (hidden)
Evolves from Rapidash by leveling up while holding a Heat Rock.

Pokedex entry:
It has an aggressive nature. When in danger, it engulfs itself in fire and charges into the opponent at high speed.

Start: Quick Attack
Start: Ember
Level 3: Scratch
Level 7: Wing Attack
Level 10: Flame Wheel
Level 14: U-Turn
Level 17: Fury Attack
Level 21: Aerial Ace
Level 24: Will-O-Wisp
Level 29: Night Slash
Level 34: Psycho Cut
Level 38: Acrobatics
Level 43: Flame Charge
Level 47: Bite
Level 52: Bounce
Level 56: Foul Play
Level 62: Guillotine
Level 67: Giga Impact
Level 72: Flamethrower
Level 79: Me First
Level 85: Brave Bird
Level 91: Flare Blitz
Level 96: Doom Desire
Level 100: Evil Angel

Evil Angel, Orphegasus' signature move, has 140 power and 90 accuracy. The entire arena is shrouded in darkness. The user suddenly soars through the darkness and strikes the opponent with wings. It has a 5% chance of knocking out the opponent immediately.

Orphegasus' base stats:

HP: 90
Atk: 125
Def: 75
Sp Atk: 95
Sp Def: 90
Spd: 105

Total: 580

Needs more Gengar

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Re: Make your own Fakémon!
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2013, 19:16 »
^Hmmm, those are similar to Rapidash's stats. Something like 130/115 Attack and Speed, would you think?

It has a huge head, that has a seemingly crack-like mark running down into the armour joint. It is coloured a dark navy blue with silver spots dotted on it, just like it's body. It is completely armoured, and it's a wonder why it became extinct millions of years ago. It has a huge tail in the shape of a triangle, with fins running up to the head from the body. The tail is striped yellow, but is mostly blue otherwise. It has a huge mouth with teeth plates like a beak, that can bite through the strongest hull. It is usually discovered in the Sturdy Fossil, due to armour all over it. It has a big gap between the head armour and body armour. It feeds on smaller fish and can even eat scrap metal, and is known to cause ships to sink due to this diet.
Pokedex Entry: This formerly extinct Pokemon was a feared sea predator revived in recent times, and it has caused many ship sinkings.

Type: Water / Steel
Ability: Water Veil
Hidden Ability: Iron Barbs

Lv1: Aqua Ring (Heart Scale)
Lv1: Tackle
Lv4: Withdraw
Lv6: Water Gun
Lv10: Block
Lv11: Bind
Lv17: Dive
Lv20: Metal Burst
Lv24: Scald
Lv27: Heavy Slam
Lv31: Avalanche
Lv33: Stealth Rock
Lv38: Aqua Tail
Lv42: Iron Head
Lv46: Stone Edge
Lv54:Gyro Ball
Lv62: Giga Impact


Total: 575
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Re: Make your own Fakémon!
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2013, 19:20 »
^Just a small thing; the BST as it stands is 575 not 560, but otherwise it sounds cool.

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Re: Make your own Fakémon!
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2013, 13:28 »
^Thanks, fixed it.

It has a furry mass for a head, with black beady eyes with a bead-like iris and a slit-like pupil. It's beak is short, but is shaped like a small cannon. This cannon allows it to fire small rocks and pebbles. It's beady eyes allow it to zoom, allowing it to see targets from 350m away. It has small arms with sharp, short claws that allow it to cut through incredibly thick flesh, yet they fall off fairly easily in combat. It has a plump body that secretes a small gland that holds a ghostly energy. It's legs fade into a shadowy mass. However, it can purposefully use this to hide, as it can hide behind smaller objects when it's legs have faded. They are covered in fur normally, but when they fade, they become invisible to the naked eye.
Type: Flying / Ghost
Ability: Sniper
Ability 2: Cursed Body
DW Ability: Illusion

It has a bigger mass of fur for a head, but has larger beady eyes with slit-like pupils and irises. It's beak is the shape of a cannon, which gains the ability to fire heavier projectiles. It can see targets that are 1 mile away. It's claws and arms are mere silhouettes, but transform into huge rake-like claws and fur covered arms at will. It's body is longer and thinner than Zowl's body, but it is covered in ghostly fur. When in danger, Snipird can change from a bird into a ghost, being unaffected.
 Type: Flying / Ghost
Ability 1: Sniper
Ability 2: Magic Guard
DW Ability: Illusion

Level Up:

Lv1: Scratch
Lv3: Growl
Lv6: Peck
Lv10: Curse
Lv15: Shadow Sneak
Lv19: Air Cutter
Lv22: Hypnosis
Lv27: Assurance
Lv33: Shadow Claw
Lv36: Drill Peck
Lv41: Extrasensory
Lv47: Roost

Level Up is the same as Zowl, but each move after Lv25 is learnt 3 levels later.
Also, Nasty Plot is added in at Lv57, and Hurricane is added in at Lv65.


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Re: Make your own Fakémon!
« Reply #6 on: April 05, 2014, 14:06 »
MAX REVIVE (I had a Fakémon idea but I didn't want to make a new topic for it, it seemed kinda pointless.)

Rapstallion - better name pending.

Dark Horse Pokemon

Pokédex Entry: Rapstallion have been around since the dawn of time, they are surrounded by mysterious archaic powers that are seldom unleashed.

Appearance: Quadrupedal Pokémon, black in colour with a thick set jaw. It is not known whether it can see but it appears to have no eyes. Has some cat/dog-like qualities as it often looks ready to pounce. In some places it has veins sticking out slightly that glow in technicolour.

Type: Dark / Fairy

Base Stats:

HP: 100
Atk: 140
Def: 100
Sp. Atk: 105
Sp. Def: 100
Spd: 100

Total: 645


Level 0: Roar; Growl; Tackle; Tail Whip
Level 5: Leer
Level 14: Sing
Level 20: Pound
Level 24: Charm
Level 28: Attract
Level 33: Encore
Level 39: Endure
Level 40: Shock Wave
Level 44: Psychic
Level 46: Hydro Pump
Level 50: Night Daze
Level 55: Flamethrower
Level 61: Volt Tackle
Level 67: Petal Blizzard
Level 77: Moon Blast

(See - the point is that it's a dark horse, it doesn't seem good until you reach level 40 and it can learn something other than Tackle - It learns no TMs.)