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OCs with Pokemon Stats!
« on: February 06, 2014, 14:49 »
I thought it might be fun to take our own original characters and give them Pokemon stats/moves/etc.! Here's what I came up with a while ago:

Triple Hero (I guess that makes Black his "shiny" form)
Species: Justice
Height and Weight? Well I dunno, he's a muscular humanoid. I'm not good at this sort of thing...
Type: Normal/Fighting
Pokedex data at a later date.

Ability: Triple Power
Description: Double and Triple moves work differently.
*Tri Attack becomes a Fighting-type Physical attack that does Special damage.
*Triple Kick deals 30, 60, and 90 damage for each respective hit.
*Attacks that normally hit twice hit an extra time.
*Multi-hit moves are guaranteed to hit at least three times when they connect.
*Double Team's effect doubles.

HP: 100
Attack: 130
Defense: 135
Sp.ATK: 100
Sp.DEF: 115
Speed: 100
BST: 680
(The reason his BST is so high is because I was going for "broken except not really", since he's still human. Not sure how well he'd actually fare with his typing, ability, etc. though)

Start - Karate Chop
Start - Disable
Start - Detect
Start - Comet Punch
Lv.10 - Mach Punch
Lv.10 - Bullet Punch
Lv.15 - Retaliate
Lv.20 - Endure
Lv.27 - Double Hit
Lv.27 - Double Kick
Lv.33 - Ice Beam
Lv.33 - Flare Blitz
Lv.33 - Wild Charge
Lv.40 - Triple Kick
Lv.45 - Dual Chop
Lv.55 - Tri Attack
Lv.65 - Meteor Mash

That was... actually rather easy to do! I guess it helps that I know my character better than anyone, though. Maybe he could stand to learn more status moves? I figure he'd learn Bulk Up via TM, at least. But yeah, it's harder when you're making up a fake Pokemon from the ground up/on the spur of the moment.

Is anyone else nerdy enough to give their own characters that are otherwise unrelated to Pokemon stats like these? please say yes

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Re: OCs with Pokemon Stats!
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2015, 00:31 »
It's been 364 days. It's high time I showed up with something.

(Kirby OC)
Classification: Puffy
Height: 3' 8"
Weight: 50 pounds
Attack: 170
Defense: 138
aSpecial: 201
dSpecial: 234
Speed: 180
Type: Psychic
Lv. 1 - Teleport and Tackle
Lv. 8 - Confusion
Lv. 12 - Fairy Wind
Lv. 15 - Psycho Cut
Lv. 20 - Psystrike
Lv. 24 - Zen Headbutt
Lv. 29 - Recover
Lv. 32 - Protect
Lv. 36 - Psybeam
Lv. 38 - Meditate
Lv. 40 - Disarming Voice
Lv. 43 - Psywave
Lv. 49 - Rest
Lv. 54 - Pursuit
Lv. 58 - Aura Sphere
Lv. 62 - Focus Blast
Lv. 71 - Hyper Beam
Lv. 81 - Telekinesis
TMs - Hyper Beam, Protect, Rest, Skill Swap, Mirror Coat, Gravity
Egg Group: Fairy