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Just ignore that short guy...

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  1. Lady: one of these people is really a woman. Can you guess which one? by laironlover77
  2. Nurse Joy couldnt make it today because she...fell...down the stairs. by jjas132
  3. And here are the two retards who made my life miserable and will now be put to death by being thrown in to a pit with Ash at the bottom. =D by Mr. Gecko Dude
  4. Lady; And here's our judges, Mr. Says-The-Same-Thing-All-The-Time-Whether-You-Sucked-Or-Not, and Mr. Actually-Useful-Judge-Guy! by laironlover77
  5. "And here are our judges: some weirdo who always says the same thing and the narrator of the whole Pokémon anime." by
  6. "And this one is my fifth ex-husband, and this one is my sixth ex-husband..." by
  7. Man: I have the PKMN.NET logo! :D by shadowaker
  8. And here we are, revealing Generation 5's new starters. by laironlover77
  9. Lady:(transmorphs) Ash: Oh no, not again Lady: Jiiii-gaaaaly puuuuuuff (look at the mic ppl) by Awkward Squirtle
  10. Lady: I caught a Sukizo! :D Sukizo: Remarkable! Remarkable! by laironlover77
  11. "Now watch as I poke these people's eyes out." by
  12. Man: What a lovely dress! *Everyone looks at Man oddly* Man: I mean "Remarkable!" by Captain Jigglypuff
  13. The auditions for Hoenn's Got Talent didn't turn out too well. A magic act made the third judge disappear. by MzLuluZombi
  14. The newest anti-drug commercial. Yes, it is before and after. by Spriter Neb
  15. Lady: I have no idea who these guys are! :D by laironlover77
  16. Lady: Okay Ash, one of these men cost more than the other. In order to win, you must guess which one costs more. by sunshine188
  17. "Now let's play, Who's the Ditto?" by Gengar24
  18. "And now we look at these men who are fused to boxes." by
  19. "And now the audience will vote, which one should I date?" by mewz2cute
  20. Lady:,and the short fat... Winner: I'm NOT FAT! Lady:As I was saying, The short fat man won! Loser: You are fat you know. by