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Welcome to Murkrow=Mariah Carey class!

Submitted by Spinda

  1. Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? ...Mine! by Utack and Swampy
  2. And if you'd like to vote for these Murkrow, text MURKROW to 99999. Find out nextweek if they're still in the running! by laironlover77
  4. Soon... soon Ash would fall into their hungry maws... by laironlover77
  5. Don't you hate it when you're about to start singing and you forget the words? by laironlover77
  6. 1 Murkrow: $25 2 Murkrow: $50 2 1/2 Singing Murkrow: Priceless by shadowaker
  7. Murkrow 1: Helloooo.. Murkrow 2: Helloooooo... Murkrow 3: HELLOOOOO.... All: HELLO! by
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Pacman after meeting Harry Potter. by Mr. Gecko Dude
  9. The idea for Murkrow's pre-evolution was scrapped. by laironlover77
  11. Behold, the three blue Murkrow. -Lights flash and techno music starts playing- by
  12. Man those stuffed plushies are creepy.... by Captain Jigglypuff
  13. HSM: Murkrow Edition got more viewers than the original. They sang better too. by Shaymin
  14. Look up in the sky! The light is blinding! What is it? Its... an atomic explosion! by Awkward Squirtle
  15. Geography class is BOOORRRING! by Mr. Gecko Dude
  16. Prepare to throw some apples. by Catstorm
  17. Murkrow: Krow! Murkrow: Mur! Murkrow: No! You fools! We'll never be as popular as the Mudkips at this rate! by sunshine188
  18. It's Girls Aloud! =D by
  19. (insert food here) by
  20. Band reunions don't always go so well. by