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Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. As soon as he found out he couldn't play Tetris on it, Ash threw his PokéDex to the ground. by The Librarian
  2. Dexter:Error 404 page not found. Ash: Damn you! (throws Pokedex into the air) by Jirachi 26
  3. Pokedex Office Assistant: You appear to be attempting to destroy me, need some help? Ash: WHERE THE HELL IS THE HIDE OPTION? by Jirachi 26
  4. Welcome to Microsoft Pokedex Vista! by Angelic Lapras King
  5. Ash: Hey look, someone dropped a DS... by laironlover77
  6. Unfortunately, the warranty expired. by
  7. Dexter: My father was an Atari and my mother was a coffee machine... by Psychocath
  8. Dexter: Ash: The moron pokemon. This pokemon is weak and their is no reason to be cautious around it. Also, it has an intelligence quotient of 15. Ash: I'LL KILL YOU! Dexter: However, be wary of it's rage attack, as it is fairly strong, unlike every other one of it's cruddy moves. Ash: Grrr! by the mudkip tamer
  9. Pokedex: You have 3112370927409374932709 new emails. System error: Too many emails. Warning: Self-destruct sequence activated. Ash: I'm never trusting Windows again! by MzLuluZombi
  10. After being used on the same Pokémon repeatedly, the Pokédex tried to run away. by
  11. Pokedex: PKMN.NET, the fansite Pokemon. This Pokemon is a website where Pokemon fans go to complain about stuff to do with the show you're on right now. PKMN.NET is represented by the logo before you, and shall soon take over the world with its awesomeness. by MzLuluZombi
  12. PokéDex: EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! by The Librarian
  13. Ash: What Pokémon is that?! Dexter: That. is. the. ground. by
  14. Dexter was never the same after being fitted with Windows Vista. by
  15. Ash: Hey, look! It's brain age! Dexter: What color is the opposite of green? Ash: Red. Dexter: What color is the opposite of yellow? Ash:!...buh-lue! *Crying* Blue, blue, blue. Dexter: Your score: Negative 57. by dragonlord0813
  16. Pokedex: For that I will now erase your hard drive. Ash: NOOOOOO!!!!!! by Jirachi 26
  17. Pokedex: So, Ash, how does it feel to have a talking machine as your only friend? by TvS|Tyranitar vs Something
  18. Ash: WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY BROCK ISN'T A POKEMON!?!? Brock: Bro-Bro-Brock Ash: WOW IT'S EVOLVING! Brock: Brock, Brock, Brockoli! by Sappy
  19. Dexter makes a break for it... by President Hawkeye
  20. "PKMN.NET, a tool used by Pokémon Trainers to socialize from home." by