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May the puppet!

Submitted by AlanaPasco

  1. MAY used :D It's SUPER EFFECTIVE! by
  2. I'm afraid the Wurmple have her now. by Umby2000
  3. May: You thought you cou;d abandon me for some skank with a Piplup? Think again! :D by laironlover77
  4. May used Petal Dance! She hit herself in her confusion. by Backabum
  5. May loves the sweet scent and don't notices that her evasiveness felt. by lucastcorrea
  6. No! The sparkly vampires are trying to bring May down with them! D= by MzLuluZombi
  7. MAY used Petal Dance! MAY became confused due to fatigue! by jjas132
  8. She hung herself after discovering that other caption contest. by shadowaker
  10. Ash: I miss May. ;.; Brock: Don't worry, I bought this life sized Puppet! Ash: YAY! =D by Umby2000
  11. Dawn: So what ever happened to that May-girl? Ash/Brock: >.>;; by Umby2000
  12. This had better not be these 'Pokémon Musicals' by Awkward Squirtle
  13. May: Go forth, sparkles and petals! Goo my minions! Together we shall take over the world >:D by
  14. Okay now, so in this scene May makes an unexpected aerial entrance, however due to budget cuts we'll have to replace magical pixie dust with a rope we bought from the 99 cent store. by
  15. Officer Jenny: We're looking for May of Petalburg. May(descending): I am she. by
  16. Ash made some adjustments to his Misty Lure. by jagabor
  17. 1 lIk3 mAh ALKehOl3! WH333333333! May took up drinking after she was fired. by Mew100
  18. This is some kind of public service announcement, isn't it?: Kids, don't sniff Sweet Scent. by ShiraBliss
  19. The petals are there to divert the attention from the rope. It worked on me. by
  20. Strange position for a hanged person to be in... by