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Telling a secret

Submitted by RachelPiplupLover

  1. Brock: Have you told her that she's getting kicked off the series after the Johto region yet? Ash: I thought you were gonna tell her by jagabor
  2. Brock: Marco Ash: Polo Brock: Marco Ash: Polo Brock: Marco Misty: I'm surrounded by idiots. by RedFox
  3. Brock: When I give the signal, you pull down her shorts and I'll spank her. Ash: Gotcha. by Angelic Lapras King
  4. Ash: Psst! Brock! What did you want me to tell her? Brock: Tell her to get back in the kitchen and make you a sandwich. Chicks dig men who tell them what to do. Ash: Will that really work? o.o Brock: Trust me, I've used it on MANY Nurse Joys. Do you doubt my Nurse Joy seduction skills? Ash: ... by ~pika-chan~
  5. Brock: Dude, we have no dinner tonight. Do you have plans? Ash: What about the Togepi? by Backabum
  6. Brock: So, when we go to Johto, do we get a hottie? Ash: No, the ginger just won't leave us alone. Brock: Damn! by Shaymin
  7. Ash: Why are we whispering? Brock: I don't know! :D by laironlover77
  8. Brock: I wonder when Misty will realize we switched her Togepi with the one from that D&P episode. by jagabor
  9. Togepi: Ahh, yes, the innocence of rumors. Wait till they hear the one I spread about your mom and Prof. Oak. Misty: 8| by Ferox
  10. 'You're right, her butt is HUGE!' by Utack and Swampy
  11. Brock: When I give the signal, you pull down her shorts and I'll throw the pie in her face. Ash: Gotcha. by Angelic Lapras King
  12. Ash: Let's ditch her and go to Hoenn. by Angelic Lapras King
  13. Ash: Quick! I need to compliment Misty, what should I say? Brock: Tell her those suspenders make her look hot. Misty:... I feel violated. >> by laironlover77
  14. Ash: I hear she's getting the sack... by Angelic Lapras King
  15. Brock: Hey, can you help me steal her eyes? Ash: Sure! That way she won't be able to follow me anymore! by Shaymin
  16. Ash: Say WHAT? Brock: Seriously, read your contract. You HAVE to be followed around by a girl in a skimpy outfit... by Umby2000
  17. Brock: The Video Game version was cuter... Ash: Tell me about it. by Umby2000
  18. Brock and Ash were discussing how cute the Gym Leaders in Hoenn are. by Umby2000
  19. Ash: Psst! Brock, how come you never open your eyes? Brock: Oh, that's because..... by Sable
  20. Brock: This place is a death trap, that ladder is only painted on! by Umby2000