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Submitted by Angelic Lapras King

  1. Pikachu: Hey babe, I hear we're in the same breeding group. by The Librarian
  2. When a Clefairy is seen holding a Moon Stone, it does not always evolve. Instead, it can influence people and Pokemon to do the Cha-Cha-Slide. Take it back now, y'all! by MzLuluZombi
  3. Clefairy's hands were full, so it was one of those awkward hug moments. by Katkafka
  4. Just as Clefairy went to throw a rock at Ash's head, Pikachu caught her in the act. He wanted the first go. by Drathmoore
  5. Clefairy was taking the game Rock, Paper, Scissors a little too literaly... by The Librarian
  6. Pikachu: So there I was - Snorlax to the right of me, Dragonite to the left of me and all I had to do was convince them that I was worth living... Oh the pain was terrible. by President Hawkeye
  7. Clefairy: My precious... by The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA
  8. Pikachu is doing the robot. Clefairy is trying to hit him with a rock. by PokeSurfer
  9. Pikachu: then you carry the 1 and substitute into the secondary equasion, there you have the basis of particle physics. by President Hawkeye
  10. Clafairy: Twenty bucks and this Moon Stone says you can't do all 22 moves of the Electic Slide. pikachu: You're on! by laironlover77
  11. Pikachu: I once saw one THIS BIG! by President Hawkeye
  12. Ash buries Pikachu alive in a cavern again only to be saved by a Clefairy, again... by President Hawkeye
  13. Pikachu: Oh my gaahhhhhd, did you hear about Wigglytuff? She's pregnant with Loudred's kid! Clefairy: OH MY GAAAAAHHHHHD! NO WAY!!!!! *insert 2 hour gossip session here* by The Hitcherâ„¢ - Because You're Worth It
  14. Pikachu and Clefairy are the same size? My Pokedex lied! D: by Liam
  15. Pikcahu: Hug me! Clefairy: I'm dumping you for a rock. Pikachu: ... ...Hug me! by
  16. Pikachu: No, for real. I think you're the most attractive Pokemon in the Fairy breeding group. by Katkafka
  17. And she was all "Oh no , you di-int!" by Katkafka
  18. Pikachu: I was like, 'No way!' and she was like, yeah way... by sunshine188
  19. Pikachu: yeah, that's right. If you give me that shiny moon Stone, I'll take you to the Magical Land of Wonder! by laironlover77
  20. Pikachu: Hey can I have that? Clefairy: Sure! and while I'm at it, why won't I also cut off my tail and give it to you? Pikachu: So that's a yes? by pochama-chan