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Submitted by Latias Tamer

  1. Tracey: This is going straight to the internet. by laironlover77
  2. Oak: You did film that mew, yes? Tarcy: Yeah, but the cap was still on... by RachelPiplupLover
  3. Tracey: Is that legal? by laironlover77
  4. Tracy realizes that his camera is actually just a cheap telescope. by
  5. After filming a masterpiece for 100 hours, Tracey suddenly realised that he had left the cap on... by RachelPiplupLover
  6. Tracey: Awesome! This is going on YouTube! Oak: No, you fool! I'm in my boxers in that! by Nyumi-chan
  7. Tracy: I'm not sure Ash is allowed to legally do that. by President Hawkeye
  8. Tracy: I knew I shouldn't have bought the Tesco Value camera... by RachelPiplupLover
  9. Tracey: Should I buy this camera? Oak: I think you should just buy a WB and PKMN.CO.UK badge like me. by Spinda
  10. After recording one of the dumbest things Ash had ever done, Tracey sent it into You've Been Framed. Sadly it wasn't shown, as even they have some standards. by The Librarian
  11. Tracy: ...and you say you've done this before, Ash? Ash: Brain surgery is simple, its just a question o... ... oh dear. by President Hawkeye
  12. Tracy: Umm, I don't think it's suppose to do that. by sunshine188
  13. Oak: Is it suppose to do that...? Tracy: I'm not sure... by sunshine188
  14. Oak: You videotaped me picking my nose!? That's not me! That's up like me! Tracy: The camera does not lie fool! by Catstorm
  15. Tracy: I can't take a picture of THAT! by RachelPiplupLover
  16. Oak: Over there Tracey! there's the Arceus! Aren't you getting this? Tracey: Um... how do I turn this thing on? by laironlover77
  17. Tracey: ...I think I'll let you decide what to make out of this, Professor. by shadowaker
  18. While filming another episode of Pokemon, Ash forgot his line once again. Oh well. Take 215. Action! by MzLuluZombi
  19. Tracy: wow one shot of ash's face burned a hole in the screen... this is going to take some fixing... by aer_dingus
  20. Oak was disturbed to find that Tracey had been taping his cursing of Ash for taking pikachu... by