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The Magby Gun!

Submitted by Sappy

  1. A gold coin: P78,000 A Warehouse full of pok├ęballs, P869, 000 Being caught molesting a Magby: Priceless. by
  2. In case of emergency, your Magby may be used as a floatation device. by The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA
  3. Meowth: Remember Magby... when Santa opens the sack... shoot him. by President Hawkeye
  4. Meowth;(Struggling): Its. Head. Just. Won't. Come. Off. by The Librarian
  5. Meowth: Who's got ickle chubby cheekeys? by TvS|Tyranitar vs Something
  6. Meowth: Say hello to my little friend! by Pikanyaa
  7. Meowth: I've got a Magby and I'm not afraid to use it! by Sappy
  8. 'Up to my neck in balls and backed into a Meowth. Damn this doesn't look good. How do I explain this to the wife?' by Spartacus
  9. Meowth: I've got a Magby and I'm not afraid to use it! by Mikeysimon67
  10. "Modify this, calibrate that, attatch silencer, load another Pok├ęball, lock target, and SHOOTZ0rS!!1!" by Zy
  11. Meowth: How do you stop a Magby from drowning in a pool of Pokeballs? Meowth: Take your hands off it's head! by b1g
  12. Meowth: FIRE! Magby: Oh I get it, very intellegent. by SD198
  13. Meowth: Wahahahaha! Taste the power of fire twerps! Magby: I better paid for this... by
  14. Meowth: Tell me Magby, do you like balls? by Pinsir24
  15. Meowth's idea of sticking itself to a Magby to disguise itself as a Pokeball wasn't working as well as planned. by Luke
  16. Meowth: Look you'se guys! I found a toy in the ball pit! by Utack and Swampy
  17. These pokeballs are all duds, I want the real prize! by The Entertainer
  18. Meowth: GUESS WHO! Magby: You're supposed to put your hands over my eyes... by OMGLOLZORS
  19. Meowth:... Is now a good time to tell you I have feelings for you? by President Hawkeye
  20. Meowth: Yay,I got me a magby! Magby: This isn't a lucky dip, stupid. by BlackStatic