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  1. Max: Man Brock, how did you get so many siblings! Brock: Well you see Max, when a mommy and a daddy... by sunshine188
  2. Kids: So Ash...we meet again. by Gridbug
  3. Brock: Okay, which of you runts etched a forum logo into MY FLOOR! by
  4. Brock just realized he doesn't know any of his siblings' names. by Katkafka
  5. Taxmen circling outside, Brock works a last-ditch attempt to round up a make-shift army. by President Hawkeye
  6. Brock: You knock what im pointing to?! It's a camera, the government is spying on our homes, The "man" Is trying to brings us down!! Ash: uh, Brock i don't see anything... Brock: That's because they have scientists dude, that make, like, tiny little cameras and they train flies to place them there, so you have no idea! May: Brock, I think you've had too much sugar... by sunshine188
  7. Brock: There'd better be a GOOD reason for why my gym is missing! by The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA
  8. "That man was the reason you kids have a home!... and you told him to shove his money WHERE!?" by President Hawkeye
  9. Brock: Hurry children, go find Swampy! by
  10. "Go forth, my minions!" by MzLuluZombi
  11. Brock: Look, for the last time, we are NOT going to Disneyland! by laironlover77
  12. Down at the Pokemon Police Department, Brock was shocked to find that all his siblings were the suspects of the latest case. by laironlover77
  13. What the hell? You're not hot girls! I wouldn't have bothered coming here in the first place. by Voltorb2005
  14. The cloning machine had an age and gender malfunction. by Catstorm
  15. [Brock]"Now my minions! Take hostage of all Nurse Joys and Officer Jennies!" by mewz2cute
  16. Ash: Hey all of the adoption centre kids look like Brock! Is there something your not telling us? Brock: ........ OFF TO BED NOW KIDS! by Spinda
  17. Little did they all know, Mirror B had desguised himself as Brock in an amazing plot of evil. by
  18. ...If the PKMN.NET logo is lined up with Brock's siblings, then does that mean it's related to Brock? by MzLuluZombi
  19. Both Mom and Dad left and we're starving. Any last words? by Katkafka
  20. "Watch, as I force these small children through to jump 6 feet through that window!" by President Hawkeye