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MOVES: Swift

Number of Pokémon affected:2

Special move (uses Spec Attack and Spec Defense)

In-game description: Star-shaped rays are shot at the foe. This attack never misses.

Move notes:
Ignores accuracy and evasion modifiers


Contest type:Cool

Contest description: The appeal works great if performed first.

Contest notes:
If it appeals first in the turn, Pokemon gains 6 appeal points.

Super Contests

Contest type:Cool

Contest description: Earn +2 if the Pokémon performs first in the turn.

Contest notes:
Gains two additional appeal points if this is the first appeal of the round.

TMs, HMs and Move Tutors

3Move Tutor
4Move Tutor

Type effectiveness

Learned by
Pikachu26------------From TMFrom TM----
RaichuFrom previous evolution------------From TMFrom TM----
Sandshrew3131303030301515 or from TM15 or from TM1511
Sandslash3636333333331515 or from TM15 or from TM1511
ClefairyFrom eventFrom eventFrom eventFrom event--------------
ClefableFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolution--------------
Magnemite414133333838--From TMFrom TM----
Magneton464635--------From TMFrom TM----
Voltorb3636373742423333 or from TM33 or from TM3636
Electrode4040404048483535 or from TM35 or from TM4040
Staryu3232252524242424 or from TM24 or from TM2418
StarmieFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolutionStartStartStartStart or from TMStart or from TMStartStart
Electabuzz----252525251616 or from TM16 or from TM1612
MewtwoStartStart222222331515 or from TM15 or from TM88
Typhlosion----454545453131 or from TM31 or from TM3131
Ledyba----363636363333 or from TM33 or from TM3333
Ledian----424242424141 or from TM41 or from TM4141
CleffaFrom eventFrom eventFrom eventFrom event--------------
Aipom----272738382222 or from TM22 or from TM2222
Yanma----37--------From TMFrom TM----
Espeon----303030302929 or from TM29 or from TM2917
Skarmory----19191313119 or from TM9 or from TM99
Elekid----252525251616 or from TM16 or from TM1612
Lugia----666666664343 or from TMFrom TM----
Ho-oh----666666664343 or from TM43 or from TM----
Jirachi--------10 or from TM10 or from TM1010 or from TM10 or from TM1010
Snorlax--------From TMFrom TM----------
Treecko--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Grovyle--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Sceptile--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Torchic--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Combusken--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Blaziken--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Mudkip--------From TMFrom TM----------
Marshtomp--------From TMFrom TM----------
Swampert--------From TMFrom TM----------
Zigzagoon--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Linoone--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Beautifly--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Dustox--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Seedot--------From TMFrom TM----------
Nuzleaf--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Shiftry--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Taillow--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Swellow--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Wingull--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Pelipper--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Ralts--------From TMFrom TM----------
Kirlia--------From TMFrom TM----------
Gardevoir--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Surskit--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Masquerain--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Ninjask--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Whismur--------From TMFrom TM----------
Loudred--------From TMFrom TM----------
Exploud--------From TMFrom TM----------
Azurill--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Nosepass--------From TMFrom TM----------
Skitty--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Delcatty--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Aron--------From TMFrom TM----------
Lairon--------From TMFrom TM----------
Aggron--------From TMFrom TM----------
Meditite--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Medicham--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Electrike--------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Manectric--------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Plusle--------From TMFrom TM2929 or from TM29 or from TM3131
Minun--------From TMFrom TM2929 or from TM29 or from TM3131
Volbeat--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Illumise--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Roselia--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Gulpin--------From TMFrom TM----------
Swalot--------From TMFrom TM----------
Carvanha--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Sharpedo--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Wailmer--------From TMFrom TM----------
Wailord--------From TMFrom TM----------
Numel--------From TMFrom TM----------
Camerupt--------From TMFrom TM----------
Spoink--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Grumpig--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Spinda--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Vibrava--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Flygon--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Swablu--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Altaria--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Zangoose--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Seviper--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Lunatone--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Solrock--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Crawdaunt--------From TMFrom TM3030303030
Feebas--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Milotic--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Castform--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Kecleon--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Chimecho--------From TMFrom TM----------
Absol--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Glalie--------From TMFrom TM----------
Spheal--------From TMFrom TM----------
Sealeo--------From TMFrom TM----------
Walrein--------From TMFrom TM----------
Huntail--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Gorebyss--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Luvdisc--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Shelgon--------From TMFrom TM----------
Salamence--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Metang--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Metagross--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Regirock--------From TMFrom TM----------
Regice--------From TMFrom TM----------
Registeel--------From TMFrom TM----------
Latias--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Latios--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Kyogre--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Groudon--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Rayquaza--------From TMFrom TM--From TMFrom TM----
Deoxys--------From TM30 or from TM--From TMFrom TM----
Electivire------------1616 or from TM16 or from TM1612
Ambipom------------2222 or from TM22 or from TM2222
Floatzel------------1515 or from TM15 or from TM1521
Buizel------------1515 or from TM15 or from TM1521
Pachirisu------------2121 or from TM21 or from TM2121
Pineco------------By breedingBy breedingBy breedingBy breedingBy breeding
Forretress------------By breedingBy breedingBy breedingBy breedingBy breeding
Charmander--------------From TMFrom TM----
Charmeleon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Charizard--------------From TMFrom TM----
Butterfree--------------From TMFrom TM----
Beedrill--------------From TMFrom TM----
Pidgey--------------From TMFrom TM----
Pidgeotto--------------From TMFrom TM----
Pidgeot--------------From TMFrom TM----
Rattata--------------From TMFrom TM----
Raticate--------------From TMFrom TM----
Spearow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Fearow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Vulpix--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ninetales--------------From TMFrom TM----
Zubat--------------From TMFrom TM--23
Golbat--------------From TMFrom TM--24
Venonat--------------From TMFrom TM----
Venomoth--------------From TMFrom TM----
Meowth--------------From TMFrom TM----
Persian--------------From TMFrom TM--28
Psyduck--------------From TMFrom TM----
Golduck--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mankey--------------From TMFrom TM----
Primeape--------------From TMFrom TM----
Growlithe--------------From TMFrom TM----
Arcanine--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ponyta--------------From TMFrom TM----
Rapidash--------------From TMFrom TM----
Slowpoke--------------From TMFrom TM----
Slowbro--------------From TMFrom TM----
Farfetch'd--------------From TMFrom TM----
Doduo--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dodrio--------------From TMFrom TM----
Shellder--------------From TMFrom TM----
Cloyster--------------From TMFrom TM----
Hitmonlee--------------From TMFrom TM----
Hitmonchan--------------From TMFrom TM----
Horsea--------------From TMFrom TM----
Seadra--------------From TMFrom TM----
Goldeen--------------From TMFrom TM----
Seaking--------------From TMFrom TM----
Scyther--------------From TMFrom TM----
Eevee--------------From TMFrom TM----
Vaporeon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Jolteon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Flareon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Porygon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Articuno--------------From TMFrom TM----
Zapdos--------------From TMFrom TM----
Moltres--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dratini--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dragonair--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dragonite--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mew--------------From TMFrom TM----
Sentret--------------From TMFrom TM----
Furret--------------From TMFrom TM----
Hoothoot--------------From TMFrom TM----
Noctowl--------------From TMFrom TM----
Crobat--------------From TMFrom TM--24
Pichu--------------From TMFrom TM----
Togepi--------------From TMFrom TM----
Togetic--------------From TMFrom TM----
Natu--------------From TMFrom TM----
Xatu--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mareep--------------From TMFrom TM----
Flaaffy--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ampharos--------------From TMFrom TM----
Marill--------------From TMFrom TM----
Azumarill--------------From TMFrom TM----
Umbreon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Murkrow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Slowking--------------From TMFrom TM----
Misdreavus--------------From TMFrom TM----
Girafarig--------------From TMFrom TM----
Gligar--------------From TMFrom TM----
Qwilfish--------------From TMFrom TM----
Scizor--------------From TMFrom TM----
Sneasel--------------From TMFrom TM----
Teddiursa--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ursaring--------------From TMFrom TM----
Remoraid--------------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Octillery--------------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Delibird--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mantine--------------From TMFrom TM----
Houndour--------------From TMFrom TM----
Houndoom--------------From TMFrom TM----
Kingdra--------------From TMFrom TM----
Porygon2--------------From TMFrom TM----
Stantler--------------From TMFrom TM----
Tyrogue--------------From TMFrom TM----
Hitmontop--------------From TMFrom TM----
Raikou--------------From TMFrom TM----
Entei--------------From TMFrom TM----
Suicune--------------From TMFrom TM----
Celebi--------------From TMFrom TM----
Chimchar--------------From TMFrom TM----
Monferno--------------From TMFrom TM----
Infernape--------------From TMFrom TM----
Starly--------------From TMFrom TM----
Staravia--------------From TMFrom TM----
Staraptor--------------From TMFrom TM----
Bidoof--------------From TMFrom TM----
Bibarel--------------From TMFrom TM----
Shinx--------------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Luxio--------------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Luxray--------------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Budew--------------From TMFrom TM----
Roserade--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mothim--------------From TMFrom TM----
Combee--------------From TMFrom TM----
Vespiquen--------------From TMFrom TM----
Drifloon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Drifblim--------------From TMFrom TM----
Buneary--------------From TMFrom TM----
Lopunny--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mismagius--------------From TMFrom TM----
Honchkrow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Glameow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Purugly--------------From TMFrom TM----
Chingling--------------From TMFrom TM----
Stunky--------------From TMFrom TM----
Skuntank--------------From TMFrom TM----
Chatot--------------From TMFrom TM----
Gible--------------From TMFrom TM----
Gabite--------------From TMFrom TM----
Garchomp--------------From TMFrom TM----
Riolu--------------From TMFrom TM----
Lucario--------------From TMFrom TM----
Finneon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Lumineon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mantyke--------------From TMFrom TM----
Weavile--------------From TMFrom TM----
Magnezone--------------From TMFrom TM----
Togekiss--------------From TMFrom TM----
Yanmega--------------From TMFrom TM----
Leafeon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Glaceon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Gliscor--------------From TMFrom TM----
Porygon-Z--------------From TMFrom TM----
Gallade--------------From TMFrom TM----
Rotom--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mesprit--------------21 or from TM21 or from TM2121
Azelf--------------21 or from TM21 or from TM2121
Dialga--------------From TMFrom TM----
Palkia--------------From TMFrom TM----
Giratina--------------From TMFrom TM----
Cresselia--------------From TMFrom TM----
Phione--------------From TMFrom TM----
Manaphy--------------From TMFrom TM----
Darkrai--------------From TMFrom TM----
Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM----
Cradily--------------30 or from TM30 or from TM3030
Cinccino------------------From previous evolutionFrom previous evolution
Munna------------------By breedingBy breeding
Musharna------------------By breedingBy breeding
Basculin------------------By breedingBy breeding
Learned by (Forms)
Standard Deoxys--------------From TMFrom TM
Attack Deoxys------------From previous evolutionFrom previous evolutionFrom previous evolution
Attack Deoxys--------------From TMFrom TM
Defense Deoxys--------------From TMFrom TM
Speed Deoxys--------------From TMFrom TM
Land Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM
Sky Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM

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