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Meet the Contestants

Season Two
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PokéMole 2 – Meet the Contestants

Presenter: Don’t pretend you haven’t anticipated it. We’ve done it once, but now it’s time to do it again. 9 New Contestants and (not forgetting) 1 New PokéMole. Poochyena, Gligar, Breloom, Girafarig, Surskit, Vibrava, Magnemite, Jynx, Heracross and Houndour. Let’s get to know them all a little better:


Gender: Female
Phobias: Nothing specific, but I’m not that keen on Heights
Trainer: Pokemaster Terry
Home Town: Fuchsia City
Are You The PokéMole? No chance.


Gender: Male
Phobias: Joeno, Ghosts
Trainer: Cooltrainer Samantha
Home Town: Blackthorn City
Are You The PokéMole? What’s it to you?


Gender: Male
Phobias: Psychic Types, Tight Spaces
Trainer: Pokemaniac Matt
Home Town: Mystery Island 2
Are You The PokéMole? I might be.


Gender: Male
Phobias: Water, Heights
Trainer: Pokemaniac Steffan
Home Town: Pallet Town
Are You The PokéMole? You’ll see.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Electricity, Anything that looks remotely threatening
Trainer: Picnicker Jeroen
Home Town: Mauville City
Are You The PokéMole? Definitely not.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Ice Types, Loud Noise
Trainer: Pokefan Anna
Home Town: Mystery Island 4
Are You The PokéMole? No comment.


Gender: Genderless
Phobias: Fire, Anything Paranormal
Trainer: Sailor Simon
Home Town: Olivine City
Are You The PokéMole? I’m always the PokéMole.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Snakes
Trainer: Cooltrainer Juliet
Home Town: Saffron City
Are You The PokéMole: Not me.


Gender: Male
Phobias: Psychic Types, The Dark
Trainer: Gentlemen Rex
Home Town: Celadon City
Are You The PokéMole? How could I be the PokéMole?


Gender: Male
Phobias: Dark Types
Trainer: Lady Michelle
Home Town: Sootopolis City
Are You The PokéMole? Of course I am.