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Episode 1

Season Two
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Episode 1

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: I can only assume you know the rules by now. But just in case you don’t, here’s a little reminder:

10 Pokemon, playing together, working together, to earn up to [p]200,000, to put into a pot. At the end of the game however, only one will win this money. Planted in these 10 contestants is the PokéMole – a traitor whose sole aim is to sabotage to groups efforts to earn money. At the end of each episode, the contestants must take a test about the identity of the PokéMole. He or she who scores lowest is out of the game. The winner? The one who can correctly answer that elusive question: Who is the PokéMole?

Just like the first series, the contestants have been dumped at an old, abandoned airport, somewhere in Kanto. And like last series, the first challenge, is the infamous Sky Dive.

Day 1

Presenter: Welcome all 10 of you. We are at this moment somewhere in the middle of Kanto. I’m sure you all saw last series, and especially our first parachute jump challenge. I do hope you paid attention, since your first challenge is the parachute jump from 20,000 feet; that’s double the height of last series. All 10 of you must jump to add [p]10,000 to the money pot, which would obviously be a great start for you. Jumping can be done in any order and can be decided at any time. You will only go up one at a time, and as usual will be strapped to an instructor. Who’s going first?

Gligar: I wouldn’t mind going first if nobody else has a problem with that?

Everyone: No, that’s fine.

Presenter: OK then Gligar, your plane awaits.

Presenter: Gligar successfully completes the jump (rather easily, I might add). Next up is Heracross, who also completes the jump easily enough. Next is Magnemite, who despite seeming confident enough about it on the ground, is not feeling quite so confident up in the air.

Magnemite: I’m not actually sure I can do this now. It all looks so easy from the ground, but up here it’s a completely different story.

Presenter: After some jittery moments, Magnemite finally makes the jump. So far so good. Next up is Poochyena.

Poochyena: I’m not sure I can do this.

Houndour: Hey, there’s no pressure. They didn’t set us a time limit. Just go up, stay calm and take your time. Just remember the money.

Presenter: With Houndour’s words of wisdom ringing in his ears, Poochyena manages to complete the jump, by practically throwing itself off the plane. Jynx very timidly reaches the high altitude and completes the jump, as do Vibrava and Surskit. Breloom does not seem happy about the jump, but still manages to do it, despite being sick once landed. Only Houndour and Girafarig are left. The team watch as Houndour is taken up:

Vibrava: Here we go, Houndour’s about to jump!

Presenter: The group can only watch on helplessly as the plane flies over and slowly descends; Houndour hasn’t jumped. But why didn’t he jump?

Houndour: You know Poochy, I have no idea how you did that. I thought it’d be easy but... I’m sorry gang, I just couldn’t do it.

Presenter: Well, since Houndour has refused to jump, the challenge has been lost. Girafarig, there is absolutely no pressure on you now, but do you want to jump anyway?

Girafarig: Yeah, I might as well give it a go. I'll feel like I'm letting the team down if I don't.

Presenter: Although it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference, Girafarig also completes the jump.

Presenter: Well now, despite 9 of you jumping, the challenge has been lost. However, I do have a little present for each of you. I have here ten tubes. They can be opened, but you must not do so until you are told to. You must look after your tube, and not lose it at all costs. We will now take you to a nearby hotel in Vermilion City, where you can spend the night and make the first entries into your diaries. Remember, these diaries are your own. Nobody else will see them. You put your own suspicions and thoughts into these diaries. Use them to your own advantage. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.

Presenter: On each occasion of the diaries, they will be accessed in alphabetical order:

Breloom: I feel quite cheated. I was terrified to jump but I managed it. Yet Houndour went and spoiled it. I’m not sure Houndour refusing to jump was sabotage, but I’m certainly keeping my options open. My biggest suspect is actually Magnemite. I’m sure that divering about was just to make others nervous. I'm very intrigued about the tubes, though.

Girafarig: Despite me being very suspicious of Houndour’s failure to jump, I’m not so sure the PokéMole would give themselves away so blatantly, so early on. Though maybe Houndour assumed we’d all reach that conclusion, making such a big sabotage early on possible? I really don’t know.

Gligar: I’ve always wanted to do a parachute, and I feel like it was a real honour to go first. I don’t believe the PokéMole would make a sabotage so early on in the game. My suspicions lie with Poochyena – simply because he looks shady and the type of Pokemon who could be the PokéMole.

Heracross: When I came here, I decided my strategy would be to act the silent type. Maybe cause a bit of suspicion but more importantly, to allow myself to learn more about the other Pokemon. I hope this will allow me to have that slight advantage above the others when spotting the PokéMole.

Houndour: Looking back now I’m so angry with myself for not jumping. I can’t believe I bottled out. On the ground I never thought I’d have a problem with it, but it’s so different up there. I’m scared of heights, but it’s never been very serious. I thought I’d enjoy the jump rather than anything else. I’ll have to work hard to redeem myself. Nice tubes.

Jynx: I never intended to be so silent today. I was quite scared about the jump before, so I put all my energy into staying calm. I don’t really know where to turn in the way of suspicions, so I guess I might as well go along the route about Houndour’s failure to jump today. I hope I get a few more ideas tomorrow.

Magnemite: I was proud of completing the jump, especially since part of me really didn’t want to do it. We may have still failed the challenge, but nothing could really have dampened the day for me after I completed that jump. I can easily understand why Houndour didn’t jump, so my suspicions don’t really fall with him. The PokéMole was in the first few jumpers in the first series, which is why I’ll be paying close attention to Gligar these next few days.

Poochyena: My suspicions are instantly falling on Houndour. He did a great job in almost forcing me to jump (his words made me realise I couldn’t let everybody down), yet then he couldn’t do it himself. I feel I was cheated to make the jump.

Surskit: I really enjoyed the jump today, and I’d easily do it again. I really don’t have a clue about who the PokéMole is, since I haven’t as yet noticed anything suspicious. I’m sure that there must have been a few clues about the identity already, though.

Vibrava: I really thought Houndour was going to jump, especially since he seemed so cocky about it on the ground. I partly suspect Houndour, since although his phobia is heights, that would be a great excuse for sabotage. I’m still going to be keeping my options open, though.

Day 2

Presenter: At breakfast on Day 2, I inform the contestants about today’s task, as well as some future ones. Yet again, they’ve been directly imported from Series 1:

Presenter: Good morning contestants. I trust you slept well. After breakfast we will be travelling down to the Vermilion City Gym, where we will be having our first battle of the series. Just like last series, you will face four battles, spaced over the whole series. The battles will be played slightly differently this series but we’ll come onto that at the time of the battle. I’ll see you later.

Presenter: The contestants all finish eating, and proceed excitedly to the Vermilion City Gym.

Presenter: Welcome everybody, to the Vermilion City Gym. The first battle of the series will be against a Skiploom. Now, as I mentioned before, the battles this series will be slightly different. In other words, each one will have it’s own little twist on it. In this case, the battlefield will be covered in the infamous Vermilion City electricity posts. Now and then electric currents will pass from one to the other. If you’re in the way, then you’re likely to get an electric shock, possibly playing against you in the battle. Of course, this works both ways as Skiploom may also be hurt by some electricity. It’s all down to luck. The battles will be performed in alphabetical order, and nobody will know how anybody else has done until the very end. Breloom, you’re up first.

Presenter: Breloom starts off quickly with Mach Punch. It scores a direct hit, but Skiploom directly fights back with Tackle. Suddenly, an electric bolt fires out and hits Skiploom. Skiploom looks out, but it quickly uses Synthesis to recover. Breloom uses Dynamicpunch, but it misses. Dismayed at the miss, Breloom quickly uses Mind Reader, but as it does, Skiploom uses Aerial Ace. This is four times as effective and Breloom takes a real hit. With just a fraction of life left, Breloom uses Dynamicpunch, knocking out Skiploom.

Next up is Girafarig. This time, Skiploom gets the first move in, and it uses Cotton Spore, which lowers Girafarig’s Speed. Girafarig quickly uses Psybeam and scores a direct hit on Skiploom. Skiploom tries to fight back with Tackle, but a Crunch from Girafarig finishes the battle off.

Next up is Gligar. Gligar attacks first with Quick Attack and Skiploom reacts with Tackle. Skiploom then starts absorbing light for a Solarbeam. Gligar tries a Faint Attack but it isn’t enough – Skiploom fires a Solarbeam, which faints Gligar. It’s currently 2-1 to the contestants. With 7 more contestant left, 6 victories are needed.

Next comes Heracross. Heracross starts off with Megahorn, but it isn’t very effective. Skiploom fights back with Tackle, but then once again gets hit by passing electricity. Heracross seizes the opportunity and uses Take Down. It’s a Critical Hit, and faints Skiploom.

It’s now Houndour’s turn. Houndour starts off with Flamethrower, which downs Skiploom in one shot.

It’s then Jynx’s turn. Skiploom starts off by charging for a Solarbeam. Jynx quickly jumps in with an Ice Punch, which provides another 1 hit KO.

Next it’s the turn of Magnemite. Magnemite starts off with Zap Cannon, but it misses. Skiploom starts off with Tackle, but also misses. Magnemite suddenly gets hit by passing electricity, but it doesn’t cause noticeable damage. Magnemite uses Lock On, whereas Skiploom starts absorbing light for a Solarbeam. Magnemite uses Zap Cannon, which now hits, and Skiploom uses Solarbeam. Both hit their target, but neither faint their opponent, although Skiploom is now paralysed. Skiploom tries to use Synthesis, but fails due to Paralysis. Magnemite uses Thunderbolt, which this time KO’s Skiploom.

Poochyena’s turn. Poochyena uses Crunch, and Skiploom uses Cotton Spore. Skiploom then quickly uses Tackle, just as Poochyena gets hit by electricity. It looks bad for Poochyena, but it just about manages to hang on. Poochyena uses Swagger, which confuses Skiploom but maxes its attack. Skiploom tries to power up a Solarbeam but hurts itself through confusion and KO’s itself.

Surskit’s turn. Surskit starts off with Bubblebeam, whereas Skiploom starts to charge up a Solarbeam. Surskit quickly uses Ice Beam, which KO’s Skiploom. The group don’t yet know it, but they’ve now passed the challenge. Lastly, Vibrava will still have its battle.

Vibrava starts off with Sand Tomb. It hits Skiploom, but doesn’t cause overly major damage. Skiploom reacts with a Tackle, and Vibrava uses Crunch. Skiploom uses Synthesis, but Vibrava uses Dragonbreath and KO’s Skiploom. The contestants have passed the challenge.

Presenter: Well, now. None of you have any idea about how the others have done, but I have the results. 8 of you had to defeat Skiploom to earn [p]5000. 9 of you actually managed, with only Gligar failing. This means that your first amount of money is in the pot – all [p]5000 of it. Our next challenge will take place tomorrow, and will also be based here. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Breloom: The battle today was great. I’m not too keen on battling in front of a crowd, so I benefited from playing separately to everyone else. I found the battle quite hard, since I only just managed to keep going from that Aerial Ace attack. My suspicions are still on Magnemite – I believe it only won to cover itself from yesterday.

Girafarig: I found the battle a lot easier than I initially thought I would. I never really felt threatened by Skiploom. I think Houndour only won because losing when you had a type advantage would very easily give you away as the PokéMole. Not that we should be losing battles at this stage anyway, since I wouldn’t mind betting there’s some harder Pokemon waiting just around the corner...

Gligar: I’m glad we passed the challenge, but I can’t believe I was the only one who lost. I know Skiploom had the type advantage over me, but I should have done better. I feel like after my great start yesterday I’ve really let myself down. I didn’t really find much out today, but I’m still sticking with my gut reaction of Poochyena.

Heracross: I have a feeling the PokéMole might be Girafarig. I feel really guilty to say that because Girafarig is really quiet, but maybe that’s all a cover?

Houndour: I reckon that with a one hit KO in battle today I slightly redeemed myself (as well as surprising myself). I might have caused a bit more suspicion, but I had the type advantage and obviously had to play it, especially since it’s my fault we didn’t win the challenge yesterday.

Jynx: I’m not so sure about my suspicions of Houndour anymore, since he did so well in today’s battle. I’m glad I won the battle easily enough though – I didn’t find it as nerve-racking as yesterday.

Magnemite: I’m not that suspicious of Gligar anymore. I don’t know whom to suspect anymore. I found the battle quite fun in a way, but I felt unlucky to be hit by the electricity. I only just won the battle, but I’m still quite proud of the victory.

Poochyena: I didn’t see Houndour battle, so I can’t really comment at this time about my current suspicions about him. I really took a big electric hit in the battle, but I managed to hang on and won really through good luck. I’ll just let everyone else think I’m a good battler.

Surskit: I’m still shaking as I write this. I can’t believe they gave us a challenge to do with electricity on our second day. I did get KO’d by the electricity, but I went for a quick KO of Skiploom first, preferably before I even saw any electricity. Still, I won and hopefully that’ll be the last we see of the blasted electricity.

Vibrava: I found the battle a bit challenging, and I’m not looking forward to the next one, whenever that may be, if I’m still here. I still suspect Houndour mainly, but I also partly suspect Surskit. It’s so obvious she’s not the PokéMole, that she might actually BE the PokéMole, if you get what I’m saying.

Day 3

Presenter: Day 3 has arrived, and brings along with it the first elimination. Some of the contestants may not have a clear idea yet about who they want to go for in the quiz about the PokéMole, meaning today’s challenge is throwing them a possible lifeline. I meet them back at the Vermilion City Gym for their third challenge:

Presenter: Welcome back to the Vermilion City Gym, everyone. I’m sure many of you will be pleased to hear that the electricity has been turned off today! Anyway, onto today’s challenge. The idea is perfectly simple. Hanging on the wall over there are 10 Pokemon shadows. All you have to do, is quite simply name which Pokemon they belong to. You’ll each make a guess one by one. In reverse alphabetical order you’ll pick a number 1-10, and attempt to identify the Pokemon Shadow. 9 of you will have to correctly identify the shadows to add [p]5000 to the money pot. That means that Vibrava, you’re up first:

Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Actual Pokemon: Minun Typhlosion Sentret Porygon Staryu Diglett Chimecho Swalot Spoink Shuckle

Vibrava: I’ll have number 9.

Presenter: Vibrava correctly identifies number 9 as Spoink. Surskit then correctly identifies number 8 (Swalot), Poochyena identifies number 1 (Minun), Magnemite identifies number 7 (Chimecho), Jynx identifies number 10 (Shuckle), Houndour identifies number 5 (Staryu), Heracross identifies number 2 (Typhlosion) and Gligar identifies number 3 (Sentret). Then, it comes to Girafarig’s turn:

Girafarig: I’ll have number 4.

Presenter: I show Girafarig the shadow for Pokemon Number 4.

Girafarig: Is it Porygon2?

Presenter: That is unfortunately incorrect. Pokemon Number 4 is actually a normal Porygon.

Presenter: Breloom then proceeds to get the final Pokemon shadow correct. The team have only just passed the challenge.

Presenter: Congratulations team. You have passed the challenge, and there is now a total of [p]10,000 in the money pot. Unfortunately, Girafarig did get its shadow wrong, but in this instance it didn’t matter...

Girafarig: Do I get my exemption now, then?

Presenter: I beg your pardon? There were no exemptions available in today’s challenge.

Girafarig: But I had this slipped under my door this morning.

Presenter: Girafarig proceeds to show the group a typed note he received that morning. It reads:

In today’s challenge, 9 people must pass to complete the challenge. However, regardless of whether the challenge is passed or not, if you fail on your turn, you will earn an exemption, allowing you to pass freely into the next episode.

Presenter: Well Girafarig. This note was not issued by the PokéMole team, and thus it is not valid, meaning that you will not be receiving an exemption. It appears like this is the PokéMole’s first act of sabotage. I think you were all lucky today, that this sabotage failed. You may have passed the challenge, but you still face the elimination tonight. I’ll see you there.


Presenter: All 10 contestants have just taken a 10-question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole. The contestant with the lowest score must leave the game immediately.

Presenter: Welcome everybody. As you are aware, you’ve just taken your first quiz about the identity of the PokéMole. Whoever of you has scored the lowest will be leaving the game immediately. I’ll now start entering your names into this computer. If the screen turns green after your name has been entered, you’ll pass through to the next episode. If the screen turns red, then unfortunately you are the PokéMole’s first victim.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.