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Episode 2

Season Two
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Episode 2

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Three days in, and Jynx fell at the first hurdle. She scored lowest in the test. She had to go. She didn’t have the ability to spot, the PokéMole.

Day 4

Presenter: The contestants were transported to Cerulean City overnight. Their first challenge of the episode takes place in the hotel lobby:

Presenter: Welcome contestants, minus Jynx, who unfortunately has been claimed as the PokéMole’s first victim. Anyway, we must press onwards and forwards. Today, we will be facing the first of 3 special challenges. We asked members of the popular Pokemon site, PUK, to put forward challenges for you. Today, we will be facing the first. It goes by the name of Describe That. In a minute, I will ask you to split yourselves into two teams of 5 and 4. The team of 5 will nominate 3 Describers, whereas the team of 4 will nominate 2 Describers. You will then pick a random card, which will have a Pokemon related thing on it. It will then be the job of the remaining contestants of the team to guess what the Describers are describing, and to do it within 30 seconds. The Describer can use whichever methods they desire, providing they do not directly name anything too specific. Each Describer will go one at a time, meaning there will be 5 goes in total. As each team has a go, the other team must leave the room, for a reason you’ll find out later. This challenge is overall worth [p]5000, which is [p]1000 for every correct answer. You now have 30 seconds to split into your own teams.

Presenter: The team of 5 turns out to be Poochyena, Gligar, Breloom, Girafarig and Surskit. They nominate Poochyena, Gligar and Breloom to be the Describers. The team of 4 turns out to be Vibrava, Houndour, Magnemite and Heracross. They nominate Houndour and Heracross to be the Describers.

Presenter: OK then. Poochyena, you’re up first for Team 1.

Presenter: The cards to be picked from are Oran Berry, Union Cave, Rustboro City, Master Ball and Mewtwo. Poochyena picks the card saying Rustboro City.

Poochyena: Erm, place in Hoenn. Has a gym. Uses a type vulnerable to water...

Surskit: Lavaridge Town?

Presenter: That is incorrect.

Surskit: Rustboro City?

Presenter: That is correct.

Presenter: Houndour then draws Mewtwo, but the team get it wrong. Gligar draws Oran Berry and his team gets it right, Heracross draws Union Cave and his team get it right. Finally, it’s Breloom’s turn to describe the last card – a Master Ball:

Breloom: Catching equipment, sort of thing you’d use on Rayquaza…

Surskit: Master Ball?

Presenter: The contestants have also got the last one right, giving them a respectable 4 out of 5.

Presenter: Well team, you got 4 out of 5 today, resulting in [p]4000 being added to the money pot. There is now a total of [p]14,000 in there. I’ll see you here again tomorrow for your next challenge.

Breloom: Today’s challenge was fun in a way. I don’t really see why we had to split up into teams, though. I still suspect Magnemite. I noticed it didn’t make any effort to try and be a Describer. As a Guesser, not saying anything would have been the perfect sabotage.

Girafarig: Houndour was the only Describer today who wasn’t worked out. I think this might have been sabotage, since the game wasn’t exactly the hardest in the world. But still, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

Gligar: I’ve changed my mind about Poochyena – I’m now almost certain she’s not the PokéMole. That’s a bit of a shame, since I’m clueless about anyone else.

Heracross: Girafarig was rather quiet today. Further cover as the PokéMole, or further driving me down the road to elimination?

Houndour: I can’t believe they didn’t guess what I was describing! I tried my best, but they failed. I must be being suspected by a few contestants, which naturally I really don’t want. I never really settled on a suspect last episode, but I’m thinking towards Vibrava now – just an inkling.

Magnemite: Nothing much changed today. I still suspect Gligar, and I’ll probably continue to do so. It got me through the first elimination, so I hope it can just continue to do so.

Poochyena: Houndour got it wrong. Or rather, didn’t describe well enough. I starting wondering today whether Houndour is just playing the PokéMole to try and trick other people. Problems, problems, problems…

Surskit: No electricity! The challenge was a bit boring, but still better than electricity. Breloom for some reason seemed unnaturally angry after the challenge today. Could it be because we did so well, and he’s the PokéMole?

Vibrava: I still partly suspect Surskit, but I’ve got myself a new suspect – Heracross. He was rather full of himself today. Just makes me a bit suspicious.

Day 5

Presenter: Day 5. The penultimate day before the second elimination, and the contestants assemble in Cerulean City Hotel Lobby. It’s time for their fifth challenge:

Presenter: Welcome again to all 9 of you. Today’s challenge is called Anagramical. In a minute I’ll ask you to divide into the same teams as yesterday. You’ll then be given some anagrams, which rearrange into the words the opposite team were given yesterday, which is why we asked you to leave the room. You will both have 2 minutes to complete the anagrams. You must get all 5 correct between you, in order to add [p]10,000 to the prize fund. Please get into your teams, now:

Presenter: The anagrams given to the contestants and the solutions are:

Anagram Real Word
Reborn Ray Oran Berry
Vain Ounce Union Cave
Rot Obscurity Rustboro City
Bar Mallets Master Ball
Met Wow Mewtwo

Presenter: Both teams start the challenge. Team One have got Vain Ounce and Met Wow – Union Cave and Mewtwo respectively. They quickly solve Met Wow in just 9 seconds, but then get a bit stuck on Vain Ounce, but with 3 seconds left Girafarig gets it correct. At the same time, Team Two has to struggle with three anagrams – Reborn Ray, Rot Obscurity and Bar Mallets – Oran Berry, Rustboro City and Master Ball respectively. Vibrava is quick to get Bar Mallets, in just 6 seconds. Heracross then gets Reborn Ray after 51 seconds. They all then seem to struggle with Rot Obscurity, until Magnemite gets it after 1 minute 42 seconds. The challenge is complete.

Presenter: Congratulations team. You passed the challenge, and have brought the prize fund up to [p]24,000. Please be here at the same time tomorrow for your next challenge, but be aware that we will not be saying. That’s all I have to say on the matter for now. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Breloom: I’m not very good at anagrams, so today’s challenge didn’t go down that well with me. I noticed Magnemite contributing today – possibly a cover for yesterday? For some reason, I’m glad I found out why we had to split up into teams yesterday.

Girafarig: I’m glad I saved the game and got that anagram just towards the end of the two minutes. I noticed Houndour didn’t contribute at all towards the answers. This is exactly the sort of attempted sabotage the PokéMole would do.

Gligar: My suspicions have been diverted to Surskit during today’s challenge. She was so quiet yesterday, but these past two days has been the dominant force of us all. I just find that unnatural.

Heracross: Girafarig hasn’t done much to fuel my suspicions recently, so I’m gradually going off him as my main suspect. I suspect Gligar a little bit, but other than that I don’t know.

Houndour: I had a bad day today, and I accept that. I couldn’t think straight and felt pressurized during the time limit. I guess I’m just lucky that I got away with it.

Magnemite: Gligar didn’t really do that much today. Fuels my suspicions really.

Poochyena: I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with me or not. I just feel so full of energy it’s unnatural, and I’ve never felt like this before. I still partly believe Houndour is just playing the PokéMole, but I can’t be sure.

Surskit: I’ve always been good at anagrams, so as soon as the challenge was announced I knew I’d do well. I got one quite quickly for our team, which I was proud of. It’s a shame I couldn’t get the other, but I’m just glad we passed the challenge.

Vibrava: Heracross calmed down a bit today, but my suspicions still fully lie with him. I can’t be that sure, but hey, it’s the best I’ve got.

Day 6

Presenter: The day of the second elimination has arrived. The contestants however, will have to put it out of their minds, for they will face their 6th challenge first. I meet them in the Hotel Lobby once more, but they’re not staying there.

Presenter: Welcome again, to the room you’re probably getting bored of! Anyway, you’ll probably be pleased to hear you’ll be heading on a little hike today. Today’s challenge is called Chase The Questions. This was a challenge performed last series, but they made a pig’s ear of it. I have in this envelope here a question we three possible answers. With each answer, comes a location to proceed to. If the answer is correct, you’ll find another question there. Eventually, if you answer all the questions correct, you’ll find a money symbol. By finding this symbol, it means you have passed the challenge, and thus added [p]5000 to the prize fund. You have precisely one hour to find that symbol by “chasing the questions,” and that 1 hour starts… now.

Presenter: The contestants first question is:

Where can Pikachu be found in the wild?

Route 2 – Go to the start of Nugget Bridge
Route 3 – Go to the Gym
Route 4 – Go to Route 4

Vibrava: Well, that’s easy enough. Route 2, surely?

Houndour: Either Route 2 or Route 3.

Gligar: It’s Route 2, definitely. Meaning we need to go to the start of Nugget Bridge... which is this way.

Presenter: The group travel to the start of Nugget Bridge, and sure enough, their next questions awaits:

Which move does Starmie learn naturally, that Staryu does not?

Light Screen – Go to Route 9
Hydro Pump – Go to Route 10
Confuse Ray – Go to Rock Tunnel Pokemon Centre

Girafarig: Ooh, tricky.

Heracross: Well let’s think about it logically. When Staryu evolves, it becomes a part Psychic Type.

Houndour: Light Screen is Psychic, right?

Heracross: True, but I have a deep inkling it’s Confuse Ray. It just seems right.

Magnemite: Confuse Ray does sound right. I think we should be heading to the Rock Tunnel Pokemon Centre.

Presenter: The contestants decide to follow Magnemite’s advice. That’s good, since Magnemite was correct. After just 22 minutes the contestants find their third question:

At what level does Kabuto evolve?

Level 30 – Go to the Unknown Dudgeon Entrance
Level 35 – Go to the Mt. Moon Entrance
Level 40 – Go to the Bike Shop

Breloom: Don’t all the fossil Pokemon evolve at around the Level 40 mark?

Poochyena: Yeah, they do. We might as well try that.

Houndour: Surely we can’t just go for an answer based on a general rule? Let’s just stay and think about it for a minute.

Vibrava: We can’t really afford to waste time, though. Let’s just go to the Bike Shop.

Presenter: Would you believe it – the contestants have got the next one correct, as well. After just 33 minutes, they move onto their last question:

Which starter reaches its last evolution form last, when compared to the other two?

Chikorita – Go to the Power Plant
Cyndaquil – Go to Bill’s House
Totodile – Go to the PokéMart

Surskit: No jokes, no doubts, this one’s Cyndaquil. I’m sure of it.

Vibrava: Yeah, it’s probably Cyndaquil. Let’s go with that. We’d better hurry though – Bill’s House is all the way up past Nugget Bridge.

Presenter: The contestants have got their final question correct, and arrive at Bill’s House with 12 minutes to spare. The challenge is complete.

Presenter: Well, would you believe it? You’ve earned money out of all 3 challenges this episode. The prize fund now stands at [p]29,000. That is simply astounding for only the second episode. However, tonight, we have the second elimination, and shortly after that we will be travelling to Lavender Town. I’ll be seeing you later.


Presenter: Hello again, everyone. It’s time for the second elimination. You’ve all just taken another 10 question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole. Whoever scored the lowest, will be eliminated. In a few short moments, I’ll start entering your names into this computer. If the screen turns green after your name has been entered, you’ll pass through to the next episode. If the screen turns red, then unfortunately you are the PokéMole’s second victim.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.