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Episode 3

Season Two
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Episode 3

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Magnemite fell by the way side, but the game continues. There’s still skills to be tested, money to be won, battles to be fought… and not forgetting, one PokéMole to be spotted.

Day 7

Presenter: After travelling to Lavender Town, the contestants have assembled at a… field. And a bumpy one at that…

Presenter: Welcome contestants, minus Magnemite. Unfortunately, last night it became the PokéMole’s second victim. Anyway, as usual there’s no time for grieving. Today, you will be facing your second battle of the series, and it will be against a Machop. You may have noticed the field is quite bumpy, and has a few holes in it. Let’s just call this the battle twist. 6 of you need to defeat the Machop, in order to add [p]5000 to the prize fund. We’ll be playing in reverse alphabetical order, and yet again you will have no idea how the other contestants did until the very end. Vibrava, you’re up first.

Presenter: Vibrava starts off with Sandstorm, covering the whole field in a… sandstorm, strangely enough. Machop, now blinded by the sandstorm, is helpless against a Crunch, followed by a Dragonbreath, which finishes off Machop.

Up next is Surskit. Surskit starts off strong with a Bubblebeam, but stumbles into a hole. Machop turns this to its advantage, and uses Cross Chop. Surskit uses Quick Attack, but Machop uses Revenge, and knocks Surskit out.

Next it’s Poochyena’s turn. Poochyena, who has been feeling full of energy recently, starts off quickly with Crunch. Machop tries a Dynamicpunch, but it misses. Poochyena takes advantage with a Shadow Punch, but Machop quickly fights back with Revenge. Poochyena takes a very bad hit, and it looks like it’s over, when suddenly with a big howl, Poochyena starts glowing… and evolves into Mightyena! Mightyena leaps up and uses Crunch, knocking out Machop!

Next up is Houndour. Houndour uses Flamethrower, but Machop uses Earthquake and… faints Houndour.

Heracross steps up. Heracross starts off with Megahorn, but it isn’t very effective. Machop uses Earthquake, which despite not being very effective, causes Heracross to fall over. Machop quickly uses Cross Chop, but Heracross gets back on its feet quickly and uses Take Down. Machop retaliates with Revenge. It’s a Critical Hit, and knocks out Heracross. The contestants don’t know it, but the challenge is already lost.

Gligar’s turn. Gligar starts off with a Screech attack. Machop tries to back away, but stumbles on a lump of ground, and falls backwards. Gligar instantly darts forwards and uses Guillotine, creating a one-hit KO.

Next is Girafarig. Girafarig starts off with Crunch, and Machop reacts with Cross Chop. Girafarig uses Psychic, and being Super Effective, knocks out Machop.

Lastly, it’s Breloom’s turn. Breloom gets the first move in quickly with a Mach Punch. Machop quickly reacts with Earthquake. Machop then uses Cross Chop, but Breloom cleverly uses Counter. Surprised by the blow, Machop stumbles over a hole. Breloom takes advantage of this by charging up a Dynamicpunch, but Machop quickly jumps up and also uses Dynamicpunch. Both punches hit each other, and after a big explosion, the dust parts to reveal both Pokemon have fainted. The battle might go either way, but since the contestants have lost anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

Presenter: Well contestants, did you do as well as you did in the last battle? To be frank, no you didn’t. You won 4, lost 3 and drew 1. That means that the challenge is lost, and your wonderful winning streak from last episode appears to be suffering. Could it be that the PokéMole is starting to take revenge? That’s a question only you can answer. We did however, gain one significant difference to your team line up today. Say hello to your new friend, Mightyena, who evolved today during battle! Anyway, we might arrange a little celebration for you tonight, but I’ll see you tomorrow at the Hotel Lobby, for your next challenge.

Breloom: I got a definite shake up last night when Magnemite. I’ve had to rethink my entire strategy completely. Thinking back about my time here, Vibrava seems another likely suspect.

Girafarig: Today’s battle was to tell the truth, easy. I felt some people let me down, although to be fair I had a type advantage. I didn’t see how Houndour did, so I can’t really speculate about that.

Gligar: I was amazed to hear that Poochyena had evolved! I was also a bit suspicious though – it would be the perfect cover to divert attention away from yourself if you were the PokéMole.

Heracross: I wish I knew if Girafarig defeated the Machop or not. If the latter, then I have a strong inkling that Girafarig is the PokéMole.

Houndour: So, Poochy, or now Mighty, evolved, and I’m really pleased for her! I’m getting a little annoyed at these battles now, though – it doesn’t really do anything to help our suspicions, since we don’t really know how anyone else did.

Mightyena: What can I say about that battle? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I can’t believe I won the battle, let along evolved!

Surskit: That’s a second battle I’ve lost now. I really don’t like them – not one bit. Breloom and Girafarig – I’m watching them both carefully. Girafarig since it’s second face could be a clue (two-faced)?

Vibrava: So, Heracross. Another day I went without further proof you’re the PokéMole, another day my suspicions loosened. I hope I can pick up on a few things tomorrow.

Day 8

Presenter: As the subtitle suggests, Day 8 has arrived, and the contestants are about to be tested in another area of Pokemon: Attacks.

Presenter: Good morning contestants. It’s now been one week since you all arrived, but that’s irrelevant – it’s time for your next challenge. I personally think it’s a quite simple one today, but we shall see. I have here, 8 cards, of which there are names of attacks on. You will call out a number, 1-8, and I will describe what the attack does. You must then, tell me what the attack is. Quite straightforward. If 6 of you get your attacks right, we’ll add [p]10,000 to the prize fund. As per usual we’ll be going in alphabetical order, meaning that Breloom, you’re up first.

Presenter: The card numbers and attack are as follows:

Card Number Attack Name
3Razor Wind
5Skull Bash
6Calm Mind
7Ice Ball
8Luster Purge

Breloom: I’ll have Card Number 1

Presenter: Water type. Has a 50% chance of lowering the opponents accuracy.

Breloom: That’s Octazooka.

Presenter: And that is correct.

Presenter: Next up is Girafarig.

Girafarig: I’ll have Number 6.

Presenter: Raises both the User's Special Attack and Special Defense.

Girafarig: Ugh. I don’t know… Bulk Up?

Presenter: I’m sorry but that’s incorrect. The correct answer was Calm Mind.

Presenter: Gligar manages to get Sketch correct, Heracross correctly guesses Razor Wind, Houndour gets Skull Bash correct, Mightyena gets Ice Ball, but then Surskit gets Luster Purge incorrect. If Vibrava gets it’s wrong, then the challenge will be lost.

Presenter: Vibrava, you have no choice but to take Number 2. Bug Attack, attacks twice in one turn, each turn has a 20% chance of poisoning the Opponent.

Vibrava: I haven’t got the faintest idea, but I’m going to guess at… Twineedle.

Presenter: Quite amazingly, that is correct! Well done, it seems like most of you know your attacks, or are at least lucky at guessing them. The prize fun now stands at [p]39,000, which is fantastic. I want you to meet me in the Hotel’s Casino at this time tomorrow, which is just down the corridor. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Breloom: I’m still thinking towards Vibrava – it had a very fluky guess at the end of today’s challenge.

Girafarig: I can’t believe I got one wrong. Vibrava’s fluke was a bit interesting though. I’ll keep my eye on her from now on.

Gligar: I had a sudden idea today. Surskit has lost both battles, and seems too timid to have signed up to this game properly. Possibly the PokéMole?

Heracross: Girafarig reckons it beat the Machop, but if it were the PokéMole it’d probably lie about whether it did or not. I’m confused, but I’m no longer so sure that Girafarig is the PokéMole.

Houndour: So, we’re in a casino tomorrow. You generally gamble money in casinos. That’ll be great. I’m dithering between Vibrava and Gligar for my main suspect. I’ll have to keep my eyes and ears open at all times.

Mightyena: It’s great being a Mightyena rather than a Poochyena. I feel so much bigger, stronger and fiercer. I’d recommend evolution, definitely. Houndour’s appears to be too friendly to be the PokéMole. Unless that’s a cover up?

Surskit: I’ve never even heard of Luster Purge. Houndour reckons it’s something Latios learns. I wonder why he had to tell me…

Vibrava: Heracross got its attack right, then. Thinking back however, what can I really pin on Heracross that could prove him the PokéMole?

Day 9

Presenter: As the day of the third elimination begins, the contestants assemble in the exclusive Lavender Town Hotel Casino, and sit around a huge Poker Table.

Presenter: Welcome to the Casino. In today’s challenge, you will have the chance to win a bit of money, but also to lose a bit. You currently have [p]39,000 in the prize fund. You’ll each be supplied with [p]2000 from the total, which is a total of [p]16,000. Then the gambling will begin. You’ll each have the chance to at the most double your share, but it’s possible you may lose it completely. I’ll turn over a card and ask you to place a bid of [p]100 to [p]500, on whether you think the next card turned over will be higher or lower. If you’re correct, the money gambled will be added. If you’re incorrect, it’ll be removed. If the card is the same we’ll draw another. At any point you may quit and save the money you have left, but you have to take at least one gamble. We’ll play in clockwise order around the table, so Surskit, you’re up first.

Presenter: Surskit’s first card drawn is a 5.

Surskit: I’ll play [p]400 on the next one being higher.

Presenter: The next card is… a Queen. You now have [p]2400. Do you want to try again?

Surskit: Yeah, I’ll play [p]400 again on it being lower.

Presenter: The next card is… an 8. You now have [p]2800. Do you want to continue?

Surskit: No, I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

Presenter: It’s a good start for the team. Next up is Girafarig, and his first card is an Ace.

Girafarig: I’ll put [p]500 on it being lower.

Presenter: The next card is…. a 7. You now have [p]2500. Do you wish to continue?

Girafarig: Yeah, I’ll put [p]400 on it being lower.

Presenter: The next card is… a 6. You now have [p]2900. Do you want to try again?

Girafarig: Erm… yeah, why not. I’ll put [p]400 on it being lower.

Presenter: The next card is… a 3. You now have [p]3300. Do you wish to go on?

Girafarig: No, I’ve gone far enough.

Presenter: Next up is Houndour. Houndour’s first card is a 2.

Houndour: I’ll play [p]400 higher.

Presenter: The next card is… a Jack. You now have [p]2400. Another try, maybe?

Houndour: Yeah, stick [p]500 on it being lower.

Presenter: The next card is… an 8. Do you want to continue, or leave with [p]2900?

Houndour: I’ll put [p]500 on it being lower.

Presenter: The next card is… a 7. This brings your total down to [p]2400. Do you wish to have another pot at it?

Houndour: [p]500 lower.

Presenter: The next card is… another 8. Your total drops again to [p]1900. Do you want another turn?

Houndour: Bung another [p]500 on it being lower.

Presenter: The next card is… a 10. Your total rests again at just [p]1400.

Houndour: I think I’d better throw the towel in now.

Presenter: Here is a table of the remaining contestants cards, bets and final totals:

ContestantFirst Card First BetSecond Card Second BetThird Card Third BetFourth Card Final Total
Breloom7[p]200 LowerKing[p]500 LowerAce[p]500 Lower8[p]1800
Mightyena8[p]300 Higher10[p]200 LowerJack[p]300 LowerKing[p]1800
Heracross2[p]500 Higher6[p]400 Higher4N/AN/A[p]2100
VibravaQueen[p]300 Lower9[p]500 LowerJack[p]500 LowerQueen[p]1300
Gligar6[p]400 Higher4[p]300 Higher3N/AN/A[p]1300

Presenter: Well contestants, let’s see how you did. You had some highs and lows, but overall you finished off [p]200 lower than you started off. This means the prize fund drops to [p]38,980. I’ll see you at tonight’s elimination.


Presenter: Welcome everybody, it’s that time again. You’ve all taken the usual 10 question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole. In a moment, I’ll start entering your names into this computer. If the screen turns green after your name has been entered, you’ll pass through to the next episode. If the screen turns red, then unfortunately you are the PokéMole’s third victim.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.