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Episode 5

Season Two
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Episode 5

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Surskit couldn’t keep up, and so was eliminated. The halfway mark has been passed, but there’s still a long way to go. There’s still eliminations, there’s still challenges, there’s still… a PokéMole.

Day 13

Presenter: The contestants were told to assemble at the front of the Hotel with all their luggage with them.

Presenter: Welcome everybody, and congratulations at passing the halfway point of PokéMole 2. Today, you will be facing the second challenge put forward by members of PUK. It goes by the name of In The Fast Lane. All 6 of you will be given a bike, and you will have to cycle up the steep hill that is Cycling Road, and all 10 miles of it. You will have 90 minutes to complete the long journey, which will end in Celadon City; our next destination. However, we want you to think of this little challenge as a race, and so the first person to cross the finish line will be awarded with an exemption. All 6 of you must be across the finish line after 90 minutes, in order to add [p]5000 to the prize fund. Please dump your belongings here – we will transport them for you. I’ll see you there.

Presenter: The contestants were taken to the bottom of the monster hill that is Cycling Road, and the challenge begins.

Girafarig sets off very quickly and takes an early lead. As Girafarig sets off into the sunrise, closely followed by Houndour and Mightyena, contestants Gligar, Vibrava and Heracross start off by taking it slowly, and stick together in a little group. They don’t seem to be going half as the leading three, nor do they seem to care about the exemption.

Girafarig reaches the end of the first mile after just 6 minutes, but Houndour is starting to catch up and is barely 20 seconds behind. Mightyena covers the mile after 8 minutes, and as for the other 3… they appear to have stopped. Or rather, their tyres appear to have punctured.

Gligar: Our tyres have gone down!

Vibrava: All of them? That can’t have been a coincidence.

Heracross: You must be right. It’s a coincidence just as much as London deserved to beat Manchester in that ITV1 show, Simply The Best.

Presenter: Perfectly true. The whole show was biased towards them. They didn’t even stop when Manchester’s bar got jammed in the Champion’s Wall!

Gligar: Well what can we do about it?

Presenter: The contestants realise that being on Cycling Road, there are emergency pumps situated by the side of the road every mile. Vibrava volunteers to go for the pump. Go she does, but rather amazingly, it takes her a whole 20 minutes to get it, thus the lagging 3 pass the first mile mark after a whole half an hour. They’d better get their skates on if they want to pass the challenge.

At the half an hour stage, Houndour has actually passed the four-mile mark, whilst Girafarig and Mightyena are coming close to that feat. Girafarig is starting to pull away a little from Mightyena, but Houndour doesn’t look like giving up his lead just yet.

Ten minutes later, and Gligar, Vibrava and Heracross are really going full out. They’re actually making up a bit of crowd on the leading three. The leading three have long passed the five-mile mark, whereas the last three are halfway past the second-mile. If they carry on in this fashion, they might just make it.

After another ten minutes, all the hard cycling is starting to show, as Houndour tires and Girafarig once again takes the lead. Gligar and Heracross aren’t letting up as they strive to make the four-mile mark, but Vibrava is slowly starting to fall behind. Judging by their current efforts, the contestants will complete the challenge, but the contestants will grow tired, as the hill grows steeper.

Girafarig keeps it up for a long time, and passes the nine-mile mark after just 74 minutes. Houndour finds a last minute burst of speed, and just overtakes Girafarig before the finish line, after just 80 minutes. Girafarig follows less than a minute later, with Mightyena arriving after 83 minutes.

Gligar, Vibrava and Heracross all go flat out, almost breaking the bikes in the process. The effort pays off though, as Heracross finishes at 87 minutes, Gligar and 88, and Vibrava at just past the 89 minute mark. They’ve passed, but only just.

Presenter: Well contestants, you only just passed the task, with Houndour winning the race and bagging the exemption. The prize fund now stands at [p]58,980. We’ll let you have a good rest tonight, but I want you to meet me at the Celadon City Cyber Café tomorrow morning. You’ll find your entire luggage already waiting for you at your hotel. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Girafarig: Today’s challenge was dead exhausting. Houndour got himself another exemption, although I’m starting to doubt that with all these exemptions, whether Houndour really is the PokéMole or not.

Gligar: They didn’t let us go for breakfast before the challenge this morning, which made the challenge even harder. I’m glad I got an exemption last episode, since the eliminated was one of my suspects. I guess I can concentrate on Mightyena as my main suspect, now.

Heracross: Our bicycles got punctures. Talk about blatant sabotage. I have a gut feeling that the PokéMole was in our group with a breakdown problem. It would give it a better chance to sabotage the whole challenge, as well as making it seem more inconspicuous.

Houndour: And yet again I’m safe from the eliminations. Apparently, the three contestants who finished last had a bit of a breakdown at the very beginning. I can definitely imagine the PokéMole being one of them. My money’s on Vibrava, now.

Mightyena: I can’t believe Surskit went! I’ll have to drastically rethink my strategy, and fast.

Vibrava: It’s typical that we all got punctures. I probably would have enjoyed today’s challenge if I weren’t forced to rush it. I’m still dithering between Heracross and Houndour as my main suspects.

Day 14

Presenter: As the 14th day dawns, the contestants find themselves at Celadon City’s Cyber Café, for another challenge from last series.

Presenter: Welcome everybody, to the Celadon City Cyber Café. Today’s challenge, is the famous PUK Quiz. You’ll all have 20 minutes to browse the famous site, researching the topic of the games, Fire Red and Leaf Green, or more specifically, the new Islands. During those 20 minutes, you’ll all have to remember as much as you can, as well as devising your own questions. You’ll then be split into three groups of two after the 20 minutes are up, where you will ask the other person your question. All 6 questions must be answered correctly in order to add [p]10,000 to the prize fund, but there is a catch. If the other person does not answer your question correctly, then they will earn an exemption. If you’d be so kind as to go to your computers, your 20 minutes begins… now.

Presenter: The contestants all spend the following 20 minutes surfing the world’s best Pokemon website. After those 20 minutes are up, the contestants are paired up with each other. The pairs being Girafarig and Houndour, Mightyena and Heracross, and Gligar and Vibrava. The questions are shown below:

What ticket do you need to access Island 9?Aurora Ticket
On Island 8, which is found in a cave? Lugia or Ho-oh?Lugia
On which Island can you first find Sentret?Island 5
Which Island features the new Unown?Island 7
Which Island Is Moltres found on?Island 1
On which Island is there a gang of bikers?Island 3

Presenter: Girafarig and Houndour are up first:

Girafarig: Okay. Which ticket do you need to access Island 9?

Houndour: Oh erm. It’s either Mystery or Aurora. I’ll go with Aurora Ticket.

Presenter: That is correct. Houndour, please now ask your question.

Houndour: Okay. On Island 8, which is found in a cave? Lugia or Ho-oh?

Girafarig: Lugia.

Presenter: That is correct. Girafarig and Houndour have both got their questions correct. Mightyena and Heracross, you’re up next.

Mightyena: On which Island can you first find Sentret?

Heracross: Island 5, definitely.

Presenter: Correct. Heracross, your question.

Heracross: Which Island features the new Unown?

Mightyena: Heh. That was one of the questions I considered. It’s Island 7.

Presenter: Correct yet again. You’ve now got 4 out of 4. You need 2 more questions correct in order to pass the challenge, and they rest with Gligar and Vibrava.

Gligar: Which Island Is Moltres found on?

Vibrava: I’m ashamed to say I don’t know, but I’m going to say Island 1.

Presenter: Good guess, that’s correct. Vibrava, it’s time for you to ask your last question.

Vibrava: On which Island is there a gang of bikers?

Gligar: I remember, it’s Island 3.

Presenter: And yet again, that is correct. Well contestants, you’ve gotten all your questions correct, and thus passed the challenge. The prize fund now stands at [p]68,980, which is fantastic. I want you to meet me tomorrow at the newly built Celadon City Contest Hall, for a brand new PokéMole challenge. I’ll see you there.

Girafarig: I was pleased to get paired up with Houndour, since it allowed me to keep an eye on him. Naturally he was going to get my question right if he could though, since he’s already got his exemption. Part of me wanted to go for my own exemption, but I felt the money was more important.

Gligar: I still felt knackered after yesterday’s challenge today, so I was glad they let us take it nice and easy. I have a feeling we’re going to be competing in contests tomorrow. I hope I can pin something on someone during it – preferably Mightyena.

Heracross: My head is still spinning. I still don’t know whom to suspect. Chances are I’ll leave tomorrow in the elimination, but maybe it’ll be for the best.

Houndour: I’m gonna spend tomorrow finding out as much about Vibrava as I can. I can think a bit clearer, since yet again I’m not in the elimination. Chances are I'll stick with Vibrava as my suspect up to and including the Final.

Mightyena: New suspect: Girafarig. Why? He’s the first of all of us in alphabetical order. It’s as easy as that. Makes the choice so much easier… I’ll just go and pack my bags.

Vibrava: I might settle on Houndour for my main suspect. Just thinking back at some of things the Presenter has said, makes me realise Houndour stands a good chance of being the PokéMole.

Day 15

Presenter: It’s Day 15, and two weeks since the remaining contestants began their journey. The contestants have assembled at the new Celadon City Contest Hall, ready for their final challenge of the episode.

Presenter: Well contestants, you may have realised that today’s challenge is of course a Pokemon Contest. In a minute, I’ll ask one of you to nominate someone to come and take one of 5 cards. On the card is a type of Contest; Cool, Smart, Beauty, Tough or Cute. The card picked will be the Contest you all participate in. To pass the challenge, and earn [p]10,000 for the prize fund, you must accumulate 30 Red Contest Hearts between you. You’ll have to use your hopefully extensive knowledge of attacks and their Contest types, in order to impress both the judges and the audience. Who’s going to pick the Contest?

Houndour: I will if that’s alright with everybody else.

Presenter: Okay then. Here are the cards. Houndour, make your choice for the team.

Houndour: I’ll have this card – the one on the far left.

Presenter: Okay then, today you will all be competing in the Smart Contest. This will naturally be a second test for you about the world of Pokemon Attacks, meaning those who made previous mistakes in the first task are being thrown a second chance. I’d advise you not to waste it. Your contest begins in the Smart Contest Hall in 10 minutes.

Ten Minutes Later

Judge: It’s time to begin the special contest being held today. We welcome the remaining contestants of the reality show, PokéMole 2. All six of them will be competing today in a Smart Contest. They will be summoned in reverse alphabetical order and asked to make their appeal. The number of appeal hearts gained will be determined by both the reaction of the audience and the impressiveness gained by both myself and my assistants. All contestants will be given two chances to appeal, since the amount of contestants is more than normal. Since I believe that’s all there is to be said, the contest… will now begin! Vibrava, please step forward.

Presenter: Vibrava steps forward and uses Faint Attack. The Judge is impressed and awards triple appeal points, meaning the move acquaints to six Red Contest Hearts.

Next it’s Mightyena. Mightyena uses Dig, but it doesn’t really impress anybody too much. Just one Red Contest Heart added for Mightyena, which amounts to seven in all.

Houndour’s turn. Houndour uses Shadow Ball – a simple three Red Contest Hearts are added, bringing the total to ten Red Contest Hearts.

Heracross steps up and uses Megahorn. He earns two appeal points, but the type fails to match the contest, and one appeal point is lost, due to the audience’s disappointment.

Gligar steps forward, and like Vibrava, also loses Faint Attack, regrabbing the crowd’s attention and adding two appeal points to the total, making a current total of 13 appeal points.

Girafarig steps forward and uses Double Team. The crowd, who were looking close to getting excited, suddenly dull down again, as the move does not match the Contest Type. However, one appeal point is still added, taking the halfway total to 14 appeal points. The contestants are going to have to do better in the second round if they want to pass the challenge.

Vibrava steps up for it’s second and final appeal. Vibrava uses Dig and after impressing the Judge and the audience, adds two appeal points to the total.

On Mightyena’s second turn, it uses Shadow Punch, which adds another two appeal points to the total. The total stands at 17 appeal points, meaning the remaining four contestants need to amass 13 or more appeal points in order to pass the challenge.

Houndour uses the common Faint Attack on his second turn, which adds yet another 2 appeal points to the total, bringing it to 19.

Heracross’s turn, and he uses Dig. Aside from adding just one appeal point to the total, Heracross finally gets the audience at the peak of excitement, which adds six more appeal points to the total, which adds up to 26 appeal points.

Gligar realises that his appeal could now make or break the contest, and the challenge. He uses Rock Tomb, which adds 3 more appeal points to the total. The total is now at 29 appeal points, meaning that it’s all up to Girafarig.

Girafarig looks confident, as it uses Agility. It still hasn’t made the right appeal type, but going along with his previous Double Team attack, the appeal makes a Contest Combo, adding six appeal points to the total. The audience are disappointed at the appeal type, and so one appeal point is deducted. But that doesn’t matter. The final total is 35 appeal points, which is enough to pass the challenge.

Presenter: Well team, you’ve passed the first ever Contest challenge, and brought the prize fund up to [p]78,980. But don’t get too excited – the ever-present Elimination is looming again tonight. I’ll see you there.


Presenter: Six is about to become five. You’ve all taken the quiz, so we’ll cut to the chase. One of you is about to leave the game immediately. Let’s see who it’s going to be.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.