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Episode 6

Season Two
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Episode 6

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: And then there were 5. Girafarig, Gligar, Houndour, Mightyena and Vibrava. Two will be eliminated, One will lose, One will win and One will be unmasked, as the PokéMole. Well, in a few episodes anyway.

Day 16

Presenter: The contestants continued on to Saffron City overnight, and assembled at the Saffron City Gym the following morning. Ready and waiting for their next challenge.

Presenter: Okay, contestants, minus Heracross. It’s time for your third battle, which will be against a Marshtomp. Naturally, today’s battle twist will be the teleporters, which are spread around the battlefield. I need three of you defeat the Marshtomp, in order to add [p]10,000 to the prize fund. The rules will remain the same as they have always done, meaning that Girafarig is up first.

Presenter: Girafarig starts off quickly with Psychic, but Marshtomp doesn’t seem too dazed by it, and reacts with Earthquake. Girafarig takes a Critical Hit, but manages to hang on and uses Crunch, whereas Marshtomp reacts with Surf. Girafarig quickly jumps onto a nearby teleporter pad – presumably to waste time. As soon as it emerges at the other end of the battlefield, Girafarig tries using Psybeam, but Marshtomp uses Protect, stopping Girafarig’s Psybeam in its tracks. It then just takes a simple Surf from Marshtomp to knock Girafarig out.

It’s now Gligar’s chance to Marshtomp how good it is in battle. Gligar starts off with a Faint Attack, but Marshtomp uses Ice Beam… and being four times as effective, knocks Gligar out in one shot.

Houndour steps up for go. Before it can ever get a shot in, Marshtomp uses Surf… also knocking Houndour out in one shot.

Mightyena doesn’t know it, but the task has been failed before she even steps onto the battlefield. Mightyena leaps onto the battlefield and uses Swagger. Marshtomp tries to hop onto a nearby teleporter, but the Swagger hits it just before it reaches, and although Marshtomp gets teleported, it emerges with a higher attack and confused… right next to Mightyena. Mightyena quickly leaps around, and although Marshtomp tries to use Surf, it ends up hurting itself due to confusion. Mightyena simply uses Crunch, and knocks out Marshtomp. Not that it matters anymore.

Vibrava is the last to battle, and once again it doesn’t even matter. Vibrava gets the first attack in and it’s a Dragonbreath, which paralyses Marshtomp. Marshtomp reacts with Ice Beam, but unfortunately it suddenly seizes up seconds before attack, due to the paralysis. Vibrava starts to charge up a Solarbeam, but Marshtomp tries another Ice Beam. With Vibrava’s energy focused into charging up the Solarbeam, it fails to evade the attack, and the Ice Beam hits its target, knocking out Vibrava. The challenge is now over, and the news isn’t good.

Presenter: Well contestants, I’m sure you’re going to want to know how they did. Only one of you actually managed to defeat the Marshtomp, thus the challenge has been failed, and the prize fund will remain for now at [p]78,980. I’ll see you tomorrow, when I want you to meet me here again.

Girafarig: I didn’t pass the battle and I’m ashamed in a way. I came close, and if I had won we would have come so close to passing the challenge. Houndour would have had a type disadvantage; so losing without seeming too suspicious wouldn’t have been too tricky.

Gligar: I never really suspected Heracross, but I was astonished when he went! He seemed like one of the stronger of us.

Houndour: I still reckon Vibrava is the PokéMole. I have my reasons for suspecting so, but I really can’t be bothered listing them all. Besides, it’s probably safer that way.

Mightyena: I still don’t know who the PokéMole is, and to be honest I really don’t care. I want to go home.

Vibrava: I think I’m starting to take this game too seriously. Because that’s all it is. A game. I’m trying to have fun, but I’m getting myself wound up too easily. I still think Houndour is the PokéMole. Mainly because he’s still in the game, since the battle challenges don’t really help us in our suspicions.

Day 17

Presenter: Day 17 begins, and the game goes on. That morning, as the contestants depart one by one to the Saffron City Gym, Vibrava, who was the last to leave the breakfast table, is held back and given the details of today’s challenge.

Presenter: Hello Vibrava.

Vibrava: Hi.

Presenter: By being the last to leave the breakfast table this morning, you have nominated yourself to be the main participant in today’s challenge, and possibly earn yourself an exemption, allowing you to pass through into the penultimate episode.

Vibrava: Okay.

Presenter: Today, the other four contestants will be given the task of working their way to the centre of the Saffron City Gym, by negotiating their way around a maze of teleporters. They’ll be doing it one by one, and once finished they will receive a time of how long it took them to reach the centre. You’ve gotten to know the other contestants quite well over the past few weeks, which is what leads us onto today’s challenge. The challenge, is that I am now going to ask you to predict who you think will finish with the quickest time, who will finish with the second quickest time, who will finish the third quickest time, and who will finish with the slowest time. If your predictions correctly match the facts after the contestants have taken the challenge, then [p]10,000 will added to the prize fund, and you will also earn an exemption. Do you understand?

Vibrava: Yes, I do.

Presenter: Okay. We’ll now permit you a couple of minutes thinking time, but after that I will need your predictions.

Presenter: Meanwhile, the other contestants have arrived at the Gym and are patiently waiting for any news about their challenge of the day.

Girafarig: We have come to the right place? We weren’t told to meet at the Hotel Lobby or something?

Houndour: I suppose we could go back and check…

Mightyena: No. We were told to assemble here. It’s probably a patience test, or something. I suppose the bigger question to be asked is where Vibrava is…

Presenter: Meanwhile, Vibrava has made her predictions, which are:

Predicted Position

With those results collected, I then travel to the Gym, and start the challenge off.

Presenter: Hello Contestants, I’m sorry I’m late. I am aware Vibrava is currently not with us, but nevertheless the challenge will go on anyway. Today, you will face a maze of teleporters, with the aim for you to get to the centre of the Gym. You will be judged on your times, and will attempt it one by one. The challenge is worth [p]10,000, and I believe that is all you need to know right now. You’ll be attempting this challenge in reverse alphabetical order, so Mightyena, please follow me. You three, please remain here until it is your turn.

Presenter: The following table shows the contestants final maze times, their final positions in relation to the others and the comparison between the results and Vibrava’s predictions:

Time Taken
Final Position
Predicted Position
Mightyena 4 Minutes 29 Seconds 3rd Quickest
Houndour 4 Minutes 32 Seconds Slowest Slowest
Gligar 3 Minutes 11 Seconds 2nd 2nd
Girafarig 2 Minutes 58 Seconds Quickest 3rd

Presenter: After all four contestants have tackled the maze, they all assemble once again outside, but this time they are joined by Vibrava.

Presenter: Hello again everyone. Now, we’re finally going to explain what the aim of the challenge was. As you all know, Vibrava here was not present for the challenge. Vibrava was kept back, and after being informed about your challenge, was asked to predict in what positions in relation to everybody else, each contestant would finish the maze. If Vibrava’s predictions correctly match the actual results, then as well as [p]10,000 being added to the prize fund, Vibrava would earn an exemption, allowing her to pass freely into the penultimate episode. Well, now you know what the challenge was all about, I think it’s time to inform you all on how you did. Mightyena, you were predicted to finish first. You finished… third. The challenge has been lost, but let’s just have a quick look at the rest of the results. Houndour, you were predicted to finish last. You finished… last. Gligar, you were predicted to finish second. You finished… second. Finally, Girafarig, you were predicted to finish third. You finished… first. Well contestants, you only made one mistake, which is very good, but unfortunately, it isn’t good enough. The prize fund remains at [p]78,980. I want you to meet me at the hotel lobby tomorrow morning, and I also want you to bring me your tubes, which you were supplied all the way back in Episode One. I’ll see you there.

Girafarig: I was surprised to find out I was the quickest to get through the maze. I guess I just got lucky. If Houndour is the PokéMole, then coming last would certainly make sense.

Gligar: Those teleporters make you dizzy.

Houndour: The fact that I came last doesn’t bother me too much; it’s more the fact that it was predicted by a fellow contestant that I came last.

Mightyena: I was really disappointed in myself today. Maybe I should have come first, but I certainly shouldn’t have done so badly as to finish third. I was a little suspicious as to some of Vibrava’s predictions. Not that I care anymore.

Vibrava: The fact that Houndour came last can’t really be thought of as sabotage, since I myself predicted him to come last. Thus, I’m not so sure if Houndour is the PokéMole. I wonder what we’ll need those tubes for, though…

Day 18

Presenter: On the 18th Day of PokéMole 2, the contestants assemble in the hotel lobby, as the mystery of the tubes is about to be revealed.

Presenter: Hello contestants. I trust you’ve all brought your tubes with you?

All: Yes, we have.

Presenter: Good. Now, at the start of this series you were told that under no circumstances were you to open them, and that you were to look after them. You’re now about to find out why. In a minute, I’ll ask to see you one by one in alphabetical order in a small room over there. Once in there, you’ll find out how this challenge could either win you [p]10,000, or lose you as much as [p]5000. You must not discuss anything said with any other contestant after you leave the room. Girafarig, I need to see you first.

Presenter: Those contestants that broke the rules and opened their tubes are about to get a bit of a shock. The tubes are lined with very thin light-sensitive paper. They were fitted in a pitch-black room, and so remain un-contaminated. If any contestant has opened their tube, we will be able to tell, since the paper will have reacted with light. If three contestants have obeyed the rules and not looked inside the tubes, then [p]10,000 will be added to the prize fund. If more than three contestants haven’t obeyed the rules, then [p]1000 will be deducted from the prize fund for each contestant that did so. Of course, the contestants don’t know any of this. We’re so clever. Let’s see how Girafarig has done:

Presenter: Okay Girafarig, I am now going to open your tube.

Presenter: The paper in Girafarig’s tube has reacted; meaning Girafarig has opened his tube and broken the rules.

Presenter: Girafarig, have you opened this tube at all?

Girafarig: Well…

Presenter: Have you or haven’t you?

Girafarig: Yes, I did open it once, but it wasn’t exposed or anything…

Presenter: Girafarig, you have opened your tube when you were told not to. Please go back and wait outside. Remember not to discuss this with anyone.

Presenter: The contestants are off to a bad start. Can Gligar improve their luck?

Presenter: Well Gligar, according to the light sensitive paper in your tube, you have obeyed the rules and not opened your tube. Well done. Do not discuss this with anybody else.

Presenter: That’s a bit better for the contestants. What will Houndour have done?

Presenter: Houndour, did you open your tube?

Houndour: I didn’t.

Presenter: Okay then. Please give me your tube.

Presenter: Just like Girafarig’s tube, the paper inside Houndour’s has reacted, thus, Houndour has also opened his tube.

Presenter: Are you sure about that, Houndour?

Houndour: Yeah.

Presenter: Then why, Houndour, has the light sensitive paper inside the tube, reacted?

Houndour: I may have opened it a few times.

Presenter: In which case, you have broken the rules. Please go and wait outside. Do not discuss anything said here with the other contestants outside.

Presenter: If just one more contestant has broken the rules and opened their tubes, then the challenge will be lost, and a cash penalty given to the contestants. Has Mightyena been tempted by the tubes?

Presenter: Okay Mightyena, according to the light sensitive paper in the tubes, you have obeyed the rules and not opened your tube.

Mightyena: Of course.

Presenter: Okay then. Please go back outside, and don’t discuss this with any other contestants.

Presenter: Mightyena has obeyed the rules. But has Vibrava?

Vibrava: Do you need the tube?

Presenter: Yes, I do. Vibrava, when I open this tube, will the light sensitive paper have reacted, proving you broke the rules, or will it have done nothing, proving you obeyed the rules?

Vibrava: I’m sorry, but I have a feeling it will have reacted.

Presenter: And so it has.

Presenter: Well Vibrava, you have broken the rules. Please follow me back outside for the results.

Presenter: The contestants all assemble outside again, to be told how “The Secret Challenge” went.

Presenter: Well contestants, the tubes you had contained light sensitive paper, which would prove whether you broke the rules by opening them or not. If three of you obeyed the rules, [p]10,000 would have been added to the prize fund. Otherwise, [p]1000 would have been deducted from the prize fund for each contestant who cheated. I can reveal that Girafarig, Houndour and Vibrava all broke the rules, with only Gligar and Mightyena obeying them. Thus, [p]3000 will be deducted from the prize fund, leaving it at [p]75,980. You’ve had a stinker of an episode, with no challenges passed, but tonight you will have another elimination. I’ll see you there.


Presenter: Four of you five are about to move into the penultimate episode before our final. I wish you all good luck, since here we go.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.