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Episode 7

Season Two
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Episode 7

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: The final four; Girafarig, Gligar, Houndour and Vibrava. At the end of today’s episode, we will have out final three. Have YOU worked out who the PokéMole is?

Day 19

Presenter: The contestants were sent to Viridian City overnight; their last location before the Final. They were told to assemble at the Viridian City Gym this morning, where they will face their last of the four battle challenges.

Presenter: Hello contestants, minus Mightyena. You lot are the final four, and you can be very proud of getting this far. However, the game must still go on. You will all be now facing the final of our four battles, and it will be against a Metagross. If just one of you can defeat the Metagross, I’ll add a huge [p]20,000 to the prize fund, which after the disaster of last episode would be a real help to you. This time, the battle twist will be the sliding pads inserted randomly into the battlefield floor, so please make sure you don’t lose your balance. This time, the battles will be in full view of the other contestants, and you can battle in whatever order you feel most comfortable in. Who would like to go first?

Houndour: I’ll try first.

Presenter: Okay then Houndour. Good luck.

Presenter: Houndour starts off with a Flamethrower attack, but despite from scoring a direct hit and being super effective, doesn’t knock Metagross out. Metagross fights back with Meteor Mash, but unfortunately the attack misses. Houndour reacts with Fire Blast, but unfortunately that attack misses as well! Metagross finally uses Earthquake, which knocks Houndour out.

Presenter: Okay. Houndour has failed. Who wants to have a go now?

Vibrava: I’ll give it a go.

Presenter: And so Vibrava begins its battle with Metagross. Metagross attacks first this time and uses Psychic. Vibrava reacts quickly with Sand Tomb, which despite being super effective, also fails to KO Metagross. Metagross uses Meteor Mash, and quickly followed by a Hyper Beam, knocks out Vibrava.

Presenter: Vibrava, you have also failed to defeat the Metagross. Who would like to try next?

Girafarig: I’ll go. Get it over and done with.

Presenter: Okay Girafarig. If you don’t defeat the Metagross, it’ll be up to Gligar. Off you go.

Presenter: Girafarig is quick to start off and uses Confusion, which luckily confuses Metagross. Metagross tries to use Earthquake, but ends up hurting itself due to Confusion. Girafarig uses Calm Mind, presumably taking a risk to help its battle plan. Metagross uses Meteor Mash, which although not falling foul of confusion or missing, still doesn’t knock out Girafarig. Girafarig quickly uses Earthquake, and as all the battle damage finally seems to take advantage of Metagross, it faints, leaving Girafarig the winner!

Presenter: Well, well, well. You’ve slightly redeemed yourself team. Thanks to Girafarig, the prize fund has now reached [p]95,980 – so close to the [p]100,000 mark! If you pass tomorrow’s task, which will take place in the hotel lobby, then you will finally pass that elusive mark. I’ll see you there.

Girafarig: I can’t believe I beat a Metagross! I thought I’d get tossed aside with one hit. I guess I just got lucky. Of course, if Houndour, who had a type advantage, had knocked Metagross out in the first place like he should have done, I wouldn’t have even needed to go into battle.

Gligar: I’m glad I didn’t end up battling. A Metagross? They are being harsh on us. I really still suspect Vibrava, and she’s whom I’m going to stick with for as long as I’m left.

Houndour: Vibrava lost the battle. Mind you, I had a type advantage and still managed to. Damn steel crab… thing.

Vibrava: I felt so guilty having opened my tube. It’s kind of put a shadow on how good the whole series has bee for me. However, I think I may have noticed something significant that I originally tossed aside. If I’m right, I know who the PokéMole is, and I have the evidence to prove it.

Day 20

Presenter: This will be the last full day the last four contestants have together. Tomorrow, the last elimination will take place, leaving three contestants for the Final. But in challenge terms, even thinking that far ahead is ridiculous.

Presenter: Hello again. It’s time for your next challenge. Since we’re coming to the end of PokéMole 2, we thought it’d be nice to give you a little challenge, seeing how much you’ve remembered of your past 20 days here. Thus, today’s challenge will ask you questions about the series. You’ll each be asked one question. If you all get your question correct, I’ll add [p]5,000 to the prize fund, which would get you past the [p]100,000 mark. I’ll ask the questions in the order of which you’ve sat, travelling anti-clockwise, meaning Vibrava will get the first question.

Vibrava, in the Shadows Challenge, Episode 1, which of the following was a shadow used? Furret, Porygon, or Pinsir?

Vibrava: That’s Porygon.

Presenter: Correct answer. You’re off to a good start. Now Gligar, in the Attacks challenge, Episode 3, how many contestants got their attacks incorrect?

Gligar: We only just passed that I remember, so I’d have to guess at 2.

Presenter: That is also correct. So far so good. Girafarig, how many contestants earned exemptions in Episode 4?

Girafarig: Heh. Since I was one of the three, I know this one.

Presenter: And that’s correct as well. Houndour, if you answer this correct the prize fund will reach the [p]100,000. Now, in the Fuchsia Gym challenge of Episode 4, how many contestants reached the centre of the maze?

Houndour: 4.

Presenter: I’m awfully sorry, but that’s incorrect. That means, that once again the prize fund rests at [p]95,980. Your last challenge before the Final will take place on Route 22 tomorrow morning, and will give you another chance to break the [p]100,000 mark. I’ll see you then.

Girafarig: I can’t believe Houndour got such an easy question wrong. I knew the answer straight away. Thanks a lot, Houndour.

Gligar: Vibrava got her question correct easily enough, despite having the question set furthest back in time. I guess the PokéMole wouldn’t be harsh enough to sabotage challenges at this point in time, though. I might be wrong.

Houndour: I really should have stopped and thought about the question before answering. Me and my big mouth…

Vibrava: I’ve been thinking and thinking. My evidence is slowly growing, and for the first time ever, I might be sure about my suspect going into an elimination.

Day 21

Presenter: As the final day before the Final dawns, the contestants will be thrown a lifeline, in a shape of a rubbish challenge. Well, it is tradition…

Presenter: Welcome all of you, to the challenge dubbed “The Easy Challenge.” It’s become a bit of a PokéMole tradition, for the challenge before the Final to be so insanely easy we might as well pass you and let you have the day off. Today’s challenge is easy, weirdly enough. What we want you to do, is go out onto Route 22 and within one hour, return here and tell me two wild Pokemon that appear here. Do it, and I’ll be very disappointed if you don’t, and I’ll add [p]5,000 to the prize fund, which would finally take you past this annoying [p]100,000. Off you go.

Presenter: Rather unsurprisingly, the contestants return after just four minutes with an answer.

Gligar: We’d like to say Rattata and Spearow.

Presenter: I think I’d like to say congratulations on passing the [p]100,000 mark! The prize fund has now reached [p]100,980. Now, tonight you will all face the last elimination before the Final. I’ll see you then. Good luck to all of you.


Presenter: No fancy speeches. No nothing. Just a lot of good luck to each one of you. Three of you are about to reach the final of PokéMole 2. Here we go.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.