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Episode 8

Season Two
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Episode 8

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Girafarig. Gligar. Vibrava. This is what it’s all been leading up to. At the end of today’s episode, one will win more than [p]100,000, one will leave with nothing, and one will finally be unmasked, as the PokéMole.

Day 22

Presenter: The contestants have remained at Viridian City, and after the easiest challenge we’ve ever set on PokéMole, followed by Houndour’s elimination, the contestants are about to be tested. In a way they never thought we’d do. They assembles at the hotel lobby, to find out their next to last challenge.

Presenter: Welcome back here contestants, minus Houndour. You are the final three, so congratulations on getting this far. Now today, somebody is going to test you under pressure. That person is a legend in themself, and one of the most hated people on PUK. Girafarig, Gligar and Vibrava, you’re going up against, the Name Rater. Now, in three minutes, I’m going to ask you to think up a nickname for yourself. The Name Rater will then rate all three names, and finally judge whether he thinks [p]10,000 deserves to be added to the prize fund. Best of luck. Your three minutes begins… now.

Three Minutes Later

Presenter: Okay contestants. Your three minutes is up. We’ll go in alphabetical order. Girafarig, please tell me your nickname and reason and I’ll submit it through the computer.

Girafarig: Palindrome, since that’s what I am.

Presenter: The Name is submitted, and a few minutes later, a reply arrives:

Presenter: Okay, the reply says: “True. I suppose. You got lucky.” Gligar, could you now please tell me your name?

Gligar: Flygar, since I can fly, and it’s a combination of “fly” and “Gligar”.

Presenter: The Name is submitted, and a reply soon appears:

Presenter: Okay, the reply says: “I hope you know this is what I’d expect from somebody who had ten seconds to think, not three whole minutes.” Well, not so well for Gligar. Vibrava, what is your name and reason?

Vibrava: Vibravo, because “brava” and “bravo” are similar.

Presenter: The Name is submitted, and the reply then appears:

Presenter: Okay, the reply for Vibrava is: “I hope you don’t expect ME to say “bravo” for coming up with a name as utterly crap as this.” So, the three names have been rated, but was he impressed overall? Let’s read the final overall rating. It says: “I would strongly urge you to send them all home with nothing, and give me the winnings, to help me pay for the therapy I’ll need to get over those names. No way am I giving them a penny extra.” Well then team, it looks like your efforts have been for nothing. The prize fund will remain at [p]100,980. Your final challenge will take place tomorrow. I’ll see you in the Viridian City Trainer’s House.

Girafarig: I’ve reached the Final, and I don’t see how anybody is going to stop me from winning now.

Gligar: I’m sticking to my guns. I know my suspect, and realistically I’ll have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

Vibrava: It’s gotten me this far, it can get me to the end. I know my suspect, and that’s whom I’m going for. I’ve decided that now.

Day 23

Presenter: The last challenge of PokéMole 2 will take place today. And if the contestants thought they’d seen the end of battling, they’ve got another thing coming…

Presenter: Welcome Contestants, to the last challenge of PokéMole 2. Now, last episode we said the battle was the last. That was a tiny white lie. That was the last of our battles, but the final challenge put forward by member of PUK, is also a battle, which will take place right now. In a minute, I’ll ask you to pick a card each. One card contains a picture of a Sceptile, one contains a picture of a Blaziken and one contains a picture of a Swampert. Whoever you pick will be the Pokemon you battle. If just one of you can win your battle, then [p]10,000 will be added to the prize fund. Remember to try your best, since this is the last chance you will have to add money to the prize fund. Girafarig, please pick a card.

Presenter: Girafarig’s card has a picture of a Blaziken on it.

Presenter: Okay Girafarig, you will be battling the Blaziken. Gligar, please pick your card.

Presenter: Gligar draws a card with an image of a Swampert on it.

Presenter: Okay then. That means Vibrava, you will be battling the Sceptile.Your battles will all take place at the same time, and will have no twists – this is simply a real, no catches, one on one battle. Good luck to all of you, and happy battling.

Presenter: Girafarig starts off its battle against Blaziken. Blaziken gets the move in, which is a Blaze Kick. Girafarig isn’t put down too much, and quickly reacts with Psychic. It may be super effective, but Blaziken amazingly battles on, and uses Aerial Ace, which this time knocks out Girafarig.

Gligar has been given the job of battling Swampert. Gligar uses Quick Attack first, but an unfazed Swampert quickly reacts with Muddy Water. Gligar then tries its luck with a Guillotine, but the attack misses. Swampert then uses a Take Down attack, but at the end of it both Pokemon are still left standing. Gligar tries one more Guillotine, but yet again it misses. Swampert finally uses Ice Beam, which being super effective, knocks out Gligar. It’s now up to Vibrava to save the team.

Sceptile gets the first move against Vibrava, and chooses to use Slam. Vibrava isn’t having any of it, and quickly uses Fly, just as Sceptile tries Leaf Blade, which misses as Vibrava completes its Fly attack, which despite being super effective doesn’t knock out Sceptile yet. Sceptile yet again uses its Leaf Blade attack, but although being a Critical Hit, still allows Vibrava to hang on. Vibrava then uses another Fly, but amazingly Sceptile still also hangs on. Sceptile starts charging up a Solarbeam, but enough is enough for Vibrava, who risks a Hyper Beam, which finally knocks out Sceptile. Vibrava has once again saved the day.

Presenter: Well contestants, that is officially it. You have completed all 23 challenges of PokéMole 2. You’ve done many things, from a 20,000 feet Sky Dive, to Gambling winnings. To participating in contests and battles, to facing the Name Rater. I won’t beat around the bush any more though; Girafarig and Gligar, you both lost your battle, but congratulations to Vibrava, who after a long and very tough battle finally managed to knock out the Sceptile! This means that the final prize money for the winner of PokéMole 2 will be [p]110,980, which is really fantastic. I want to see you and all your luggage downstairs in the hotel lobby tomorrow morning. I’ll see you then, for the final day.

Girafarig: I’m glad it’s finally over. I can concentrate on winning the final quiz. I guess the whole series has been tough, since the best strategy I can think of would be playing the PokéMole, and I’ve been playing the PokéMole since Day One.

Gligar: Roll on the quiz. I need to win. I’ve got too far to not do.

Vibrava: I know all I can know about my suspect. I’m just going to chill out now, do my best, and just hope for the best.

Day 24 – The Final

Presenter: The contestants were transported to the Indigo Plateau this morning, where they are currently taking the final 10-question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole. But now, it’s time to see if you, the viewer, has also been paying attention. It’s time, for the interactive, 10 question quiz:


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