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Episode 1

Season One
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Episode 1

Presenter: You've met all 10 contestants. You should know the rules by now:

10 Pokemon- working together to earn up to £200,000. One of them however is a traitor- a Poke-Mole, working against the other players to try and sabotage the attempts to win money. Up to £200,000 rests on answering the question: Who is The Poke-Mole?


Presenter: All ten contestants have met together at an abandoned airport. They hand over their luggage to us, and plunge straight into their first challenge.

Presenter: It's good to see you all here. No point in wasting any time- this is your first test. Over there is an abandoned airport. But just for today something will be happening here. You will be taken up, one at a time, to 10,000 feet. If all 10 of you perform a parachute jump from the plane, then I'll add £10,000 to the money pot. But if just one contestant refuses to jump, then you win nothing. You will be completely safe and have an instructor tied to you as you jump. So, does anybody want to go first.

Presenter: Kecleon and Staryu both volunteer. They both decide that Staryu can go up first, and Kecleon second. Staryu is taken to 10,000 feet and sucessfully perfroms the jump. Everybody cheers as Staryu lands.

Staryu: That is just brilliant. It is terrifying when you get up there though, but I'd say it's worth it.

Presenter: Kecleon also sucessfully did the jump, followed by Geodude, Wobbuffet, Zubat and Natu. Taillow and Vulpix however, both seem a bit too scared.

Taillow: I'm not sure if I can do it. I'm used to using my wings but obviously that's not allowed. It looks dead scary.

Vulpix: I'm really nervous. I'm really scared of heights. I want to do it but I feel sick.

Staryu: It is OK really. It's just the jumping out thats a bit..... you know. You really enjoy it after that. If I had the chance to do it again I would, but no-one's going to force you to jump. Please though, if you can, jump.

Presenter: After nearly 20 minutes of divering on the ground, Taillow finally goes up and jumps. 10 minutes later Vulpix does the same. Now the only 2 Pokemon who haven't jumped are Snorunt and Skitty. Neither are that bothered by the jump and so both complete it. The challenge is won.

Presenter: Congratulations team. You have passed your first challenge and the money pot stands at £10,000. Now if you'd like to follow me, we have Transport waiting to take us to the hotel. Your next challenge is not until tomorrow, so you have the rest of today to relax.

Snorunt: I find it a bit suspicious that Taillow was scared of doing the jump when he's a bird Pokemon.

Kecleon: I think that the Poke-Mole might have been someone near the end of the group. Depending on how well other Pokemon did might have been a good time to sabotage our efforts.


Presenter: The contestants slept overnight at the hotel. During breakfast, I inform them about today's task, and some future ones.

Presenter: Good morning everyone. I trust you slept well. Today's task will take place immediately after breakfast. I suppose you are all familiar to battling. That will be today's challenge and 3 future challenges. After breakfast we will travel down the road to the Rustboro Gym.

Presenter: The contestants all finish their breakfast and proceed to the Rustboro Gym.

Presenter: Welcome to the Rustboro City Gym. Here you will face your first battle against an Onix. The winner will be the Pokemon who KO's the other Pokemon first. 6 people must defeat the Onix in order for you to complete the challenge, and add £10,000 to the money pot.

Presenter: Up first is Vulpix. Vulpix uses Confuse Ray, followed by a Quick Attack. Onix retaliates with a Rock Throw, which really hurts Vulpix. Onix tries another Rock Throw, but fails through confusion. Vulpix tries a Flamethrower, but Onix uses another Rock Throw, which knocks out Vulpix. Vulpix has lost.

Next up is Staryu. Staryu starts off with a Light Screen, followed quickly with Swift. Onix uses Rock Smash. Staryu uses a Rock Smash, but it's too late, as Onix uses Iron Tail and defeats Staryu.

Both Kecleon and Snorunt then defeat Onix. There are 6 contestants left, and 4 must defeat Onix. Wobbuffet wins by using a Mirror Coat, but then Geodude and Skitty both lose. Natu is next to face Onix, and he must win the battle, otherwise the challenge is lost. Natu starts off with Night Shade, and then teleports when Onix tries to use Strength. Natu gears up for a Psychic, but in the process gets a bad hit from Onix's Iron Tail, which KO's him. The challenge is lost.

Presenter: Unfortunately you have all failed this test. You won yesterday, so maybe the Poke-Mole is taking revenge for that. Tonight we will be travelling to Lavaridge Town, where you will face a much quieter challenge tomorrow. Have a nice day.

Wobbuffet: I'm proud that I managed to defeat the Onix, but unfortunately we still lost. Who-ever the Poke-Mole is I reckon they sabotaged that battle.

Kecleon: I have one suspect and I'm watching them very carefully.


Presenter: The contestants travelled to Lavaridge Town last night. After another night in a hotel, they have breakfast and follow me to the gym again.

Presenter: Welcome everyone. This is the Lavaridge City Gym, but we are not here to battle. In front of you there are 10 Pokemon. On the board to the left of you there are 10 different nicknames. You have to match the Pokemon to the nickname. All the Pokemon have a corresponding number. You must pick a number at random and match the Pokemon to its nickname. All 10 of you must be correct to win £5,000 for the money pot.

Presenter: The Pokemon in order are:

Jigglypuff, Sudowoodo, Tangela, Swinub, Heracross, Paras, Larvitar, Ledyba, Gligar and finally Horsea. How will the contestants fare?

Presenter: Geodude, please pick a number.

Geodude: 4 please.

Presenter: The nicknames to choose from are:

Treesy, Vineyard, Bughorn, Spotty, Wetty, Raglig, Chilly, Lullaby, Sarap and finally Rocky. Geodude has picked Swinub, and picks Chilly for the nickname. He is correct. Next up is Staryu.

Staryu: 5 please.

Presenter: Number 5 is Heracross.

Staryu: Erm.... I'll go with Bughorn.

Presenter: That is correct.

Presenter: Snorunt then matches Gligar up with his correct nickname, followed by Kecleon who matches Sudowoodo with his nickname.  The remaining contestants also get their Pokemon Nicknames right. The challenge is won.

Presenter: Well Done on winning this challenge. The money pot now stands at £15,000, which is a good start. Tonight however, you will face your first quiz about the identity of the Poke-Mole, and then your first elimination. I wish you all good luck.

Taillow: The nickname game was so easy. I'd have been devestated if we'd lost.

Zubat: I think the Mole could be Snorunt. She's very quiet.


Presenter: All 10 contestants have just taken a 10- question quiz about the identity of the Poke-Mole. The player with the least correct answers will have to leave the game immediately.

Presenter: Hello everyone. For one of you the game is over. In a minute i'll start entering your names into this computer. If the screen turns Green after your name then you remain in the game. If the screen goes Red, then you're the Poke-Mole's first victim. Good luck everyone.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture- if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.