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Sabotages and Clues

Season Two
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PokeMole – Sabotages and Clues

And so the second series draws to a close. Girafarig was the PokeMole, but what exactly did he get up to? And how could you have spotted it? In this episode we’ll reveal the winner of PokeMole 2 (who spotted it first), as well as all the sabotages, all the clues and a little bonus information. Woo yay.

Random Information

The Sabotages

Episode 1:

Challenge 3: Girafarig got its shadow incorrect, and tried to make out it was tricked through sabotage.

Episode 2:

Challenge 4: Girafarig doesn’t contribute to the guesses.

Challenge 6: Girafarig made no contribution whatsoever towards the answers.

Episode 3:

Challenge 8: Girafarig got its attack wrong.

Challenge 9: Girafarig made three attempts to lose money. Failed sabotage.

Episode 5:

Challenge 13: Girafarig had previously punctured the tires (somebody had to :P).

Challenge 15: Not only did Girafarig fail to use an attack that matched the contest type, it once stopped the crowd from becoming excited.

Episode 6:

Challenge 16: Girafarig lost on purpose.

Challenge 17: Girafarig purposely opened its tube to widen the chance of losing.

The Clues

  1. “Girafarig” is a palindrome – a special type of anagram. Challenge 5 was all about anagrams.
  2. “Girafarig: I can’t believe Houndour got such an easy question wrong. I knew the answer straight away. Thanks a lot, Houndour.”

    Girafarig said the above in its diary in Episode 7, regarding Houndour’s failure to get an easy question wrong. Being the PokeMole, Girafarig was obviously pleased someone else was helping to muck the challenge up.

  3. In the same episode, in Challenge 20, all the questions somehow involved Girafarig.
  4. In the battle in Episode 7, Girafarig used Calm Mind. This was the attack it got wrong in the Attacks game, Episode 3.
  5. Quote from Episode 8:

    “Girafarig: I’m glad it’s finally over. I can concentrate on winning the final quiz. I guess the whole series has been tough, since the best strategy I can think of would be playing the PokéMole, and I’ve been playing the PokéMole since Day One.”

    I don’t really see how I could make it any easier.

  6. Quote from Meet the Contestants:

    “9 New Contestants and (not forgetting) 1 New PokéMole. Poochyena, Gligar, Breloom, Girafarig, Surskit, Vibrava, Magnemite, Jynx, Heracross and Houndour.”

    The order of the contestants was exactly the same when their individual profiles were given just below; except for two contestants who had switched around: Houndour and... Girafarig.

  7. Check "Meet the Contestants". Girafarig had the same trainer as Staryu had in Series 1, Staryu being the PokeMole of Series 1.
  8. Quote from Episode 6 regarding “The Secret Challenge:”

    "Girafarig: Yes, I did open it once, but it wasn’t exposed or anything…”

    By using the unusual term “exposed,” Girafarig showed that it knew the tube contained light sensitive paper.

  9. Quote from Meet the Contestants:

    "Are You The PokéMole? Of course I am."

    As you can see, Girafarig was never in denial that he was the PokeMole.

The Winners

1st: Irrevilent (Episode 1)
2nd: Harbour231 (Episode 1)

Yup. Phil’s done it again (and this time I couldn’t even record it as Episode 2). I swore, I scowled, but I admit defeat. Phil still won (slightly more spectacularly than last time – a 7 hour gap between 1st and 2nd), making Phil the Champion of PokeMole for the second time running! I’d say I’d was pleased for him, but I’d be lying.

Note that although other people submitted Girafarig as well, reasons such as "it just sounds suspicious" are not adequate.

A PokeMole 3?

I wasn’t sure if I’d do one, but now Phil’s won again, I can say that there will definitely be a third series. It will probably be on your screens around Summer 2005. My aims will be simple: Give each contestant it’s own personality (they’re like robots at the moment) and beat Phil.

Thanks for playing!