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Meet the Contestants

Season Three
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PokéMole 3 – Meet the Contestants

Presenter: Fancy investigating 10 more suspicious reality show contestants to try and spot a traitor? Your luck's in. Roselia, Loudred, Umbreon, Porygon, Corsola, Miltank, Psyduck, Tangela, Torkoal and Jumpluff. Let's learn a bit more pointless information about each of them:


Gender: Female
Phobias: Fire
Trainer: Cooltrainer Yolanda
Home Town: Petalburg City
Are You The PokéMole? Meh-be.


Gender: Male
Phobias: Nothing. I’m hard, me.
Trainer: Loser Phil
Home Town: Lavender Town.
Are You The PokéMole? …


Gender: Female
Phobias: Muuma
Trainer: Pokemaniac Dan
Home Town: Fortree City
Are You The PokéMole? Nope.


Gender: Neutral
Phobias: Viruses
Trainer: Gentleman Wayne
Home Town: Celadon City
Are You The PokéMole? Malfunction! Malfunction!


Gender: Male
Phobias: Malcolm Glazer
Trainer: Pokemaster Ruud
Home Town: Old Trafford City (wherever that is)
Are You The PokéMole? Duh.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Ghosts
Trainer: Beauty Steph
Home Town: New Bark Town
Are You The PokéMole? Is the sky purple?


Gender: Female
Phobias: Psy? o.O
Trainer: Pokefan Nikola
Home Town: Mahogany Town
Are You The PokéMole? Duck? O.o


Gender: Male
Phobias: Chelski FC
Trainer: Gambler Neil
Home Town: Littleroot Town
Are You The PokéMole? Definitely.


Gender: Male
Phobias: Water, Heights
Trainer: Lady Emma
Home Town: Lavaridge Town
Are You The PokéMole? I’m always the PokéMole.


Gender: Female
Phobias: Fire, Mr Bean
Trainer: Picnicker Tim
Home Town: Violet City
Are You The PokéMole? Do I need to answer that?