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Episode 1

Season Three
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Episode 1

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: The journey begins here, and this is your first clue.

Day 1

Presenter: Once again, all 10 Contestants have been dumped at an abandoned airport, this time in the middle of Johto. We’ll join them in a minute, but first, let’s just remind ourselves of the rules:

10 Pokemon, playing together, working together, to earn up to 200,000, to put into a pot. At the end of the game however, only one will win this money. Planted in these 10 contestants is the PokéMole – a traitor whose sole aim is to sabotage to groups efforts to earn money. At the end of each episode, the contestants must take a test about the identity of the PokéMole. He or she who scores lowest is out of the game. The winner? The one who can correctly answer that elusive question: Who is the PokéMole?

Presenter: Well, well, well, Contestants, welcome to the third series of PokéMole. We are currently in the middle of Johto, and will be starting the series off with the traditional Sky Dive. However, this series we’ve slashed the money available in this challenge to just 5,000, and increased the height to 30,000 feet. We think you’ll find this series a lot harder than others found previous series’. Now, all 10 of you have to jump in order to earn the money. Who wants to start?

Tangela: I’d personally prefer to participate after a couple of others.

Corsola: Yes, me as well. It appears a little… scary.

Miltank: Tsk, I’ll go first.

Presenter: It’s a good start, as Miltank is taken up and completes the jump, making it seem even easier Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United debut.

Jumpluff: I think I’d like to jump now before I change my mind if nobody minds.

Presenter: Jumpluff is taken to the scary heights, and despite dithering for a few minutes, eventually completes the jump. The screams could probably have been heard from the far side of Hoenn.

Corsola: Go on then, let me at it.

Presenter: Corsola is taken up, but minutes later, returns to the ground, having not jumped.

Presenter: Corsola, are you refusing to jump?

Corsola: No, I just… can’t do it yet. Sorry, I want to wait a few more turns.

Presenter: Undeterred by Corsola’s antics, Tangela, Loudred, Roselia, Porygon, Torkoal and Psyduck all manage to jump. The only contestants yet to jump are Umbreon and Corsola.

Corsola: I think I’ll try again now.

Presenter: Corsola does so, and this time manages to complete the jump. The screams could probably have woken a Snorlax.

Presenter: Well Umbreon. You’ve been pretty quiet for the duration of the challenge today, and you remain the single contestant who has not jumped. May I remind you that failure to jump now will result in everyone else’s efforts having been worthless, since you will not gain the 5,000 available. Would you like to jump?

Presenter: Umbreon looks pretty sick, and is unable to answer, but slowly nods his head. After being in the air for more than 10 minutes, Umbreon eventually does indeed complete the jump, albeit looking like someone directly out of a silent movie.

Presenter: Well Contestants, it’s a fantastic start to the series, with 5,000 being added to the prize fund. Remember, success in all 23 challenges throughout the series will result in a total prize fund of 200,000. We will now transport you to a hotel in nearby Mahogany Town, where you may rest until tomorrow’s challenge, which will take place on Route 43. You will also be issued with your personal diaries, in which you may store all your personal thoughts, suspicions and opinions, in privacy from all other contestants. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Presenter: All diary readings throughout the series will be accessed in alphabetical order:

Corsola: I’m pretty disgusted they through us in at the deep end like that, especially since they’ve given us less money for it than others got in previous series’. I was very overcome by it, and it stopped me enjoying my first day. I can only hope it’s uphill from here.

Jumpluff: Naturally, heights don’t really affect me that much, but I’m still proud I managed to complete the jump. I’m not too keen on the lack of money we got for such a hard task, though.

Loudred: Was that supposed to be a challenge? They’re being rather generous giving us 5,000 for that. I don’t like Jumpluff though – she’s too all sweet and precious for my liking. She’s one of those bad things that happen to good people.

Miltank: I’d been for a few sky diving lessons before I came to the series, since I suspected they’d start us with this again. So I thought that challenge was rather easy. I feel confident now that I can withstand anything they throw at me this series.

Porygon: Open data log. I am thinking that challenge was a bit of a nasty one. I am honest to that I was not along the lines of thinking we would get that challenge again. I was thinking they would give us something slightly different. I found it a fun experience though. Close data log.

Psyduck: I thought we’d have to fly the plane or something. I don’t like the way Corsola gave itself away as the PokéMole so early on though. Makes the series a bit boring. I’m an intlliegn.. intelligt.. clever Pokémon, so I was hoping for a bit more of a challenge.

Roselia: I bet I’m not the only one who thinks they were harsh in slashing the money available for such a tricky opening challenge. I think it was just to put us in a bad frame of mind though. I personally believe they’ll give us a nice easy challenge tomorrow to relax us and set the tone for the series.

Tangela: A lot of things happened today, and from the various psychological reactions of the different contestants I am pretty sure I can eliminate some of them straight away as suspects.

Torkoal: Only 5000 for doing a parachute jump from nearly 1,000 metres up! That’s just pure evil! We won though, which scares me slightly, since I think the PokéMole will be disappointed we won and will want to spoil any future challenges worth more money. I was pleased I was able to jump though, what with my phobia of heights.

Umbreon: It was all a bit much for me today, which is why I struggled to say anything. I really didn’t want to jump, but I couldn’t let the team down so forced myself to. I didn’t want to be last either, but didn’t really have the confidence to ask to go a bit earlier. I’m not sure whether going on this was such a good idea as I thought it was at first.

Day 2

Presenter: The second day dawns, and the Contestants assemble on Route 43, ready for their second challenge.

Presenter: Hello all, I trust you had a pleasant night and managed to get your initial thoughts down in your diaries. Now, today we’re going to give you a slightly more relaxing challenge than yesterday, in that your feet will be remaining firmly on the ground – for most of the challenge anyway. Now, today’s challenge is rather wittingly called Hunt Me!. Somewhere around here there are 3 clues, each leading to one another, with the last clue leading you to a hidden destination where I am. Now, the clues may be dispelled anywhere around Route 43 or The nearby Lake of Rage. If you manage to follow the clues correctly and find me within one hour, I’ll add another 5,000 to the prize fund. Here is your first clue, and with any luck, I’ll see you within the hour.

Presenter: I then click my heels and in a whoosh of stars disappear… - well how else did you think I get around?

Jumpluff: Okay then, let’s have a quick look at this: “See a distant red – is it quite what it seems? Take a trip out to find out.”

Porygon: Hmm, red… maybe we’ve got to look for a group of Manchester United supporters?

Psyduck: Yeah, that’s it!

Tangela: … we’re near the Lake of Rage; we have to look for something red. Isn’t it obvious it’s the famous Red Gyarados?

Psyduck: Yeah, that’s it!

Miltank: Well, that’s where we shall go then! To the Lake of Rage!

Presenter: Ten minutes later, the group arrive at the Lake of Rage, and are greeted with the sight of a Red Gyarados, shimmering in the middle of the lake.

Umbreon: Well, there it is…

Presenter: The whole group turn around and stare at Umbreon, in shock that he actually spoke.

Miltank: Hang on guys, there’s something fishy about that Gyarados.

Psyduck: Something fishy! Hahahahahahahaha! That’s a good one!

Miltank: No... seriously.

Psyduck: Psy ¬¬.

Torkoal: Hang on, you’re right! It’s not real! It’s just a statue!

Presenter: Right you are, Torkoal. We’ve erected a giant Red Gyarados in the middle of the lake, and attached to the bottom of it, is the team’s second clue.

Corsola: Looks like one of us will have to swim for it.

Loudred: Any ideas who?

Corsola: No…

Loudred: Wouldn’t it be SO convenient if one of us were a Water type?

Corsola: Hang on… woah woah woah, that lake looks scary, I’m not going for it.

Presenter: And with only one water type left in their midst, the group reluctantly accept there is only one more Pokemon available to go...

Psyduck: Psy-yy-yy ¬¬.

Presenter: Psyduck sets off towards the Red Gyarados, and five minutes later, Psyduck returns.

Psyduck: What am I looking for again?

Presenter: Whilst the other members of the team mentally visualize feeding Psyduck to a Groudon, Jumpluff tries to explain to Psyduck that it must go to the Red Gyarados and look for something resembling a clue. Psyduck leaves, and returns five minutes later, with what is finally another clue.

Jumpluff: Okay, here we are. “I preceded one of you, but now I’m going to help you all. Find me on Route 43!”

Tangela: Well, I think this can only mean one thing!

Psyduck: Big Brother?

Loudred: HOW did you get onto this show?

Tangela: Oh, for god’s sake, go and get a room together. We’ve only got about half an hour left – a predecessor round here? We need a find a Girafarig!

Porygon: You don’t think he’s living round here do you? The same one?

Roselia: Nah, it’ll probably be another plastic thing. Still, we’d best get going!

Presenter: Ten minutes later, the group arrive at a long row of bushes, lining Route 43. They have now used up half of their time, and need to hurry up slightly if they are to pass the challenge.

Jumpluff: Maybe it’s along here somewhere?

Miltank: Well, it’s worth a try.

Presenter: The group all wander carefully down the path, but it is Corsola who spots the Girafarig statue hidden in one of the bushes, and who reads out the next and final clue:

Corsola: “I’m inside. You’ll be amazed.”

Loudred: Good of him to narrow it down, then.

Tangela: Am I the only one who gets these clues?

Loudred: As far as I’m aware of.

Tangela: Inside? The use of the word aMAZEd? Isn’t there a secret house North of here just past a maze of tress and bushes?

Corsola: I think you might be right you know!

Presenter: Full marks, Corsola. But with only twenty minutes left, will they reach me in time? The contestants all desperately dash towards the half-hidden house, after a few hundred wrong turns, and time waiting for Psyduck to stop standing on it’s head, the group finally reach the house. But have they made it in time?

Presenter: Well Contestants, you have found me, and you have done so in… fifty-five minutes, meaning you have passed today’s challenge! This means the prize fund now stands at 10,000, which is obviously great. I’ll now leave you, and ask you to join me again at the Mahogany Town Gym tomorrow morning. Good day.

Corsola: Well today was pretty fun – a lot less scary than the Sky Dive they gave us yesterday. I’m glad the team didn’t try to pressure me into going into the Lake of Rage, although by refusing to go in I’m scared I may have attracted some unnecessary suspicion.

Jumpluff: Well, today was a nice gentle task and a welcome relief from yesterday. Yet again I’m not particularly keen on the amount of money we earnt, but to be fair we did have a far easier challenge than we did yesterday. I’m slightly weary of Psyduck’s time wasting in the Lake of Rage, since such a stupid Pokemon would be an ideal PokéMole. I’m still going to keep an open mind.

Loudred: I wanted to kill Psyduck today. She’s a few clowns short of a circus, and nearly cost us the challenge. Stupid thing.

Miltank: Easy. Ooh, and I noticed something that might be some relevance as to who the PokéMole is. This particular Pokémon didn’t really pull their weight around today and looked almost bored.

Porygon: Open data log. I am thinking today was easy. I am thinking the PokéMole must be biding its time before trying to sabotage a challenge. Unless it’s already failed a sabotage already? Close data log.

Psyduck: My head hurts.

Roselia: And look who was right. A nice easy challenge. Well, much easier than yesterday was anyway. I think tomorrow’s challenge will be medium – we’ve had easy and hard anyway. If it’s set at the Gym, we might be looking at a battle.

Tangela: Today was really a team-bonding exercise, and aside from Psyduck annoying the hell out of me, I think based upon the shifty nature of it, Umbreon could well be the PokéMole. Probably.

Torkoal: Tangela tried to lead the group today, and if I’m honest, did so pretty well. Tangela is quite clever, so I’ll have to keep my eye on him if I want to win, which is what I came here to do.

Umbreon: I tried to speak today, and it wasn’t terribly hard, although everyone looked at me. I think I’d better try contributing to the team efforts more to make myself less suspicious, since I don’t like the idea of people finding me suspicious. Still no ideas as to who the PokéMole could be, either. They’re being very clever this time around.

Day 3

Presenter: Day 3 has arrived, Challenge 3 has arrived, and after the Challenge has been completed, the first Elimination will arrive. Before then, the Contestants meet at Mahogany Town Gym, knowing full well this may be their last chance to gain evidence as to who they will label the PokéMole in their first quiz.

Presenter: Well Contestants, some of you probably guessed it; today you will face your first Battle of the series, against a Swinub. You’ll be pleased to see we’ve removed the ice on the floor especially for today’s challenge, so normal battles may ensue. You will be battling in alphabetical order, and eight of you must defeat the Swinub to earn 10,000 for the prize fund. Corsola, you will battle first. Have fun.

Presenter: Corsola starts off using Bubblebeam, which is Super Effective but doesn’t knock Swinub out. Swinub retaliates with Take Down, which although does a lot of damage to Corsola, knocks out Swinub through recoiled damage. 1-0 to the Contestants.

Next up is Jumpluff. This time, Swinub attacks first with Blizzard. Jumpluff dodges and uses Giga Drain, which is Super Effective and knocks out Swinub in one hit. 2-0 to the Contestants.

Next up is Loudred. Loudred uses Mega Punch, and Swinub retaliates with Blizzard. It hits Loudred, but with one more Mega Punch, Swinub is knocked out. 3-0 to the Contestants.

Next up is Miltank. Miltank gears up for a powerful Rollout, but Swinub uses Endure and endures the hit. Miltank isn’t swayed, and knocks out Swinub on the second attempt. 4-0 to the Contestants.

Porygon jumps out and used Psybeam. It’s a Critical Hit and knocks out Swinub in one hit. It’s 5-0 to the Contestants, and am I the only one thinking this is too easy?

Psyduck’s turn. Psyduck steps out and… does nothing. Swinub uses Take Down, and Psyduck still does nothing. Swinub, thinking its luck’s in, uses Powder Snow. Big mistake. Psyduck’s headache gets too much, and it uses Confusion. Bye Bye Swinub, 6-0 to the Contestants.

Next up is Roselia. Roselia uses Giga Drain, but Swinub uses Endure. Swinub uses Blizzard, and being Super Effective, Roselia is knocked out. 6-1 to the Contestants. Out of Tangela, Torkoal and Umbreon, two must defeat Swinub in order to pass the challenge.

Tangela steps up. Tangela sneakily waits for Swinub to use Blizzard, dodges it, and then uses Sleep Powder. Swinub falls asleep, and Tangela uses Vine Whip. Swinub wakes up, but Tangela quickly uses Mega Drain and knocks out Swinub. 7-1 to the Contestants.

Next up is Torkoal. Torkoal starts off with Protect, which blocks Swinub’s Take Down. Not to be deterred, Swinub uses another Take Down, and this time hits Torkoal. Torkoal tries to use Flamethrower, but Swinub dodges and uses Take Down again, knocking out Torkoal. It’s now 7-2 to the Contestants, and Umbreon must defeat Swinub in order to earn 10,000 for the prize fund.

Umbreon starts off with Quick Attack, but Swinub retaliates with Powder Snow. Umbreon then uses Confuse Ray, but Swinub dodges and uses Blizzard, which also misses. Umbreon uses Confuse Ray again, which this time hits Swinub, confusing it. Swinub uses Take Down, and Umbreon takes a bad hit. Umbreon struggles to get up, but slowly manages to. Swinub goes to end the battle with Powder Snow, but ends up hurting itself through confusion. Umbreon tries a last minute Tackle, and successfully knocks out Swinub. It’s now 8-2 to the Contestants, and the challenge has been won.

Presenter: Well, well done Umbreon and well done to all of you. You are the first team to ever maintain a 100% winning record throughout the first episode, with the prize fund standing at 20,000 already. However, I hate to stop the celebrations, but later on you will be taking part in your first elimination, following the ten-question quiz on the identity of the PokéMole. The one who receives the lowest score will leave the game tonight. I’ll see you tonight.


Presenter: All ten Contestants’ have now taken the ten-question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole. The contestant who has got the least questions correct must now leave the game immediately.

Presenter: Welcome everybody. Well, it has been a very short journey for one of you. The rest of you should pay attention to the wall over there…

Presenter: I point to the wall of the room, where a message has been daubed on the wall, stating “Untold as credit”.

Presenter: Well, one of you isn’t even going to get a minute to mull that over in your mind, since the first elimination is going to take place right now. It’s a shame one of you has to go, but one of you must go. Good luck to all of you.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.