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Episode 3

Season Three
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Episode 3

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: “Is my instinct correct?” you ask yourself. Very good question ;).

Day 7

Presenter: After being transported to Azalea Town last night, the eight remaining Contestants arrive at the Azalea Town Gym for their seventh challenge and second battle.

Presenter: Welcome Contestants, minus Umbreon. We’re going to get straight to the point today, because Typhlosion wants to watch Big Brother and can’t be terribly bothered doing terribly long and unneeded explanations. Today you will be facing your second battle, which will be against a Ninjask. If six of you can defeat the Ninjask, I’ll add 10,000 to the prize fund. That means that if three of you are defeated, I won’t. Simple, really. Just remember that the longer the battle goes on, the quicker Ninjask will become. This time you’ll be battling in reverse alphabetical order, meaning that Torkoal, you’re up first.

Presenter: Ninjask starts off with Swords Dance, whilst Torkoal uses Flamethrower. Ninjask survives, and gets in with a Sand Attack. Torkoal tries to retaliate with a Heat Wave, but it misses, and in one Mud Slap Torkoal in knocked out.

Next up is Tangela. Ninjask starts off with Hidden Power, and an icy wind encases Tangela. Out the wind however, pops a Giga Drain, which just about enables Tangela to survive the Hidden Power. Ninjask uses Swords Dance, whilst Tangela recovers uses Synthesis. Ninjask uses Mud Slap, but before it can have any real effect, Tangela uses Slam. It’s a Critical Hit, and knocks out Ninjask.

Next up is Psyduck. Ninjask starts off with Screech, and unable to handle the noise, Psyduck runs out the arena, forfeiting the battle. Seriously. The Contestants can now afford no more mistakes.

Porygon’s turn. Ninjask starts off with Screech, whilst Porygon uses Zap Cannon. It hits and paralyses Ninjask. It doesn’t quite knock out Ninjask, but Porygon’s following Psybeam does.

Up steps Miltank. Ninjask starts off with Mud Slap, but Miltank goes into a Rollout and the Mud Slap has no effect. Miltank hits Ninjask, one, two, three times, and despite a Hidden Power from Ninjask, on the fourth go, Miltank knocks out Ninjask.

Next up is Loudred. Ninjask uses Swords Dance, but Loudred uses Supersonic, confusing Ninjask. Ninjask then manages to use Hidden Power, and although being a Critical Hit, Loudred survives. Loudred tries a Hyper Voice, but doesn’t knock out Ninjask. Ninjask tries to react with another Hidden Power, but hurts itself due to confusion. Loudred attempts to use another Hyper Voice, but Ninjask quickly tries another Hidden Power. This time it hits, and Loudred is knocked out. Three Contestants have been defeated, and the challenge is lost.

Presenter: Well Contestants, that’s your third failed challenge in a row, and the prize fund still remains at 25,000. I suggest you get out of this losing streak soon, as you’re handing the PokéMole a serious psychological boost here. I’d like you to meet me tomorrow out on Route 33, where you’ll be attempting to avoid losing a fourth challenge in a row, which after winning your first four challenges is a real shame. I’ll see you there.

Corsola: I’m beginning to treat Loudred as my main suspect. After all, he was the person who lost and failed the challenge today. Against a confused Ninjask as well.

Jumpluff: It’s interesting that despite having the type advantage, Torkoal still managed to lose today. I’ll be keeping my eyes on him.

Loudred: I was pretty annoyed I was the person who ultimately lost the challenge today. I don’t really want to spoil my perfect image following my exemption by creating suspicion about me. But why the hell did Psyduck just forfeit her battle anyway?

Miltank: Corsola looked a little smug when we lost today. Happy the challenge was failed without his help?

Porygon: Open data log. I am thinking I was the person who defeated Ninjask the easiest today. I am thinking, “go me.” Close data log.

Psyduck: My ears' hurt.

Tangela: Well, Umbreon going yesterday was a complete bolt out of the blue for me. Looks like I was completely wrong and had better start getting some leads quickly if I want to ultimately win this game.

Torkoal: I was almost disappointed to see Tangela defeat the Ninjask today. That certainly would have taken him down a peg or two.

Day 8

Presenter: As the above title rather wittily suggests, it’s Day Eight. Day number equals challenge number and that means Challenge number eight is on its way. The Contestants have worked out this clever philosophy and have turned up on Route 33 ready for today’s challenge.

Presenter: Well Contestants, if you look behind me you’ll see exactly what today’s challenge is…

Presenter: The Contestants all glance into the distance, to be greeted with the view of a maze built ten feet hide out of maize plants.

Presenter: Now, today’s challenge is rather wittily called Maize of Sorts. In a minute, I’ll ask for four of you to form a group known as Group A, and the remaining four to form a group known as Group B. You have ten seconds to do that, beginning now.

Presenter: The Contestants who form Group A are Jumpluff, Porygon, Psyduck and Tangela. That means that Corsola, Loudred, Miltank and Torkoal are left to form Group B.

Presenter: Now Contestants the people who have formed Group A are hereby known as Directors’, whilst Group B are now known as Runners’. In a few minutes, we will progress over there to the maze of maize. It will be the job of the Directors’ to direct one runner each through the maze. However, scattered throughout the maze are three Poochyena’s. If a Poochyena touches you at any time, you lose, and they are quite speedy runners, so it will be your job to try and evade their paths. If three Runners’ can get successfully from one side of the maze to another, I’ll add 5,000 to the prize fund. By the time we arrive, I expect everybody to be paired up with someone else. Let’s go.

Presenter: When we arrive five minutes later, the pairings are as follows: Jumpluff and Torkoal, Porygon and Loudred, Psyduck and Corsola and finally, Tangela and Miltank.

Presenter: Okay Contestants. We’re going to be going in alphabetical order of the Runners’, meaning that Psyduck and Corsola are up first. Corsola, if you’d like to step towards the maze entrance over there, and Psyduck if you’d like to enter the log cabin over there you’ll find a map and headset to use to help Corsola. Then we can begin.

Presenter: When both Contestants are ready, a hooter blows and Corsola enters the maze.

Psyduck: Okay, firstly go up.

Corsola: Up?

Psyduck: Yes. No. Go backwards.

Corsola: That’s where the entrance is…

Psyduck: Oh, best go forwards then. Yes, keep going. Don’t nudge that wall, there’s a Poochyena behind it, it might sense you. Go left, left, left, straight forward there, now turn ri... NO DON’T TURN RIGHT.

Presenter: The good news is that Psyduck almost directed Corsola right into the path of a Poochyena but managed to stop before it was seen. The bad news is that Psyduck’s unneeded shouting was heard by a Poochyena, who straight away headed for the noise, and despite Corsola’s desperate bid to run away, Poochyena catches it and tags it. There’s now no room for error from any more Contestants, and the challenge has only just begun. Porygon and Loudred are up next.

Porygon: Okay Loudred, I have strategically analysed this data and I believe the correct way to get through the maze based on the current position of the Poochyena’s is to go straight on, right, left, semi left, right, round the corner, backwards a bit, turn around forty-five degrees clockwise, go forwards before turning left, straight on, turn right, then… you’re not following this are you?

Loudred: To be honest Porygon, I got lost in this maze from the second you opened your mouth.

Porygon: Meh.

Presenter: Porygon repeats the instructions slowly to Loudred, and amazingly, Loudred is out of the maze within a minute. Next are Tangela and Miltank, who despite a few close encounters, just about escape the maze. If Jumpluff and Torkoal can also get through the maze, the challenge will be passed.

Jumpluff: Okay, just go forward a bit. Now follow that path on your left. Keep going, keep going, stop. Go left, left again, follow that path all the way around and go right. Now straight on. Now, we could either go left or right here, let me think…

Presenter: It is then that disaster strikes. Torkoal sneezes, and a sudden ball of fire fires out of it’s mouth, which not only dissolves the wall in front of it, but also singes the backside of the Poochyena standing on the other side. Poochyena instantly darts around and touches Torkoal, meaning Torkoal fails and the Contestants have failed yet another challenge.

Presenter: Well Contestants, it started so well. Four wins out of four, but you’ve now balanced the odds by making it four losses in a row. The prize fund once again remains at 25,000. Your last challenge before the third elimination will take place at this time tomorrow, and I would like you to meet me in the Apricorn Forest North of Azalea Town tomorrow. Good day to you all.

Corsola: I feel Loudred purposely paired up with Porygon today to divert suspicion from himself, knowing full well that Porygon would be capable of getting him through safely.

Jumpluff: I can’t believe Torkoal. Fancy blowing (literally) another challenge!

Loudred: I wonder if Porygon’s attempt to confuse me at the beginning could have been failed sabotage?

Miltank: Having got through the maze, I was very disappointed not to receive any detailed coverage.

Porygon: Open data log. I wonder if Loudred’s attempt to ignore me at the beginning could have been failed sabotage? Close data log.

Psyduck: Two words: Torkoal is stupid.

Tangela: I feel I did well directing Miltank through the maze today. Why did Jumpluff tell Torkoal to stop though? Surely keeping on the move would have been more sensible?

Torkoal: I don’t know what made me sneeze. It just happened. It was completely my fault we failed the challenge today.

Day 9

Presenter: The Contestants have showed up at the Apricorn Forest just like they were told to. They’re so obedient.

Presenter: Well Contestants, we’ve never had a team not win a challenge in a single episode, so hopefully you won’t become the first team ever to accomplish that. Today’s challenge is literally, A Load O’ Balls. Before I explain how the challenge will work, I would like you all to decide on a particular Pokémon. You have ten seconds to all decide, starting now.

Presenter: Ten seconds later, the team have nominated Tangela.

Presenter: Now, the way this challenge will work is very simple. The remaining seven of you will randomly be given an Apricorn of a unique colour to you. You will then have one hour to try and make the relevant Pokéball out of your Apricorn. The local Ballsman (no sniggering) Kurt, will this judge how many of our creations he thinks are up to scratch. Before the judging, Tangela will also have the opportunity to view your creations. If Tangela’s judgement matches Kurt’s judgement, 5,000 will be added to the prize fund. If you’d like to come and collect your Apricorns’, the challenge will begin in a few moments.

Presenter: The following table shows which Contestant received which colour Apricorn, and thus which Contestant is making which Pokéball.

Apricorn Colour
Intended Pokéball
Friend Ball
Moon Ball
Love Ball
Fast Ball
Level Ball
Heavy Ball
Lure Ball

One Hour Later

Presenter: Okay Contestants, your time is now up, stop working; it is time for Tangela and Kurt to judge your products.

Presenter: Tangela is the first person to judge.

Tangela: I think the Friend Ball would be okay. The Moon Ball looks a little borderline, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. The Love Ball looks a little scratched, so no to that. The Fast Ball and the Level Ball both look too lop-sided, and… is that supposed to be a Heavy Ball? No way. The Lure Ball looks fine though.

Presenter: Tangela has predicted that three out of the seven Balls would cut it in the real world. Time to see if Kurt agrees.

Kurt: The Friend Ball looks good. The Moon Ball is too off. The Love Ball doesn’t quite do it for me. The Fast Ball and the Level Ball both look a little like eggs, the Heavy Ball resembles something that I’d expect to come out of a Tauros’s backside, but I guess the Lure Ball is okay as well. So I say two.

Presenter: Tangela said three, but Kurt says two. Yet another challenge has been lost.

Presenter: Well Contestants, for the fifth day running the prize fund remains static at 25,000. You’ve now lost five challenges in a row – that’s the worse run we’ve ever had on PokéMole. Maybe ditching somebody tonight will help you, maybe it won’t. We’re going to do it anyway. I’ll see you tonight.


Presenter: You surely don’t need me to tell you that the Contestants have taken a ten-question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole, right?

Presenter: So Contestants, welcome to your third elimination. One of you is about to leave, but yet again, I’d advise the rest of you to check out the wall behind me.

Presenter: There is yet another message on the wall, this time saying “Scold it unrated.”

Presenter: Yet again though, there are more pressing matters at hand. One of you is about to become the PokéMole’s third victim.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.