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Episode 5

Season Three
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Episode 5

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: In last episode, Porygon was eliminated. Is YOUR guess still in the running?

Day 13

Presenter: The Contestants backtracked to Goldenrod City last night, and this morning, have assembled for their thirteenth challenge – at the infamous Johto Name Rater’s house.

Presenter: Hello Contestants, minus Porygon. Welcome to the house of the Johto Name Rater. Today’s challenge is all about Name Rating and is worth 5,000 to the prize fund. You will all be given a nickname recently rated by one of the PKMN.NET Name Raters, and all you have to do, is predict whether it was rated bad, okay or good. Very simple explanation for a very simple challenge. Five of you must get the rating of your nickname correct in order to add the 5,000 to the prize fund. You be quizzed in alphabetical order. Here we go.

Presenter: The names and relevant opinions are:

Extinguish the Blastoise
Boltdragon the Zapdos
Slippyfop the Suicune
Kirby the Dusclops
KickMe the Electrode
King Krap the Magikarp

Presenter: Corsola, your nickname is Extinguish for Blastoise.

Corsola: I’m going to say that got a bad rating.

Presenter: That is correct. You need four correct answers out of the next five to earn the money. Jumpluff, your nickname is Boltdragon for Zapdos.

Jumpluff: That sounds okay to me.

Presenter: I’m afraid that is incorrect, it was rated as bad. There is now no more room for error – four correct answers are needed from the remaining four of you. Miltank, your nickname is Slippyfop for Suicune.

Miltank: There’s absolutely no way that got anything but bad.

Presenter: That is correct. I need three correct answers out of three. Psyduck, your nickname is Kirby for Dusclops.

Psyduck: Psyduck doesn’t have a nickname. Psyduck is Psyduck.

Presenter: …

Psyduck: Psy? o.O That name sounds okay though.

Presenter: That is somehow correct. Two out of two still needed. Tangela, your nickname is KickMe for Electrode.

Tangela: I think that’s got a funny ring to it, so I’m going to go for it and say it got a good rating.

Presenter: It actually did. Torkoal, if you can tell me the correct rating for King Krap the Magikarp, you will have won the money.

Torkoal: Well that’s right, so it must also have had a good rating.

Presenter: I’m afraid that’s incorrect, it actually also got a bad rating. That means that the prize fund remains at 52,000. I would like you to meet me tomorrow underground in the Goldenrod Tunnel, where you’ll be encountering your next challenge. I’ll see you then.

Corsola: Well, Psyduck got me through to this episode, so why not? He tried to muck up today’s challenge as well.

Jumpluff: Well, Torkoal lost the challenge for us today, and since I have no better Pokémon to suspect, I might as well follow that train of thought.

Miltank: How can Jumpluff have thought Boltdragon might be an okay name?!?

Psyduck: They tried to christen me Kirby today ;-;.

Tangela: The supposedly intelligent Torkoal mucked up today’s challenge for us. I think he’s now my main suspect.

Torkoal: I didn’t like the look Tangela gave me at the end of today’s challenge. It was almost like “thanks for doing that for me.”

Day 14

Presenter: As Day Fourteen – the mark of a fortnight since PokéMole 3 began, and the Contestants have been released from their hotel to compete in today’s challenge. That’s a shame, since we’re about to lock them all up again.

Presenter: Contestants, behind me is the entrance to the Goldenrod Underground Tunnel. Before I explain the challenge and show you where it will be taking place, I would like you to divide yourself into three groups of two – one poor at maths, one average at maths, and one brilliant at maths.

Presenter: The Contestants divide up. The poor group consists of Psyduck and Jumpluff, the average group of Corsola and Miltank, and the brilliant group of Tangela and Torkoal. I then lead the Contestants down into the Underground, where they are confronted with six cages locked by an electronic system.

Presenter: Contestants, as you can see behind me there are six cages, all of which can only be opened by entering the correct numeric codes from the inside. There are three codes, of which are each shared by another cage. Inside each cage on the back wall you will find a mathematical equation, the answer to which is the answer out of your cage. If all six of you can escape your cages within half an hour, then I’ll add 10,000 to the prize fund. Naturally, those who placed themselves in higher groups of mathematical ability will be faced with a harder mathematical equation. All of the solutions are three digit numbers. However, there is a small twist. Every time someone attempts to leave his or her cage using an incorrect numerical sequence, one of three lights on the wall over there will go out, making it harder to read the equations. If at any time we are plunged into complete darkness, the challenge will be automatically lost. If you’d all like to enter your allocated cages, we shall lock you in and begin the challenge.

Presenter: The three equations the Contestants are faced with in order of difficulty are:

Contestant Class
6³ - (9 x 3)
(4² x 5²) ÷ ³√125 – 11
(9³ ÷ 2) – (((2³ x 2³) - 3)÷2)

Presenter: It takes all of six minutes before Jumpluff attempts to enter a code, and to her delight, the door opens. The remaining five Contestants have twenty-four minutes in which to escape. That statistic soon looks even nicer, as Tangela tries to escape just two minutes later and succeeds. Just Corsola, Miltank, Psyduck and Torkoal remain in their cells, there is twenty-two minutes left for the Contestants to try and escape, and all three lights are still burning brightly. After twelve minutes, Torkoal moves towards the cell door, but suddenly stops and turns around again. After a further two minutes pondering, it slowly approaches the cell door, and enters a code, which opens the door. Only Psyduck remains in a poor cell, both Corsola and Miltank are in average cells, whilst both brilliant cells have been evacuated. Sixteen minutes remain. Although it seems optimistic at the moment, the Contestants soon become worried, as after another seven minutes there are no escapes. However, after twenty-four minutes, both Tangela and Miltank approach their cell doors, and both manage to escape. Now only Psyduck remains, and has all three lives to gamble with. After twenty-five minutes Psyduck approaches the cell door, keys in a three-digit number, but the group are greeted with the site of a light on the wall distinguished. Psyduck has got her code wrong, and has only five minutes to get it right. Two minutes later, she has another go, but this time the second light is distinguished. One light left, three minutes left. There’s no room for error left for Psyduck, although she has to come up with something in three minutes to avoid failing the challenge. With just twenty-five seconds left, Psyduck approaches the cell door, and slowly keys in a three-digit number. The rest of the group cringe, but are greeted by the sight of Psyduck’s cell door swinging open! Psyduck has somehow escaped, and scraped a pass from the jaws of failure for the group.

Presenter: Well Contestants, you’ve just about scraped a pass today thanks to the heroics of Psyduck, and so the prize fund now rises to 62,000. Tomorrow you will face your fifth elimination, but only after you meet me at the usual time outside the Goldenrod City Hotel. I’ll see you then.

Corsola: Fair enough, Psyduck did win the challenge for us today, but she didn’t half take us for a ride beforehand.

Jumpluff: I find it suspicious that Psyduck suddenly worked out the answer when light was very limited.

Miltank: I felt a little uncomfortable in an average cell to be honest, but luckily for me I took my time, kept a cool head and managed to escape.

Psyduck: I’m a hero!!!111oneoneoneeleven

Tangela: For such a supposedly clever Pokémon, I felt Torkoal took a little too long to escape today.

Torkoal: I get very paranoid sometimes, so felt the need to double-check my answer before entering it. I know for a fact already that Tangela found that very suspicious. Oh well, that’s not my problem.

Day 15

Presenter: It’s the day of the fifth elimination. Blah blah blah. Challenge time first. Pokéblock time.

Presenter: So Contestants, welcome to the Goldenrod City Hotel Kitchens, where they serve some of the finest food in Johto. They also serve Pokémon, and that’s where you come in. We’ve invited five previous Contestants, all of which have a different favoured Pokéblock taste. This is a group task and is worth 5,000 should you pass. In a moment, you’ll all be able to view a chart detailing the exact mix of berries used to create a number of different Pokéblocks. You’ll then be asked to recall from memory the recipe for certain Pokéblocks together, by making them. We’ll then feed the diners your Pokéblocks, and if you’ve got the mix of berries right, and thus the tastes right, you’ll pass the challenge. If anyone complains to the chef, you’ll fail, and find yourself washing the dishes tonight. Oh well, someone has to do it. Good luck.

Presenter: There’s not really much to report on. The Contestants have their ten minutes of study time, are told the Pokéblocks they have to create, and set about doing them. Once created they’re fed to the customers:

Gligar: Scrumptious!

Heracross: Delicious!

Geodude: My compliments to the chef!

Kecleon: Any chance of seconds?

Mightyena: I’ve never tasted so much rubbish in all my life.

Presenter: Oo-er. Dish washing it is.

Presenter: Well Contestants, looks like you’ve failed today’s challenge and the dishes await. The prize fund remains at 62,000, and once you’ve finished washing the dishes, I’ll see you at the Pokémon Center for tonight’s elimination.


Presenter: The soapy Contestants finally finish their punishment for being so terrible at remembering recipes, and arrive at the Pokémon Center, eyes’ straight away glaring at the wall, which reads “Insert old ducat”.

Presenter: I hope you’re ready to become five.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.