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Episode 6

Season Three
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Episode 6

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: The ultimate question still needs answering. Corsola couldn’t answer, but can YOU work it out? Who is the PokéMole?

Day 16

Presenter: The Contestants have to put all thoughts of whether Phil might have spotted the traitor amongst them already to the back of their minds, as they arrive back in Goldenrod City for their next challenge.

Presenter: Contestants, welcome to the dizzy heights of the famous Goldenrod City Radio Tower. From here they supply the whole of Johto with entertainment on the radio, and that is where your challenge today comes in. We’ve been given a twenty-five minute slot later on today, and your challenge will be to entertain the public of Johto who will be listening. When we listen to the phone in at the end, if they are impressed, 5,000 will be added to the prize fund. There are five of you left, and this is a twenty-five minute challenge, so who can be a brainbox and tell me how much time you’ll individually have in this group challenge?

Psyduck: One hundred and forty eight point three seconds?

Presenter: It is indeed five minutes. You’ll all be given ten minutes now to decide what you’re going to perform. Be in reading a poem, singing, comedy or simply talking to yourself. Make sure you entertain. Have fun.

Presenter: Ten minutes later, the Contestants go live. And going in alphabetical order, Jumpluff is up first.

Jumpluff: Well, this is erm, a very nerve-wracking experience. Today I decided to performance a sketch I wrote a long time ago called “Just Not Cricket”. Hello Clive. Oh hello Deirdre. Have you seen Rodney? Yes he’s in at the moment. Can I speak to you Deirdre? But you can’t he’s in! How can he be in when he’s in… I mean out... I mean… oh dear…

Presenter: Jumpluff has messed up her lines, but judging by the roars of hysterics coming from nearby houses, that might not be such a bad thing. Next up is Miltank.

Miltank: Today I thought I’d tell you about the fun we’ve had making the new series of PokéMole…

Presenter: Miltank does exactly that, and does it very well. Next up is Psyduck.

Psyduck: I’m Psyduck and I’m gonna be your DJ for the next one hundred and forty eight point three seconds! Now I’m gonna sing you all a tune you should all know and love, so shake that booty and kiss your grandma! Oohhhhhh… I’ve got a song that’ll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I’ve got a song that’ll get on your nerves, and this is how it goes! I’ve got a song that’ll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I’ve got a song that’ll get on your nerves, and this is how it goes! I’ve got a song that’ll get on your nerves…

Presenter: Well, that was always a disaster waiting to happen. Next up is Tangela. Can he do any better?

Tangela: And now a few poems of mine. The first is for you kids, and is called, “Never Go With Strangers”. Never go with strangers, here is what you should say. Sorry Mister Stranger, I don’t have time to play. Never go with strangers, here is what you should do. Punch him in the face, and say toodle-oo!

Presenter: Overall, a far more inspired performance by Tangela. Only Torkoal is left.

Torkoal: Well, a few people have told me I sound like that famous singing sensation, Elekid Presley, so I thought I’d give a bit of singing a try.

Presenter: In a performance worthy of the winning The X Factor, the radio show ends on a high.

Presenter: Well Contestants, I personally thought you all did very well, but it’s not up to me. The calls have been coming, and we will not randomly select one person to tell us what they thought of you. Hello? Who am I speaking to?

Caller: This is the Johto Name Rater.

Presenter: Oh.

Presenter: The reaction on the faces of the Contestants is almost priceless.

Presenter: So, did you like it?

The Johto Name Rater: Like it? I find it insulting you asked me that. I’ve never heard so much rubbish in all my life. It almost inspired me to rate some names nicely, that’s how appalling it is.

Presenter: Well Contestants, unfortunately rules and rules and you have failed today’s challenge, leaving the prize fund at 62,000. Tonight we shall be deporting for Olivine City, so I’ll meet you at the Lighthouse there tomorrow. Bye.

Jumpluff: I wouldn’t say public speaking scares me, but it certainly makes me very nervous. I think that’s what happened today, and when I messed up my lines it made it even worse…

Miltank: What I don’t like about these so-called group challenges is that it’s even easier for the PokéMole to sabotage the challenge than it normally is, regardless of how well the others do.

Psyduck: Whatever yeah yo, take it over da show, Psyduck da Rapper is in da building and in da flow, yo.

Tangela: Interesting. Very interesting.

Torkoal: Today was a tough one. A few Contestants messed up today, but whether it was deliberate or not is impossible to tell, since I can vouch for how scary it is talking to the whole country live.

Day 17

Presenter: What with yesterday being such a fun task for all involved, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Fun.

Presenter: Welcome to Olivine City. Our stay here will be brief, but hopefully enjoyable. Today we shall be giving you the annual quiz of what has happened to you this series – an episode earlier than last series, but that’s not to worry – we’ve got something very nice lined up for then. Anyway, you’ll all be asked one question, multiple choice, and if you all get it right, you’ll earn 5,000 for the prize fund. This time we’ll ask the questions in reverse alphabetical order, just to shake up things a minute bit. That means that Torkoal is up first. Torkoal, Corsola was the last to be eliminated, but who partnered him in the Maze of Maize? Jumpluff, Psyduck or Tangela?

Torkoal: I think that was Psyduck.

Presenter: Good start. Just as well, or we’d have failed already. Tangela, how long did Psyduck survive the waters in Caving In? Two, four or six seconds?

Tangela: She was out very, very quickly, so it has to be two seconds.

Presenter: Correct. Psyduck, which previous Contestant wasn’t impressed with your cooking skills? Geodude, Kecleon or Mightyena?

Psyduck: Mightyena.

Presenter: Wow… I mean correct. Miltank, which was the first challenge to be lost? Fourth, fifth or sixth?

Miltank: It was the anagram one… number six.

Presenter: That is also correct. Jumpluff, if you answer this last question correct the challenge will be passed. Jumpluff, how many Scythers were submitted in the Bug Catching challenge? One, two or three?

Jumpluff: I think it was one. Was it one? I’m saying one.

Presenter: … that is also correct. Congratulations everyone, you’ve clearly been paying attention this series, and the prize fund has now increased to 67,000. Tomorrow you will face your final elimination before four of you progress into the penultimate episode of PokéMole 3. As per usual, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.

Jumpluff: Even the Presenter seemed surprised when Psyduck got her question right, but something seems to be telling me now she isn’t the PokéMole. Ugh, confusing times.

Miltank: Tangela and Torkoal… what a double act. What rivalry. What a pair of suspects.

Psyduck: I wanna be a rapper again ;-;.

Tangela: Everyone got his or her question right, so today was hardly any help to any of us.

Torkoal: Going first, I’m very glad I got my question right and we went on to pass the challenge. It would have been so embarrassing had the challenge been failed because of me before anybody else even participated.

Day 18

Presenter: It’s the penultimate elimination today. After today, Contestants only have to survive one more chop before they have a place in the Final. But thinking that far ahead is positively stupid. Especially with another battle arriving…

Presenter: Contestants, welcome to your second and last day in Olivine City, and to the Olivine City Gym. Today you shall be facing your third battle of the series, and it will be against a Magneton. You’ll be battling in the usual alphabetical order, and if three of you can defeat the Magneton, you’ll earn 10,000 for the prize fund. That means that Jumpluff, you are up first. Good luck.

Presenter: Jumpluff starts off with a Cotton Spore, whilst Magneton uses Hidden Power… which knocks out Jumpluff. Well, you win some you lose some.

Next up is Miltank. Magneton gets the first attack in this time, using Hidden Power again. Miltank uses Fire Punch, but Magneton survives the blow and retaliates with Thunderbolt. Miltank survives, and with another Fire Punch, defeats Magneton.

Next up is Psyduck. Magneton starts off with a Thunderbolt, which knocks out Psyduck and leaves the Contestants wondering if it’s Kentucky Fried Psyduck for tea tonight, but also leaving a lot of pressure on Tangela and Torkoal – both must defeat the Magneton to pass the challenge.

Tangela steps up, and starts off with Giga Drain. Magneton is hardly affected, and uses Hidden Power. It’s Super Effective, but Tangela hangs in there and uses Sleep Powder. Magneton falls asleep, and in quick succession, Tangela regains health from Magneton using Giga Drain. Magneton eventually wakes up, but a Slam from Tangela is enough to knock Magneton out. It’s all up to Torkoal.

Torkoal steps up and uses Flamethrower, knocking Magneton out. What a totally anti-climatic battle.

Presenter: So Contestants, you’ve just about fulfilled the requirements to pass this challenge, and the prize fund increases yet again to an impressive 77,000. Tonight, we shall lose one more of you, as only four of you can progress into the penultimate episode of PokéMole 3. I’ll see you there.


Presenter: Each Contestant has taken the test. The pressure is mounting. The wall reads “Tear Cold Nudist”. Time to lose another one.

Presenter: Good luck. You’re going to need it.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.