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Episode 2

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Episode 2

Presenter: Skitty did the worst on the quiz, and so he's now out. Look's like he didn't have what it takes to spot the Poke-Mole. Just who is it?


Presenter: The contestants, who remained in Lavaridge Town overnight, visit the Gym again in the morning. It's time for their next challenge.

Presenter: Good morning you nine. Unfortunately, Skitty left us last night, but eliminations are something you will all have to get used to. Welcome back to the Lavaridge Town Gym. This next challenge is called Roll Your Luck, and is worth £15,000 if you succeed. The money pot currently stands at £15,000, so you will double your money by passing this task. I have with me, £4,500 out of the money pot, that means you get to play with £500 each. You will each have the chance to double your £500, but also the chance the half it and lose it. You can do this by simply rolling a dice. Rolling a 2 or 4 will half your money, whereas a 1, 3 or 5 will double it. If however you roll a 6, then you will lose all your money. You can stop rolling at any time you like, though you must roll at least once. Altogether at the moment, you have a total of £4,500. If you get the total to £10,000, then you will get your original £4,500 back in the pot, plus the £15,000 from game. Anything less than a £10,000 total, means that the £4,500 will be lost from the money pot. You will take it in turns to "Roll Your Luck", and none of you will find out how everyone did until the end. Wobbuffet you stay here, the rest of you please wait in the next room until you are called.

Presenter: Wobbuffet is up first. He rolls the dice and gets a 4, which doubles his money to £1,000. He rolls again and gets a 2, taking his money to £2,000. He decides to take the money.

Presenter: Well done Wobbuffet that is pretty good. Please go and tell Natu to come and join me.

Presenter: Natu starts off by rolling a 1, halfing his money to £250, this is followed by a 2, which takes his money back to £500. But then disaster strikes: Natu rolls a 6, and so loses all his money. The table below shows what each player rolled and their total winnings at the end.


6       0
5 2 1   1000
1 5 4 6 0
1 1 5 5 2000
4 5 3 6 0
2 3 1 5 2000
3 1 1   4000

Presenter: Hello again team. I won't hold it out or anything. Your total stands at £11,000, which means you have passed the game, and I think you can thank Vulpix for that! The money pot now stands at £30,000. I'd imagine the Poke-Mole won't be best pleased, and may be out for revenge tomorrow, when your next game will take place in the Lavaridge Town Dungeon's. I will see you then.

Staryu: It was great that Vulpix managed to win the last game for us. It was worth a lot of money.

Zubat: I was so damn annoyed that I rolled a 6 first. I'd have been devastated if we'd lost after that.


Presenter: It's midday, and the contestants are arriving at the Lavaridge Town Dungeon's. Here their fifth challenge awaits them.

Presenter: Hello team. This next challenge is worth £5,000 is you succeed. I need you to split into 2 teams- one team of 5 that are good at maths, and another team of 4 that aren't that good at maths. You have 30 seconds.

Presenter: The two teams are soon formed. The first team that are good at maths consists of: Geodude, Snorunt, Wobbuffet, Kecleon and Taillow. Staryu, Natu, Zubat and Vulpix form the "not-so-good-at-maths" team. I lead them all further into the dungeon to where there are a row of cells on each side of the wall. At the back of each cell there is something covered up by a sheet.

Presenter: Right. Those who are good at Maths, please go into the cells on the left-hand side. Those who aren't good into the right-hand side. You will be locked into your cell and all you have to do to get out is to solve your maths puzzle until the sheet. The team that are good at maths have a slightly trickier puzzle than the others. You all have 2 hours to escape your cell, in order to win £5,000. If anybody shouts out their solution, or talks at all with anybody else, then you will all lose the challenge and be fined £5,000 from the money pot. You may begin.

Presenter: The first team that are good at maths (team 1) have the following questions:

1. The answer's in the question. 2. The last number when 13 is squared. 3. (14 times 12) take away 166. 4. Water freezes at this temperature in degrees c. 5. The answer to question 11. 6. The answer to question 5. 7. 192 divided by 24. 8. Minus the minus from minus 2. 9. -10 take away -15. 10. Count this number back up the questions for the same number answer. 11. Half my number and take away 4.5.

The final solution is in fact: 19201182521

The not-so-good-at-maths team (team 2) have the following questions:

1. Cats Lifes take away 2. 2. The square root of half of 32 doubled. 3. This number is company. 4. The number of angels Charlie, doubled plus 1. 5. The number of feet in 3 yards. 6. Half of half of half of 64.

The solution to team 2's puzzle is 782798.

Presenter: Just 20 minutes into the game, Staryu reckons it's got the solution. Staryu however has got it wrong, and so goes back to try again. After a further 10 minutes, Geodude thinks he's got it right. He has. The game however, is about to take a sinister turn.

Presenter: Well done Geodude for solving you maths puzzle. I now have an offer for you. Right now, you can go in and shout out the solution to your puzzle. The group will be fined £5,000, but you will earn an exception from the next quiz and elimination, taking you into the next round. Do you want it?

Geodude: No. Definitely not.

Presenter: Are you sure?

Geodude: Yeah. 

Presenter: Geodude has chosen to remain loyal to the team. It's just as well, because an hour later, Natu is the last to leave his cell, and so the group win £5,000.

Presenter: Well done again team. The money pot now contains £35,000. Tomorrow will be your last game here. See you tomorrow.

Zubat: I'm proud of getting my puzzle right. It was very tricky to me.


Presenter: It's Day 6. The day of the next elimination. Today the contestants will be travelling to Mauville City, but in order to get there they must complete their next task. I'm waiting for them near the Hot Springs at the Pokemon Center. They found a note during breakfast telling them that in order to meet me at a certain location they must follow 3 clues around Lavaridge Town by answering questions. there are 4 questions around 4 locations. By answering them all right, they will arrive at the Hot Springs as well as winning £5,000 for the money pot. The first question is:

Who is the leader of the Hoenn Elite 4?

A- Steven (Go to the Gym)

B- Drake (Go to the Dungeons)

C- Lance (Go to the Herb Shop)

Staryu: Is it Lance or is he the Kanto League?

Kecleon: No he's the Kanto League it's Steven. We need to go back to the Gym.


What level does Swablu evolve to Altaria?

A- LV 25 (Go to the Poke-Mart)

B- LV 35 (Go to the Jagged Pass)

C- LV 45 (Go to Mt. Chimney)

Kecleon: I think it's LV 45.

Staryu: Yeah i've got a suspicion it's LV 45, but I'm not 100% sure.

Kecleon; Lets just go for it.

Presenter: The contestants climb Mt. Chimney. When they reach the top, they find a note off me telling them to go to the Hot Springs. The last question was answered incorrectly, Swablu evolves at LV 35. The challenge is lost.


Presenter: Oh dear team. You didn't pass that challenge, so the money pot still stands at £35,000. You lost just after you were doing so well. We are now going to travel to Mauville City, where tonight you will face your third elimination.

Kecleon: I've changed my mind as to who I think the Poke-Mole is. I watched my suspect carefully and they're certainly Poke-Mole material.

Wobbuffet: We all climbed Mt. Chimney for nothing, which is annoying and exhausting.


Presenter: Welcome everyone, to Mauville Town. Tonight you face your second elimination. Geodude turned down a free exception yesterday, and stayed loyal to you all. You have all just taken the 10 question quiz, and the player with the least amount of correct answers will leave the game immediately tonight. Without further ado, lets get on with it.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.