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Episode 1

Season Four
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Episode One

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.
Comments in Green are messages from the PokéMole’s own diary.

Presenter: This is where the fun begins.

Day One

Presenter: I’d like to assume you know exactly what we’re doing here by now, but just in case, let’s remind ourselves;

Ten Pokémon playing together, working together, to earn up to 500,000, to put into a pot. At the end of the end of the game however, only one will this money. Planted in these ten contestants is the PokéMole – a traitor, an insider, whose sole aim is to sabotage the groups efforts to earn money. At the end of each episode, the contestants must take a test about the identity of the PokéMole. He or she who scores lowest is out of the game. This year however, amongst the Contestants is somebody hired to also sabotage challenges, in a bid to earn themselves free passes. None of the contestants know this – their thoughts will primarily be upon winning, and with the potential prize fund more than double that of previous series’, the stakes are now higher than ever. Who can answer that question? Who is the PokéMole?

Presenter: The Contestants are all assembled thirty thousand feet above the newly assembled Battle Frontier in Hoenn. They’re naturally in a plane, and have obviously realised they’re about to land before the plane does. But they’re in for a surprise…

Presenter: Absol, Electrike, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Ivysaur, Lairon, Nosepass, Octillery, Togetic and Vigoroth. Welcome to the fourth series of PokéMole. We’re going to literally jump straight into your opening challenge, and it’s called Double Sky Dive. As the title suggests, there is a little twist to this years sky dive; in a moment, I will ask you to split into pairs. Then you will nominate one member of the two of you to come over here and select a ball from this bag.

Presenter: The contestants split up and from the mess emerge 5 couples: Absol and Electrike, Hitmonchan and Octillery, Hitmonlee and Togetic, Ivysaur and Nosepass and Lairon and Vigoroth. It’s Absol, Hitmonchan, Togetic, Nosepass and Lairon who come to remove a ball from the bag.

Presenter: I will now ask you to unscrew the ball you have removed. Inside will be a number between one and 5. This number will indicate the order in which you jump in relation to the other couples. Yes, you will be jumping as a pair. When it is your turn, the plane will fly over the drop zone a maximum of three times, and you may only jump once both of you have confirmed you are ready to go. All of you must complete the jump once with your partner in order to add 10,000 to the prize fund, which would be a fantastic start to the series. Now, unscrew those balls… Electrike stop sniggering.

Presenter: Hitmonchan and Octillery will be jumping first, followed by Ivysaur and Nosepass, Absol and Electrike, Hitmonlee and Togetic, and lastly by Lairon and Vigoroth.

Presenter: Hitmonchan and Octillery, are you ready to jump?

Hitmonchan: Yes.

Octillery: Just about.

Presenter: The plane passes over the drop zone, and at the first time of asking Hitmonchan and Octillery both jump out of the plane and plummet downwards.

Presenter: The best possible start it seems. Ivysaur and Nosepass, it’s now your turn. Are you ready?

Ivysaur: As I’ll ever be…

Nosepass: I think so…

Presenter: The plane passes over the drop zone, but Ivysaur and Nosepass do not leave it. It appears neither of them are terribly keen on doing the jump when it comes to actually performing it, but both calm down and agree the second try will be the time. Yet as soon as the plane flies across the drop zone, again the pair do not jump much to the supposed annoyance of Nosepass. On the third time however, both close their eyes and step out in nothing…

Presenter: A little blip there it seems, but not to worry. You’re still on track to pass this challenge but Absol, Electrike; you must now continue that trend. Are you ready?

Absol: Yeah I’m ready this’ll be easy… easy… yeah…

Electrike: Aww don’t worry honey I’m here to look after you…

Absol: You scare me.

Presenter: Despite fearing her rather strange partner, Absol and Electrike depart the plane at the second attempt, following an initial reluctance from Absol. That’s three of the couples disposed of and just two to go if the group want to win the 10,000.

Presenter: Hitmonlee and Togetic, are you ready?

Hitmonlee: I’m ready.

Togetic: I’m not too sure I can do this…

Presenter: Is that a refusal to jump?

Togetic: No no, I’ll give it a go.

Presenter: The plane approaches the drop zone but Togetic is still too scared to jump. The second pass over the drop zone is a step in the right direction – Togetic now moves to within a ten-metre radius of the hole – but still no jump. And after the plane flies over the drop zone for a third time and Togetic has still refused to jump, the challenge has been lost. Lairon and Vigoroth are keen to complete the jump anyway, but to no avail.

Presenter: So who’s the spare parachute for then?

Pilot: You.

Presenter: I beg your pardon…

Pilot: You. To jump with.

Presenter: I’m going to kill my agent.

Presenter: On the ground, the contestants regroup and are transported to the Frontier Hotel, where they will be staying for the duration of the series.

Presenter: Well, Hitmonlee and Togetic have not completed their jump and so the challenge has been lost. They do say the hardest challenge is always the first one, so hopefully this isn’t going to set the standard for what we hope is to be an interesting series. For now, I suggest you think about the implications of today: was a fear of heights the only reason Togetic couldn’t jump? Ivysaur and Nosepass didn’t jump at the first time of asking; was that supposed to put you off? Would Lairon or Vigoroth have shown so much willingness to jump if the challenge was still winnable? In your rooms you will find diaries to use for the duration of the series, in which you can record your thoughts, feelings and suspicions in private. I’ll see you at breakfast tomorrow. Have a good night.

Presenter: All diary readings throughout the series will be accessed in alphabetical order:

Absol: I told myself by coming on this show I’d get some more confidence, but I’m not sure it was such a good idea. Electrike was being too flirty today and I didn’t like it. I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t like him so he might as well be my first suspect.

Electrike: Yeah man! The gals here are so beautiful! What’s a PokéMole anyway?

Hitmonchan: There’s an interesting mix of us this year. I agree that Ivysaur having a reluctance to jump at first could be a ploy to try and put the rest of us off.

Hitmonlee: I’m so infuriated Togetic wouldn’t jump. She has WINGS for goodness sake, surely she’s used to flying? She goes down as my primary suspect.

Ivysaur: The Sky Dive twist surprised me to be honest. I guess it makes sense though – formats needed to be changed to keep the interest. I wonder how much they have changed this year?

Lairon: I have a strong suspicion there was no sabotage today; Togetic is genuinely scared of heights and like last year, the PokéMole wouldn’t want to give themselves away so early.

Nosepass: I waited a long time for today – I was terrified doing it but I loved it once I’d gotten the nerve to jump. I’m suspicious about Lairon though – if he knew which ball meant he could jump last, wouldn’t it give the rest of us time to lose the challenge without him doing anything?

Octillery: I have no suspect yet. What else is there to be said?

Togetic: I regret not jumping so much, but I doubt I could do it even now if I had another chance. There’s plenty more money to be won but I don’t like this extra attention. I prefer to remain in the background.

Vigoroth: I wish there was an option for other contestants to complete the jump for others – I’d have won us that challenge. Wheeee! I don’t want to go to sleep; I’ve got so much energy!

Day Two

Presenter: The second day of PokéMole Four has dawned, and the contestants are having breakfast:

Presenter: Good morning contestants, I hope your first night with us was a pleasant one. I suggest you finish up now, because it’s challenge time, and today’s challenge is called Going For Gold. In a few minutes we’ll be leaving for a field a few minutes walk away, but first I need to ask you to nominate the least athletic contestant.

Presenter: Following yesterday’s non-jump, the contestants decide upon Togetic.

Presenter: Togetic, you are apparently the least athletic of our ten contestants. I’d like you to wait here; everyone else, you may depart for the challenge.

Presenter: The rest of the contestants depart, leaving me to talk to Togetic in private, offering a little proposition:

Presenter: Togetic, we’re going to jump straight to the point; today’s challenge is in simple mans terms, a race. Being the least athletic you will be granted a head start, but we have a little proposition for you. If you can fake an injury, and force the other contestants to help you across the finish line, regardless of how the challenge finishes, they will all win nothing, whereas you will be granted an exemption; a free pass into the next episode. Do you understand?

Togetic: Oh yeah, sounds easy. I can fake an injury easily.

Presenter: How come?

Togetic: I support Chelsea.

Presenter: Oh…

Togetic: Do you?

Presenter: No, I’m a bitter and twisted Manchester United fan.

Presenter: We then head to the field where the challenge will be explained. Will Togetic take up the offer? Only time will tell.

Presenter: Contestants, as you can see we have a standard four-hundred metre running track laid out for you. Your challenge is very simple. All you have to do, is run around it. Very quickly. If you can all run 5 laps of this track - with the exception of Togetic, who being unathletic only has to run the track three times – we’ll add 10,000 to the as of now empty prize fund. However, there is a time limit – it being however long it takes a Rapidash to run the same track five-hundred times. Do not be tricked into thinking this is a long time – Rapidash can run at speeds of up to one hundred and fifty miles an hour, and will soon complete it’s part of the task. If you’d like to take your positions, the task will begin shortly.

Presenter: With the contestants in position, a whistle is blown and the race begins. Rapidash is quickly a blur around the track, whilst the contestants are start quickly – especially Vigoroth, who storms in front of the others. The exception of course being Togetic, who has a two-lap lead from the beginning. However, the contestants may wonder if they made a mistake in nominating Togetic, who using her wings is moving at quite a speed.

Octillery seems to be the contestant struggling the most in the early stages, but is helped by an enthusiastic Electrike, who is also quick to suggest he takes her for a meal after the series finishes. He is met by a slap from one of Octillery’s legs.

It appears to be going well in retrospect, with all the contestants making speedy and steady progress. Togetic in fact is just metres away from the finish line, when disaster strikes – Togetic suddenly falls and collapses onto the floor. Vigoroth is the first to reach her:

Togetic: Oh it’s awful referee! It was a clear elbow to the face and is a straight red offence!

Vigoroth: … and seriously?

Togetic: I’ve got cramp in my wing. I can’t fly any further.

Vigoroth: Walk then.

Togetic: I’ve got cramp in my leg as well.

Vigoroth: Hop then.

Togetic: Both legs.

Vigoroth: Oh for the love of…

Presenter: And with that, Vigoroth picks up Togetic and carries her over the finish line. Little does he know, but he’s just lost the challenge for the whole team.

The rest of the contestants eventually arrive over the finish line, and are thrilled to hear they’ve beaten the Rapidash. I wonder how they’ll take the news…

Presenter: Well contestants, you all beat the Rapidash and so 10,000 will be added to the prize fund… or at least it would be, if it wasn’t for one thing. Earlier today I told Togetic that if she could feign injury and be assisted over the finish line, you would all win nothing but Togetic would be guaranteed a place in Episode Two. Togetic was helped over the finishing line – by Vigoroth – meaning the challenge has been lost. The prize fund remains empty, whilst Togetic, you will not have to take part in tomorrow’s quiz – you are guaranteed a longer stay here than anyone else. I’d like to see you all tomorrow morning outside the Battle Dome – the final challenge you will face before one of you leaves us forever. Hopefully you might finally be able to get some money into the prize fund – it’d be a shame if the winner walked away with nothing. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Absol: I still dislike Electrike. Helping somebody else might possibly be a way of slowing himself down whilst trying to look like doing a good thing.

Electrike: Ivysaur is hawwwwwt!

Hitmonchan: Today was an interesting challenge, more so because our feet were on the ground. What I’m certainly not going to forget is that it was Vigoroth who ultimately blew the challenge, not Togetic.

Hitmonlee: Togetic has gone from prime suspect to only suspect.

Ivysaur: Today I thought the best option would just be to control my running and concentrate on how everyone else fared. Octillery was quick to lag behind but Electrike was quick to slow down with what would appear a valid personal reason. I find both suspicious.

Lairon: If I’m right and there was no sabotage yesterday then I think the PokéMole would be desperate to pull some sabotage off today, and the suspicious instantly has to fall upon Togetic.

Nosepass: Erm, well, today’s challenge was better albeit tiring from a personal point of view. Lairon did nothing to further my suspicions today but the PokéMole can’t always be active. Right?

Octillery: Electrike shall be my main suspect because I don’t like him.

Togetic: I hate attention, I really do, but taking the exemption was something I had to do, even if I’m going to hate the consequences.

Vigoroth: What a dream come true; a race! I can’t believe some of the looks the other Contestants were giving me though – it was hardly my fault we blew the challenge. I make that two challenges in a row Togetic has lost us now.

Day Three

Presenter: The final day for one contestant has dawned; by the end of today we will lose one of them forever. But until that happy hour we have a Battle Dome to play in. At breakfast, the contestants were greeted with a message on the wall, asking, “Do you dare be the furthest on the right?” – no explanation was given regarding this message, but one contestant is about to find out.

Presenter: Well contestants, today’s challenge is simply called Battle Dome, and I’m sure you can guess the basics of the challenge. The Battle Dome is where the most notorious tournaments take place, the key being their simplicity – sixteen Pokémon battling where the winner progresses and the loser goes out. We’ve entered all of you into today’s tournaments where you will be joined by six other Pokémon, and if any of you win the tournament, the prize fund will be graced with 20,000. It’s as simple as that.

Presenter: … or is it? Lairon was the contestant on the far right when they all lined up, and so before the challenge began was taken aside and given a special offer…

Presenter: Lairon.

Lairon: Strange man with no given name.

Presenter: Lairon, you know the rules of the challenge, if any one contestant wins the tournament today, you win 20,000. However, as you might as suspected given the message on the wall this morning and your position in the line-up, there is a tiny complication – you are, as of now, an enemy Pokémon. If you win the tournament, the group will win nothing, but you will join Togetic in being exempted from participating in tonight’s quiz and elimination. The choice is yours. Have fun.

Presenter: The pairings for the first round of the tournament were randomly selected, and came out as follows:

Ivysaur v Electrike
Charmeleon v Hitmonchan
Octillery v Nosepass
Mantine v Absol
Vigoroth v Togetic
Lairon v Swalot
Hitmonlee v Ditto
Wooper v Shroomish

The first battle takes place between two contestants; Ivysaur and Electrike. Whenever two contestants are drawn together, they face a personal battle – what do they want more: to win the tournament, or to let a contestant who may be stronger than them go on and try to win? Electrike appears to have made him mind up from the off, and rather than battle, tries to chat up a terrified Ivysaur. Needless to say, Ivysaur quickly wins and progresses to the quarter final.

Next up is a potentially more exciting battle, pitting a Charmeleon against Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan starts off this battle with a Mach Punch, which lands a direct hit on Charmeleon, but is met with a fierce Flamethrower from Charmeleon, which burns one off Hitmonchan’s arms, Hitmonchan tries an Ice Punch but finds it too painful to use his burnt arm, during which time Charmeleon takes the initiative to use another Flamethrower and knock out Hitmonchan.

Next up is another contestant double act in the shape of Octillery and Nosepass. Octillery starts out by trying an Octazooka, but Nosepass dodges and quickly reacts with a Thunder Punch. Once again Octillery uses Octazooka and once again Nosepass dodges and uses Thunder Punch. This time however it’s curtains for Octillery.

Next up is a Mantine against Absol. Mantine starts out with a Confuse Ray, which hits Absol who instantly becomes confused. Mantine takes a step back and watches as Absol wanders around in the advertising boardings (Advertising Is Good!) hurting herself in the process. This appears to be a big mistake though, as the confusion quickly wears off and Absol after quickly realising the situation leaps straight in with a Thunderbolt. Mantine is hit but not down, and tries to use another Confuse Ray. This time Absol dodges and uses another Thunderbolt, which knocks out Mantine.

Next up is Vigoroth against Togetic. Before Togetic can even move, Vigoroth launches a vicious Focus Punch, which knocks out Togetic in one go. Strangely, everybody cheers.

Now it’s the turn of Lairon against a Swalot. Lairon tries a Headbutt, but Swalot dodges and uses Yawn. A drowsy Lairon tries another Headbutt, which is a critical hit and somewhat surprisingly knocks out Swalot.

Next up is Hitmonlee against a Ditto. Ditto instantly transforms into a Hitmonlee and uses Mega Kick. The real Hitmonlee is quick to react and uses Revenge, landing a direct hit on Ditto. Ditto looks very weak, but suddenly uses Reversal. Hitmonlee is no more.

Lastly, a Wooper and a Shroomish do battle. It is Shroomish who runs out as the winner.

The quarter final pairings are not drawn as follows:

Nosepass v Absol
Ivysaur v Ditto
Charmeleon v Vigoroth
Shroomish v Lairon

The first quarter final takes place between Nosepass and Absol. Absol starts off with a Swords Dance, whilst Nosepass uses Zap Cannon, which misses. Absol uses Swords Dance again, likewise Nosepass uses Zap Cannon again, which this time hits and paralyses Absol. Absol then tries a Slash, but finds herself paralysed, meaning a single Rock Slide from Nosepass is enough to win the battle.

The second quarter final is between Ivysaur and Ditto. Ditto starts off by transforming into an Ivysaur, but the real Ivysaur is one step ahead and straight away uses Leech Seed and quickly follows it with Sleep Powder. Ivysaur merely has to sit and watch the power being drained from a sleeping Ditto until Ditto faints.

Next up are Charmeleon and Vigoroth. Vigoroth starts out with a Focus Punch, but a reactant Charmeleon uses Dragon Rage. Vigoroth is unable to move, and a Flamethrower from Charmeleon is enough to end the quarter final.

The final quarter final takes place between Shroomish and Lairon. Shroomish starts out with a Giga Drain but Lairon is quick to block using Protect. Lairon then seizes the initiative with a speedy Iron Tail and despite a last ditch Poisonpowder from Shroomish, Lairon wins the tie with a Metal Claw.

The semi final draw is as follows:

Nosepass v Charmeleon
Ivysaur v Lairon

In the first semi final, Nosepass starts out with Zap Cannon but Charmeleon dodges and uses Flamethrower. Charmeleon then quickly uses Dragon Rage and knocks out Nosepass.

In the second and last semi final, Lairon starts off with Metal Sound whilst Ivysaur uses the tried and tested method of Leech Seed. Ivysaur then tries a Sleep Powder whilst Lairon dodges the attack, but then strangely, appears to pause and run straight into the spores. Ivysaur goes on to win the battle, meaning no exemption for Lairon. If Ivysaur can beat Charmeleon then the group win 20,000 and the prize fund finally gets some money; otherwise, the group will still have nothing.

The final begins. Charmeleon comes out and straight away uses Flamethrower, which engulfs Ivysaur but shockingly does not knock her out. Ivysaur responds with Synthesis, which goes a long way to healing some of the damage dealt by the Flamethrower. Ivysaur then starts to charge up a Solarbeam, panicking Charmeleon into trying a Slash, which hits but doesn’t knock out Ivysaur. Charmeleon gears up for another Flamethrower, but Ivysaur lets rip with the Solarbeam – it’s a direct hit, and although Charmeleon is not knocked out by the blast, a Razor Leaf attack is enough to win the battle, the tournament, and most importantly, 20,000.

Presenter: Well, congratulations team, you finally have some money on the board: 20,000 is yours for the prize fund. You owe a lot to Lairon I must say – Lairon was offered an exemption if he won the tournament, but it appears he willingly lost to swing the challenge your way. Don’t get too excited though; one of you is about to leave us forever.


Presenter: Nine contestants have now taken a ten-question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole – Togetic, having gained an exemption, did not need to take the quiz. The contestant who has scored the lowest on the quiz must now leave the game forever.

Presenter: It’s been terrific to meet you all, but now this is where the honeymoon period ends and the reality starts. It’s been a short but sweet stay for one of you. I will now enter your names, one-by-one, into this computer. If the screen turns green, you are safe and progress into Episode Two. If the screen turns red, then you are the PokéMole’s first victim. We’ll start with…Absol.

Presenter: Strangely, as Absol’s name is entered into the computer, rather than showing a red or green screen, the number 17428396158200421426 flashes up on the screen. Following this unexpected occurrence, the elimination continues as normal...

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.