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Episode 3

Season Four
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Episode Three

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.
Comments in Green are messages from the PokéMole’s own diary.

Presenter: First there were ten. Already two have gone – victims of the PokéMole. But who is the PokéMole? Who was the contestant offered the bribe at the beginning of the series? I can’t stress how fun it is knowing and not telling you ;).

Day Seven

Presenter: Another day is born and the contestants arrive outside the cyber café, to take part in another fun challenge.

Presenter: It’s time for our annual PKMN.NET browsing competition. You know how it works by now; twenty minutes to browse the entire content of PKMN.NET, both designing your own question and researching answers for what you think others may ask you. A set of seven correct answers leaves you with 20,000, so let’s not beat around the bush – you may take your seats and begin. Your twenty minutes begins… now.

Presenter: Twenty minutes later, and the questions are:

How many shadow Pokémon can be caught in XD?
Who is the leader of the Battle Factory?
Which two Pokémon are needed to unlock the Regi’s?
Wailord and Relicanth.
The Pikachu Short airing before Pokémon Four Ever was called what?
Pikachu’s Pikaboo.
What is the official dub title of the eighth Pokémon movie?
Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.
What is the probability of meeting a Shiny Pokémon?
One in eight thousand, one hundred and ninety two.
What type is the new attack Meteoric Swarm?
Which new legendary is known as the Time-Ruling Pokémon?

Presenter: Your time is now up, so if you’d all like to face me, we shall begin. We’ll start with Absol and work our way around alphabetically. Remember, you need seven out of eight questions correctly answered to win the 20,000. So, Absol, over to you.

Absol: How many shadow Pokémon can be caught in XD?

Hitmonchan: I don’t have a clue.

Presenter: The answer was eighty-three. That’s one incorrect answer, and means everyone else must now get their question correct if you’re to win the challenge. Hitmonchan, your question please.

Hitmonchan: Who is the leader of the Battle Factory?

Hitmonlee: Oh, I always get these mixed up… Greta… Luci… Noland?

Presenter: Well done. Your turn.

Hitmonlee: Which two Pokémon are needed to unlock the Regi’s?

Ivysaur: Wailord and Relicanth.

Presenter: Well answered. Continue.

Ivysaur: The Pikachu Short airing before Pokémon Four Ever was called what?

Lairon: I’m an amazing eBay user so I know this; Pikachu’s Pikaboo.

Presenter: Well done amazing eBay user. Continue.

Lairon: What is the official dub title of the eighth Pokémon movie?

Nosepass: Oh, I haven’t seen that one... which one was it? The Deoxys one or the Lucario one… Lucario and Mew’s Mystery… No, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

Presenter: That… is correct. Keep it going to win the 20,000.

Nosepass: What is the probability of meeting a Shiny Pokémon?

Togetic: One in eight thousand, one hundred and ninety two.

Presenter: Wow, well done.

Togetic: What type is the new attack Meteoric Swarm?

Vigoroth: Dragon.

Presenter: Correct. This to pass the challenge.

Vigoroth: Which new legendary is known as the Time-Ruling Pokémon?

Absol: I can’t tell them apart, it’s got to be a fifty-fifty guess… Diaruga?

Presenter: That… is correct, meaning after the worst possible start, you’ve raised the prize fund to 75,000, congratulations! Your eighth challenge will take place tomorrow morning in Artisan Cave. I’ll see you there.

Absol: Nosepass seemed to beat around the bush a bit in coming up with her answer today.

Hitmonchan: Nobody did anything too suspicious today. Except me.

Hitmonlee: I can’t believe Togetic got her question correctly straight away. Could she have been told the answer beforehand?

Ivysaur: I have to wonder if something big is coming up, since today was just an opportunity to sneak off and look at the Name Raters really.

Lairon: I thought a few of the pauses before giving answers today were a bit forced, and could possibly have been psychological attempts to put others off. Furthermore, somethings not right about that crossword we saw yesterday. There's no way they'd give us the PokéMole's gender so early on.

Nosepass: Absol pulled the rabbit out of the hat I see. Attempt to draw attention away from herself?

Togetic: I’m still tired. Sleep time.

Vigoroth: Hitmonlee seemed to pick his answer out of nowhere today, as did a few others. It just seems a little… out of place.

Day Eight

Presenter: We’re now around a third of the way through our journey. Got your suspect yet?

Presenter: Contestants, welcome to Artisan Cave, directly below the Battle Frontier. Today’s challenge is called Win, Lose or Draw and our Smeargle hosts are going to try and help you to win 15,000 for the prize fund. In front of you now there are eight Smeargle; each of which has been trained to draw a certain Pokémon related image. All you have to do is choose a Smeargle and then guess within one minute what your Smeargle is drawing. If you can all correctly guess then 15,000 will be added to the prize fund. We’ll go in the order you’re lined up in now, so Togetic, please choose a number.

Togetic: Number three.

Presenter: Your one minute begins… now.

Presenter: Togetic eventually guesses that the Smeargle is drawing a Pokéball.

Presenter: Good start. Vigoroth, please pick a number.

Vigoroth: Four.

Presenter: Your one minute begins… now.

Presenter: Vigoroth eventually guesses that the Smeargle is drawing a Diglett.

Presenter: Hitmonchan, your turn.

Hitmonchan: Number eight please.

Presenter: Your one minute begins… now.

Hitmonchan: Erm, Mewtwo? Groudon? Chunky shape thing? Ditto! No? Erm, ugh…

Presenter: A minute later and Hitmonchan does not guess the word “Johto”. The challenge has been lost.

Presenter: Hitmonchan has failed to guess his Smeargle’s drawing and so I’m afraid the challenge has been lost. The prize fund remains at 75,000. Your final challenge before the third elimination will take place tomorrow at the Battle Tower. I’ll see you there.

Absol: Hitmonchan lost us the challenge today so maybe I should try looking at him a bit?

Hitmonchan: When they announced to us there was going to be more money this series I thought that meant it might be less painful every time we lost a challenge. It isn’t. I thoroughly expected Togetic to get her question right; if she’s the PokéMole then two sabotages running might be a bit risky.

Hitmonlee: I’m glad I didn’t have to do the challenge today. I hate Pictionary.

Ivysaur: Nothing big came up then. I’ll need to pay attention in the battles tomorrow, since I’ve picked up nothing this episode.

Lairon: I’m not surprised Hitmonchan didn’t recognise the outline of Johto. His Smeargle got Cianwood City all wrong.

Nosepass: When I look at it we’ve dropped loads of money already this series, and yet Togetic aside, no contestant has actually done anything terribly controversial yet.

Togetic: Despite doing well the past few days everyone still hates me. Maybe I should just go…

Vigoroth: Lairon looked a little relieved to not have to do the challenge today. I noticed he was stood at the end of the queue; maybe he’d been instructed to fail to challenge if it came to him?

Day Nine

Presenter: And so the day of the third elimination dawns…

Presenter: Welcome to the breathtaking sight that is the Battle Tower. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that although whilst Typhlosion was wandering what to have you all do today a physical climb up the side of the tower came across his mind more than once, we’re sticking to the bog standard battling, although today will be a PokéMole first – today we’re going to ask you to partake in our first ever double battles. I’d now like you to join up in four pairs of two. You have fifteen seconds.

Presenter: The pairings are Absol and Vigoroth, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, Ivysaur and Togetic, and Lairon and Nosepass.

Presenter: Okay, all you have to do in your pairs is battle two other Pokémon. If all four parties win, we’ll add 20,000 to the prize fund. You’ll all be battling simultaneously on different floors, so unless you lose your own battle, you won’t know whether you’ve passed the challenge or not until the very end. Additionally, you won’t know whom you’re battling until the battle actually begins, so this will be a real test of your battling skills. If you’d like to follow your designated assistants, the challenge shall begin shortly.

Presenter: Absol and Vigoroth step out and find themselves facing a Butterfree and a Cradily. Cradily starts off using Ingrain whilst Butterfree uses a quick Psybeam, hitting Vigoroth squarely. Vigoroth retaliates by aiming a Yawn at Cradily, leaving the rooted plant feeling drowsy. Absol meanwhile uses Bite on Butterfree, which leaves Butterfree worse for wear. Cradily then uses a Confuse Ray, which confuses Vigoroth, who hits himself out of confusion. Absol uses another Bite, which knocks out Butterfree. Cradily tries to use Giga Drain, but Vigoroth’s Faint Attack partnered with Absol’s Bite is enough to see off Cradily, and means that Absol and Vigoroth have done their bit in completing the challenge.

Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee step out to see a Quilava and a Primeape. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee quickly gang up on Quilava, using Mach Punch and Mega Kick respectively, which knocks out Quilava. Primeape uses Seismic Toss on Hitmonlee, but Hitmonlee gets up again and uses Hi Jump Kick. Primeape reacts using Cross Chop, and although Hitmonlee appears to take some damage, Hitmonchan steps in and uses Mega Punch, knocking out Primeape.

Ivysaur and Togetic step out to see a Vulpix and a Pikachu. Ivysaur starts the battle off by using Poisonpowder, poisoning Pikachu, who despite being in pain uses Thunderbolt, which scores a direct hit on Togetic, who stumbles over by the force of the blast. Vulpix meanwhile uses Ember, which hits and burns Ivysaur. Togetic picks herself up and uses Metronome, which generates a Surf attack, which hits and knocks out Vulpix. Pikachu quickly uses another Thunderbolt attack on Togetic, resulting in Togetic being the first contestant to be knocked out. It’s now a straight fight between Ivysaur and Pikachu – Ivysaur tries a Sleep Powder attack but Pikachu dodges and uses Quick Attack. Ivysaur just about hangs on, but the effects of the burn inflicted by Vulpix before are felt, and Ivysaur faints. The challenge is now already lost, but none of the other contestants – including Lairon and Nosepass – know it yet.

Lairon and Nosepass step out and are greeted by a Poliwhirl and an Aipom. Poliwhirl quickly uses Rain Dance, whilst Nosepass aims a Zap Cannon at Poliwhirl, but misses. Aipom aims a Swift at Lairon, which hits but isn’t very effective. Lairon retaliates with a Take Down, which hits Aipom. Poliwhirl then uses Surf, which lands tough hits on both Lairon and Nosepass. Lairon retaliates with another Take Down and successfully knocks out Aipom. Nosepass meanwhile used Zap Cannon again, which hits but miraculously Poliwhirl survives, and forces out another Surf attack, which knocks out both Lairon and Nosepass. With both Ivysaur and Togetic and Lairon and Nosepass losing, the challenge has been lost.

Presenter: So contestants, how did you do? Not well enough – Ivysaur and Togetic and Lairon and Nosepass both lost their battles, thus the challenge is lost and at the end of the third episode of PokéMole Four the prize fund is frozen at 75,000. For one of you, the last battle has been battled. I’ll see you tonight.


Presenter: The eight remaining contestants have taken the ten-question quiz on the identity of the PokéMole – only seven will come out of it with their PokéMole lives still intact.

Presenter: Eight must become seven – good luck to you all. We’ll start with… Hitmonchan.

Presenter: As Hitmonchan’s name is entered into the computer, rather than showing a red or green screen, the number 174 and 2/3 flashes up on the screen. Following this unexpected occurrence, the elimination continues as normal...

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.