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Episode 4

Season Four
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Episode Four

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.
Comments in Green are messages from the PokéMole’s own diary.

Presenter: Words of regret from Vigoroth. Tough really.

Day Ten

Presenter: Double figures. Whoopie!

Presenter: Contestants, minus Vigoroth, welcome to the Battle Frontier harbour and to your tenth challenge of the series, entitled Sunken. You’ve lost two challenges on the bounce now, so today we’re going to try and give you some motivation, since you can possibly win up to 30,000. If you look across to the boat slowly approaching us across the bay there, you will be able to see there is a crane attached to the back of it, and on the end of the crane is a box containing your 30,000 prize money. Now, whilst the boat makes its way over here, I’m going to ask you all one question about your fellow contestants – for every question you get wrong, the crane will lower the box into the water deeper and deeper. Unfortunately, some silly fool left some holes in the box, so the more questions you get wrong the less money you will win when the boat docks. Luckily for you, just one correct answer will guarantee you some money – seven will earn you the full 30,000. I’ll ask you the questions in alphabetical order, and the boat is only a few minutes away, so Absol are you ready to begin?

Absol: As I’ll ever be.

Presenter: At which level does Togetic learn Baton Pass?

Absol: I think it’s thirty-one… forty-one… eighty-one… something like that… thirty-one?

Presenter: That’s… incorrect. The answer was forty-one. The crane will lower one level. Hitmonchan, it’s your turn. At what level does Ivysaur learn Sweet Scent?

Hitmonchan: Twenty-nine.

Presenter: That’s correct, and guarantees you some money today. The crane stays at its current level… for now. Hitmonlee, at what level is Nosepass found in XD?

Hitmonlee: Twenty something… twenty-eight?

Presenter: Incorrect I’m afraid, the answer was twenty-six. The crane will lower one more level. Ivysaur, how many defense EV’s does Lairon give out?

Ivysaur: I think it’s two.

Presenter: Correct. The crane stays at it’s current level. Lairon, what colour is Absol in its shiny form? Lairon: Red, white, blue? Blue?

Presenter: It’s actually red. The crane will lower another level, and there are two more questions to go. Nosepass, what level is the Hitmonlee you snag on XD?

Nosepass: It’s thirty-eight… no wait, it’s thirty-seven.

Presenter: It was actually what you originally said, thirty-eight. The crane will lower yet another level. Togetic, the last question falls to you – Hitmonlee learns which attack in XD when completely purified?

Togetic: Erm uh uh… oh gosh… Helping Hand?

Presenter: Well done. Well contestants that’s it, your challenge is complete. The boat is about to dock, and the case is not completely submerged, so let’s go and see how you’ve done!

Presenter: Inspection of the box shows that 10,000 of the money remains intact.

Presenter: Well, it was far from a convincing display today but you’ve won 10,000 for the prize fund, taking the total up to 85,000. Your next challenge will take place tomorrow in this very spot. I’ll see you there, but on your way back, you may wish to check that notice on the wall…

PokéMole: Three contestants down already and looking at how they performed in the quizzes tells me I’m doing my job perfectly, since none even had me down as a suspect in the quizzes. 5 more episodes to go…

Absol: Hitmonlee is a very loud character, and I suspected that’s what I’d be looking for this year, although it’s a proven fact that the quieter PokéMole’s have been the most successful in the past.

Hitmonchan: I don’t like the way Nosepass had the correct answer and then got the question wrong.

Hitmonlee: I’m starting to move away from Togetic as my main suspect, since I’ve noticed that Nosepass is doing a lot of odd things…

Ivysaur: A few contestants were close to the correct answers today before getting the question wrong; all for me are suspects.

Lairon: Togetic seems too nervous to be the PokéMole but at times her body language says otherwise. She’s very nervous whenever she says anything, as if she’s worried about giving something away. Maybe she’s just spotted something none of us have?

Nosepass: Absol was nervous today when giving the first answer, which put the rest of us off a bit.

Togetic: I’m tired, I’m lonely and although I’ve seen something important I’m contemplating avoiding answering the questions about this contestant in the hope I’m right and can finally go home.

Day Eleven

Presenter: The dawn is breaking on another beautiful day, as the contestants make their way to the Battle Frontier harbour, where their loyalties and potential PokéMole skills are about to be put to the test like never before.

Presenter: Contestants, today’s challenge is called Ready, Aim, Liar and despite having a sinister sort of theme running through it, we’re going to try and have some fun today. We’ve constructed seven seats located twenty foot above the sea – one for each of you. We’re then going to ask you a question each, and it’s up to you to convince your opponents you know the answer to your question, regardless of whether you do or not. Lying, for choice of a better word. You’ll each be able to talk openly to each other after all seven questions have been asked and if you as a team can identify three liars we’ll add a staggering 25,000 to the prize fund. However, we have here a cheque for each one of you, to the tune of 1,000. Regardless of who leaves or stays, wins or loses, you will keep your cheque if after half an hour you remain on your seat above the sea. However, if anyone accuses you of lying you will be asked to answer your question – get it wrong and your seat may accidentally slip, get it right and your accusers seat will be the one slipping. For example, if Hitmonchan accuses Hitmonlee of lying and Hitmonlee is lying, Hitmonlee falls and loses his cheque, but you as a team go one step closer to winning 25,000. You’ll have to decide what means more to you – the 25,000 or 1,000. If you take to your seats, we can begin.

Presenter: If you’re a little confused, then don’t worry; you’re not the only one.

Presenter: Okay contestants, here are your questions: Absol, where is TM48 found in R/S/E? Hitmonchan, unlocking which Regi in R/S involves using Fly? Hitmonlee, which wild Pokémon rarely holds a Big Pearl? Ivysaur, what level is Steven’s Claydol? Lairon, which R/S badge increases the defense of your Pokémon? Nosepass, how many floors are there in the Sky Pillar? Togetic, blending a Qualot Berry gives you which grade Pokéblock? Your half an hour begins… now.

Hitmonlee: Does anybody think they know their answer? The questions all seem a bit complicated.

Togetic: Absol you’re a liar.

Presenter: We have an accusation. Absol, where is TM48 found in R/S/E?

Absol: Erm… the abandoned ship?

Presenter: And with that, Absol falls to the sea.

Presenter: One liar down, two to go. The answer was Mt. Pyre. Continue.

Hitmonlee: Why did you do that? Nobody had even commented on their question!

Togetic: I want this challenge over and done with.

Hitmonchan: You didn’t think about asking what other people wanted?

Hitmonlee: Why are you always so selfish Togetic?

Lairon: Togetic, you’re a liar.

Presenter: Togetic, blending a Qualot Berry gives you which grade Pokéblock?

Togetic: I don’t know…

Presenter: And with that, Togetic completes her fall from grace.

Presenter: The answer was grade B. One more liar for 25,000. Continue.

Ivysaur: What does matter to us more? The 25,000 or 1,000 each?

Nosepass: 25,000 is the most we could ever be given. We’ve got to go for it surely?

Hitmonlee: I agree. Who wants to fall?

Ivysaur: I will.

Hitmonlee: Ivysaur, you’re a liar.

Presenter: Ivysaur, what level is Steven’s Claydol?

Ivysaur: Luckily, I don’t have a clue.

Presenter: Splash and the challenge is complete.

Presenter: Well contestants, you had half an hour to complete the challenge, yet you took less than three minutes. You didn’t play the game as we intended, but you still passed, taking the prize fund to an amazing 110,000 – that’s more than any previous winner has ever managed to win. You last challenge before the next elimination will take place tomorrow in the Battle Palace. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Absol: Hitmonlee was very quick to take control today, but I really, really hate Togetic for dumping me like that.

Hitmonchan: Nosepass was very quick to convince us to take the money today, and I can’t imagine the PokéMole doing that if I’m honest.

Hitmonlee: Hitmonchan is quickly becoming my best friend in this show, and it struck me today that I’ve never thought about him possibly being the PokéMole.

Ivysaur: I feel so proud for sacrificing my personal money today for the team. If I can win this then it’ll benefit me more anyway.

Lairon: Togetic annoyed me so much today, which is why I snapped at her and dumped her out of the challenge straight away.

Nosepass: I was so annoyed with Togetic for dumping Absol straight away, since I didn’t get to watch her do anything.

Togetic: I want my mummy.

Day Twelve


Presenter: Welcome to the sleek, elegant building that is the Battle Palace, where today you’ll face possibly the biggest battling challenge we’ve ever set – before you each enter your own individual battle you’ll be hypnotised by a Hypno so that you have no control over the attacks you use. If 5 of you can defeat your randomly-allocated opponents then we’ll add 20,000 to the prize fund. If not, we won’t. Any questions?

Ivysaur: Can we leave Togetic hypnotised?

Presenter: Please head to the allocated waiting area then. We’ll be battling in alphabetical order, so Absol you’re up first. Good luck.

Presenter: Absol steps into the arena and is confronted with a Pupitar. Absol finds itself starting the battle off with Bite, whilst Pupitar uses Rock Slide. Absol responds with another Bite, whilst Pupitar tries an Earthquake, which Absol leaps over before using Slash, knocking out Pupitar. One-nil to the contestants.

Next up is Hitmonchan, who steps out against a Scyther. Scyther starts off quickly a Wing Attack, which hits Hitmonchan and does a lot of damage. Hitmonchan responds with an Ice Punch, which likewise deals a hefty punch. Scyther responds with a Quick Attack, whilst Hitmonchan finds itself using Revenge, which knocks out Scyther. Two-nil to the contestants.

Next up is Hitmonlee, who steps out against a Farfetch’d. Hitmonlee starts off with a Mega Kick whilst Farfetch’d tries a Peck that Hitmonlee is quick to dodge. Hitmonlee then finds himself using a Hi Jump Kick, which hits Farfetch’d and knocks it out. Three-nil to the contestants.

It’s now Ivysaur’s turn, who finds herself confronting a Wailmer. Ivysaur starts out by gathering light via the bulb on her back, whilst Wailmer uses Splash. Surplus to say, Ivysaur is completely unaffected. Ivysaur then releases the Solarbeam she’s been charging, which hits Wailmer and being super effective, knocks Wailmer out. Four-nil, and this is far, far too easy for my liking.

Next it’s Lairon’s turn. Lairon steps out and meets a Spoink. Lairon finds itself using Earthquake, which Spoink bounces over before using Psybeam, which Lairon swiftly dodges. Lairon then charges forwards with a Headbutt, which hits Spoink. Spoink is hurt but responds with a Psychic, which hits Lairon. Lairon uses Iron Tail, which Spoink dodges, before Spoink uses another Psybeam, which is also dodged. Lairon then finds itself using a Tackle, which hits and knocks out Spoink. Five-nil and the challenge is passed.

Presenter: Well, you all walked that didn’t you? The prize fund now lies at 130,000, which for the halfway point in the series is astonishing. However, celebrations cannot be the focal point right now – tonight, you’ll face your fourth elimination. I’ll see you there.


Presenter: The quiz has been completed by all seven remaining contestants, and for one, the journey is about to end. All contestants paid attention to the mass of letters hanging on the wall behind them during the completion of the quiz, under the title of “Spaghetti Junction”, but what does it mean?

Spaghetti Junction

Presenter: This is the halfway point of PokéMole Four – congratulations to all of you for getting this far, but only six of you can continue to the next stage of the journey. Good luck.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.