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Episode 8

Season Four
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Episode Eight

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.
Comments in Green are messages from the PokéMole’s own diary.

Presenter: Significance or no significance? Sabotage or double bluff? Clue or red herring? Fancy some answers?

Day Twenty-Two

Presenter: Hitmonlee. Ivysaur. Lairon. One of those three will be the winner. One will be the loser. One of them is the PokéMole. But who is who? Two challenges separate us from these happy answers.

Presenter: Hitmonlee, Ivysaur and Lairon. Congratulations on reaching the final of PokéMole Four. Today we’re going to be taking a quick trip down memory lane, by quizzing you over the events of the past three weeks, in the PokéMole Four challenge, which can win you up to 25,000 for the prize fund. You’re all going to be asked two questions about what’s happened to you during the last three weeks, and a collective three correct answers will win you the money. I’ll ask the questions to you as you are sat down, so Ivysaur we’ll begin with you. Ivysaur, who refused to jump in the opening challenge?

Ivysaur: That *?!%&£$ @#?! Togetic.

Presenter: Correct. Hitmonlee, whose name was entered first into the computer in the first ever elimination?

Hitmonlee: Well how the hell should I know? Erm, Hitmonchan?

Presenter: Incorrect, it was Absol. Lairon, on which day was the first PokéMole diary entry found?

Lairon: Erm, day six?

Presenter: Incorrect, it was day 5. Halfway through, and we only have one correct answer out of the three we need. Ivysaur, what was the name of the eleventh challenge completed?

Ivysaur: Oh for god’s sake… Sunken?

Presenter: Incorrect, it was Ready, Aim, Liar. Hitmonlee, the pressure is really on you now. How much money was won during Meal Or No Meal?

Hitmonlee: Ah, I won this so I know this one. 35,000.

Presenter: Correct. Lairon, get this one right and the money is yours. What score, out of forty, was achieved in The P Factor?

Lairon: … I’m afraid I don’t know.

Presenter: In which case the challenge is lost. The answer was sixteen, and your prize fund remains at 235,000. Your last challenge is going to take place tomorrow, and I’d like you to take a good sleep tonight and meet me nice and early tomorrow outside just outside the hotel. I’ll see you there.

Hitmonlee: Ivysaur or Lairon.

Ivysaur: Hitmonlee or Lairon.

Lairon: Hitmonlee or Ivysaur.

Day Twenty-Three

Presenter: The day of the final challenge has arrived. This will be the contestants’ last chances to confirm their suspicions to themselves before one of them will be declared the winner.

Presenter: Well contestants, welcome to what you may be relieved to know is your last challenge, called The Final Frontier, and it’s worth a staggering 50,000. Throughout the past three or so weeks, you’ve visited each of the seven Battle Frontier features, but now we’re going to ask you to visit them all once again – this time within two hours. Inside each of the seven places resides a Frontier Brain, who will present you with a riddle. All riddles have a one-word answer, and at the end, should you pass the challenge, you will be presented with a seven-word sentence, which will give you one final clue in working out the PokéMole’s identity. It’s a team exercise, and you may visit the places in any order, although I recommend you start with the Battle Palace, which is just over the road. Your two hours begin… now. Have fun.

Presenter: The contestants arrive at the Battle Palace and are faced with the Frontier Brain, Spenser, who asks them for “a relevant word hinting there is no more to come”. Hitmonlee quickly identifies the word as final. The words should, about, the, contestants, numbers and think. And all within the first eighty minutes. Boring details are unneeded. Easy money really.

Presenter: Well contestants, congratulations, that is it! You’ve completed all twenty-three challenges, and the final prize fund is frozen at 285,000 – I’m sure you’ll agree a truly sensational amount. If you’d like to return to the hotel and pack your bags, we are about to head to Ever Grande City, where the final will take place.

Hitmonlee: Lairon.

Ivysaur: Hitmonlee.

Lairon: Ivysaur.

Day Twenty-Four – The Final

Presenter: Hitmonlee. Ivysaur. Lairon. The final three contestants are all taking the final ten question quiz about the identity of the PokéMole. Fancy taking the view of the contestants? You don’t have a choice really. How much attention have you been paying?


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