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Episode 3

Season One
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Episode 3

Presenter: Geodude was offered an exception, but didn't take it. Then last episode, Geodude was eliminated. The clues are there; can you spot the Poke-Mole?


Presenter: The contestants have spent their first night in Mauville City. At breakfast they are told about their next challenge, which is a way should be all too familiar for them.

Presenter: Good morning team. Geodude sadly left us last night. Shortly after breakfast, you will have your next task. it is worth £10,000 to the money pot, and is your second battle of the series. Winning it, like you failed to do last time, will give you a total of £45,000. I'll see you there later.


Presenter: Hello again. I think you are all familiar with the rules of battling from Episode 1. Today will be exactly the same, only you will not be facing an Onix. Today you will be facing a Raichu. 5 of you must defeat the Raichu in order for you to win. Also today, you will be battling in alphabetical order, so that means Kecleon, is up first.

Presenter: Kecleon starts off with a Psybeam, whichs hits Raichu squarely in the chest. Raichu retaliates with a Quick Attack, but misses Kecleon. Kecleon blends in with it's background, and Raichu loses site of it. Kecleon charges up a Solarbeam secretly, and hits Raichu with it, knocking him out.

Then Natu steps up. He starts off with a Future Sight, quickly folowed by a Confuse Ray. The Confuse Ray however, has no effect on Raichu who uses Thunder Wave, which also has no effect. Raichu gears up for a Thunder, and sends it straight at Natu. The Thunder misses Natu by inches. Then the Future Sight hits Raichu, knocking him out. The team are doing very well.

Next up in Snorunt. Snorunt quickly uses Sheer Cold, which straight away knocks out Raichu. That was easy :P. 3 out of 3 for the team.

Staryu is next. It quickly starts of with Hail whereas Raichu uses Agility. Staryu uses a Blizzard, and freezes Raichu! Thats 4 out of 4 now! Only one more victory is needed to pass the challenge. Can Taillow do it?

Taillow uses Gust, whereas Raichu quickly uses Thundershock. It's super effective against Taillow and knocks him out.

If Vulpix can win, then £10,000 will be added to the money pot. Vulpix starts off with a Fire Spin, surrounding Raichu in fire. Raichu gets a burn from the fire, and Vulpix just uses a Fire Blast to defeat Raichu, and win the game.

Presenter: Well done team, you actually won this battle. The total in the money pot stands at £45,000. Please meet me here again tomorrow, where I will take you to your next task.

Zubat: Taillow was the only one who played and lost, so I'm a bit suspicious about that.

Natu: That Thunder attack only just missed me. That was pretty scary.


Presenter: The players were all told to assemble outside the gym. I meet them there, and take them to a Spanish- like Bull-fighting ring just outside of Mauville City. Here their next test awaits.

Presenter: Welcome to the Mauville Bull-Fighting Ring. Down there in the main stadium there are a herd of Tauros. You will be, as they do in Spain, bull fighting. You will earn £5,000 for the money pot if everybody has a go. All you have to do is take one charge from the Tauros, using the red sheet. Today we will going in reverse Alphabetical order. Zubat please follow me.

Presenter: Zubat is very nervous about the task, but she decides to have a go, and actually succeeds. Next up is Wobbuffet, but there is a offer in the making.

Presenter: Wobbuffet, if you refuse to do the task, then you will earn an exception.

Yeah, I'll take the exception.

Presenter: Are you sure?

Wobbuffet: Yeah.

Presenter: Wobbuffet chose the exception, and so the challenge is lost.

Presenter; Wobbuffet doesn't want to do it, which is fine. She did however, earn an exception. That means that the money pot still stands at £45,000. Please meet me at the corn fields, tomorrow night. 

Wobbuffet: After what happened to Geodude I took the exception while I could.

Zubat: After Wobbuffet took the exception, I've begun to get very suspicious of her.


Presenter: It's 8pm, and it's getting dark. The players assemble for what will be the last challenge to one of them.

Presenter: Welcome to today's task. In front of you is the biggest corn field in Hoenn. We have turned into a maze. I need you all to divide yourself's into 4 groups of 2.

Presenter: The groups are: Staryu and Wobbuffet, Zubat and Snorunt, Taillow and Natu and Kecleon and Vulpix.

Presenter: The idea of this game is for one player to get from one end of the Corn Field Maze, to the other side and the exit, without being tagged along the way by one of 2 guards patrolling the maze. The other player in the team gets an over-head view of the maze and has to direct their fellow player through the maze. If three of the teams can get through without getting caught, then £5,000 will be added to the money pot. Staryu you will directing first. Wobbuffet, you will be running first. Let's go.

Staryu: Go forward. Now turn right. Yeah. Left, LEFT. Forwards, forwards, STOP. There's a guard behind the hedge in front of you. Go left, slowly. NO TURN AROUND!

Presenter: But it's too late. The path Wobbuffet was taking led to the other guard patrolling, and Wobbuffet got tagged. Next up is Zubat and Snorunt. Snorunt is running, Zubat is directing.

Zubat: Go left. Left again. Next right, Now forwards. Forwards..... HE'S BEHIND YOU RUN!

Presenter: But yet again it's too late. Snorunt is tagged and the challenge is lost.

Presenter: It has not been a good 3 days has it team? The money pot still stands at £45,000. We will go back to the hotel and immediately take the quiz, where one of you will be leaving tonight.

Staryu: I can't believe myself. I didn't see that other guard coming.

Snorunt: It's so dark and really scary in there.


Presenter: On the wall at the elimination is the following note from the Poke-Mole:

oh yes oh yes
i will beat
you again! hey?
beware the tar!
you ask why?
HA HA HA! at the end you
will see who I - the Poke-Mole is.

Presenter: Welcome everyone, to the third elimination. As you can plainly see, the Poke-Mole has left a little messge for you on the wall. Anyway, you have all just taken the 10 question quiz about the identity of the Poke-Mole. Wobbuffet will not be leaving tonight, as he gained an exception. Lets do it.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.