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Episode 1

Season Five
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Episode 1

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Welcome to Sinnoh. Missed the game? I certainly have. PokéMole. The game of detective, trechery and a whole lot in between. After a two year absence, that Typhlosion bloke has now managed to fire out another series for us to play out, and it’s harder and fresher than ever before. The next two weeks of your life, start here.

Day 1

Presenter: On top of the freezing Mt. Coronet, ten Pokémon arrive together for the first time. Before we begin, let’s remind ourselves of the rules:

Ten Pokémon playing together, working together, to earn up to [p]500,000, to put into a pot. At the end of the game however, only one will win this money. Planted in these ten contestants is the PokéMole – a traitor, an insider, whose sole aim is to sabotage the group’s efforts to earn money. At the end of each episode, the contestants must take a test about the identity of the PokéMole. He or she who scores lowest is out of the game. Who can answer that question? Who is the PokéMole?

Presenter: Aipom, Arbok, Buneary, Kingler, Magmar, Mime Jr., Pikachu, Snover, Swellow and Toxicroak. Welcome to all of you, I hope you’ll enjoy participating in PokéMole 5. As per usual we’re going to dive straight into your first challenge, which is called Super Sky Dive. With this series of PokéMole being the hardest yet, you won’t be surprised to know that jumping out of a plane is not all that is needed to pass the opening challenge this year. If you’d all like to step this way, I’ll explain the rest when we reach our location – 20,000 feet above sea level.

Presenter: The contestants are all taken up in a helicopter and taken to a spot high above the hills near Eterna City. They’re all anxious to know exactly what this year’s challenge entails. That and why they’ve been given bright red balloons filled with green paint.

Presenter: Okay contestants, we’ve reached our starting point now, so I’m going to explain the rules. Spread across the floor of a field directly below us a target – you will know what I’m talking about when you descend below the clouds, it is impossible to miss. The target is divided into three zones, and all you have to do is release your balloon before your parachute opens and have it land on the target. Hitting the outer ring will add [p]500 to the prize fund, the inner ring [p]1,000 and the bullseye [p]2,000. You will have one shot each, thus dropping your balloon at any time, even by accident, will mean there is no other chance for you. Failure to release your balloon before your parachute opens will also nullify your chance. There is no penalty for missing the target, you simply won’t add to the prize fund. There is however a penalty for not jumping out of the plane. The challenge will not be automatically failed this year should a contestant refuse to jump – instead, [p]5,000 will be deducted from the prize fund. Those of you with a head for maths will therefore have, I’m sure, already concluded that this challenge is worth a maximum of [p]20,000 – achievable if all ten of you jump and manage to hit the bullseye on the target with your balloon. The helicopter will only remain airborne here for the next hour – there is no strict order in which you have to jump, and no individual time limit. However, any contestant remaining on the helicopter after the one hour period is up will be classed as having not jumped and be penalised accordingly. The time period will begin as soon as the first contestant who wishes to jump is positioned above the drop zone, located behind you. Who wishes to go first?

Kingler: I’m willing to give this thing a go.

Presenter: Okay Kingler, if you’d like to take your position above the drop zone, and we will start the challenge. You may jump from the plane whenever you feel ready after the airhorn sounds.

Presenter: The airhorn sounds and with it, the first PokéMole challenge of Series 5 begins. And Kingler, despite a distinctly nervous look spread across his face, throws himself out of the plane straight away. The others watch as Kingler plummets down towards the ground, and disappears below a sea of cloud. Kingler eventually throws his balloon towards the target, with his parachute opening seconds later. A short time after, a splash of green paint splatters the inner ring. That’s [p]1,000 in the prize fund. But only Kingler knows it. How will the following contestants fare when they see that Kingler has already hit the target? Will it spur them on, or make them feel like they have something to live up to? Only time will tell.

Presenter: I have been told Kingler has landed and so it is time for the second contestant to be selected. Who’s going to be next to jump?

Magmar: It’s a long way up so I’d like to get it over and done with now.

Presenter: Okay, then please take your position above the drop zone.

Presenter: Magmar looks a little queasy positioned above the drop, but after a minute staring downwards, he eventually leaves the plane. He eventually releases his balloon and watches as it speeds down towards the earth beneath him. A splat of green paint soon appears – two feet away from the outer ring. Magmar has missed and thus, no money is added to the prize fund for his throw. Importantly though, there’s no money lost.

Presenter: Magmar has landed, so that’s two down and eight to go. Who wants to be next to join them on the ground?

Snover: I think I’d like to get this done now.

Presenter: In which case you may take your position above the drop zone, Snover.

Presenter: Like Magmar, Snover initially hesitates upon seeing what the drop looks like from the top, but soon leaps from the plane. Snover cheers loudly as he falls to the ground, clearly enjoying the experience and soon releases his balloon. A short time later, a splatter of green paint appears in the inner ring. That’s another [p]1,000 for the prize fund, making [p]2,000 in total after only three jumps. A few direct hits, and the contestants could really make some good money today.

Presenter: Okay, that’s three contestants down and hopefully, seven more of you to go. By my watch you have forty-eight minutes left. Any volunteers?

Arbok: Yesssssss go on then.

Presenter: In which case you may take your position above the drop zone, Arbok.

Presenter: Arbok stands above the drop zone for a whole couple of minutes before eventually returning to the group.

Arbok: Sssssssorry guysssssss I can’t do it yet.

Presenter: Okay then, any other volunteers?

Toxicroak: I’ll go now.

Aipom: I’ll go now.

Toxicroak: I’d like to go now and get it done with.

Aipom: Me as well, I’ve been psyching myself up and I feel ready.

Toxicroak: Are you trying to put me off?

Aipom: I’m trying to earn some money while I feel psyched up.

Presenter: Well you can’t both jump at the same time so one of you is going to have to back down.

Aipom: Not me.

Toxicroak: Not me either.

Presenter: In which case Aipom shall go first based on alphabetical order.

Toxicroak: That’s ridiculous.

Aipom: The alphabet? No, it’s kind of important to our society.

Presenter: When the bickering with Toxicroak finally stops, Aipom jumps out of the plane and releases his balloon. A splatter of green paint soon appears – right in the bullseye! That’s [p] 2,000 added to the prize fund, making [p]4,000 in the total, and six jumpers still to go.

Presenter: Toxicroak, you may now perform the jump since Aipom has landed.

Toxicroak: He probably missed so I’ll now try and redeem us.

Presenter: Toxicroak immediately leaps out of the plane and soon releases his balloon. Within a minute another splatter of green paint appears in the bullseye! Another [p]2,000 for the prize fund, and just five more contestants left to jump as the clock ticks past the half hour mark.

Presenter: Who would like to go next?

Swellow: I’m fairly nervous but heights don’t really bother me being a bird, so I’ll go now.

Presenter: In which case you may take your position above the drop zone, Swellow.

Presenter: Swellow, unused to having a parachute to break her fall, eventually jumps from the plane and releases her balloon, causing a splat of green paint to appear in the inner ring, adding another [p]1,000 to the prize fund.

Presenter: Swellow has landed, leaving just you four. There’s twenty minutes left for you all to jump, or else you will all be penalised for not jumping. Who wants to go next?

Arbok: I think I’m ready to try again.

Presenter: In which case you may take your position above the drop zone yet again, Arbok.

Presenter: Arbok waits yet another minute staring over the drop zone, but this time eventually jumps out of the plane. She releases her balloon literally seconds before her parachute opens, but the splatter of green paint appears a good five or six metres away from the target. No money added this time, but only three contestants are left to jump in the remaining sixteen minutes.

Presenter: Okay, who is next?

Mime Jr.: I think *sniff* I should go next ;-;.

Presenter: In which case you may take your position above the drop zone, Mime Jr.

Presenter: Mime Jr. despite seeming terrified at the prospect of jumping, leaves the plane relatively quickly, but immediately starts crying her eyes out. It’s not hard to keep track of Mime Jr.’s flight – just follow the stream of water plummeting towards earth. I hope the contestants waiting on the ground have umbrellas… Mime Jr. surprises everyone by landing her balloon right on the bullseye! Another [p]2,000 for the prize fund, raising the total to [p]9,000. Just two more contestants to jump, and twelve minutes for them to do it in.

Presenter: Buneary and Pikachu, only you two remain. And I have a little proposition for both of you. If you both jump but do not release your balloon, no money will of course be won, however neither of you will be eliminated on Day 3 of the competition – in other words, both of you will receive an exemption to the next round of PokéMole 5. I do not need your answer yet; your decision will be obvious by the result of your jump. Who is going to be next to jump?

Buneary: Erm I think I might need to try now. I don’t want to let the team down.

Presenter: In which case you may take your position above the drop zone, Buneary.

Presenter: Buneary looks as terrified as anyone standing in front of the drop zone, but after a couple of minutes she leaps from the plane screaming. A few minutes later, a splash of green paint appears, again right on the bullseye. No thoughts of an exemption for Buneary it seems. Another [p]2,000 for the prize fund leaves a total of [p]11,000, with Pikachu yet to jump. But I’m already sensing one small issue – Pikachu is terrified of heights.

Presenter: Pikachu, you have four minutes in which to leave the plane. Would you like to take your position above the drop zone?

Pikachu: I can’t jump. I really can’t stand heights and I really can’t do this. I’m no more ready than I was nearly an hour ago.

Presenter: So you understand the implications of this? [p]5,000 will be deducted from the prize fund?

Pikachu: I understand that.

Presenter: In which case the challenge is over. Pilot, are you going to take us down now?

Pilot: The crew thought it would a good idea to see how well you’d score on the test.

Presenter: Haha, but that would involve me jumping out of the plane.

Pilot: That’s right.

Presenter: Get my lawyer on the phone.

Presenter: Missing the target by two whole fields is pretty respectable in my opinion.

Presenter: Okay, now we’re all assembled back on the ground, it’s time to summarise. [p]11,000 was gathered in money. However, Pikachu’s refusal to jump has deducted [p]5,000 from the prize fund. So after your first challenge of PokéMole 5, the prize fund rests at [p]6,000. We will now be heading to our hotel for the night, where you will find your new diaries for your immediate use. You can record your thoughts, feelings and suspicions in there. Have a nice night, I’ll see you tomorrow. Assuming I haven’t killed the production crew by then.

Aipom: I’ve waited two years for this moment and it’s so incredibly awesome. Who the hell does Toxicroak think he is though? Arrogant little Joe. Early suspicions… none really. I don’t think the PokéMole would be stupid enough to reveal themselves on Day One. Although maybe that’s what we’re supposed to think.

Arbok: That jump wasssssss ssssssscary. I think the delay ssssssshould have created enough sussssssspicion though. If everybody isssssss concentrated on me, I’ll have more of a chance finding the real PokéMole.

Buneary: Today was a very… intimidating challenge. With intimidating people. Oh dear :(

Kingler: I almost applied to do this purely for the Sky Dive. It’s something I’ve always fancied doing and I wasn’t disappointed. Early ideas about the PokéMole – Pikachu can’t be discounted having almost halved our prize fund.

Magmar: Pikachu looked genuinely scared of heights so I wasn’t too surprised by his refusal to jump. Although surely he knew the series would start like this?

Mime Jr.: Such a large drop for such a small Mimey. Wasn’t nice. Sniff. ;-;

Pikachu: I feel bad that I’ve let the group down but thankful we still earnt some money today. I might have jumped if it had been all or nothing money wise. I wasn’t too bothered about missing out on the exemption though. It’s too early to be worried about how close to the PokéMole I think I am or not.

Snover: A fairly good start, money in the prize fund. Early suspicions for the PokéMole – I was told by Pikachu that Arbok had a little stuttering going on up there, possibly to put people off?

Swellow: I think I’ll be unique in thinking this, but I suspect Kingler. All the production team were on the ground waiting for us, and he would have had a small amount of time all alone with them by jumping first. He was certainly very eager to do so. I decided to hang back a little bit to try and watch everybody for a short while.

Toxicroak: Suspicions are resting solely with Aipom right now. He’ll regret making me look stupid by pushing in front of me. I hope he is the PokéMole. Certainly annoying enough.

Day 2

Presenter: After eating breakfast, the contestants are taken to a disused warehouse on the outskirts of Eterna City.

Presenter: Welcome all; I trust you all had a pleasant sleep?

Toxicroak: Not quite, Aipom next door was snoring.

Aipom: I was doing an impression of you in retaliation for all the time your snoring kept me awake.

Presenter: … yeah, okay then. Well, today’s challenge is called With A Little Help From My Friends. Inside the warehouse behind me are ten specially constructed rooms. All the rooms are currently covered in complete darkness, but upon starting the challenge, one will be lit up. Your challenge will be passed if you can illuminate the ten neon lights located on the wall of every room. How you illuminate each light is for you to work out, but it shouldn’t be difficult for you to realise that means one light for each of you. If you can illuminate all ten lights within the next hour, then I’ll add [p]5,000 to the prize fund. You will have radio contact with each other at all times. You may all now enter the warehouse and choose any room you like – only one each though of course. Your time will begin as soon as the relevant room lights up. Have fun in there.

Presenter: The contestants will soon realise they cannot light their own room up – only the room of another contestant, meaning they will all have to work together to pass the challenge. Following the argument this morning, it doesn’t look very promising already. Anyway, the contestants all enter their rooms and once all the doors are locked, the challenge begins.

Mime Jr.: Light! It’s so bright ;-;

Snover: You have light, Mime Jr.?

Mime Jr.: Yeah my room just lit up… oh dear that means I’ve got to do something ;-;

Aipom: Oh stop crying snotbag, tell us what you see.

Mime Jr.: There’s a big diagram on the wall. It shows ten squares in a row and in the 7th square there’s an X near the bottom and an arrow pointing to the right with the number 2 next to it.

Snover: Okay, so I’d guess the X relates to the 7th room. Who’s in the 7th room. Hang on, that’s me isn’t it?

Arbok: No I wasssssss in the ssssssseventh room, I think.

Toxicroak: It doesn’t matter who’s in the 7th room. An arrow pointing to the right and the number 2 must mean the 9th room. So I think whoever’s in Room 9 has to move around to give everyone else light. Who’s in Room 9?

Magmar: Me.

Toxicroak: Move around a bit.

Magmar: I’m moving… nope, nothing happening. Is nobody else getting any light? No?

Aipom: Nice one Toxicroak…

Toxicroak: It might not happen immediately. Keep on moving around, maybe you have to charge a light up or something.

Presenter: Two minutes later and still nothing has happened, leading the contestants to conclude that is not the solution.

Mime Jr.: Oh no… it’s not working is it? Disaster ;-;

Magmar: I say we go with the original suggestion. Snover, you’re in Room 7 I think?

Snover: Yeah I think I am.

Magmar: Can you try moving? Maybe two steps to the right?

Presenter: Snover tries out Magmar’s suggestion and instantly upon standing on the spot two steps to the right of his starting position, his room is bathed in light.

Snover: That’s it, that’s it! I have another clue on the wall in front of me…

Presenter: As Snover moves forwards to read the message, the light goes out. The contestants soon realise that the criteria for lighting up the rooms must not only be fulfilled, but also kept up. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the criteria got trickier as the challenge progressed? Five minutes have already elapsed, and only two of the ten rooms are illuminated. It’s now up to Snover to decipher the clue on his wall.

Snover: Okay there are ten boxes on the wall like Mime Jr. had. There’s an X in the far left box and two arrows – one pointing upwards and one pointing downwards. Could whoever is in the first room trying jumping up and down?

Aipom: That’d be me. Jumping up and down now… and yes! I have light. Now the next clue… this is damn hard to read when jumping up and down… the second room?

Toxicroak: Which was me.

Aipom: Oh well this could take a while then. There’s an arrow going around the outside of the room. Think you can manage to run around the room?

Toxicroak: What, when it’s pitch black?

Aipom: Sounds good to me…

Presenter: Toxicroak quickly establishes the dimensions of the room but all the running is to no effect.

Toxicroak: This isn’t doing anything you stupid monkey.

Aipom: You are running clockwise right? The arrow is pointing clockwise.

Toxicroak: …

Presenter: Toxicroak changes direction and one lap later, the room illuminates. That’s four lit rooms, six to go and forty minutes to do it in.

Toxicroak: Room 9, whoever’s in there needs to do the same as me but anti-clockwise.

Magmar: Okay.

Presenter: Quickly worked out this time. They’re looking good for the money at this rate.

Magmar: Erm from what I can see it’s the sixth room. Who’s in the sixth room?

Arbok: Well sssssssince I wasssssssn’t in the ssssssseventh room I think I could be the sssssssixth.

Magmar: Right well there’s an equation on the wall. Let me see if I can make it out – ABCD… – 9, 12 and 10. Erm, what the hell?

Buneary: Erm, may I make a suggestion?

Magmar: Please do.

Buneary: ABCD could refer to the alphabet, and the numbers possibly letters to omit?

Presenter: After a couple of minutes spent getting her head across it, Arbok attempts her task.


Aipom: Yes we get the point Arbok.

Arbok: … TUVWXYZ.

Presenter: And with that Arbok’s room illuminates, leaving her with a short time to communicate with her teammates the clue to the next challenge.

Arbok: It looksssssss like the last room. Who’s there?

Pikachu: That’ll be meeeeeee… sorry, me.

Arbok: There’s an arrow pointing to the top right corner of your room. Could you walk over there?

Pikachu: Let’s have a look… OUCH. There’s some sort of platform here. I’m jumping onto it. Okay, here we go, the next clue. Room 4 and there’s a picture of a… Bidoof?

Swellow: A Bidoof?

Presenter: And upon saying the word “Bidoof”, Swellow’s room also lights up. That was suspiciously easy.

Swellow: On my wall there’s… oh it’s gone dark again, Bidoof… a cross in the 5th room which was you Kingler I think? Bidoof… it says “Complete the 8th task”. But I just did? Well that’s stupid. Bidoof.

Kingler: Complete the 8th task? Very confusing I agree.

Presenter: Five more minutes elapse until Kingler has a very good idea.

Kingler: Bidoof Bidoof. That’s done it! I’m lit up!

Swellow: What? I don’t get that?

Kingler: Bidoof’s come in twos, right?

Presenter: Oh come on, that was clever.

Kingler: Bidoof Bidoof. One more room, obviously it’s you Buneary in the 8th room. And a single instruction… Bidoof Bidoof… you have to sing… “What do you do with a B.A. in English?”

Aipom: What’s a B.A. in English?

Kingler: No idea.

Buneary: Well I know the words but I’m not really a singer… I hate my singing voice.

Aipom: For heavens sake, just do it.

Buneary: Ahem… What do you do with a B.A. in English, what is my life going to be? Four years of college and plenty of knowledge have earned me this useless degree…

Presenter: And with that, Buneary’s room lights up and all the doors unlock. The challenge has been completed.

Presenter: Well contestants, very impressive. Seventeen minutes left on the clock and you’ve all managed to light up your cells. As promised, [p]5,000 is going into the prize fund, taking you to [p] 11,000 in total – not bad for a few days work I’m sure you’ll agree. We’re going to take you back to your hotel now, but your final challenge before the first elimination will take place tomorrow afternoon in the Eterna City Gym. I look forward to seeing you there.

Aipom: Naturally a lot of suspicion following Toxicroak getting part of the challenge completely wrong. That delay could have cost us the challenge. I’m not sure that means he’s the PokéMole though. He’s probably just naturally incompetent.

Arbok: Another little delay today hopefully created a little more sussssssspicion. Early candidates for the PokéMole – Mime Jr. and Buneary. I can’t help but imagine they’re both hiding sssssssomething.

Buneary: I can’t believe I had to sing in front of everybody :( Aipom was very forceful to me. I don’t like him.

Kingler: An interesting but enjoyable challenge today. It was clever the way they made us all work together so early on in our adventure together. My main early suspect is probably still Pikachu, although I can’t ignore the way Toxicroak made such a hash of the start of the challenge today.

Magmar: A lot of contestants were very quiet today. Were they trying to help by not distracting people, or was there some attempt at not helping?

Mime Jr.: Such a lot of responsibility for such a young Mimey. Wasn’t nice. Sniff ;-;

Pikachu: Today was interesting for a number of reasons. The way we were all separated meant we had to focus solely on how people spoke and contributed to the group, rather than body language. I have some suspects based on instinct rather than proof. Something points me towards Buneary – I think she’s the sort of the character I secretly thought they might have the PokéMole be this year. I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something not right about Kingler either – he seems a little secretive. Plus Swellow apparently hates the dark, but there was no sign of that today.

Snover: I don’t think there’s too much to go off about who the PokéMole is just yet. I’d be very surprised if they’d done nothing by the end of tomorrow, but I’d imagine a very subtle start. At the moment I’m going to have to go with my initial gut instinct of Arbok, who spent a long time deciphering her clue today.

Swellow: I hate the dark but I think being flooded with it helped me a lot today. Could Bidoof be a clue somehow?

Toxicroak: I don’t think Aipom is the PokéMole. Following his little stunt today – trying to make me look stupid – I don’t think he’s clever enough.

Day 3

Presenter: I feel like a battle, don’t you?

Presenter: Here we are in the Eterna City Gym, where your last challenge with all ten of you present will take place. Tonight you will all have to take the first quiz of the series, relating to the identity of the PokéMole. Whichever one of you scores the lowest will be leaving the competition tonight, so first impressions and good initial instincts are absolutely key, and now is your last chance to gain those. The challenge is simple – one by one you must battle a Turtwig, and if just six of you win your battle, you’ll win [p]10,000 for the prize fund. You’ll be able to watch a video of all the battles over dinner tonight, but for now you’ll all battle without knowing how anyone else has done. We’ll do this in alphabetical order so Aipom, you’re up first. Good luck.

Presenter: Aipom takes to the arena and the battle begins. Aipom dives straight in with a strong Swift attack, which briefly dazes Turtwig, but who then quickly responds with a Tackle. Aipom takes the hit directly but doesn’t seem fazed, and quickly attempts to use Scratch. Turtwig shows a great turn of speed to dodge the attack and throws a barrage of Razor Leaf at Aipom. The attack does the trick and Aipom is knocked out. Not the start the contestants would have been looking for.

Arbok is next to face Turtwig. Turtwig makes the first move this time, using Razor Leaf again. The attack hits Arbok, but Arbok quickly bursts through the leaves and uses Bite on Turtwig. Turtwig seems hurt but tries to respond with a Mega Drain, but Arbok uses Fire Fang, knocking out Turtwig. That wasn’t so difficult. A first victory for the contestants.

Next up is Buneary. Turtwig starts the battle once again, attempting to use Bite. Buneary quickly jumps out of the way and uses Ice Beam, knocking Turtwig out. Okay, that was just ridiculous.

Next up is Kingler. Both Pokémon attempt an attack simultaneously – Kingler dives in with an attempted Vicegrip whilst Turtwig uses Mega Drain. While the Mega Drain visibly damages Kingler, he still manages to get a strong grip on Turtwig. Turtwig responds by Biting into the body of Kingler upon being released from the claw, but a strong Metal Claw attack is enough dispose of Turtwig yet again. That’s a third victory for the contestants – three more in the next six battles will earn them a victory.

It’s now Magmar’s turn. Magmar starts off the battle with Ember, which lands a direct hit on Turtwig, who somehow comes out still fighting. Turtwig uses Mega Drain, which upon hitting Magmar, starts to restore some health to the visibly shaken Turtwig. Magmar attempts to use another Ember, but a prepared Turtwig this time dodges and uses Tackle on Magmar. Magmar however is quick to Fire Punch Turtwig back, causing a knock out. Another point for the contestants; it’s starting to look very good.

Now it’s the turn of Mime Jr. Mime Jr. steps onto the battlefield and Turtwig immediately starts the battle with a Tackle attack. Mime Jr. is visibly distraught at being attacked and starts to cry. Turtwig senses blood and strikes with another Tackle, only to be greeted by a powerful, instinctive Confusion attack from Mime Jr. Turtwig, left confused from the hit, ends up running into the nearest wall, knocking itself out. Mime Jr. at the sight of Turtwig lying motionless on the ground, cries even harder.

If Pikachu can win the battle then the challenge is won. Turtwig starts the battle with a Razor Leaf attack, while Pikachu dodges and tries to use Iron Tail. Turtwig in turn dodges the attack and launches another Razor Leaf attack that hits Pikachu squarely on the front. Turtwig follows this up with a Bite, which knocks Pikachu out. Three more contestants are left to battle Turtwig, with the contestants still needing just one more victory.

Next up is Snover. Turtwig once again starts the battle off by using Razor Leaf, which hits Snover and appears to cause quite a lot of damage. Snover, undeterred, fights on by creating a powerful Powder Snow attack, which hits Turtwig and also appears to cause a lot of damage. Turtwig retaliates with a Mega Drain attack which drains a lot of Snover’s remaining energy. Snover looks exhausted but manages to conjure up another Powder Snow attack, which knocks out Turtwig. That’s a sixth win for the contestants, meaning the challenge is now passed. Not that Swellow or Toxicroak know it.

Now it’s Swellow’s turn. Turtwig starts the battle by using a strong Tackle on Swellow, but Swellow is quickly on the move and doesn’t take too much damage from the attack. Swellow doubles back on Turtwig and uses Gust. Turtwig takes a lot of damage from the attack and a quick Aerial Ace is enough to knock out Turtwig.

Lastly it’s Toxicroak’s turn to face Turtwig. Toxicroak uses Poison Jab which appears to cause a lot of damage, but Turtwig quickly responds with a Tackle. Toxicroak uses Revenge which causes a lot more damage, and despite an attempt of another Razor Leaf attack from Turtwig, another Poison Jab from Toxicroak is enough to knock out Turtwig. The contestants have won eight of the ten battles, and so the challenge is passed.

Presenter: Well contestants, with only Aipom and Pikachu failing to win their battle, eight of you defeated Turtwig and so the challenge is passed. The prize fund now lies at [p]21,000. And for one of you, that was the last piece of action in your game. I hope you all have a pleasant afternoon together, because tonight, the serious business begins.


Presenter: Following dinner, all ten contestants take a quiz about the identity of the PokéMole, and for the first time ever on PokéMole, you can now take this quiz as well. You will receive your scores for each episodic quiz upon completing the final quiz in Episode 8. Can you get the most questions correct throughout the series?


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