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Episode 2

Season Five
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Episode 2

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.
Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Magmar was the first casualty of the series. Unfortunately, there’s going to be another 6 of those before we reach our finale. One more will follow today. Will it be your early suspect?

Day 4

Presenter: Following Magmar’s departure, the remaining nine have travelled south to Oreburgh City, where they meet up in the hotel lobby for their next challenge.

Presenter: Hello contestants, minus Magmar. How did we all find the first elimination?

Toxicroak: Terrible.

Aipom: A shame.

Presenter: Erm, why’s that?

Toxicroak: Aipom didn’t leave.

Aipom: Toxicroak didn’t leave.

Presenter: I’m sorry I asked…

Toxicroak: Oh don’t be, I’m sure Aipom will be leaving soon enough.

Aipom: I wouldn’t count on -

Presenter: - Your fourth challenge, whether you like it or not, is now about to begin, and it’s called What’s In A Word? It’s your first mental challenge and it’s very, very simple. You’ll all be given a meaning and a list of three words – all you have to do is tell me which word matches the given meaning. During Episode 1 you earnt [p]21,000 for the prize fund, and if six of you can give me a correct answer, you’ll earn another [p]10,000 for the prize fund. You won’t find out who gets their answer correct however, so you’ll all need to concentrate on everyone else’s question if you wish to try and work out how the challenge is actually going. I’ll be asking the questions in the order you’ve sat down in front of me going from left to right, so Toxicroak we’ll be starting with you.

Toxicroak: Fine by me. I’ll get us off to a flyer.

Aipom: Or a stinker.

Presenter: Shut up. Toxicroak, your definition: “occurring in a random pattern”. Is the word “Stochastic”, “Submontane” or “Ungulate”?

Toxicroak: Who. On. Earth. Would. Know. That.

Aipom: Not you then?

Toxicroak: I’ll say Submontane.

Presenter: Okay, Submontane is your answer. Snover, you turn now, and your definition is “in the same place”. Is the word “Emeritus”, “Ibidem” or “Macilent”?

Snover: I will say… erm, Emeritus?

Presenter: Emeritus is your answer. Swellow, your definition is “the worship of words”. Is the word “Epeolatry”, “Gallimaufry” or “Pogonotrophy”?

Swellow: I will say… Epeolatry.

Presenter: Epeolatry is your answer. Mime Jr., your definition is “fear of the number 13”.

Mime Jr.: F-f-f-fear? ;-;

Presenter: Is the word “Nelophobia”, “Russophobia” or “Triskaidekaphobia”?

Mime Jr.: All such long and scary words for such a small and timid Mimey ;-;. Triskedalopkalamoopphobia?

Presenter: Do you mean Triskaidekaphobia?

Mime Jr.: Yeah that one.

Presenter: Okay, that’s your answer. Arbok, your definition is “a type of woodpecker”. Is the word “Haggard”, “Jackalope” or “Yaffle”?

Arbok: I have no idea ssssssso I’ll sssssssay the firssssssst one.

Presenter: Okay, Haggard is your answer. Four more of you to go now, starting with you Pikachu.

Pikachu: How come you’re using words that Einstein probably invented and never told anyone else about?

Presenter: Your definition is “the bringing together of two opposites”. Is the word “Metaphor”, “Oxymoron” or “Simile”?

Pikachu: … that’s easy. Oxymoron.

Presenter: Oxymoron is your answer. Buneary, your definition is “a festive occasion”. Is the word “Circinus”, “Wassail” or “Wolkenband”?

Buneary: Me? Erm, oh I don’t know. Wolkenband? :(

Presenter: Wolkenband is your answer. Kingler, we come to you now. Your definition is “a meat-salad dish”. But is the word “Salmagundi”, “Scofflaw” or “Simoleon”?

Kingler: I would say… salmagundi?

Presenter: Salmagundi is your answer. Aipom, you are the last but certainly not least.

Toxicroak: Depends on your point of view…

Presenter: Your definition is “bacteria found in moist places”. Is the word “Eagre”, “Jocund” or “Nostoc”?

Aipom: I’ll go for… Eagre.

Presenter: Eagre is your answer, and with that the challenge is over. As you might remember contestants, you needed 6 correct answers out of 9 in order to add [p]10,000 to the prize fund. I can tell you now that you got… 4 correct answers. That’s a good effort but it just ain’t good enough in the end. The prize fund remains at [p]21,000 for today. Your fifth challenge will take place tomorrow morning in the Oreburgh Gym. I shall see you there.

Aipom: For somebody who seemed so confident and cocky at the start, Toxicroak really looked stupid today. Pikachu definitely seemed to get the easiest question today.

Arbok: I know Mime Jr. got her question correct but apart from that it wasssssss hard to work out who got what right today.

Buneary: Why would I know anything about festive occasions that aren't Christmas? :( Not nice.

Kingler: Pikachu did nothing of obvious suspicion today. Aipom a possible target though – I’m assuming the PokéMole would have known the answers today, and being the last contestant would place him in a perfect position to sabotage the challenge.

Mime Jr.: A lot of big words today. Too many big words for such a little Mimey to keep up… There was something suspicious about Buneary’s body language today Mimey thinks. Mimey doesn’t know what though…

Pikachu: The first thing I’m doing when I get home is buying a dictionary.

Snover: It was hard to work out who got their question correct today and who got it wrong. Today would probably have been very easy for the PokéMole to sabotage.

Swellow: None of us could work out any of the answers today so I can’t really make any more statements about who I think the PokéMole is. I’m not sure I got my question right though. Complete guess.

Toxicroak: Aipom put me off today. Not that I’d have known the answer anyway. I couldn’t let him know that though. Suspects to look out for: everyone.

Day 5

Presenter: The fifth day of PokéMole 5 begins. How terribly enthralling.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, and welcome to the Oreburgh City Gym. Many a fantastic battle has taken place in this building over the years, but you are not here to battle. The name of today’s challenge is Direct Me. First of all, I need you select one contestant who is the weakest and who will more than likely hinder you in your challenge today. You have fifteen seconds.

Presenter: The contestants quickly decide on Mime Jr., causing poor Mimey to burst into tears.

Presenter: Okay, Mime Jr. you have been voted as the weakest member of the team. Therefore, the other eight contestants have decided you’re not to take part in today’s challenge. However, being the weakest contestant we feel you might need a little help, therefore for being voted the weakest contestant, you will be exempt from tomorrow’s elimination.

Toxicroak: What?

Aipom: What?

Mime Jr.: What? ;-;

Presenter: Mime Jr. will not be taking part in the second quiz or elimination. Anyway, moving onto today’s challenge. I need the remaining eight of you now to split up into four groups of two. You have fifteen seconds.

Presenter: The groups are Aipom and Arbok, Buneary and Snover, Kingler and Toxicroak and Pikachu and Swellow.

Presenter: Now as I’m sure you’re aware, the Oreburgh Gym has two routes running through it. The ground floor, and above us, a platform leading directly to the battlefield. Your task is now very simple… in theory. To pass the challenge and earn [p]10,000 for the prize fund, three out of four of you – one from each group – must travel from the start of the upper platform and reach the end without falling off. There is of course, a twist. The four contestants attempting to travel across the platform must do so blindfolded, and will be guided solely by the words of their partner, who will be standing down here below them. There is no time limit; simply, three of you must reach the end without falling off to pass the challenge. To keep Health and Safety happy, we’ve apparently got to put safety nets up, which is totally spoil-sportish but necessary I’m afraid. Which four of you are going to be doing the walking?

Aipom: Me.

Snover: Me.

Toxicroak: Me.

Pikachu: And me.

Presenter: Good luck then. If you four would like to proceed to the starting point over there, the challenge can begin.

Presenter: First to take on the platform is Aipom.

Arbok: You’ve got a long platform ssssssstraight ahead of you. Edge along it ssssssslowly. One ssssssstep at a time.

Aipom: Ahhh!

Presenter: Aipom wobbles dangerously on the edge of the platform but quickly regains his balance.

Arbok: Pay attention thisssssss time. Sssssssmall ssssssstepsssssss forward until I sssssssay ssssssstop. Keep going. Okay now ssssssstop. SSSSSSSTOP!

Aipom: Stopped!

Arbok: Do a right angle turn to the right. No you’re facing a little too much to the right. Left a bit… that’sssssss perfect. Now sssssssmall ssssssstepsssssss forward again. Only a ssssssshort dissssssstance thisssssss time. Keep going. That’sssssss it. Now ssssssstop. Another right angle turn but to the left thisssssss time. That’sssssss it. Ssssssstraight ahead now. Keep going. Ssssssslowly. And that’sssssss it. You’re there.

Presenter: A great start with Aipom completing the task. Next it’s Snover’s turn, with Buneary guiding him.

Buneary: You’ve got a straight platform ahead of you so just keep walking forwards. Erm, err, slowly, yeah. Just keep going. Right.

Snover: Right?

Buneary: No not right right, right. Erm... go straight ahead.

Snover: Straight ahead?

Buneary: Erm yeah I think so.

Snover: … you think so?

Buneary: Yeah erm, that’s right, turn right, I mean, yeah.

Snover: Turn right?

Presenter: And just halfway along the first leg of the platform, Snover falls off. The contestants now have no more room for error. Toxicroak is the next to attempt to travel the platform, with Kingler guiding him.

Kingler: Okay Toxicroak, you’ve got a straight walk first of all. Small steps forwards, one at a time… stop a second. Turn yourself to the left a little bit… that’s better. One front in front of the other, make sure you can feel the platform beneath you. That’s great. Now stop for me. Two more small shuffles forwards.

Toxicroak: Why?

Kingler: It changes direction now. Turn to the right. That’s it. Now a small step forward… yeah, that’s the right direction. Keep going. Slowly does it. One more step. Now turn to the left, we’re going back in the same direction as before. That’s it. One step at a time.

Presenter: Toxicroak also reaches the end of the platform intact, much to the annoyance of Aipom. The challenge now rests on Swellow guiding Pikachu safely across the platform.

Pikachu: I’ve changed my mind. I don’t like heights. Not that I can see them, mind.

Swellow: Okay go straight ahead. No, slow down! That’s it. Stop for a second. Face a little to the right. Now go forwards slowly. That’s it, keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Now stop. Turn to the right and go straight ahead.

Presenter: Pikachu, having stopped just before the turn in the platform, steps out into thin air. Surprisingly, he falls.

Presenter: Well contestants, only Aipom –

Aipom: Ha!

Presenter: - and Toxicroak –

Toxicroak: Ha!

Presenter: - managed to cross the platform without falling off, therefore the challenge is lost, and the prize fund still rests at [p]21,000. It looks like the PokéMole was the one in the balance today, and to be honest, you all need to improve your teamwork and communication tenfold, or else the PokéMole is going to win game after game after game. Your last challenge before the second elimination will take place tomorrow, and will all learn relevant details as and when. I shall see you then.

Aipom: I was so annoyed when I heard Toxicroak had managed to complete the challenge as well. It would have been so sweet if he hadn’t. He really grates me, such a sly little barstool. And what about Mime Jr. being given an exemption just for being a weak little thing? How ridiculous.

Arbok: I felt proud to have sssssssuccesssssssfully guided Aipom acrosssssss the platform today. It wasssssss a tricky challenge and although I’m sssssssure he didn’t follow sssssssome of my inssssssstructionsssssss exactly, I don’t think it was anything ssssssspecial.

Buneary: I got very confused today. And I bet Snover blames me for messing the challenge up. Oh dear : (

Kingler: Toxicroak almost skipped through the challenge today at times. He seemed a little eager to get on with it, so I do wonder if he was almost too desperate to do well. Hiding something?

Mime Jr.: Mimey is happy at missing out today. Such a big challenge for such a small Mimey ;-;

Pikachu: The drop wasn’t terribly big so I don’t know why I felt so scared up there. Possibly the insecurity of not knowing what was in front of you. I do wonder why Swellow told me to stop a good foot or so before the platform ended. Very suspicious.

Snover: Buneary was very confusing today and as such has to go down as a prime suspect for the PokéMole. Not so happy about Mime Jr. being given an exemption – she didn’t exactly have to do anything for it.

Swellow: I think Pikachu was rushing around far too quickly across those platforms, when it was fairly obvious a slower approach was needed.

Toxicroak: I hate Aipom. How on earth did he manage to complete the challenge as well? I’d have preferred to have passed the challenge of course, but that was the one positive that could have come from not passing the challenge.

Day 6

Presenter: It’s the early hours of the morning and all contestants are asleep in their hotel rooms. Mime Jr. however, is about to be given a wake up call.

Mime Jr.: Why have you woken Mimey up? Mimey needs sleep ;-;

Presenter: As you may remember, you were voted to be the weakest contestant yesterday, which not only guaranteed you a place in the next round, but actually ensured that you would be given a chance to prove them wrong. I make it a matter of seconds until 5am, which means it is in fact Day 6 now, and your challenge for today is actually about to begin, and it’s called Deception. It’s a rather unique challenge but the basis for it is very simple. As Kingler and Snover both correctly pointed out over dinner last night, none of your rooms tonight have had a clock in them. It is your job now to go into each contestant’s room and persuade them that it is now midday. To make this slightly easier for you, we have rigged artificial lighting outside each contestant’s window to make it look like it is actually midday. However, it will only be turned on if you can say out loud when in each room, a type of food beginning with the same letter as the contestant whose room you are in. This challenge is worth [p]10,000 to the prize fund, and will only be passed if all nine of you are present downstairs at 6am… or should I say at 12 noon? Good luck Mime Jr.

Presenter: Mime Jr. leaves her room and proceeds to the first door, knocking and entering.

Mime Jr.: Hello?

Snover: … hi?

Mime Jr.: It’s midday, we’re all due downstairs.

Snover: How can it be midday? It’s dark outside.

Mime Jr.: Oh erm… sausages.

Presenter: And with that, the light outside Snover’s room pops on, giving the impression of sunlight. It’s a good job the hotel isn’t in Manchester; nobody would ever believe it.

Snover: What?

Mime Jr.: It is light outside… see?

Snover: Oh… wow, can’t believe I’ve overslept so much. Thanks for the wake up call.

Presenter: A good start for Mime Jr., but there’s still seven more contestants to get downstairs and 55 minutes to do it in. Time for the next room.

Mime Jr.: Hello?

Kingler: Errrrrrr what?

Mime Jr.: We’ve got to meet downstairs, it’s midday already.

Kingler: How can it be midday?

Mime Jr.: Curry, erm no I mean erm… Kinder Surprise? No? Oh dear ;-;

Kingler: Have you been having nightmares?

Mime Jr.: No, we have to meet downstairs now ;-;

Kingler: Have you been offered another exemption to do this or something? Leave me alone.

Presenter: Well that wasn’t so good. Mime Jr. decides to leave Kingler for now and try the next room.

Mime Jr.: Hello? Aipom?

Aipom: What? What? What’s going on?

Mime Jr.: We’ve got to meet downstairs. It’s midday already. Look outside. Apples.

Aipom: What? There are no apples outside you silly girl. Does look pretty light though. Nice day for it.

Presenter: Better. Next is Pikachu.

Mime Jr.: Hello?

Pikachu: No… put me back in the Pokéball… I don’t like you, silly Pallet Town boy. Send me back to Oak…

Mime Jr.: Wake up ;-;

Pikachu: Wassup Mimey?

Mime Jr.: You’ve overslept. You missed the pancakes for breakfast. It’s midday, we’ve got to meet up downstairs.

Pikachu: Oh, sure thing.

Presenter: That’s Snover, Aipom and Pikachu downstairs now. Four more to go, including Kingler.

Arbok: Sssssssnore.

Mime Jr.: Arbok? Wake up. Apples.

Arbok: Sssssssnore. Arbok no want apples.

Mime Jr.: Wake up Arbok, it’s midday, we’ve got to meet downstairs ;-;

Arbok: Huh, what? Oh okay then.

Presenter: Next up is Buneary.

Mime Jr.: Hello? Buneary? Wake up… bananas.

Buneary: Bananas? Oh erm, that’s erm, interesting. Please leave me alone.

Mime Jr.: We’ve got to meet downstairs. It’s midday.

Buneary: Oh erm, are you sure? Okay.

Presenter: Swellow now.

Mime Jr.: Hello?

Swellow: Oh, is it not just me who can’t sleep?

Mime Jr.: It’s erm salmon. No I mean it’s midday. See, it’s light outside. We’ve been told to meet downstairs.

Swellow: Oh okay. Be down in a second.

Presenter: Now just Toxicroak and Kingler to go. And just twenty-five minutes to do it in. If Toxicroak doesn’t believe Mime Jr. then this could get pretty tricky.

Mime Jr.: Toxicroak? We’ve got to meet downstairs –

Toxicroak: Okay.

Mime Jr.: - it’s midday. And erm toffee?… hang on, did you just say okay?

Toxicroak: Yeah. Why are you talking about toffee? Oh, I didn’t notice how light it was. See you down there.

Presenter: Forget that then. But Kingler still might take some shifting.

Mime Jr.: Kingler?

Kingler: Oh not again…

Mime Jr.: I know! Kippers!

Kingler: What are you on about?

Mime Jr.: Mimey is sorry ;-;

Kingler: Oh, it’s light outside, maybe I overslept. What time is it?

Mime Jr.: Midday, as I tried telling you before.

Kingler: So if you tried telling me that before, how can it still be midday now?

Mime Jr.: Mimey doesn’t know ;-;

Kingler: … okay then. Let’s just go downstairs.

Presenter: Yes. Let’s.

Presenter: Good morning contestants. Or should that be good afternoon? You see, I make it nearly 5.40am. Mime Jr. here was told if she could persuade you all to meet down here before 6am, under the impression that it was midday, you would pass today’s challenge. Well congratulations to Mime Jr., you’re all down here, so that’s [p] 10,000 added to the prize fund, which at the end of Episode 2 will be [p]31,000. I hope you’re not all completely awake now, because you can all go back to bed and spend the rest of the day preparing for tonight’s elimination. Good night. Or morning, rather.



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