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Episode 3

Season Five
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Episode 3

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Swellow seemed confident enough, but ultimately the PokéMole was just that one step ahead of her. Now there’s eight left and the honeymoon period of the game is over. There’s a traitor to be found and the game is starting to crank up a notch. Who is that PokéMole?

Day 7

Presenter: As the contestants approach the end of their first week in the game, they’re transported to Hearthome City and meet me in the hotel lobby the morning after Swellow’s departure. Time for some fun.

Presenter: Hello contestants, minus Swellow. We’re going to jump straight into your 7th challenge today, and it’s called In The Roll Of A Die. In a moment you will all, one by one, be asked to choose an envelope – red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black or white. Inside each envelope is a choice of challenge – one easier than the other. Which challenge you will compete in will be determined, as the challenge suggests, in the roll of a die. Rolling a 1, 2 or 3 will give you the easier challenge, while a 4, 5 or 6 will leave you with a harder challenge. 6 of you need to complete your challenges in order to pass the challenge, and it’s worth a huge [p]20,000 to your prize fund. One of the envelopes is slightly different however. It contains all of the other seven challenges, which that contestant must complete to have passed. This challenge will be done in isolation – you will not know how your fellow contestants have done until the end of the challenge. You’ll be picking your challenges in alphabetical order, so if you’d all like to go and wait in the neighbouring room, Aipom will be called back in just a couple of minutes.

Presenter: The contestants move into a small, dusty room, with six clocks hanging on the wall, as shown by clicking here. They have all stopped.

Presenter: Okay Aipom, you’re the first to choose. Firstly I’d like you to choose an envelope.

Aipom: Toxicroak was speaking about picking the blue envelope, so I’ll go with that.

Presenter: The blue envelope it is. Before looking inside, please roll this die and we’ll see whether you’ll be going for the easy or not so easy challenge.

Presenter: Aipom rolls the die and rolls a 3.

Presenter: Aipom, you’ve rolled a 3 which means you’ll have to complete the easy version of whatever is in this envelope. Let’s open it and see… 1/2/3: Tackle a can. 4/5/6: Tackle a wall. So by rolling a 3, your challenge is to tackle a can. Off you go.

Presenter: Next to the table is Arbok.

Presenter: Arbok, please pick an envelope.

Arbok: I think I’ll go with the purple envelope.

Presenter: And now roll the die please.

Presenter: Arbok manages to hit the die, which rolls and again lands on a 3.

Presenter: Arbok, you’ve rolled a 3 which means you’ll have to complete the easy version of whatever is in this envelope. Let’s open it and see… 1/2/3: Build a sandcastle. 4/5/6: Be buried up to your head in sand for two hours.

Arbok: How the hell do you expect me to be able to build a sssssssandcassssssstle?

Presenter: Not our problem.

Presenter: Next to the table is Buneary.

Presenter: Okay Buneary, please pick an envelope.

Buneary: I think I’ll have the green one… no wait the black one… or maybe the white one. Erm, I don’t know…

Presenter: I’ll just take your first choice and we’ll have the green envelope. Now time to roll the die.

Presenter: Buneary rolls the die and rolls a 6.

Presenter: It’s a 6, so let’s open up the green envelope and see what you have to do… 1/2/3: Put new batteries in the clocks in the next room. 4/5/6: Climb up the church tower in town and ring the bells. Looks like you’ve got a bit of climbing to do, Buneary.

Buneary: Oh right… oh dear :(

Presenter: Next to the table is Kingler.

Presenter: Firstly Kingler, I need you to pick an envelope.

Kingler: I’ll have the red one.

Presenter: And now, roll the die.

Presenter: Kingler rolls a 4.

Presenter: Oh dear, it’s a 4. Let’s look in the red envelope: 1/2/3: Take a stroll around Amity Square. 4/5/6: Spend ten minutes running around Amity Square, singing none stop. Off you go.

Presenter: Next to the table is Mime Jr.

Presenter: Mime Jr., please choose an envelope.

Mime Jr.: I think I’ll have the black one… although it’s a scary colour for such a little Mimey ;-;

Presenter: And now roll the die.

Presenter: The die lands on a 1.

Presenter: A nice challenge for you then Mime Jr. Let’s open the black envelope: 1/2/3: Eat a plate of nice tasting berries. 4/5/6: Eat a plate of nasty tasting berries. I hope you’re hungry, off you go.

Presenter: Pikachu is the next contestant to the table.

Presenter: Okay Pikachu, please pick an envelope.

Pikachu: Yellow. Like me!

Presenter: And now please roll the die.

Presenter: Pikachu rolls a 5.

Presenter: And now we shall open the yellow envelope…

Pikachu: Hang on, there’s a lot of writing on that, can I change my mind?

Presenter: I shall read the contents out to you Pikachu. 1/2/3: Build a sandcastle, sit through a church service, clean the windows of a house, tackle a can, put new batteries in the clock in the next room, eat a plate of nice tasting berries and take a stroll around Amity Square. 4/5/6: Be buried up to your head in sand for two hours, sing in front of a church service, clean all the windows from top to bottom in the church, tackle a wall, climb up the church tower in town and ring the bells, eat a plate of nasty tasting berries and spend ten minutes running around Amity Square, singing none stop. 1/2/3/4/5/6: Take an exemption into the next round for refusing to take part in the challenge.

Pikachu: An exemption?

Presenter: That’s right.

Pikachu: Will this mean the challenge is failed?

Presenter: The other contestants can still pass the challenge, but obviously the odds of them doing so will be reduced.

Pikachu: Well it’s still possible to pass the challenge so I’m going to take the exemption.

Presenter: So Pikachu has won himself an exemption, guaranteeing himself a place in Episode 4. Snover is next into the room.

Presenter: Okay Snover, please choose an envelope.

Snover: I’ll have the orange envelope.

Presenter: And now please roll the die.

Presenter: Snover rolls a 6.

Presenter: Okay Snover, let’s open the envelope: 1/2/3: Clean the windows of a house. 4/5/6: Clean all the windows from top to bottom in the church. It looks like you’ve got a lot of cleaning to do.

Presenter: Toxicroak is therefore the last contestant to come and receive their challenge.

Presenter: Toxicroak you’re left with the white envelope, now please roll the die.

Presenter: Toxicroak rolls a 4.

Presenter: You’ve rolled a 4, so now we open the envelope: 1/2/3: Sit through a church service. 4/5/6: Sing in front of a church service. Looks like your morning is going to be religion filled, Toxicroak. Have fun.

Presenter: Time for me to have a whirlwind tour around town to follow the contestants and see how they get on. Aipom first.

Aipom: Oh, what a big, scary task this is. One solitary Coke can on the floor.

Presenter: Aipom runs straight into the can, which promptly bursts and covers Aipom in Coke. The drink sort, you understand. That’s the first challenge passed. Arbok additionally, has managed to build a sandcastle in a huge sandpit on the outskirts of town – no idea how – meaning the contestants have now completed two challenges. Because of Pikachu’s withdrawal from the challenge, four out of the remaining five contestants have to complete their challenge in order to win the [p]20,000. Buneary has to scale the church tower and ring the bells at the top.

Presenter: So Buneary, are you ready?

Buneary: I’m not going to do it.

Presenter: You’re not going to attempt it?

Buneary: Erm… err… well it’s a long way up and I’m not really big on climbing so I don’t really want to.

Presenter: Looks like we now need a perfect record then. Starting with Kingler who has to run (as well as you can do with those legs), whilst singing at the top of his voice. Most people call that attention seeking.

Kingler: What do I have to sing?

Presenter: Whatever you want.

Kingler: So a song I’ve written myself is okay?

Presenter: Absolutely fine.

Presenter: And off he goes.

Kingler: Let it never be said, that the friendship is dead. But there’s a traitor somewhere, messing with all our heads…… MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY!

Presenter: Kaiser Chiefs eat your heart out. Mime Jr. has finished tucking into a bowl of fresh Shuca Berries, meaning her contribution for the day is complete. Now it’s Snover’s turn to clean the windows.

Presenter: Snover, you definitely drew one of the short straws. Here’s your water, here’s your sponge, and over there is a cherry picker. There’s eight of these gigantic windows that all need cleaning, have fun.

Presenter: Two hours later however, Snover decides he has a problem.

Snover: I want to quit.

Presenter: You want to quit?

Snover: I’ve been doing this for two hours now, it’s so boring and tiring and I’ve only done three windows.

Presenter: Okay. In that case Snover, you’ve failed your task.

Presenter: And Toxicroak put in such a cracking croaking performance for the Hearthome Choir as well. Shame, but the challenge has been lost.

Presenter: Contestants, I’m sure you’re eager to find out how you’ve faired today. Aipom… completed his task. Arbok… completed her task. Buneary… did not complete her task. Kingler… completed his task. Mime Jr…. completed her task. Snover… did not complete his task. Toxicroak… did complete his task. That means your challenge balances on the work of Pikachu, who you will by now I’m sure be aware got the envelope containing all seven of your challenges. I can tell you that Pikachu… chose not to participate today. And by the contents of his envelope, has earned himself an exemption into the next episode. That means no money is won today, with the prize fund staying put at [p]31,000. Your next challenge will take place tomorrow afternoon in the Contest Hall. What I will tell you is that you will not be taking part in any contests. I’ll see you there, where I’ll explain more.

Aipom: I don’t think Pikachu is the PokéMole since it was such a big exemption to take today. I would put more effort into looking at the contestants who failed their challenges.

Arbok: I built a sssssssandcassssssstle. How awesssssssome.

Buneary: I’m worried that people might start to turn against me now. I should probably have at least given the climb a go today. Oh dear :(

Kingler: I got a few strange looks today but I felt willing to do what I had to for the benefit of the team. I am looking more into the possibility of Snover being the PokéMole. Not much was actually said after today about him failing the challenge, but let’s not forget he also fell off the platform in Oreburgh City a few days ago.

Mime Jr.: Such a big bowl of berries eaten by such a little Mimey ;-; Mimey thinks Arbok could be the PokéMole, since she won’t explain how she managed to build a sandcastle with no arms.

Pikachu: Well my suspect for the previous quiz ended up getting eliminated so I was obviously on completely the wrong track. I’m talking being on the Edinburgh line when you want to be in London line here. Very wrong.

Snover: I’m sure it was almost genuinely impossible to clean all those windows manually. Maybe putting a little suspicion onto myself isn’t such a bad thing though; although I’m a little concerned about how little money we’re putting into the prize fund. The PokéMole definitely seems to be having the upper hand at the moment. I’d say my main suspects are becoming Aipom and Toxicroak. This little act they’ve got going between the two of them could be used to mask a lot of sabotage if they just blame each other for everything. If I had to go for one of them I’d say Aipom.

Toxicroak: I wanted the blue envelope. I said I wanted it as soon as we got into the other room. Being last meant I had the longest to look at the clocks on the wall. Surely they weren’t there for no reason? The minutes between them didn’t mean anything to me though. Aipom aside, I think Buneary could be the PokéMole. Very timid, very gentle, meaning excuses for whenever she messes things up. Which is becoming more and more often, it seems.

Day 8

Presenter: I hope the contestants won’t be late. On Day 8. That would really grate on me and aggravate me. Today they will have to rely on fate to help them reach the gate. Meh, goal would work better there, but doesn’t rhyme.

Presenter: Contestants, welcome to the magnificent Hearthome City Contest Hall. After all your hard work yesterday, you might be happy to know that your mere presence today is all that is needed. The challenge is called Fluke, and as the name suggests, your passing of this challenge is all down to sheer luck. Firstly I want you to split into three groups – one group of four people with a head for numbers, one group of two who fancy themselves as gamblers and one group of two who think their luck won’t help them today. You have fifteen seconds.

Presenter: Kingler, Mime Jr., Pikachu and Toxicroak all claim to have a head for numbers. Aipom and – rather curiously – Buneary claim to be gamblers, while Arbok and Snover seem to think they’re generally unlucky Pokémon.

Presenter: Okay, it’s time for me to fully explain today’s challenge. It is worth [p]15,000 to the prize fund if you can pass it. Kingler, Mime Jr., Pikachu and Toxicroak, in a minute you may proceed to the paddling pool in the middle of the hall behind me. In there you will find 100 balls, numbered 1-100. One by one you must take a ball out of the paddling pool and open it. All four of you will keep picking balls out at random to make your own personal, cumulative total. If any one of you can make 100 exactly, then the challenge will be passed. Aipom and Buneary, your challenge takes place in the hall just down the corridor. In there you will find ten crates. One by one you must demolish the crates by telling the Charizard in there to use Hyper Beam on the crate you want to destroy. Nine of them are empty but one contains a paint bomb. Effectively, you are playing a form of Russian Roulette. If you destroy nine crates but avoid covering yourselves in paint, you will have passed the challenge. Lastly, Arbok and Snover. You think you don’t have the luck to succeed in this challenge; so instead, I have a different proposition for you. You have control of this entire challenge, and may buy – using money from your prize fund – special privileges that will make the challenge almost impossible for your fellow contestants. For [p]1,000 you can remove a ball of any value from the paddling pool, and for [p]5,000 you may set off the paint bomb. You can invoke these privileges at any time, and yes, they are called privileges for a reason. You see, if your friends fail to win this challenge today, you will both receive exemptions into the next round. Let no more be said, please all proceed to your halls and the challenge can begin.

Presenter: Aipom and Buneary are the first to start their challenge.

Aipom: I think we should go for crate number 10 first.

Buneary: Okay with me.

Aipom: Charizard, Hyper Beam on crate 10!

Presenter: Charizard destroys the crate and no paint emerges, Good start.

Aipom: Right, now you pick one.

Buneary: Erm… err… crate… 9?

Aipom: Charizard, Hyper Beam on crate 9!

Presenter: Bang. A splattering of green paint emerges. Well that wasn’t very good was it? The other contestants are only just about to begin their attempt to pass the challenge, and already Aipom and Buneary have failed their part.

Presenter: Arbok and Snover, I can tell you that Aipom and Buneary have already destroyed the wrong crate, meaning there is no need for you to intervene in that challenge. We can now sit and wait for news about the other four contestants.

Arbok: Actually, we’ve got a decisssssssion about that.

Presenter: Oh?

Snover: We both feel that right now the money is the most important thing. The odds are passing this challenge are very slim as it is, so we’ve already got a brilliant chance of winning exemptions without bringing the prize fund down. So we’re not going to intervene in this challenge. At all.

Presenter: Okay. Well, the option is still there should you change your mind. I guess all we can do now is watch and see how they get on.

Presenter: Well spoken that man. The easiest way to pass this challenge will be for one of the four contestants to pick out the number 100 ball on their first go. Kingler is the first to pick a ball from the paddling pool, which contains the number 97. Mime Jr. then picks the number 47 (prompting a flood of tears, apparently 47 is a bad number). Pikachu then chooses 73 while Toxicroak chooses 93.

Presenter: No temptations you two? Just [p]1,000 to remove one of the balls?

Snover: We’ve made our choice. We’re not interfering.

Presenter: Bold statement there. The number 100 ball for any contestant now would end that contestant’s challenge. Kingler goes next and pulls out the number 6. Kingler’s total is now 103 – very close, but Kingler is now out of the running. Mime Jr. is the next to choose a ball and pulls out 91. 138 is no good though. Next is Pikachu who pulls out… 27. That’s a total of 100. That’s incredible luck. The challenge is passed. Lucky sods.

Presenter: Well contestants, despite Arbok and Snover being offered exemptions to work against you, they stayed loyal and the incredible luck of Pikachu here has won you the challenge. That’s [p]15,000 won, taking the prize fund to [p]46,000. The money is starting to creep up and tomorrow another one of you will be leaving us. Your last challenge before that takes place will be tomorrow in the Hearthome City Gym. I’ll see you then.

Aipom: I found it surprising Buneary claimed to be a gambler. Especially when she then blew our part of the challenge.

Arbok: Today was good I feel. Money for the pot and yet I didn’t have to do anything. I’m not sssssssure today helped me much in termsssssss of trying to find the PokéMole. My main sssssssussssssspectsssssss are probably now Kingler and Toxicroak.

Buneary: I still can’t get all this green paint out of my hair :(

Kingler: Snover still interests me but Arbok was keen to not volunteer for anything today. Maybe she knew she wouldn’t have to do anything?

Mime Jr.: 138 is such a big number for such a little Mimey ;-;

Pikachu: Well when you’ve got it, you’ve got it. A lot of luck there today, probably what we deserved. I’d take a guess at the PokéMole being among the four on us playing the numbers game today – easy to fail without even trying to.

Snover: I knew we’d have to be really lucky today and fortunately we got that little break. I’m happy for Pikachu in that sense, although still leaning towards Aipom as the PokéMole, they didn’t even seem to get close in their challenge. You’d expect them to get further than they did.

Toxicroak: Timid, gentle Buneary screws up again. I think I might have worked a couple of people out today. Apart from Aipom. I had his number from the first day.

Day 9

Presenter: The football I’m currently watching is boring me. Let’s have a battle instead.

Presenter: Contestants, welcome to the Hearthome City Gym. Here today you will be facing your ninth challenge overall, and second battle. If six of you can win your battle you will earn another [p]15,000 for the prize fund, and today you will be facing a Drifloon. I don’t think there’s much else for me to say, other than that today you will be battling in reverse alphabetical order. As per usual, you will all face your battle, regardless of how everyone else does. Toxicroak, you will be first. The rest of us will wait here. Good luck.

Presenter: And so the first battle of the second battle challenge begins - Toxicroak versus FLOON! Toxicroak starts the fight with a Sucker Punch, but since Drifloon starts its battle by sending an Ominous Wind around the arena, it’s ineffective. Toxicroak then uses Taunt meaning Drifloon can now only use attacking moves. Aha, very clever. Drifloon chooses to use Gust which hits Toxicroak directly, but Toxicroak being ready counters straight away with a Sucker Punch, which this time hits and knocks out Drifloon. 1-0 to the contestants.

Next up is Snover. Again, Drifloon uses Ominous Wind but Snover tries out a Powder Snow attack. Drifloon appears to be slightly dazed but retaliates with a Shadow Ball attack, which hits Snover and appears to cause quite a lot of damage. Last hope time for Snover who releases a Sheer Cold attack. It hits. 2-0 to the contestants.

Next up is Pikachu. Drifloon this time starts the attack with another Shadow Ball. Pikachu is hit and hurt but is up quickly and responds using Thundershock. Pikachu is then quick enough to get another Thundershock attack in, but a Gust attack from Drifloon knocks out Pikachu. 2-1.

Next up is Mime Jr. Again, Drifloon uses Ominous Wind, which upsets more Mimey into using Encore. Aha, very clever for such a small Mimey brain. Poor Drifloon can only send Ominous Winds around the arena, whilst Mime Jr. sends a number of small Mimey Psybeam attacks into Drifloon, knocking it out. 3-1 to the contestants.

Kingler starts off his battle by using Guillotine. Drifloon evades the attack and uses Gust. Kingler tries another Guillotine, which again misses, whilst Drifloon causes a lot of damage with a Shadow Ball attack. Kingler once again tries to use Guillotine, which once again misses. It only takes another Shadow Ball attack from Drifloon to end the battle. 3-2 to the contestants, but there’s no more room for error.

Next up is Buneary. Drifloon starts out using its Ominous Wind attack, which seems to unnerve Buneary a little bit. Buneary tries out a Water Pulse attack, but Drifloon uses Payback, which knocks out Buneary. 3-3, and the challenge is already lost.

Next up is Arbok, although the battle is already pointless. Arbok uses Crunch, which causes a lot of damage to Drifloon, who responds with a Shadow Ball attack. Arbok also takes a lot of damage, but another Crunch attack is enough to knock out Drifloon. 4-3 to the contestants, but the challenge is still lost.

Last up is Aipom – again, a pointless battle. Drifloon once again starts the battle off with an Ominous Wind, before quickly following up with a Gust attack. Aipom tries a Shock Wave attack, which hits, but prompts a strong Payback attack from Drifloon. Aipom is defeated, and it finishes 4 apiece between the contestants and FLOON. The challenge, of course, has been lost.

Presenter: Well contestants, I’m sorry to say that the challenge has been lost with Pikachu, Kingler, Buneary and Aipom all losing their battles. That means that at the end of Episode 3, the prize fund remains at [p]46,000. I hope you enjoy your afternoon off, because tonight you will be taking the third quiz, leading to another elimination. I’ll see you then.



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