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Episode 4

Season Five
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Episode 4

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Kingler. He was confident and willing to give anything a go. But ultimately, that wasn’t enough to survive. He became the third contestant to leave. We’re approaching the halfway mark. Do you know who the PokéMole is yet?

Day 10

Presenter: The contestants have arrived in Solaceon Town and have been told to report to the Daycare Center immediately. They are unaware of why they’ve been stopped here, but upon arriving at the Daycare Center, they realise it’s the start of another new challenge.

Presenter: A nice early start again for you today contestants, minus Kingler. We’ve brought you here to the famous Solaceon Town Daycare Centre for a challenge we’re calling A Man And His Growlithe. The challenge is very, very simple. We’ll get you to spend the day with some of the staff here, who are going to teach you how to recognise some of the individual Pokémon they have here. At the end of the day you’ll be asked to identify, one by one, the names of different Growlithe among a group of them. To win a massive [p]20,000, five out of your seven guesses must be correct. I’ll leave you now to go and meet the Growlithe, but I’ll see you again tonight.

Presenter: In the meantime, I’ve got a manicure booked. Let’s see how they get on.

Presenter: Okay contestants, you’ve spent today with the staff here, and you should now be fully prepared to identify each Growlithe. Now I’m going to explain the challenge in a little more detail. As you can see, we’ve positioned eight Growlithe on podiums in front of you, numbered 1 through to 8. In the order you’re sat in front of me now, right to left, I’ll ask you to tell me the number of the podium on which the Growlithe with the name I tell you is stood. That does of course mean an extra Growlithe you have not met is out there, just to make things confusing. Five out of the seven of you need to guess correctly in order to pass this challenge and earn [p]20,000 for the prize fund. Aipom, that means we’re starting with you.

Toxicroak: Fantastic. More pressure for the rest of us when Aip-bum gets this wrong.

Aipom: You’re really starting to get on my wick yourself, Toxicreep.

Toxicroak: Ooh, starting to lose your cool?

Aipom: Starting to lose your marbles? Oh wait, did you ever have them?

Presenter: The Growlithe I want you to identify is Rena. On which podium is Rena stood.

Aipom: I think she’s on podium 2.

Presenter: Okay, we’ll continue. Arbok, on which podium is Terry?

Arbok: I think he isssssss on podium sssssss7.

Presenter: Okay. Now you Pikachu. On which podium is Talla-Kai stood?

Pikachu: Oh, the one with the strange name, I remember her. Podium… 7, I think actually.

Presenter: Okay. You’re next Buneary.

Buneary: Oh, erm, oh dear.

Presenter: On which podium is Jake stood?

Buneary: Jake? I don’t remember Jake very well… I will guess with podium 3.

Presenter: And next, Snover. On which podium is Praesidis?

Snover: I think he’s on podium 4.

Presenter: Mime Jr., on which podium is Puplithe?

Mime Jr.: Oh he was scary. Small, but scary for such a little Mimey ;-; Mimey will say podium 8.

Presenter: And last but not least –

Aipom: That depends on your point of view, really.

Presenter: - is Toxicroak. Toxicroak, on which podium is Zippo?

Toxicroak: Podium 5.

Presenter: Okay contestants, you’ve all answered and it’s now time to find out exactly how you’ve fared. Remember, you need 5 correct answers to win [p]20,000, which reflects just how difficult we think this challenge actually is. Nobody actually gave Podium 1 as an answer, but that was where Praesidis was. That means Snover, you were incorrect. On podium 2 is Rena, correctly identified by Aipom. On podium 3 was Jake, so well done Buneary. On podium 4 was Puplithe, meaning you too were wrong unfortunately Mime Jr. On podium 5 was Talla-Kai, meaning Pikachu who thought she was on podium 7, and Toxicroak who thought Zippo was on podium 5, are both wrong. This means the challenge can no longer be won. To finish off the answers, Terry was on podium 7 and Zippo on podium 8. Overall, not a good day. However, we can remain positive – the prize fund remains at [p]46,000 and you will have another chance to add to that tomorrow. I’d like you to meet me tomorrow afternoon on Route 210. Look for the huge green marquee we shall be erecting there. I’ll see you there.

Aipom: Buneary is still proving to be my main suspect. She may well have gotten her question correct today to put us off the scent.

Arbok: With Kingler having now gone I think my main sssssssussssssspect is definitely Toxicroak. Hisssssss conssssssstant argumentsssssss with Aipom are really affecting group morale and he helped to messsssss up the challenge today.

Buneary: I’m starting to think more that Mime Jr. could be the PokéMole. She does seem to have messed a lot up and she’s still in the competition, despite always claiming to be clueless.

Mime Jr.: Mimey still thinks it’s Arbok. Mimey is hungry right now though, and is worried about green marquees right now ;-;

Pikachu: Today was great because we spent the whole day in each other’s company, so a great chance to look around and see how people were acting. I’m sure I saw a couple of them not paying attention at times, and I’ll be keeping a closer eye on them. Just not too close.

Snover: Aipom and Toxicroak are both still on my radar. Again, both answered incorrectly today, and they seem to be doing that a lot. The PokéMole seems to be really undercover this year though.

Toxicroak: I’m still looking at Buneary as my strongest hunch but a couple of others have come to mind following today. Snover answered another question incorrectly and Pikachu spent more time watching everyone else than listening to what we were told at the Daycare Center.

Day 11

Presenter: The contestants are up bright and breezy and spend the morning lounging around in their rooms, discussing suspicions with those they trust. In the afternoon they venture out onto Route 210. And what do you know. A giant green marquee.

Presenter: Hello again contestants, I trust you had a pleasant morning. Time to get back to work though, and your next challenge is called Mirror Maze. Allow me to explain. The marquee behind me houses a maze, made entirely of mirrors. There are two rooms in the center of the maze – one contains [p]20,000, of which if just one of you makes it to within fifteen minutes of being in the maze, will go into the prize fund. Another room contains a puzzle. Solve it and you will earn yourself an exemption. Attempt the puzzle and get it wrong, and not only does nobody earn an exemption, but the money to be won goes down to [p]10,000. Still a lot of money, but is it worth the gamble? That’s for the person who reaches it first to decide. Some walls house hidden doors, but the maze has been specially designed so that upon starting from your seven different entry points, you all start off equidistant from the two rooms. If you’d all like to proceed to an entry point, then we can begin.

Aipom: I’ll have that one.

Toxicroak: I was going to have that door.

Presenter: As I said, the maze has been designed so that all doors are equidistant from the two rooms.

Aipom: I still want that door.

Toxicroak: So do I. Has anybody got a coin to toss?

Presenter: …

Presenter: The contestants all set off into the maze and it’s Arbok making the earliest progress. The maze is designed so that contestants have to turn ten hard-to-see corners to get to the middle two rooms, which are both surrounded by glass walls. Once contestants have found their last turn, the direction they take will determine which room they end up at. So in principle as soon as two contestants make their way past their ninth turn, the challenge is all but won. But it’s only obvious when you know that’s how the maze works. Both rooms are only accessible via hidden doors in the glass, which I hinted at during the explaining of the challenge. Arbok has already found two of the turns on her route, but Snover is starting to catch up.

Mime Jr. also appears to have a knack for the maze and has now progressed to her fourth turn. She appears to have worked out that the key is never to go back, since the only true split in the path comes at the end of the maze. Other contestants seem less clued up to this fact, including Aipom, who is walking in completely the wrong direction. Pikachu has passed his first turn and is heading in the right direction, but is making painfully slow progress. After ten minutes inside the maze, it is Arbok who reaches the center of the maze first, and who stumbles across the exemption room. All she has to do is press against the glass to find the hidden door but instead she looks around, sees no way through, and turns around. Stupid snake.

Two minutes later Snover reaches the same point outside the exemption room and does the correct thing – glancing into the room to notice no visible door. Snover twigs this means the door must be hidden and starts pressing against the glass slowly, eventually finding the door and swinging into the room. From in here, Snover can see the table which has a legend written at the top, and three buttons marked A, B and C below. Snover reads the problem:

"A sequence consists of 6 numbers. The first 5 numbers are 1, 2, 4, 7 and 14. What is the last in the progression?"

A: 11
B: 19
C: 28

Snover reads the puzzle slowly and paces around the room thinking. In the meantime, Mime Jr. has amazingly also reached the outside of the exemption room, but can only stand and watch as Snover contemplates whether or not to go for the exemption. Eventually he turns back to the table, rereads the question and smacks his paw down on B. The room glows green. Snover has won an exemption. Barely seconds later, the challenge is over. No money earnt, but still important progression to the gameplay.

Presenter: Well contestants, Arbok was actually the first to reach the center of the maze, but it is Snover who found the door and correctly answered the puzzle. Therefore Snover has won an exemption to the next episode. The prize fund yet again remains the same, meaning you will only have tomorrow to earn any money for that prize fund this episode. Your next challenge will take place at exactly 6am tomorrow morning at the Lost Tower. I’ll see you then.

Aipom: I’d like to point at Buneary and say she did nothing today. Oh wait. She didn’t.

Arbok: Ssssssso clossssssse to an exemption. Ssssssstupid Arbok.

Buneary: I’m sure I passed Pikachu twice. Does that mean he was just going around in circles pointlessly? Or erm… was that me?

Mime Jr.: Mimey didn’t like all the mirrors so Mimey stopped put at the end. Mimey’s head still hurts. Mimey thinks Arbok walking away from the end is suspicious. Mimey will now cry for no reason ;-;

Pikachu: Obviously Arbok’s actions today were suspicious, but I’d be more inclined to ask why Snover was willing to gamble with our money. Wasn’t he the one interested in keeping the money last episode?

Snover: I don’t think I’d have taken the exemption if there was any chance of anyone finding the money but with seconds left, there wasn’t much of a chance. Possibly a few contestants think I’m the PokéMole now, but if that distracts them from finding whoever it is then it can hardly be a bad thing. I’m delighted to have an exemption though. There were a number of others today who never seemed to make much headway in the maze. Yes it was confusing, but it didn’t seem too big.

Toxicroak: Did Snover only take the exemption as a cover for being the PokéMole? He got closer than Buneary and Pikachu to earning any money, which suggests not.

Day 12

Presenter: When there’s something strange. In your neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? Not this lot, surely?

Presenter: Good morning contestants. You all look completely knackered and half asleep, which is a shame since it’s time for your twelfth challenge, entitled The Unreal Ghostbusters. I suggest you listen carefully, because it’s worth to you a staggering [p]25,000. I need you to split into two groups now – one group of five who are up for it, and one group of two who can count up to at least 184. You have fifteen seconds.

Presenter: The group decide that Mime Jr. and Buneary can count to 184, on the basis that they definitely aren’t up for it.

Presenter: Okay contestants, I’m now going to explain your challenge, which comes in two parts. Mime Jr. and Buneary, you will contest the first part. Your job will be to stand on the first floor above us and count exactly how many Gastly are in the room. You will have half an hour to do this. In the meantime, everyone else in the second group will be kitted out for the second part of the challenge. How close Mime Jr. and Buneary get to the correct answer will have a big bearing on the outcome of the second part of the challenge, and obviously, as to whether or not you win the [p]25,000. Mime Jr. and Buneary, we shall leave you for the time being, your half an hour begins… now.

Presenter: While we all spend half an hour getting changed for the next part of the challenge (taking a small detour to the pub, of course), Mime Jr. and Buneary are left to head to the first floor and count how many Gastly are crammed into the room. Ten minutes have elapsed before either dares enter the room; a further five minutes before either can open their eyes. Fifteen minutes later, their part of the challenge is over, and they travel back downstairs to where the group meet up again.

Presenter: Okay, it’s time to let you five in on the next part of the challenge. Aipom, Arbok, Pikachu, Snover and Toxicroak – we are going to ask you to go ghostbusting. On the top three floors above us, you will find 15 marked spaces – 5 on each floor. In one space on each floor there is a Gastly hiding itself – all you have to do is work out, within ten minutes, in which three spaces the Gastly are hiding. To help you, the answer Mime Jr. and Buneary are about to give, could remove some of the blank spaces for you. They were asked to count how many Gastly were on the first floor – which of course you won’t be using for the second part of this challenge. If they can get the figure bang on, then I’ll remove 9 of the 15 spaces. Within 10, I’ll remove 7, within 25 I’ll remove 5. Mime Jr. and Buneary, what is your guess?

Mime Jr.: Well…

Buneary: Erm…

Mime Jr.: There were so many ghosts for such a small Mimey ;-; but we settled on 200 in the end.

Presenter: I can tell you that the answer was 184.

Aipom: What? They didn’t even get that?

Toxicroak: Well you wouldn’t have either, so I don’t know why you’re so bothered.

Mime Jr.: Get what ;-;

Buneary: Oh… erm… we were asked if we could count up to 184 weren’t we…

Presenter: Anyway, you were 16 away, which is still a respectable amount, which means contestants now, I can tell you that spaces 1, 3, 8, 9 and 13 do not have a Gastly hiding in them. Bear that in mind – your challenge begins… now.

Presenter: The contestants’ progress up two floors and following close scrutiny, all agree on a guess. They progress up another floor and after a couple of minutes discussion, eventually vote in favour of another space. They then progress to the last floor.

Snover: So we need to get this last one, and we’ve got something like… what, five minutes to do it? Now what number did the Presenter say we could rule out up here?

Toxicroak: It was 12.

Aipom: Wasn’t it 14?

Snover: I thought it was 13 personally.

Pikachu: It WAS 13.

Presenter: A bit of a strange argument to have. Eventually they make their decision. Time to see how they did.

Presenter: So contestants, your time is up and I now need to hear your guesses.

Snover: I think we’ve agreed on numbers 2, 10 and 12.

Presenter: 2, 10 and 12 are… correct! You’ve passed the challenge and as a result the prize fund has now increased to a fantastic [p]71,000. But with good news, there comes bad news. Dawn is breaking, and when the sun goes down again tonight, the fourth elimination will be taking place. I’ll see you there.



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