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Episode 5

Season Five
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Episode 5

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: And so number four leaves. Arbok isssssss… sorry, is the PokéMole’s latest victim. We’re down to six now, and the odds of a correct guess are becoming greater and greater. But with a correct guess, you need reasoning. Have you found any of the clues yet?

Day 13

Presenter: Unlucky for some they say. The contestants reached Canalave City overnight, and their first and last stop here is at the Gym; not very fresh and not very ready for their next challenge.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, minus Arbok. Welcome to Canalave City and to the Canalave City Gym, where your third battle and thirteenth challenge overall will take place. Usual rules apply – if four of you can win the battle then we’ll add [p]15,000 to the prize fund, which currently stands at [p]71,000. Your battle today will be against a Bronzor. For once, we’re going to let you choose the order in which you battle. Who wants to go first? … nobody?

Toxicroak: I will.

Aipom: Actually, I will.

Toxicroak: I said it first.

Aipom: I thought it first.

Toxicroak: I wanted it first.

Aipom: I’m first alphabetically.

Presenter: Toxicroak, you shall go first, Aipom you can battle second. Toxicroak, please proceed to the battle arena.

Presenter: And so the first battle starts. Toxicroak versus Bronzor. Toxicroak starts off with a Sludge Bomb. God knows why, it’s completely ineffective. Bronzor replies with Psychic. Not hard to see why this time – it’s ultra super effective and knocks out Toxicroak in one attack. Not the best start then.

Four out of the remaining five contestants will now need to defeat the Bronzor in order to pass the challenge, and up next is Aipom. Aipom starts off the battle by using Agility, whilst Bronzor uses another Psychic attack. Aipom shakes off the damage and uses Screech, whilst Bronzor replies using Hypnosis. Aipom falls asleep and Bronzor takes the opportunity to use Gyro Ball. Aipom is certainly weakening, but suddenly wakes up and with a strong Fire Punch attack, manages to knock out Bronzor.

Next up is Snover. Snover starts the battle off using Ice Shard, while Bronzor uses Faint Attack. Snover then tries a Powder Snow attack, which does a steady amount of damage to Bronzor, who responds with a strong Gyro Ball attack. Being super effective it deals a strong amount of damage to Snover who looks dazed, giving Bronzor the opportunity to launch another Gyro Ball attack. Snover jumps out of the way and launches a Sheer Cold attack at Bronzor. The attack misses and one last Gyro Ball from Bronzor knocks out Snover.

The contestants now have no more room for error, and Pikachu is next up to battle. Pikachu starts off with a Thunderbolt attack – it’s a critical hit and deals a lot of damage to Bronzor. Bronzor responds with a Psychic attack, but a quick Discharge reply from Pikachu is enough to knock out Bronzor. Two victories from two battles still needed.

Next up is Buneary. Buneary starts the battle off with a Jump Kick, which lands a critical hit on Bronzor. Bronzor is dazed but recovers quickly and uses Hypnosis. Buneary dodges and uses Dizzy Punch, which confuses Bronzor, who then hurts itself out of damage. One Fire Punch attack is then enough from Buneary to knock out Bronzor.

It’s all down to… Mime Jr. Oh, happy days. Bronzor starts out using Hypnosis but the attack misses. Mime Jr. uses Light Screen and when Bronzor again uses Hypnosis, Mime Jr. dodges and uses Copycat. The returned Hypnosis attack sends Bronzor to sleep, and two Signal Beam attacks from Mime Jr. are enough to knock out Bronzor! The contestants have passed the challenge.

Presenter: Congratulations contestants, four of you needed to beat Bronzor and four of you have beaten Bronzor. The challenge is won and that’s another [p]15,000 for the prize fund, taking your total to [p]86,000. Your next challenge is… a big one, and will take place tomorrow. You are to gather at the harbour tomorrow morning, where you will be given further instructions. I’ll see you there.

Aipom: I don’t actually think Toxicroak is the PokéMole. He’s just a genuine moron. If he was the PokéMole I can’t see him drawing all this attention to himself. I still can’t get the suspicion of Buneary out of my mind.

Buneary: Neither Mime Jr. or Pikachu did much suspicious today. I’m surprised Toxicroak went down so easily though, especially having volunteered first. It put a lot of pressure on the rest of us… yeah.

Mime Jr.: Mimey doesn’t think it’s Arbok anymore ;-;

Pikachu: Snover getting beaten today has done nothing to dampen my sneaky suspicion about him. But with every elimination that comes and goes in which Mime Jr. doesn’t get eliminated… that amazes me. I mean look at her. She’s more sensitive than a new born baby.

Snover: I admit being a little embarrassed that I was beaten by a Bronzor that both Buneary and Mime Jr. were able to defeat. No harm done though. No clues to the PokéMole to be found today though, I don’t think.

Toxicroak: I think it’s actually important to note that Buneary was very lucky to win her battle today. She could have easily been trying to throw it.

Days 14 and 15

Presenter: Time to take a walk on the wild side.

Presenter: Good morning contestants – another nice early start for you today. In a minute we shall be catching a boat destined for Iron Island. Your challenge for today is called Lost and is worth up [p]20,000 if you succeed in it. The money you can win in this challenge is located somewhere deep inside the Iron Island Cave. The challenge will only be passed if all 6 of you are present at the shore we will be docking at later today at sunrise tomorrow – yes that’s right; you will be staying the night here. If all 6 of you are here at sunrise, you will win however much money you have with you at the time – as I said, up to [p]20,000. I am also going to give you three envelopes. Envelope 1 contains further instructions which you are to open as soon as you arrive on Iron Island. Envelope 2 can also be opened then. Envelope 3 must not be opened until this challenge is over. Now, if you’d all like to follow me, we shall board the ship.

Presenter: An hour later, the contestants arrive at Iron Island and are released onto the beach.

Aipom: Mime Jr., give me the first envelope, I want to open it.

Mime Jr.: ;-;

Presenter: The first envelope contains a message from the PokéMole. It reads: I am amazed nobody has actually made the link yet. It’s a big comparison to be made. Watch out tomorrow: I’ll be cutting into our prize fund.

Toxicroak: Buneary, give me the second envelope, I want to open it.

Buneary: Erm… er… ;-;

Toxicroak: Let’s see… it says: Contestants, somewhere inside the Iron Island Cave is an exemption card. Should a contestant be carrying this exemption card at the end of the challenge, he or she will win an exemption into Episode 6. But remember: all contestants must be at the shore by sunrise in order to pass the challenge.

Snover: Well we do have all night, so I think once we’ve found the money anyone wanting the exemption could go and look for it.

Aipom: Like you?

Snover: Well… possibly, yeah. Depends how much time we have left at the end. Come on, let’s start looking for the money.

Presenter: The contestants scour the cave high and low for four hours until Mime Jr. finds the money hidden inside a large crevice on the back wall of the Cave. One small problem – it’s split equally among 500 bags.

Pikachu: It’s gonna take us longer to get all this to the shore than it takes the Admins to get up in the morning.

Snover: Well we can all remember the way can’t we? It’s just going to take quite a few return journeys…

Mime Jr.: But Mimey is tired ;-;

Presenter: It takes the contestants an incredible six hours before all 500 bags are successfully on the shore. Now all the contestants have to do to pass the challenge is to stay put for the next few hours. Easy peasy. But erm, what about that exemption…

Snover: Is anybody else going looking for this exemption? I am.

Pikachu: I certainly think it’s worth it.

Aipom: Well if you’re going I’m going. No way you’re getting an exemption over me. Neither of you deserve one.

Toxicroak: If Aip-bum’s going then so am I.

Presenter: That’s 4 contestants separated, all looking for the exemption. Only Mime Jr. and Buneary remain on the beach.

Buneary: So erm… er… fancy a game of Noughts and Crosses?

Presenter: Snover returns from the search for the exemption first with an hour or so remaining, closely followed by Pikachu.

Snover: I searched the cave from top to bottom and couldn’t find it – thought I could probably do with some sleep. Even if it’s only an hour or so.

Pikachu: I just lost track of where I was. It’s worse than the Mirror Maze in there.

Presenter: With just ten minutes remaining, Aipom and Toxicroak both finally return.

Snover: Did either of you find it?

Toxicroak: No sign of the wretched thing.

Aipom: I saw it. It was on the ground level in the dust – I saw it from one of the bridges. Couldn’t work out how to get to it though.

Buneary: Have you erm… er… been searching all night?

Aipom: Actually we both got back about 45 minutes ago. Neither of us wanted to be the first back of us both. We decided on a draw.

Presenter: As the sun rises, the boat eventually moves back towards Iron Island, stopping 500 metres short of the beach. Time to speak to the contestants over a megaphone.


Aipom: Erm, challenge? He didn’t mention a challenge. Silly man.

Toxicroak: He said the details were in the third envelope, moron.

Mime Jr.: Mimey wants to read this one.

Aipom: Forget it, give it here.


Aipom: o.O

Mime Jr.: Your next challenge is called "Sails Away" and is worth [p]20,000 if you succeed. Somewhere - along the beach this time – there is a dinghy and foot pump. You have 90 minutes to reach me at the boat, and the challenge will be passed if all 6 of you reach the boat within this 90 minutes. But be warned – if any contestant gets wet above the waist, the challenge will be failed.

Snover: We’d better get started looking for the dinghy then.

Presenter: It is Pikachu who finds the dinghy and the foot pump next to it. He takes them both back to where the contestants agreed to regroup, and the contestants spend twenty minutes pumping up the dinghy. Oh, small problem though…

Mime Jr.: It’s got a hole in it ;-;

Snover: It’s only a small one.

Aipom: It’s a HOLE. Whether it’s big or small, water still sort of goes through it!

Snover: So we’ll need to empty the water out as we sail across. As long as we don’t capsize we’ll be fine.

Presenter: And so the contestants set off – Aipom and Pikachu paddling along towards the boat, Snover, Toxicroak and Buneary emptying the water as it spills into the dinghy and Mime Jr. crying for a change. The contestants are just 50 metres from the boat when disaster strikes – the dinghy fills with too much water and the dinghy starts sinking. Abandon ship.

Presenter: Good to see you again contestants – a very brave effort, but you’ve failed this challenge and the prize fund at the end of this episode is [p]106,000. You’re all tired, wet and smell a bit as well to be honest, so we’re going to transport you all to Jubilife City where you can freshen up a bit. But don’t get too settled. The fifth elimination is tonight.



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