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Episode 7

Season Five
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Episode 7

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Presenter: Mime Jr. has gone. ;-;

Day 19

Presenter: It’s a sad, sad day as the contestants wake up to life without Mimey. But the end is slowly coming into sight. The contestants face an early morning journey to Veilstone City and gather outside the Pokémon Center. All fresh and ready for their next challenge.

Presenter: Hello contestants, minus Mime Jr. Welcome to what is effectively the semi-final stage of PokéMole 5 and we’re going to dive straight into another challenge. It’s called Charity Begins At Sinnoh and I hope you’ve got your begging bowls ready. Today’s challenge is worth money all round – [p]25,000 for your prize fund, IF you can earn [p]1,000 cash in hand for the local charity, Admins In Need. To do this you simply have to go and throw yourselves on the mercy of the locals, garnering as much money as you can. To get us in the mood, we’re going to supply some dress wear for you – okay, maybe we just want to see you dressed in rags, but hey, it might get you some sympathy. You have three hours to go and beg before returning here, at which point we’ll count up the money. Good? Yes? So let’s get started.

Presenter: The contestants decide to split up into pairs in order to try and complete this challenge. The first group contains Aipom and Pikachu:

Aipom: Excuse me lady, we want your money.

Pikachu: Aipom, you’ve got to be politer than that. Excuse me madam, we want your money.

Presenter: And the second group naturally contains Snover and Toxicroak.

Snover: Give us your money!

Toxicroak: Give us your money!

Snover: The more you give.

Toxicroak: The more you get.

Snover: That’s being alive!

Toxicroak: All we’re asking you -

Snover: - Is to -

Toxicroak: - do what -

Snover: - Jesus Christ would do.

Toxicroak: He’d give us his money!

Snover: Why don’t you?

Presenter: Lovely stuff. I wonder how three hours of that went down with the residents of Veilstone City.

Presenter: Okay contestants, time for a quick tally. Both teams did similarly, earning around the [p]450 mark each. That’s [p]900 in total, but I’ll tell you what, because it’s for a good cause we’ll round that up to the [p]1,000 and say you’ve passed the challenge. I'm sure the Admins will be able to make good use of it to decorate their thirty-feet high christmas tree. That brings your prize fund up to [p]149,000, a fantastic amount I’m sure you’ll agree. Your next challenge will take place tomorrow morning in the Pokémon Center lobby. I’ll see you there and all that.

Aipom: Some of these residents are so tight you know. My best begging face and this fat woman only gave us like, not very much money. She was ugly as well.

Pikachu: Great. Now I know how Oliver Twist felt. We walked past some really strange guy though. He was running after this poor Ledyba waving a net around, trying to catch it. Named after a dinosaur he was. Strange fellow.

Snover: I was pleased to get to work with Toxicroak today. Didn’t expect him to do anything suspicious, not for one second, but the time we spent talking will prove useful if he’s the PokéMole.

Toxicroak: I would be absolutely astonished if the PokéMole had done any sabotage today.

Day 20

Presenter: The big two-oh days. Time for a trip down Memory Lane. You know. That winding road just past Reminiscent Road.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, and welcome to the annual review challenge, fittingly called PokéMole 5. In a minute I’ll ask you one question each about something that has happened during your time with us. Answer 3 out of the 4 questions correctly and you’ll earn another [p]25,000 for the prize fund. I’ll be asking in the order you’re sat in front of me from left to right, so Toxicroak we’ll start with you: In the challenge Deception, what food did Mime Jr mention to Aipom?

Toxicroak: Apples, although it should have been grapes. You know. The sour link.

Aipom: Says Mr Toxigrump.

Presenter: Apples is correct. Snover, you’re next. How many Gastly were in the room in the challenge The Unreal Ghostbusters?

Snover: 174.

Presenter: I’m dreadfully sorry, it was 184.

Snover: Oh come on, close enough.

Presenter: I’m afraid not. Pikachu, which crate contained the paint bomb in the challenge Fluke?

Pikachu: I don’t know… 12?

Presenter: I’m sorry, the answer was 9. Well, this challenge has been lost, but Aipom I’ll ask you your question anyway. How much money was earned in Episode 5?

Aipom: Oh, that was the Iron Island episode… [p]15,000 and [p]20,000 makes [p]35,000.

Presenter: You did know it then, but as I said, the challenge has already been lost. That’s it for today, the prize fund still at [p]149,000. I’m actually going to bother asking you to meet me here at the same time tomorrow. See you then.

Aipom: Great; a question I know, and it’s actually irrelevant by the time it gets asked. With Pikachu and Snover both getting their questions wrong, it’s really one of those two for me now.

Pikachu: I’m going to go to Toxicroak now. Trust my instinct and see where it takes me.

Snover: Aipom positioned last and not for the first time. I wonder if he would have given the same answer if the challenge hadn’t already been over? It’s definitely between him and Toxicroak for the PokéMole.

Toxicroak: I can’t say that Pikachu didn’t do much today. He managed to mess up the challenge quite well. I mean, crate 12? Weren’t there only 10?

Day 21

Presenter: This won’t take long.

Presenter: Good morning contestants. Welcome to the mickey-take-last-challenge-before-the-final which is called Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy. For [p]10,000, I need you, as a group, to answer one of the following two questions: In what town does Professor Oak live, or the second question, what does “dy/dx (5i + 3x + 5x^2 - x^3)^2 + 7x^2 + 3x +3i – 12” simplify to?

Pikachu: Oh wow. A Level Maths suddenly appears useful.

Toxicroak: Pallet Town. For the first question.

Presenter: Correct! The prize fund going into the final will be [p]159,000. Well, I’m going back to bed, you lot might be better preparing for tonight’s quiz. I’ll see you there.


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