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Episode 4

Season One
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Episode 4

Last episode, The Poke-Mole claimed it's third victim- Zubat. Wobbuffet was the first Pokemon to take an exception. More exceptions, more traitory, more lying, more clues. It's all coming up, on the Poke-Mole.

DAY 10

It's Day 10. The contestants travelled from Mauville City to Slateport City early this morning. They drop their bags off straight away, and meet me at the hustling market place, for their next challenge.

Presenter: Hello everyone. Welcome to Slateport City, and the Slateport City market place. This challenge is called Tar Yuletide. Behind me is the most popular stall in the whole of Slateport, and it sells Pokemon Cards. Now, a while back in Japan, 20 special-edition Pokemon cards were realeased especially for Christmas. Behind you on the stall, the owner is selling these cards. However, he is selling 21 of them. In order to win this challenge, and earn £10,000 for the money pot, you must spot the fake and "tar" it, with this black sticker. You have, 30 minutes in order to do this. Use all your knowledge of Pokemon cards in order to do it, and raise the money pot to £55,000. Your time starts, now.

Presenter: The team are in luck- Staryu happens to have the whole set at home. Staryu puts the sticker on one of the cards straight away.

Staryu: It's this one. I mean look at it. It lets light through, it looks like it's been printed on dead shabby, and it ain't in my set of them all.

Presenter: About 2 minutes into the challenge, Staryu has guessed the fake.

Presenter: Well done team, or should I say, well done Staryu. The money pot now stands at £55,000. You will get details of tomorrow's challenge, when the time is right.

Staryu: I couldn't believe how easy that challenge was. I know the whole set off-by-heart and the fake stuck out like a sore thumb.

Kecleon: Staryu just took control of the whole game and won it which was great.

Presenter: When the contestants arrive back at their hotel, they find a note from me:

As "Tar Yuletide" was such a success, we have all decided to invite you all to a party. That includes the Poke-Mole. The party will be held downstairs tonight, and will begin at 9pm. Please let down your hair, and just enjoy yourself. See you later.


Guess what? It's the morning after the night before. 6 Contestants arrive for breakfast the following morning- Staryu is missing. Kecleon is sent up to Staryu's room to try and find Staryu, but 5 minutes later, Kecleon returns only with a note. The note reads:

today's game is worth £10,000 to the money pot if you succeed. staryu is being held at a secret location somewhere in slateport city. to complete the challenge, you must find staryu by midday today. otherwise it will cost you £5,000 from the money pot to get him back. enclosed are 4 photos of the destination taken from different angles. these photos must be carefully observed and burnt before you set off. good luck.

Presenter: The photos are not of a very good quality. Everybody examines them, and Natu notices a statue of Latias and Latios to the right of the building. The photos are burnt and the challenge begins. It's 10am, so only 2 hours remains.

The team split into 2 groups. Both groups realise by asking locals, that there are 2 statues of Latias and Latios in the town. Both show the Pokemon, but in different positions. Then there's the hard task of finding the statues. Group 2 eventually find a statue and check the nearby building, but theres no luck in finding Staryu. The time is ticking away quickly. Team 1 eventually find the statue, and blunder into the building. Staryu is in their, but did they get there in time?

Presenter: Hello, I see you finally found us. The time is 11.56am. You did it with 4 minutes remaining! That brings the money pot up to £65,000. Please fell free to look around for the rest of today, and I'll meet you in the Slateport City cybercafe this time tomorrow.

Staryu: I'm amazed they managed to find me. The pictures were really awkward, and I was starting to get really worried.

Natu: We just passed the challenge with about 4 minutes to go, so obviously we were all very pleased about that.

DAY 12

It's midday, and the contestants have all assembled in the Slateport cybercafe. I arrive, and tell them about todays task.

Presenter: Hi everyone. This is the Slateport City cybercafe, and the destination for todays task. Now, there are many Pokemon websites online, as it's a very popular subject. The best one, is called Pokemon UK, or PUK for short. There is a world of information on there, and here is what I want you to do. You will be finding information on any Pokemon subject you like on PUK. You must write down 5 questions on that subject. Then you will pair up with someone. They will then have 10 minutes to research your chosen catorgory, and then you will ask your questions.

Presenter: The contestants all do as asked. 20 minutes later, all the questions have been written their questions, paired up, and researched each others subjects.

Presenter: In a moment, you will come to the front and question each other on the questions you have. In order to pass the challenge, and add £10,000 to the money pot, nobody is allowed to get a single question wrong. First up we'll have Snorunt and Wobbuffet.

Presenter: Snorunt questions Natu on Deoxys and Jirachi and Natu questions Snorunt on Feebas and Milotic. Both contestants answer all their questions right. Next up is Staryu and Wobbuffet. Staryu is asking questions on Mirage Island and Southern Island.

Staryu: What grade Pokeblock, can be made from the berry which grows on Mirage Island?

Wobbuffet: Was that on the page? Er, A?

Presenter: Wobbuffet has got it wrong- the answer was A+. The challenge is lost.

Presenter: I'm sorry team, but the money pot stays at £65,000. While we are here, you will take your 10 questions quiz about the identity of the Poke-Mole, then we will go back to the hotel for the elimination.


Hi everyone. The game is about to claim it's fourth victim. Without further-a-do, lets see who it is.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.