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Episode 1

Season Six
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Episode 1

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Comments in Purple are real time conversations between contestants, outside of challenges.

Presenter: This is your first clue.

Day 1

Presenter: Let’s have our usual rules reminder, shall we?

Ten Pokémon playing together, working together, to earn up to [p]500,000, to put into a pot. At the end of the end of the game however, only one will win this money. Planted in these ten contestants is the PokéMole – a traitor, an insider, whose sole aim is to sabotage the group’s efforts to earn money. At the end of each episode, the contestants must take a test about the identity of the PokéMole. He or she who scores lowest is out of the game. Who can answer that question? Who is the PokéMole?

Presenter: Ten contestants are gathered atop Mt. Ember on Knot Island. They have never met before, but already they are sure they know what is to come. The helicopter is ready and hovering and a mysterious flash of fire from the distant skyline signifies it is time to begin.

Presenter: Contestants, welcome to PokéMole 6! And of course, welcome to the glorious Sevii Islands, home to some of us for over the next three weeks. I’m sure you’re all pretty confident you know what we’ve got in store for you today. Well I bet you’re all wrong. You see, during the long spring months when Typhlosion should have been revising, he was instead sitting down to plan out how to spring a surprise on you all immediately. The answer, and the challenge name, come together to give you that surprise. Because in order to complete your first PokéMole 6 challenge and put [p]25,000 in the prize fund already, you will all need to jump out of the helicopter twice. That’s right – Yes, You Need To Jump Twice. We have just two rules: the first is that all 10 of you must have jumped twice in precisely two hours in order to win the challenge. The second is that once one of you is in the jumping vicinity, nobody else is allowed there until you have successfully vacated the helicopter. In other words, once you are selected, there is no going back. You jump, or nobody jumps. There are two helicopters to help us speed this challenge up a little – the second helicopter is already waiting your initial arrival on the ground. A single failure to jump, just one, will result in you failing the challenge. Would anybody like to volunteer to jump first?

Presenter: The contestants all look at each other in panic, but nobody volunteers to be the first to jump.

Presenter: Nobody? In which case we’ll be drawing straws in order to determine who will start the challenge off.

Presenter: Raticate draws the short straw and therefore must jump first.

Presenter: Okay Raticate, are you ready to jump?

Raticate: If I was don’t you think I’d have volunteered?

Presenter: Well good luck. Your two hours begins… now!

Presenter: Raticate peeps over the drop zone and looks physically sick. She spends five minutes composing her breathing before eventually – and you sense against her better judgement – leaps from the helicopter.

Presenter: Well I can tell you all that Raticate has left the helicopter, and so it’s time for our second jumper. Any volunteers this time, or are the straws coming out again?

Prinplup: Well I suppose me hair is already all over the place, might as well have a go!

Presenter: In which case Prinplup, please go and take your place above the drop zone.

Presenter: Prinplup spends another couple of minutes staring downwards before also jumping.

Presenter: Prinplup has also left the helicopter, so who would like to go third?

Machoke: I’m prepared to give this a go now.

Presenter: In which case Machoke, please go and take your place above the drop zone.

Presenter: Machoke, surprisingly, spends a matter of seconds next to the drop zone before throwing herself out. Seemed to enjoy it as well.

Presenter: Machoke is out, so who would like to go next?

Clefairy: Well I must say, I feel a liiiiiiittle bit more relaxed now, and it looks like great fun when you get used to it ^_^.

Presenter: In which case Clefairy, please go and take your place above the drop zone.

Presenter: Clefairy does appear to falter a little upon being presented with the drop, but after a couple of minutes succeeds in jumping.

Presenter: Clefairy is out, so who would like to go next?

Smeargle: Well, I suppose it’s about time I started…

Presenter: Erm, what?

Smeargle: Never mind, I’ll jump now.

Presenter: In which case Smeargle, please go and take your place above the drop zone.

Presenter: Smeargle looks very nervous upon viewing the drop, and spends eight minutes quivering by the edge, before finally summoning the courage to leap from the helicopter.

Presenter: Smeargle is out, so who would like to go next?

Mawile: Well yeah, I suppose I could. I mean, it’s too hot up here anyway.

Presenter: In which case Mawile, please go and take your place above the drop zone.

Presenter: Mawile seemingly isn’t one to waste time – closing his eyes and not even looking downwards before almost immediately leaping from the helicopter. Meanwhile from the ground, some contestants are beginning to get a little bored.

Smeargle: Why are we all waiting? Let them all faff around if they want – we might as well go up again now and complete our part of the challenge.

Clefairy: Well wouldn’t it be nice to show some team spirit and wait for them? I mean it would be more – OH LOOK, MAWILE IS OUT ^_^.

Raticate: I’m all for just getting on with it.

Smeargle: Good. Are we agreed then?

Machoke: We’re not agreed on anything.

Smeargle: Oh come on. They’re clearly pretty weak if they’ve not volunteered by now. We’ll do our part; they can waste their own time doing theirs. I’m going up again; you’re only delaying the team if you don’t come with me.

Clefairy: Well if it’s for the team… we should at least wait for Mawile though ^_^.

Machoke: Yeah that would probably be more efficient in the long run.

Smeargle: Oh give me strength…

Presenter: And so Raticate, Prinplup, Machoke, Clefairy, Smeargle and – eventually – Mawile, all decide to board the second helicopter and start the ascent towards their second jump. Meanwhile, on the first helicopter, there are four contestants who are still awaiting their potential first.

Presenter: So contestants, who wants to be the next to jump?

Kricketune: I think I’m going to be sick so I really need to get this out of the way – I can’t let the team down.

Presenter: In which case Kricketune, please go and take your place above the drop zone.

Presenter: Kricketune, true to her word, manages to throw up out of the helicopter. Of course, this doesn’t count, and Kricketune rightfully follows – nearly ten minutes later.

Presenter: Kricketune is out, so who would like to go next?

Slowking: I have… come to the con…clusion, I would… like… to… jump………… now.

Presenter: In which case Slowking, please go and take your place above the drop zone.

Presenter: Five minutes later Slowking arrives at the drop zone. Ten minutes later, Slowking looks downwards. A further five minutes later, Slowking jumps. Just as Slowking starts to double the amount of distance he has covered in his entire life, the second helicopter starts to empty its passengers. First Clefairy jumps from the plane, clearly enjoying the experience this time, followed five minutes later by a shaken Raticate. Machoke and Mawile both also have no problems completing the jump for a second time, while Prinplup is the last out of the helicopter another five minutes later. That means that six contestants have successfully jumped twice, two have jumped once, and two haven’t even left the original helicopter yet.

Presenter: So… Farfetch’d and Mothim. Who would like to jump next?

Farfetch’d: Erm, feel free Mothim!

Mothim: Yeah… you too. Ladies first!

Farfetch’d: I’m not a lady… unless my parents lied to me…

Mothim: Oh sod it, I’ll go.

Presenter: Mothim leaps from the plane ten minutes later, and five minutes afterwards Farfetch’d follows – following strict assurances from the production crew that he won’t die.

Clefairy: Ooh how exciting ^_^ Here come Prinplup and Farfetch’d!

Prinplup: Yes! Yes! It is me! Arriving in style again! Watch this for a perfect landing! Here we go! Waaaaaay! I’m here… hang on… ARGH! THAT IS DISGUSTING.

Raticate: What sort of idiot manages to land in vomit?

Prinplup: Well what is it doing there in the first place?

Kricketune: This is me whistling innocently.

Presenter: A few minutes later, I arrive back on the ground to address all ten contestants.

Presenter: Congratulations to Clefairy, Machoke, Mawile, Prinplup, Raticate and Smeargle – you have all completed two jumps already, and hence have already done all you can for this challenge. Farfetch’d, Kricketune, Mothim and Slowking – if you would all follow me into the helicopter, it’s time for your second jump. I must warn you – you have just over half an hour to complete it.

Presenter: Five minutes later the four contestants are back in the sky. Ten minutes later Slowking manages to leap from the helicopter for the second time, while Kricketune seems even more nervous the second time – if that was at all possible – but another five minutes later manages to leap from the helicopter for the second time – this time without divulging her breakfast as well. That leaves ten minutes to get Farfetch’d and Mothim out of the helicopter.

Presenter: Which one of you wants to go next?

Mothim: Well I went first last time…

Farfetch’d: Exactly, so you’re used to it.

Mothim: I don’t think I’ve built up enough confidence again yet…

Farfetch’d: Well my parachute is sure to snap this time… I mean what were the odds on it surviving last time? Maybe we should both wait five minutes to see how we feel – we can afford it, right?

Presenter: Ten minutes later, neither have managed to build up the courage to go through the ordeal again. The challenge is lost, and unfortunately, we have to fly them back to the ground. I’d have thrown them both out, personally.

Presenter: I’m sorry contestants – Farfetch’d and Mothim have not managed to jump for a second time, hence your challenge has been lost. Your prize fund remains empty, but your thoughts should be beginning to race. Has the PokéMole been in action already? We’ll now transport you to your local hotel rooms for the night – inside your rooms you’ll find your personal diaries in which to write in. Use them well, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Clefairy: ^_^ Well isn’t this amazing! My own diary!!! ^_^ Hello diary I’m Clefairy, it’s wonderful to be writing in you ^_^

Farfetch’d: Anyone of them could be the PokéMole. Literally any single one of them. I saw the way they all looked at me. They’re all suspicious.

Kricketune: Well it was pretty obvious that would come first but now it’s out of the way we can all move along towards collecting a lot of money! I’m sure we’ll all be stronger in the long run for today’s loss!

Machoke: Early suspicions would be Raticate or Mothim. Raticate seemed to kick things off by delaying us and causing more tension while Mothim didn’t seem as nervous as Farfetch’d, yet wouldn’t jump for a second time. Would that have spurred Farfetch’d on and let us complete the challenge? We shall never know.

Mawile: Was it too much to ask for a helicopter with air conditioning? I reckon there was sabotage today and I’d be looking at the two contestants who seemed fine with jumping once but couldn’t ultimately make a single jump to put money into the prize fund: Farfetch’d and Mothim.

Mothim: Oh dear… we failed already. We’re so rubbish. I bet we end up with no prize fund at all… I can’t see where the sabotage would have been today either, since Farfetch’d seemed genuinely paranoid about the whole thing, and obviously I’m not the PokéMole.

Prinplup: Oh gawd. Two hours to get my flippers back to their pristine condition after landing in some cretin’s breakfast. I bet Clefairy is the PokéMole.

Raticate: Is it too obvious to consider Slowking for the PokéMole already? Took forever to jump – time which probably ultimately cost us the challenge.

Slowking: Slow…king… wonders what… Smeargle meant by… “time she… started”. Was that… a… slipup? Slowking… isn’t… sure.

Smeargle: I hope I confused a few people with my comments today. After all, I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to work out the PokéMole and win. If I can convince enough of them that I’m the PokéMole, then they’ll be so focussed on me it will give me more time to solve the puzzle myself.

Day 2

Presenter: The start of the second day dawns, and the contestants are up bright and early for their second challenge.

Presenter: Good morning contestants!

Most of the contestants: Good morning!

Clefairy: Oh yes good morning Mr Presenter person it’s fantastic to see you again ^_^ Did I mention you look suspiciously like… ooh the name escapes me… oh that’s it! ^_^ You look exactly like –

Presenter: - As you can see we are gathered in the famous Knot Island Net Center. Today’s challenge is the first chance you’ll have to work together and really watch each other closely, and it’s called All In A Day’s Wobbuffet. It’s essentially a treasure hunt - hidden in various points around the island are clues that will lead you across the island. If you can find the Wobbuffet in the next three hours – and importantly decode the password you will need to say to Wobbuffet – then we’ll add [p]10,000 to the prize fund. Here is your first clue – your three hours starts now. Good luck.

Clefairy: Ooh ooh ooh what does it say ^_^

Raticate: Maybe if you shut up for one moment and let us read it we’d know?

Machoke: Here we go… You’ve started with nothing, it’s time to win more. Your second clue is just next door.

Presenter: Machoke straight away leads the team out of the front door and round the corner to the neighbouring house. It is locked.

Raticate: Hang on, what is that on the door?

Presenter: Painted on the front door of the house lies the sequence 25 23 13 6 24 11 10.

Clefairy: Ooh ooh ooh it’s a clue it’s a clue it’s a clue we found a clue ^_^… what does it mean?

Prinplup: Like, who cares? All the sand keeps blowing into my hair.

Mawile: I know what you mean. It’s getting in my eyes. Stupid sand.

Farfetch’d: Maybe the sand is trying to make us move… it’s all a big conspiracy…

Kricketune: Maybe we should be focussing? The door is locked, so we can’t be in the right place.

Raticate: Well where else is there? Unless…

Machoke: You have an idea?

Raticate: Maybe it didn’t mean the house next door? What if it meant the ROOM next door?

Clefairy: Raticate that’s fantastic well worked out ^_^

Mothim: We don’t know if it’s right yet… probably won’t be, knowing our luck.

Clefairy: Then what are we waiting for? ^_^

Presenter: The team traipse back round the corner and back into the Net Center, this time walking past the reception room and… into a pitch black storage room.

Farfetch’d: Erm… are you sure this is a good idea?

Raticate: Well I didn’t know there was going to be a sodding storage room here did I?

Clefairy: You could still be right ^_^

Kricketune: Clefairy is right. The clue could still be in here. We just have to look.

Clefairy: ^_^

Mothim: Well we’re wasting time standing here not doing anything, so that’s this challenge probably failed…

Machoke: Can nobody see it? Feel it?

Smeargle: I can see it, I can see it! Oh wait sorry… no I can’t.

Slowking: I’m… stood on… some… paper.

Machoke: Well maybe that’s it?

Presenter: Machoke picks up the piece of paper and leads the team out of the pitch black room. It is indeed the second clue.

Machoke: Okay, here it is! It might be slightly out of your reach, but the next clue is on the beach.

Clefairy: OMG they all rhyme, isn’t that amazing ^_^

Presenter: The team begin the short ten minute walk to the Knot Island beach, and see a piece of paper suspended over the sand, hovering in mid air.

Clefairy: OMG magic ^_^

Raticate: Well come on then… let’s go and get it.

Presenter: Just as Raticate runs onto the beach and goes to reach the clue, it starts drifting away – just as quickly as Raticate pursues it, until it starts drifting over the water.

Mothim: Well how the hell are we supposed to get that?

Kricketune: Go on Mothim! Fly after it! Look, there’s a free ferry just down there, we’ll all follow.

Mothim: Why can’t Farfetch’d go after it…

Machoke: Because we have to progress with the challenge, and Mike just wants to get on with writing it without worrying about such technicalities.

Presenter: 20 minutes later the group have arrived at the second stretch of beach. Mothim is hovering next to the clue.

Prinplup: So like, what does it say? Can’t believe I got me flippers wet… they’d only just dried.

Mothim: I dunno. I haven’t read it yet.

Raticate: What? Why? Oh just give it here… Clue 32: Spring above you. Erm, what? Have I had some big mind blank and missed the last thirty-odd clues?

Machoke: Hmm, that does seem very strange.

Farfetch’d: I bet it’s a conspiracy… they’re trying to make us all think that we’re going mad, I’m sure of it!

Machoke: Well the clue obviously refers to the Hot Springs up in Mt. Ember, so let’s trek up and see what happens from there.

Presenter: Good idea. It’s a long trek but an one hour later, the group arrive at the Hot Springs and spot the next clue floating in a toy boat on top of one of the springs.

Mawile: It’s far, far, FAR too warm in here. Can’t they turn the temperature down a LITTLE bit? Or do all the Island’s eggs have to be boiled on the rocks in this place?

Clefairy: They boil eggs on the rocks in here? ^_^

Mawile: No but it’s so damn hot they probably could do.

Machoke: Here’s the next clue… hmm, it’s just a number 3 with a circle around it… oh wait, here we are, it’s on the other side. Getting closer, but the journey is long. Keep going up, but stop in the smog. Seems simple enough.

Kricketune: Why does it have that number on the back though?

Machoke: Well it’s the third clue we’ve actually found ourselves isn’t it? Must refer to that I suppose. Who’s looking after these clues?

Raticate: I am.

Machoke: Are there any numbers on the others?

Raticate: Erm… oh, there are actually. The first clue is… clue number 21, according to that theory. And the second is clue number 15. Now that is odd.

Presenter: Bewildered, the contestants continue to trek up the gigantic Mt. Ember, and 40 minutes later, they stumble across a thick path of smog blocking their path.

Farfetch’d: Oh, this is a problem. We can’t see… I bet it’s some sort of trap.

Kricketune: Well even if it is, what does it matter if we all get trapped together?

Clefairy: Aww, that’s a lovely thing to say ^_^ I agree ^_^

Machoke: But the previous clue did mention smog… did hint fairly strongly at the next clue being here somewhere.

Presenter: The contestants scour every inch of the smoggy area in front of them, but to no avail. Completely knackered, they all choose to sit down on the hard ground. Suddenly, in a mysterious, spooky glow, a piece of paper appears; hovering in front of them.

Farfetch’d: Argh! We’re being attacked!

Machoke: Ooh… I get it. We’ve all sat down and stopped, so the clue has appeared. Let’s go and grab it and move out of this place so we can read it.

Presenter: The contestants trek further down the patch until the smog begins to lift, upon which they read their next clue.

Machoke: Okay here we are… Ignore the cave, just trek to the top. One more clue will earn you the lot.

Raticate: So we’re just one clue away? Let’s go then.

Presenter: The contestants have just over 45 minutes left in which to trek the approximate two mile slog to the top of the arduous Mt. Ember trail. Just half an hour later, they do indeed reach the summit, where they are greeted by a Wobbuffet and a table with a single piece of paper lying upon it.

Clefairy: OMG ooh ooh ooh we’ve reached the top! And here’s Wobbuffet! We’ve won, we’ve won!

Smeargle: This makes no sense. Not only did it say there was one more clue, but we don’t know anything about a password.

Mothim: We must have gone wrong somewhere. That’s it. We must have failed.

Machoke: Let’s at least read this last clue… You’re at the end of the road. Now to crack the code. And “code” has a circle around it. Hmm. Raticate, what number is on the back of the last clue we collected?

Raticate: 6.

Machoke: And there’s a 16 on the back of this one. Looks like all the numbers are circled, so I guess they’re the code. Just need to crack it… 21 15 3 6 16… what on earth could that mean?

Presenter: The contestants all sit down and stare at the numbers, until with just 4 minutes to go until their time runs out, Machoke suddenly leaps up and walks towards the Wobbuffet.

Machoke: Psych.

Wobbuffet: Wobba-wobba-fet!

Presenter: And with that, Wobbuffet steps aside to reveal a chest full of money. The contestants have managed to pass the challenge.

Presenter: Well contestants, you certainly tried leaving it a bit late today, but ultimately you’ve managed to pull it out of the bag! You found Wobbuffet and cracked the code within the time limit, so your prize fund has now reached [p]10,000! A good first amount which you’ll hopefully be able to build upon substantially throughout the series.

Kricketune: How did you manage to crack the code?

Machoke: Just position and alphabet the right way and number the letters the right way. It was easy really.

Presenter: Well I hope the celebrations tonight are a joyful event, because unfortunately tomorrow will no doubt sour your spirits slightly. While we do have one more challenge – which will take place tomorrow evening in the warehouse just behind the Net Center – following that will be the first quiz and then inevitably, the first elimination of PokéMole 6, where one of you will already be leaving us for good. Make sure you are prepared for it. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Clefairy: ^_^ Well isn’t this amazing! We won our first challenge!!! ^_^ My first suspicion for the PokéMole is Mothim. He’s really depressing, but Clefairy hopes to be able to cheer him up and make a good friend ^_^

Farfetch’d: Around every corner is the possibility of lies and deceit. Plenty of valid conspiracy theories here. Machoke seemed very desperate to take centre stage today though. Was she just trying to look like a good leader to divert suspicion?

Kricketune: Fantastic news on us earning money and winning our first challenge today! I’m sure this will drive us to earn more and more and possibility more than any previous team before us! No idea on who the PokéMole is yet, but I’m sure that will come in time! I still have tomorrow!

Machoke: Raticate and Mothim both did nothing to add to my suspicions today. Raticate contributed to the challenge while Mothim didn’t do much to detract. Maybe there simply hasn’t been any sabotage yet? Clefairy is a little annoying, maybe that’s just part of an act? So many options here.

Mawile: Farfetch’d doesn’t seem to make much sense and seems to do a lot to try and confuse everyone else. He would make a good PokéMole I reckon. Unless it’s just genuine paranoid, in which case he probably needs help.

Mothim: A lot of non-contributions today. Doesn’t really make my ideas about who could be the PokéMole any clearer I’m afraid. Maybe Smeargle for her mistake in the pitch dark store room at the start of the challenge? Was she just trying to confuse people? She didn’t really say much after that either.

Prinplup: Another two hours in the shower to get all this soot out of my hair! Slowking really didn’t say much today, which I find very suspicious.

Raticate: A single thing sticks out in my mind today above everything else. That’s Mothim claiming we’d failed the challenge as soon as we reached the summit. It was a little bit of a mood shatterer.

Slowking: Slow…king… wonders… Smeargle seemed to… say another… stupid… thing… today. She doesn’t… contribute… much.

Smeargle: A very beneficial day for me today, from my point of view. Some money into a prize fund that’s ultimately going to be mine, more suspicious behaviour to make them all concentrate on me a bit more, and some well taken time to closely watch everyone else. My current prime suspect is probably Prinplup. Just what is that guy actually doing here?

Day 3

Presenter: It’s been a long, sweltering hot day on Knot Island, but as the sun start to set over the looming Mt. Ember, the contestants make their way towards the old abandoned warehouse. It will be the last time they all turn up together for a challenge. Sad thought.

Presenter: Okay contestants, welcome to your first Battle. As you can see we’ve turned this old warehouse into a full battling facility, and you will all be battling one by one against a Rotom. We will of course be filming your battles for us all to watch later on, but you will of course be completely unaware as to how your fellow contestants have fared in battle until the challenge is over. Should 7 of you manage to come out victorious against the Rotom then we’ll add another [p]15,000 to the prize fund. You will be battling in alphabetical order, so Clefairy, if you’d like to stay here –

Clefairy: Yay! ^_^

Presenter: - the rest of you may proceed to the next room and wait there until you are called. Good luck to you all.

Presenter: Clefairy stands alone in the middle of the battle, facing 5 objects leaning against the far wall: a lawnmower, a toaster, a fridge, a washing machine and a fan. Suddenly the fan springs to life and the first battle has begun! Rotom begins the battle by using Charge, while Clefairy uses Minimize. Rotom uses a super charged Thundershock which hits Clefairy, but who shrugs off the damage and uses Minimize again. Rotom attempts to use Air Slash but misses Clefairy, who counters with a swift Zen Headbutt. It’s a direct hit and causes Rotom to flinch, and a quick follow up with Ice Punch is enough to knock out Rotom. 1-0 to the contestants.

It’s Farfetch’d’s (great use of apostrophes there) turn to face the household appliances. Farfetch’d stares suspiciously at the items leaning against the wall, and for once his paranoia is justified, as the lawnmower suddenly leaps to life. Rotom starts off this time by using Leaf Storm. A tirade of leaves fire down upon Farfetch’d who manages to dodge all but a single one of these – one solitary leaf slices the top off of Farfetch’d’s stalk. Farfetch’d is not best pleased about this, and launches into an extremely vicious Fury Cutter attack. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 hits. Rotom cannot keep up, and the sheer accumulative power of the consecutive hits is enough to knock out Rotom. 2-0 to the contestants.

Next up is Kricketune. Kricketune looks across at the appliances when suddenly the fridge rises up and flies towards Kricketune. Rotom starts off with Charge while Kricketune uses Focus Energy. Rotom uses Thundershock which score a direct, painful hit on Kricketune, who responds with X-Scissor. It’s a critical hit and Rotom is in a lot of pain. Rotom attempts to conjure up a Blizzard, but a quick Bug Buzz from Kricketune is enough to knock out Rotom. 3-0 to the contestants.

Machoke is the next contestant into battle, and is greeted by the sight of a flying washing machine. Machoke makes the first move by using Rock Tomb. The attack misses and Rotom attempts to use Hydro Pump, which also misses. Machoke decides to try another Rock Tomb which this time hits Rotom. Rotom attempts to use Uproar, but a speedy Fire Punch from Machoke is enough to knock out Rotom. 4-0 to the contestants. Too easy, obviously.

Next up is Mawile, who is greeted by a flying toaster (as you do). Rotom jumps straight into the battle by using Overheat which not only hits Mawile directly but is also super effective. Mawile seems badly dazed by the attack, allowing Rotom to quickly use Overheat again. Despite the reduction in Rotom’s Special Attack, the type advantage is enough to knock out Mawile. 4-1 to the contestants.

Next up is Mothim, and we’re back to the fan Rotom. Mothim starts the battle off by using Air Slash, while Rotom responds with a Charge, swiftly follow by a Thundershock. Mothim, surprisingly, doesn’t seem to be too badly hurt by the attack, and a Silver Wind attack knocks out Rotom. 5-1 to the contestants.

Next up is Prinplup. Mow Rotom again flies into battle with a Leaf Storm, which golly god, shock horror, splits one of Prinplup’s well filed nails. Prinplup, naturally horrified, bends down to look at the nail, leaving him wide open to a crucial second Leaf Storm attack. 5-2 to the contestants.

Next up is Raticate, against the Frost Rotom. Rotom again launches a quick Blizzard attack, but Raticate is no slow coach and dodges the attack before quickly retaliating with Crunch. It’s super effective but Rotom holds on and fired a Thundershock. It hits and paralyzes Raticate. Rotom uses Charge and then Thundershock again, and Raticate while taking on a lot of damage is still unable to respond. Rotom uses another Charge attack when suddenly Raticate regains movements, and manages to fire in another quick Crunch attack, knocking out Rotom. 6-2 to the contestants and just one more victory is needed for the contestants to pass the challenge.

Next up is Slowking, against a flying washing machine. Rotom launches a fairly straight Hydro Pump, which Slowking simply looks at and takes full in the face. Slowking doesn’t even move and a Charge followed by a strong Thundershock attack is enough to knock out Slowking. 6-3 to the contestants, and it’s gone all the way down to the last battle.

Smeargle versus the Heat Rotom. Rotom starts the battle with Overheat, which Smeargle manages to dodge but then Sketches. Rotom tries a Thundershock which Smeargle dodges, and then retaliates with her own Overheat. Rotom takes the full blast but battles on, using Uproar. Smeargle is hit by the attack and feeling a bit dazed, is considerably weakened again by Rotom’s follow up. Smeargle has no real choice but to use Overheat. It’s a strong attack and knocks out Rotom. 7-3 to the contestants, and they have passed the challenge. Just. By the skin of their teeth. Yeah, you get the idea there.

Presenter: Okay contestants, let’s reveal how you did. 7 of you managed to defeat the Rotom, while 3 of you were defeated yourselves, meaning you have just about done enough to win this challenge. Your prize fund at the end of Episode 1 is therefore frozen at [p]25,000 – a very respectable amount I’m sure you’ll agree. But the time for celebrating has already been and gone. There is no time now for reflection – we will now immediately all proceed back to the Net Center where you will immediately take the first quiz of the series – whichever one of you scores the lowest on the quiz will be going home already.


Presenter: Straight away upon arriving at the Net Center, all ten contestants take a quiz about the identity of the PokéMole. Yet again, you lucky, lucky people have the chance to take this very same quiz. You will receive your scores for each episodic quiz upon completing the final quiz in Episode 8. Can you get the most questions correct throughout the series?


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