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Episode 3

Season Six
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Episode 3

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Comments in Purple are real time conversations between contestants, outside of challenges.

Presenter: Just six days have passed since we began our journey, and already they’re dropping like flies. The PokéMole is already starting to eliminate all before them and just eight now remain. By the end of tonight’s episode, that number will be down to seven. Six real contestants, all trying to answer the same question: who is the PokéMole?

Day 7

Presenter: The contestants are all up and off to Kin Island. But they’re not taken all the way there. In fact, they’re dumped on a giant raft just 25 yards from the beach. Why? That’s a very good question. I think we should answer it.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, minus Prinplup. It’s another beautiful day, maybe a little too hot, so we thought you’d appreciate coming down to the beach again. In fact, the worst case scenario today may well be that you go for a… little swim shall we say? Allow me to explain. Today’s challenge is called Leap Of Lotad. As you can see behind us, there is a huge army of Lotad floating in the water. Some are actually stepping stones, some are real Lotad. In a minute I’m going to show you all a chart detailing the possible routes you can take leading back to the beach via the stepping stones. Once I show you the chart, there can be no conferring between you all. All you have to do is try to memorise a route across the Lotad, using only the stepping stones. Should you step on a real Lotad, you will of course sink. Indeed, if you should fall into the water at any stage, you will have failed in your attempt to cross. I need five of you to successfully cross to the beach without getting wet in order to pass the challenge, which is worth [p]10,000 towards your prize fund. So, we’ll get started straight away. Silence please, I am now going to flip the chart, and you will have 30 seconds to study it. Your time starts… now.

Presenter: The contestants study the map for 30 seconds, before it is cruelly ripped away from them.

Clefairy: Can we not have just 10 more seconds?

Presenter: I’m afraid not.

Clefairy: I’ll be upset if we can’t…

Presenter: I really can’t let you.

Clefairy: Oh. Okay then ^_^

Presenter: Is anybody going to volunteer to go first? … Nobody? In that case, I propose we go for reverse alphabetical order. Smeargle, you’re up first. The rest of you: no peeking.

Smeargle: What? That is so unfair… I won’t drown right?

Presenter: Well, nobody drowned when we were testing this game.

Smeargle: But I won’t drown … right?

Presenter: Just get on with it, yeah?

Presenter: Smeargle jumps onto the first row of (what we shall call) lily pads. And lo and behold, she doesn’t drown. She then proceeds to jump to the next row, which sinks under her weight. Poor Lotad. Smeargle is quickly pulled up and sent to the beach to dry off in disgrace. Yes, in disgrace. I mean, come on. Going out on the second row? Erm, yeah.

Presenter: Okay Slowking, it’s now your turn.

Slowking: …

Presenter: Slowking? It’s your turn.

Slowking: …

Presenter: Slowking?

Slowking: O… kay.

Presenter: Slowking steps slowly onto the first lily pad and a whole minute later steps onto the next row. Given that it doesn’t sink, Slowking has already done better than Smeargle. Slowking stands on the lily pad looking out into the distance for another whole minute, before once again stepping forward. In fact, Slowking continues the trend of only making one move per minute. But when he steps out onto the beach completely dry, nobody is about to complain. First point for the contestants.

Next up is Raticate. Raticate also opts for a cautious approach, – albeit not quite as cautious as Slowking – thinking carefully about each move before she makes the step. A couple of steps from the beach, Raticate opts to move one way and then suddenly changes her mind, and heads in another direction. The lily pad holds, and Raticate steps onto the beach. Second point for the contestants.

Next up is Mothim, who has been told he must land on each lily pad to signify his route. Mothim makes it halfway across the course before the lily pad sinks beneath him. He quickly flies up to escape becoming completely drenched, but rules are rules. Mothim has failed.

Next up is Mawile, who decides to opt for speed. He goes tearing across the lily pads, but has clearly thought carefully about his route, because within 30 seconds he is safely onto the beach. A third point for the contestants.

Kricketune: What a fantastic challenge this is! Even if I fail I’ll get a nice cooling off in the sea =D

Clefairy: Oh I agree completely ^_^ I’m really looking forward to it ^_^

Presenter: Well Kricketune, it’s now your turn. Out of yourself, Farfetch’d and Clefairy, two of you will need to complete the journey successfully in order to pass the challenge. Good luck.

Presenter: Kricketune steps out onto the first lily pad and almost seems to skip across to the other side. Easy. A fourth point for the contestants.

Next up is Farfetch’d, who looks very nervous. God knows why. It’s only water. But sure enough, halfway across Farfetch’d manages to sink. Glug glug glug. It now all rests with Clefairy.

Presenter: Okay Clefairy, this is the situation. Of the seven contestants who have gone before you, four have managed to reach the beach safely. That means you will need to reach the beach safely as well in order to pass the challenge. I am, however, going to offer you a choice here. I am offering you two things: a further minute looking at the map AND whatever happens today, an exemption from the next elimination on Day 9. However, it will cost you [p]9,999 of the group’s prize fund. Do you want a couple of minutes to think about it?

Clefairy: Don’t need to. I know the way, I’ll be fine. But thanks anyway ^_^

Presenter: Are you sure? It’s been a hell of a long time now since you saw the map.

Clefairy: I know the way ^_^

Presenter: Fair enough then. Good luck.

Presenter: Clefairy steps onto the first lily pad and quickly leaps from row to row. And sure enough, true to her word she expertly jumps around the Lotad and makes the beach. The challenge has been passed.

Presenter: Contestants, as you are aware, I told you that if five of you managed to reach the beach safely, without getting wet, then you would pass the challenge and [p]10,000 would be added to the prize fund. Five of you did manage to cross the path, and so the challenge has indeed been passed, congratulations. What most of you don’t know, is that before making her attempt at crossing, Clefairy was given a choice. She was told that for [p]9,999 she could buy another minute studying the map of how to get across the path, as well as an exemption from the next elimination. If Clefairy took that offer, then all your efforts will have added just a solitary [p]1 to your prize fund.

Farfetch’d: I knew it! She looked too happy as soon as she got over here!

Mothim: Great. Just great. What use is [p]1 going to be in the current economic climate? It’s insulting. You’ll be offering us £’s next.

Smeargle: You two-faced little… moon thing.

Presenter: … you will therefore be pleased to hear, I’m sure, that Clefairy turned down the offer. Hence you have passed the challenge and your prize fund has now risen to [p]70,000.

Smeargle: Oh erm yeah. Well… you shouldn’t have looked so smug!

Clefairy: I know you love me really ^_^

Presenter: Your next challenge will take place tomorrow morning – again, bright and early. I’ll be waiting for you by the entrance to Three Isle Path. See you there.

Clefairy: Was Slowking just very very very lucky or trying to make it harder for people like me to remember? It would have been a clever sabotage. I think ^_^

Farfetch’d: I still think I saw Wailmer the other day. I’m surprised I wasn’t eaten by one.

Kricketune: Did Smeargle know she’d get picked to go first if nobody else volunteered? She failed very early on, and had the map freshest in her mind out of anyone.

Mawile: It is too hot to concentrate properly. Part of me was tempted just to dive into the water anyway just to cool off a little bit. Farfetch’d caught my eye today. He was very quick in both failing his own crossing and then attacking Clefairy at the end.

Mothim: Raticate still remains a suspect, but given how easy to was to get confused and fail today, I believe the PokéMole was probably someone who didn’t manage to get across. It would have been an easy piece of sabotage.

Raticate: Hmm. Clefairy doesn’t have much concentration. Or common sense. So how did she manage to cross so easily, so long after she’d looked at the map? I was one of the first to cross, and even I had to guess a few. Maybe she’s just weird.

Slowking: Mawile was… too… quick. I think he… probably… already… knew… the… route. Only the… PokéMole… would already… know… it.

Smeargle: That’s something else Mothim has failed at. I decided today that watching everyone else studying the map rather than studying it myself would be more valuable to me. Everyone else can win the challenges; I’ll concentrate on being the eventual winner. And Mothim really didn’t look like he was concentrating.

Day 8

Presenter: Is that a cloud? Christ, I think it is. The humidity is a little cooler, but it’s looking like another hot day on Kin Island, and it’s another bright and early start for the contestants, as they are lead down Three Isle Path and out to a secluded path of grass, where they are greeted by a gathering of Mareep. 21 of them to be exact.

Presenter: Good morning contestants. You’re all looking… well, a little bit tired to be honest. No matter, a low energy challenge for you today and it’s called The Mock Flock. Here we have 21 Mareep. 10 come from Sinnoh and 10 come from Johto. Your challenge is simply to work out which come from where. Those with the Cambridge suitable minds for maths among you will have worked out that leaves one –

Clefairy: Oh! I did! I did! ^_^

Presenter: – Mareep which belongs to neither. That is a Hoenn Mareep. In a moment we’re going to get Old Farmer Te Strake over and he will tell you about the subtle differences that exist between Mareep from the different worlds. As a group you’ll then have ten minutes to reach a mutual agreement on which Mareep belong to which world. You will be allowed two mistakes. Should you make a third, the challenge will be lost. Passing the challenge will earn you a further [p]10,000 for the prize fund. Now I’m going to hand over to Old Te Strake. Listen closely – you will only be taught once.

Smeargle: Can’t we just ask the Mareep where they come from?

Presenter: … they’re sheep. They can’t talk.

Smeargle: What? And we can?

Presenter: … yes… well… that’s just attention to detail. We don’t need to go there.

Presenter: The contestants are given a fifteen minute talk by Old Farmer Te Strake about Mareep, clogs and windmills. Following the talk they spend ten minutes identifying what they think are the correct Mareep. Let’s see how they got on.

Presenter: Okay contestants, let’s see how you got on. Our first Mareep, Gnasty Gnorc. You said he was from Johto… and you were correct. Number two, Ripto, you thought was from Sinnoh. I’m sorry, you were wrong there, he is also from Johto. One mistake made. Number three, Sparx, you said was from Sinnoh. That is correct. Number four, Agent 9, you said was from Sinnoh again. I’m sorry, he is from Johto. Two mistakes made already – you need to have a 100% record from here on in to win the challenge. Number five, Hunter, you said was from Sinnoh. That is correct. Number six, Elora, you said was from Sinnoh. Again, that is correct. Number seven, James Byrd, you said was from Johto. Once again, correct. Number eight, Moneybags, you said was from Sinnoh. I’m afraid to say Moneybags was from Hoenn – the odd one out. And I’m afraid to say, that means you have failed today’s challenge. The prize fund therefore remains at [p]70,000. Your next challenge will take place tomorrow evening in Berry Forest, at the north of the island. I’ll see you there.

Clefairy: We lost :( They were very nice Mareep though ^_^

Farfetch’d: Kricketune made a lot of the decisions today. But was she just genuinely trying to help? Or does she know I was thinking about her being the PokéMole and as a result acted like that to confuse me?

Kricketune: Smeargle didn’t help out at all today. In fact she barely said a word.

Mawile: Farfetch’d must remain my main suspect, but Raticate is starting to come into play as well. She was just as good as useless today. I’m sure she was one of those suggesting the answers we eventually went for. Which, for the record, were WRONG.

Mothim: Raticate gave some incorrect answers today, and so remains my main suspect, but I was guilty of the same thing. It was actually a very difficult challenge. The losing streak therefore begins here. Depression will set in and we will all lose confidence.

Raticate: Even though I’m a Kanto mon, I thought I could have done better today than I did. Mothim and Kricketune made a lot of suggestions today which I found myself agreeing to. Morons, both of them. Clefairy just bounced around smiling the whole time, which was completely useless to anyone.

Slowking: Mawile… tried to… make some suggestions… today. But he… was overruled too… easily. I think… he… was… right… with a couple of them as… well.

Smeargle: I think a few noticed my silence today. That should be enough to turn their heads a bit. Slowking is too obvious to be the PokéMole surely? I think he’s just genuinely clumsy and stupid.

Day 9

Presenter: The weather is certainly a-changing. More clouds are starting to gather over the Sevii Islands, but it’s still been a fairy warm day. As the sun sets over the distant Mt. Ember, the contestants gather at the entrance to Berry Forest, surrounded by eerie shadows cast by the trees. Sounds like a fun place for a challenge.

Presenter: Good evening contestants. Behind us lies the legendary Berry Forest. This forest contains the biggest amount of berry trees found anywhere in the Pokémon world, but is also famous for the Pokémon that inhabit it. Local children are advised against coming near here as many have disappeared due to the colony of Hypno that are said to live somewhere in the forest. With any luck, we won’t run into any Hypno tonight, but you certainly will be meeting some Pokémon. The challenge is called Berry Good and it’s a very simple idea. We’re going to lead you into the forest to a clearing, with a single path leading to the other side of the forest. There are a total of eight clearings on the path, which are surrounded by two key elements to this challenge: berries, of course, and Pineco. You will have twenty minutes to get out of the forest – accounting for travelling down the path, that’s two minutes for each clearing – and you have to try and bring as many berries with you as possible. We have allocated a certain points system for each berry you may find – the most common berries, such as the Cheri Berry, the Chesto Berry and the Oran Berry will earn you 1 point each. The slightly less common berries, such as the Razz Berry, the Qualot Berry and the Belue Berry will earn you 5 points each. And should you find an extremely rare berry in there, such as Salac Berry, the Enigma Berry or the Rowap Berry, will earn you a huge 10 points each. If you can manage a points total of 200 of more, you will pass this challenge and will earn a massive [p]25,000 for the prize fund. When you enter each clearing you will see a sack hanging from one of the trees. It is up to you to find some berries, throw them into the sack and remove the sack from the trees using the pulley system it is attached to before your two minutes for each clearing are up. If you take too long, the Pineco in the tree next to the sack will use Selfdestruct, inevitably blowing up your sack and the berries within it, so make sure you keep a sensible track of time. Also remember you will need to carry the sacks with you – there can be no going back – so make sure you can actually move that weight around. If you’re all ready, we’ll now take you to the first clearing to begin your challenge. Good luck, and here’s some advice to remember: less haste, more speed.

Presenter: A klaxon sounds and the challenge has begun. The contestants all rush into the first clearing and immediately start running around the grab berries. It is Raticate who first spots the sack hanging in the tree, and soon they are all rapidly throwing berries into it.

Kricketune: Shouldn’t we be getting a move on now?

Mothim: By my count we’ve still got another 20 seconds or so.

Presenter: No sooner has Mothim said that than a bright white light suddenly appears next to the sack, and the previously unseen Pineco Selfdestructs, destroying the sack and sending berry juice splattering everywhere. Especially over the contestants. Oh what joy.

Raticate: You idiot!

Mothim: I guess we’ve failed it now. Great. Just great.

Mawile: How about you stop feeling so sorry for yourself and hurry up!

Clefairy: Yay, that was fun ^_^

Presenter: The contestants appear to learn their lesson, and take sacks full of berries from the second and third clearings, although Kricketune throws up a valid concern…

Kricketune: Guys, we’re so focussed on not running out of time we’re losing so many points in taking the sack down early. We could probably leave it up for another 10 or so seconds each time! We need more confidence with this!

Smeargle: Oh shut up, that’s exactly the sort of attitude that’ll get more berry juice in our eyes.

Presenter: In the fourth clearing Mothim partly redeems himself with the discovery of a rare Jaboca Berry, and the contestants continue to fight on through the thick undergrowth. All appears well until they get to the seventh clearing.

Farfetch’d: Time must nearly be up! I’m going to start winding it down!

Slowking: Oh… hang… on… I can see… a… Micle… Berry…

Kricketune: Yes! That’s exactly the sort of thing we need! Hurry Slowking!

Smeargle: Did you just tell Slowking to hurry? That’s like asking a Charmander how good a swimmer it is.

Clefairy: Ooh, isn’t this exciting ^_^

Raticate: Give it here Slowking, we need to hurry! … I’ve got it! In it goes! Quickly, wind it back dow-

Presenter: Raticate is cut off from finishing her sentence, by the sudden white light and selfdestructing Pineco, as a valuable second sack is blown up. Surely the contestants are at least happy that they’ve been covered in rare Micle Berry juice?


Raticate: Me? I ran with it, Slowking took ages to find the berry. And I didn’t choose to wait.

Mawile: Both of you… just… argh!

Presenter: The contestants find a couple of semi-rare berries in the final clearing and eventually exit Berry Forest with six sacks full of berries. How have they faired?

Presenter: Well contestants, we’ve analysed the berries you retrieved from Berry Forest, and I have to tell you that you earned a total of… 143 points. Some way short of your target of 200 I’m afraid. That means the prize fund remains at [p]70,000. That money isn’t going anywhere fast. One of you lot… is. It’s time for the third elimination.


Presenter: How is your suspect doing? Have they been acting suspiciously again this episode? Ten more questions to have a go with:


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