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Episode 4

Season Six
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Episode 4

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Comments in Purple are real time conversations between contestants, outside of challenges.

Presenter: Nine days gone and soon we’ll already be at the halfway point. Seven Pokémon are left, and there are plenty of tasks lying ahead. Have you suffered FAIL yet? Is your suspect still in play? Who is that PokéMole?

Day 10

Presenter: What’s that? Double figures? Why how exciting! Onwards to Floe Island and the next challenge! What’s that sound? Why, it’s the school bell.

Presenter: Good morning class! Register time! Clefairy?

Clefairy: Oh oh oh, a register! Here Sir ^_^

Presenter: Farfetch’d?

Farfetch'd: Is this a trick?

Presenter: Are you here or not?

Farfetch'd: Yes.

Presenter: Yes what?

Farfetch'd: Yes I’m here.

Presenter: Yes I’m here SIR.

Farfetch'd: This IS a trick isn’t it?

Presenter: … Kricketune?

Kricketune: Here Sir! I like the hat!

Presenter: Mawile?

Mawile: You can see we’re all here, so what is the point of this exactly?

Presenter: …

Mawile: Here Sir.

Presenter: Mothim?

Mothim: Here Sir.

Presenter: Raticate?

Raticate: Yes, yes I’m here… Sir.

Presenter: Slowking?

Slowking: …

Presenter: Slowking? … Slowking? … Absent.

Slowking: Here…… Sir.

Presenter: Smeargle?

Clefairy: Oh erm, she’s not here ^_^

Presenter: Not here?!?

Raticate: She was eliminated.

Presenter: Ah yes, of course. Sorry, don’t know what came over me. Welcome to your next challenge, entitled The Science Of Getting Things Wrong. I hope you’ve all got your scientific heads on, because this is of course a science lesson. Pay careful attention class – it’s worth [p]20,000 to your prize fund. All you have to do is solve the equation on the blackboard behind me.

Raticate: We’re not all descendants of Alakazam Einstein you know.

Kricketune: Well it looks a bit complicated… but I’m sure we’ll manage it eventually!

Mothim: I told you we’d start losing everything…

Presenter: Oh sorry… that was the original challenge, but yes, they have toned it down a bit. We are going to have what the Americans strangely call a “pop quiz” – a test, in normal mans language. So, everyone to the front to pick up a pen and paper, and then back to your seats... thank you. I’m going to ask you six science questions, all multiple choice. If five of you get a question right, then we will consider that as a group, you have gotten the question correct. Four correct answers for the group will win you this challenge. So, if we’re all ready? Excellent, then here we go…

  1. Some lasers are referred to as being “cw.” What does “cw” mean?
  2. A. Circular wave
    B. Constant wave
    C. Continuous wave
    D. Clear wave

  3. Chemically, what is aspirin?
  4. A. Paracetamol
    B. Acetylsalicylic acid
    C. Chocolate
    D. Deoxyribonucleic Acid

  5. Who is credited with discovering the electron?
  6. A. J.J Thomson
    B. Isaac Newton
    C. Ernest Rutherford
    D. Albert Einstein

  7. What is the lightest element with an atomic symbol not related to its English name?
  8. A. Potassium
    B. Iron
    C. Sodium
    D. Tungsten

  9. Which planet is 110 million km from the sun?
  10. A. Mercury
    B. Venus
    C. Earth
    D. Mars

  11. Which of these is not a greenhouse gas?
  12. A. Nitrogen
    B. Methane
    C. Carbon Dioxide
    D. Ozone

Presenter: It’s okay – you can look back at your screen properly now.

Presenter: Okay class, pass your sheets up to the front of the class please. The answer to question 1 was C, which… 5 of you got correct, excellent, that’s the first question correct. The answer to question 2 was B, which… 6 of you got correct, excellent again, two out of two. The answer to question 3 was A, which… 3 of you got correct, not so good there I’m afraid. Still just two correct answers for the group. The answer to question 4 was C, which… five of you got correct, excellent, that’s three correct answers for the group now. The answer to question 5 was B, which… only one of you got correct. Awful on that one I’m afraid. Still only three correct answers for the group, so you need to collectively answer this last question correctly in order to pass the challenge. The answer to question 6 was A, which… wow, four of you got correct. One short I’m afraid there. The challenge is lost, and I think that’s a double detention for the lot of you. I should probably point out here that although all your papers contain no names anyway, look at this sheet that was handed in. There is nothing on it whatsoever. The PokéMole has clearly been at work today, and it has cost you. Your prize fund, for the third challenge in a row, remains at [p]70,000. You’re going to have to pull your act together team, otherwise the PokéMole will win game after game after game, and you will be left with nothing. No matter, onwards and upwards from here on maybe? Your next challenge will take place tomorrow evening on the grassy fields next to the lake. I’ll see you there.

Clefairy: Today was quite difficult, but I tried my best ^_^ And in the end I even think I got quite a few of them correct ^_^ Slowking maybe was too slow to think about the questions and so never wrote anything down?

Farfetch'd: I’m sure Clefairy was trying to copy my answers today. I’m looking at the answers to the quiz, trying to find a pattern. I bet there is one.

Kricketune: I’m convinced tomorrow can be a fresh start for us, and we can build towards being one of the most successful set of contestants ever =D Bit of a worry that Smeargle has gone though, especially since I went for her in the last quiz. Possibly Slowking?

Mawile: Farfetch’d was shielding his paper from view today, which convinces me that it was him who didn’t write anything down for the whole challenge.

Mothim: Three challenges lost in a row now, I guess we’ll just have to get used to losing now. Raticate did nothing of note today. Neither did anyone though.

Raticate: Poor. Very poor. Should have been money in the prize fund guaranteed today, and we’ve been let down. Those horrible, irritating simpletons - I wish I could feed them all to a Rayquaza. I bet Clefairy didn’t get half of them and Mothim probably convinced himself he was going to get them all wrong anyway. Both are, to me, strong candidates for being the PokéMole.

Slowking: I do… think… today was… rather… too… fast… paced. Why… was… Mawile… acting all stupid during… the… register?

Day 11

Presenter: A small smattering of rain breaks out across Floe Island during the day, which is a welcome relief to all those in the Sevii Islands. By the evening, the humidity is actually rather pleasant. Just as well. Time for a battle.

Presenter: Good evening contestants. I’m sure you’re equally as delighted as me about the rain shower today – isn’t it lovely and cool now? Perfect conditions for another battle, and today you will be battling an Ariados. You’ll be battling in alphabetical order under the usual conditions and if four of you manage to beat Ariados then we’ll add [p]20,000 to the prize fund. Simples. Clefairy, that means you’re up first. The rest of you follow me.

Presenter: And so the first battle begins: Clefairy versus Ariados. Ariados starts off by pulling a Scary Face, while a frightened Clefairy responds with a strong Meteor Mash attack, which hits Ariados directly. Ariados responds with a Giga Impact, which causes poor Clefairy a lot of damage. Clefairy struggles up and starts to wave her paws around, performing a Metronome. As a result of the Metronome, Clefairy starts to Splash around. Helpful. Ariados is still unable to attack, so Clefairy uses Metronome again, this time encasing Ariados in a Flamethrower attack. How convenient. Ariados faints, and it’s 1-0 to the contestants.

Next up is Farfetch’d. This time Farfetch’d attacks first, aiming an Aerial Ace attack at Ariados (see what I did there?). It’s super effective but Ariados responds with another Scary Face, followed by another Giga Impact. Farfetch’d is hurt but tries another Aerial Ace attack, which Ariados somehow survives. Ariados cannot attack and so Farfetch’d tries an Air Slash. Ariados faints and it’s 2-0 to the contestants.

Next up is Kricketune. Ariados this time starts with a Shadow Sneak attack, then quickly follows it with a Scary Face attack. Kricketune tries a Bug Buzz attack; which doesn’t really do anything. Ariados then follows up with another Giga Impact, which is enough to know out Kricketune. 2-1 to the contestants.

Next up is Mawile. Ariados again starts with a Shadow Sneak attack, which barely fazes Mawile. Mawile responds with a strong Rock Slide attack, which causes a lot of damage to Ariados, which is forced to use Giga Impact. It’s a critical hit, but it’s still surprising to see it knock out Mawile. 2-2 now.

Next up is Mothim. Mothim starts off this battle with a Psybeam, which hits Ariados directly. Ariados shakes itself and responds with a Scary Face attack and follows it up with Pin Missile. Unsurprisingly Mothim is able to easily shake off the missiles and uses Gust to both blow them away and attack Ariados. Ariados launches a Giga Impact at Mothim, but Mothim is able to dodge and uses Psychic to finish the battle. 3-2 to the contestants.

Next up is Raticate. Raticate is quick out of the blocks and uses Thunderbolt, which hits Ariados and appears to paralyze it. Ariados still manages to launch a Pin Missile at Raticate which hits and appears to do a bit of damage. Raticate uses Ice Beam which hits Ariados directly and causes a lot of damage. Both Raticate and Ariados gear up for a simultaneous Giga Impact and run straight at each other. When the dust clears, Ariados is down and Raticate is clearly exhausted but still standing. 4-2 to the contestants and the challenge has already been won.

Last up is Slowking. Ariados attacks first by using Scary Face (not that you’d notice a difference in the speed of Slowking anyway), while Slowking stands still looking a little curious. Ariados decides to use Giga Impact, but just as it reaches Slowking, Slowking bows its head for a Zen Headbutt. Slowking somehow remains standing while Ariados is hurt very badly. Badly enough for a Psychic attack from Slowking to make it faint. 5-2 is the final score.

Presenter: Okay contestants, let’s see how you did. I can tell you that five of you managed to defeat the Ariados, therefore the challenge has been won and your prize fund now rises to [p]90,000, congratulations! It seems that this time the PokéMole wasn’t able to get one over you. It’s what… ten minutes to eight now? I suggest you all head back and get yourself cleaned up a bit and we’ll meet for supper in half an hour where we’ll play the videos back for you all to watch. Your next challenge takes place tomorrow morning, and I’ll be waiting for you by the entrance to Icefall Cave. I’ll see you there.

Presenter: At supper the contestants all start to relax by watching the videos back of the battles. There is a pleasant atmosphere, until the contestants start to question some of each other’s actions…

Raticate: What I want to know is what you were doing Kricketune. Bug Buzz? I know those Giga Impacts were horrible, but of all the attacks you could of used, you attack it with a bug move? How stupid are you?

Kricketune: Yeah so okay I froze a bit. I’m more confused as to why Mawile apparently fainted after a single Giga Impact? You’re supposed to be strong against them?

Mawile: Well I don’t know do I? Must have been a lucky one off hit. I hardly went down on purpose did I?

Kricketune: I suppose not, at least we won – that’s the main thing =D

Farfetch'd: Clefairy… why did you use Metronome?

Clefairy: So I’d win the battle ^_^

Farfetch'd: Yeah but, you could have ended up using another completely useless attack like you did by Splashing the first time. I bet you were told to use Metronome… you were weren’t you! That’s it!

Clefairy: Told by whom exactly? Metronome just comes naturally to me ^_^

Farfetch'd: Yeah… right…

Mothim: I can’t believe we won… only just though. Still isn’t much to celebrate is it? We could have easily lost…

Raticate: Oh for the love of… can’t you stop spouting rubbish for at least five minutes?

Mawile: Or at least talk about something that isn’t exaggerated to make it sound like the worst possible thing that could ever happen in the history of anything?

Mothim: Sorry, my wing still hurts. I take it as a bad sign of things to come.

Raticate: Well how did you manage to hit it against the door anyway? Do you not look at the width of things before going through them?

Presenter: That’s a long story folks.

Clefairy: Slowking was lucky in his battle and didn’t even have to win to make us win the whole challenge. Maybe he knew about that? Still, at least we won, yay ^_^

Farfetch'd: She must have been told to use Metronome… must have. I bet she’s secretly gutted she won. Gutted. There’s definitely a big conspiracy going on.

Kricketune: I was right! This is the start of better things! Hopefully we’ll have a nice group challenge tomorrow and the chance to get some good teamwork in, and more money for the prize fund! I definitely find Mawile’s collapse against an attack he is supposed to be resistant to very suspicious, even if it was a strong attack.

Mawile: Farfetch’d did win today, but that doesn’t put me off. Losing would have been too obvious today, given that he is strong against Ariados.

Mothim: I managed to smack my wing against the door earlier as I was walking through it. No idea how. Definitely a bad sign. It’s like karma. We won the challenge; therefore I had to have some sort of pain. I can definitely sense negative vibes about this whole thing. Clearly the forces that be want us to lose.

Raticate: Obviously both Clefairy and Mothim did well today, but I still think that Clefairy’s behaviour today is a little suspicious.

Slowking: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

Day 12

Presenter: The rain clouds are starting to clear and once again the whole of the Sevii Islands are bathed in sunshine. So this is a good time to visit somewhere a little bit chillier than normal.

Presenter: Hello contestants, and welcome to Icefall Cave. The famous Elite Four member Lorelei is said to have trained in these very caves from a young age, but just for today, we’re going to be taking over it for a bit of a fun challenge. I hope your backsides are feeling okay – stop sniggering – because as you can see behind me, we’ve built a huge ice slide for you. This challenge is called How Very Ice, and it’s very simple. You will each get one – and one chance only – to slide down the… well, slide, and as you can see, hanging from above at various points down the slide are bags. These bags each contain different amounts of money, some more than others. There are seven bags to collect, and should you grab a bag each, you’ll win the maximum [p]30,000 available for this challenge. Any questions?

Clefairy: There’s eight bags ^_^

Presenter: … erm, okay moving on. I’m going to walk you all up there one by one, in alphabetical order again, and then we can begin the challenge. Good luck.

Presenter: There are indeed eight bags. What the contestants don’t realise is that every single one of them is given the same offer as they are escorted to the top of the slide – the furthest bag on the left contains not any money, but an exemption. Will any of them, unaware they all have the same offer and that the exemption is replaced between turns, be tempted to go for it? I hope they don’t all go for it – we might have a few problems then.

First down the slide is Clefairy, who completely ignores the exemption bag by sliding down the right hand side of the slide. Unfortunately, Clefairy isn’t quite tall enough to reach the bag she reaches for, and reaches the bottom of the slide empty handed.

Next down the slide is Farfetch’d who although does slide down the left hand side of the slide appears to change his mind midway down and instead successfully grabs one of the bags containing money. At least the contestants will come out of this challenge with something.

Next down the slide is Kricketune, who also ignores the exemption bag and also manages to grab a bag of money.

Next down the slide is Mawile, who goes straight for the exemption bag and manages to grab it. That’s an exemption from tonight’s elimination for Mawile, at the expense of the possibility of more money for the group.

Following Mawile is Mothim, who goes straight down the middle of the slide and manages to grab a cash bag.

Next down the slide is Raticate, who also goes down the middle but misses a cash bag by inches.

Lastly down the slide is Slowking, who goes down the right hand side of the slide and reaches up to try and grab a money bag – about twenty seconds after he’s already slid past it. The challenge is over.

Presenter: Okay contestants, we have three bags here. Farfetch’d, Kricketune, Mawile and Mothim – if you’d like to reach inside your bags and tell us what you’ve got.

Farfetch'd: There is… [p]8,000 in here!

Presenter: [p]8,000 was actually the most expensive bag there, well done! Kricketune what do you have?

Kricketune: [p]4,000! =D

Presenter: So that’s a total of [p]12,000 so far, congratulations. Mawile, what did you get?

Mawile: An exemption.

Raticate: What?

Clefairy: Ooh, how exciting ^_^

Mothim: And there’s [p]2,000 in this bag.

Presenter: What we neglected to mention is that every single one of you was made that very same offer – as it stands, the prize fund now rises to [p]104,000, so congratulations on breaking the 100,000 mark, but Mawile, you are now guaranteed a place here tomorrow. And there’s no time to mess around. If you’d like to follow me, we’re going to go and get all of that business sorted out. It’s time for you all to take the fourth quiz.


Presenter: Didn’t you hear me? It’s time to take the fourth quiz!


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