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Episode 6

Season Six
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Episode 6

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Comments in Purple are real time conversations between contestants, outside of challenges.

Presenter: If you squint your eyes hard enough you can almost see the finishing post. Half of the contestants have gone and we are but two episodes away from our grand finale. Clefairy, Farfetch’d, Mawile, Mothim and Raticate. Is your suspect still in? Or did you fail miserably a good few episodes ago? Always makes me laugh when you do.

Day 16

Presenter: Day 16 of 24 means we are now two-thirds of the way through! Bet you didn’t know THAT did you? … Oh you did? Oh well. Let’s see what Fortune Island has in store. Will it be fortunate for our contestants, or for the PokéMole?

Presenter: Good morning contestants, minus Kricketune. I’m sure you’ve been itching for another one, so here it is, time for your third battle, which today will take place outside, here at the Water Path. You will be battling a Tentacruel, and if three of you can successfully defeat the Tentacruel then we’ll add [p]25,000 to the prize fund. Exciting stuff it be. This time you shall be battling in reverse alphabetical order. Usual rules apply so Raticate, it’s over to you. Good luck.

Presenter: Here goes the first battle. Raticate vs. Tentacruel. Raticate gets the first move in with a Crunch attack, which doesn’t seem to faze a strong Tentacruel, who responds with a Poison Jab. Raticate takes the hit directly and looks to have been Poisoned from the hit, but she still battles on with a Hyper Fang attack. Tentacruel flinches and Raticate tries another Hyper Fang attack which this time misses the target. Tentacruel this time attacks with Hydro Pump which hits Raticate squarely in the chest and sends her flying. Raticate appears to just about survive, but the poison takes its toll and Raticate is knocked out. 1-0 Tentacruel.

Next up is Mothim. Tentacruel this time starts off the battle, again with a Poison Jab attack, but Mothim is quick to dodge and responds with a Psychic attack. Tentacruel is severely hurt but manages to respond with another Hydro Pump. This hits Mothim and appears to be a Critical Hit, dealing a huge amount of damage, but another quick Psychic attack is enough to knock out Tentacruel. 1-1 to… well, both of them technically.

Next up is Mawile. Tentacruel again starts off the battle, this time with Muddy Water. The water surrounds Mawile who while emerging relatively unscathed, clearly has more than a little visibility problem. As if to try and equalise that statistic Mawile responds by using Mud Slap, but unsurprisingly misses the target. Tentacruel uses Hydro Pump which also misses, leaving Mawile free to respond with a Thunder Fang attack which deals a lot of damage to Tentacruel. However, a last ditch Hydro Pump from Tentacruel this time hits Mawile and knocks him out. 2-1 to Tentacruel. Oo-er.

Next up is Farfetch’d, who has to win in order for the contestants to have any chance of passing the challenge. Again, Tentacruel attempts to start the battle with a Muddy Water attack, but Farfetch’d, possibly expecting this tactic, flies out of the way of the wave of water and responds with his own Mud Slap attack, which appears to be a Critical Hit and completes the dual job of damaging Tentacruel as well as severely damage its eyesight. Tentacruel attempts an Aurora Beam attack but misses Farfetch’d completely, who this time is free to launch an Air Slash at Tentacruel. Tentacruel flinches and another Air Slash from Farfetch’d is enough to knock out Tentacruel. 2-2 and it’s all down to the last battle.

Last up is Clefairy, and again it’s a must win battle for the contestants in order to pass the challenge. Clefairy starts the battle off with Thunderbolt which hits Tentacruel directly and causes a lot of damage. Tentacruel weakly uses Poison Jab which also scores a direct hit and manages to poison Clefairy. Clefairy, still unfazed, uses Metronome and subsequently… falls asleep, Resting. Tentacruel surrounds Clefairy in Muddy Water and just as Clefairy wakes up, Tentacruel launches an Aurora Beam at Clefairy, knocking her out. 2-3 to Tentacruel and it’s a failed challenge ;;

Presenter: Well contestants, I’m sorry to have to tell you that three of you LOST to Tentacruel, rather than the three victories which we were looking for, meaning this challenge has been lost and your prize fund remains at [p]124,000. That’s three challenges in a row you’ve failed now, and [p]60,000 which you’ve failed to add to the prize fund in those three challenges alone. It seems the PokéMole is starting to get a grip on all of you and unless you are not careful, you might well end up going on a huge losing run. Have a think about that, and I’ll see you again bright and early tomorrow morning at the Pattern Bush.

Clefairy: Raticate got beaten so she is still a suspect. Other than that I have no idea ^_^

Farfetch'd: Was Clefairy a Clefairy deliberately so that she could go last in this challenge and deliberately muck it up for us? She looked to have Tentacruel beaten.

Mawile: My two major suspects were the two contestants which actually won their battles today. While that’s a bit of a setback, I’m sticking with them.

Mothim: What if we DO go on a big losing run? I guess the current prize fund isn’t too bad, although it saddens me we probably won’t be able to add much to it.

Raticate: Mothim was very clinical in his battle today. I think the PokéMole would do that occasionally as a cover, so I still think it’s Mothim. Clefairy did lose her battle very easily after being in such a strong position though, and it was that which ultimately cost us the challenge.

Day 17

Presenter: For those of you who wondered how long it would take Typhlosion to find a way of putting football into PokéMole and were thankful it hadn’t popped up yet: look away now.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, it’s time for your early morning exercise in a challenge that is called Putting Your Footy In it. It’s of course shockingly obvious what you need to do – we’re going to play a simple ten minute a-half game of five-a-side football, that is you five against a special team of five opponents. Beating your opponents will earn you [p]15,000 for the prize fund, and should the scores be level after those twenty minutes, it will be settled via a penalty shootout. The formation you wish to choose is up to you, and the roles you wish to choose likewise, but you will now have five minutes in which to discuss your tactics.

Presenter: The contestants decide on Mothim as goalkeeper, Mawile and Farfetch’d in defence, with Raticate playing just behind Clefairy up front.

Presenter: And now it’s time to welcome your opponents! Here come Staryu, Girafarig, Jumpluff, Hitmonlee and Snover – aka, Molechester United! Contestants, take your positions, it’s time to kick off!

Presenter: Raticate gets the ball rolling as the first ever (and more than likely, only ever and last ever) 5-a-side Pokémon football match kicks off! Straight away Farfetch’d plays in Clefairy who erm… gets knocked over by the ball, watching it roll away for a goal kick. Five minutes elapse before the first goal goes in, Girafarig galloping past a static Farfetch’d and crossing for Hitmonlee to put that famous leg to good effect – volleying past a terrified looking Mothim. Just two minutes later however, the teams are level, with Mawile charging up from defence to blast the ball past Staryu. Raticate then goes close with a long range effort that clips the crossbar, but at half time the scores are level at 1-1.

The contestants come out for the second half and within a minute Clefairy gives away a free kick on the wing. All the contestants scramble into the penalty area as Hitmonlee lines the ball up and curls it into a packed area. The ball takes a nick off a player and flies into the net to make it 2-1 to Molechester United and ninety seconds later it gets worse still as Snover curls a delicious shot past Tomasz “Mothim” Kuszczak to make it 3-1 to Molechester United. Being incredibly stupid, Molechester United choose to sit back and defend allowing the contestants to pour forward and Clefairy sees a shot (well, it hit her and bounced goalwards anyway) saved by Staryu (well, it hit it). There are just two minutes on the clock when Mawile once again charges forward and crosses for Clefairy to once again get hit by the ball, this time seeing it trickle into the net, making it 3-2. Molechester United are stunned, and it gets worse as Farfetch’d smacks a beautiful goal into the top corner, to the astonishment of everyone – especially Mothim. The board goes up and shows four minutes of Fergie time to be played (presumably the match is being played at Old Trafford) and with just seconds remaining Raticate curls a beautiful ball into the area to see Mawile power a header past Staryu! The final whistle goes and the contestants have won 4-3! Isn’t it funny when teams score extra time goals to win games 4-3 in suspicious amounts of added on time?

Presenter: Well contestants, a very topsy-turvy game indeed, but you have prevailed! Your prize fund has now increased to [p]139,000 and perhaps more importantly, your mini-losing streak has officially come to an end! Some time off for you now really, since your next challenge will take place tomorrow night at Ruin Valley. I’ll see you there.

Presenter: That night the contestants relax in their own private common room:

Clefairy: Ooh, a night off and a lie-in tomorrow. Aren’t we lucky ^_^ I wonder if there’s any good films on TV ^_^ OOH OOH The Whismur Of Oz is on at half past 8 ^_^... I met a Whismur once you know ^_^

Raticate: Can you not just calm down for a minute? Anyway, it's only twenty past. Put some music on. I fancy some Black-Eyed Peas. You should listen out for them if you haven’t already.

Clefairy: Silly Raticate… peas can’t make music ^_^

Mawile: Why on earth did we agree to play Clefairy up front?

Clefairy: Because I scored a goal YAY ^_^ Maybe I should make a career out of it. I can’t be any worse than Diglett Kuyt ^_^

Raticate: Because the key in football is defence first. You build from the back, you defend from the front. And frankly you’re a liability, so sticking you up front was the safest option overall.

Clefairy: Erm okay ^_^ Thanks ^_^

Raticate: You really don’t understand English do you?

Clefairy: LOL silly Raticate, course I do ^_^

Mothim: I think I injured my wing today you know…

Raticate: Injured your wing? You didn’t do anything…

Farfetch'd: Oh look, there’s a match report here… I bet it’s here so we can read it and focus on our mistakes… it’s a conspiracy to wind us up.

Mothim: It does actually hurt… and pain just depresses me.

Farfetch'd: Hang on… it says that Molechester United’s second goal was an own goal…

Raticate: What? You mean after all of my careful defensive organisation someone managed to go and score for them anyway? Who?

Farfetch'd: It… doesn’t actually say. Just lists it as an own goal.

Raticate: Well isn’t that just brilliant. Who wrote the match report?

Farfetch'd: Setanta Sports.

Raticate: Says it all then.

Mothim: I bet it’s because I caught it on that door that time…

Clefairy: I scored a goal I scored a goal I scored a goal ^_^ Were the other team famous or something? I thought Raticate was unlucky to score in the wrong net ^_^

Farfetch'd: Clearly it’s the producers who want us to lose. Being there with what would be six PokéMoles was clearly an attempt to intimidate us. Clefairy was the worst player on the pitch by far, even scoring a damn own goal.

Mawile: I’m sure it was Mothim who inadvertently scored that own goal, which was surely a clear case of blatant sabotage? I mean, how can you do something as incredibly stupid as scoring an own goal by accident? You’d have to be really poor at football to do it. I mean look at the amount of own goals Jamie Carragher scores. Point made.

Mothim: We won but we were very lucky, so the losing streak is still weighing us down. Farfetch’d must now go down as a major suspect – an own goal was probably the worst thing you could do today, and he really put our already slim chances in jeopardy.

Raticate: Oh what a game. That header… incredible scenes! My tactics were of course spot on, as proved by the victory. Some suspicions have to rest on Mawile now though following his own goal.

Day 18

Presenter: Day 18 is drawing to a close. But there’s a lot that’s going to happen first. Both challenge wise and elimination wise. The contestants finish their supper before heading off towards the creepy Ruin Valley. It’s getting dark.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, and welcome to tonight’s challenge. Creepy isn’t it? Fortune Island is famous around these parts for the clear views you get of the night sky, hence tonight’s challenge is called Written In The Stars. We’re going to do a nice gentle spot of stargazing – but you’re going to need to be vigilant and very precise about it. Because the views you get from these parts is so clear, you can actually see every single star. Tonight, three constellations are visible – Orhydon, The Skorupi and Mikeus. Very pretty but very complex star patterns and what we want you to do is simply count how many stars there in those three constellations. I have diagrams here for you to use to help you, since some stars are out tonight which are not officially recognised as part of those constellations, and if you can tell me the precise number of stars between all three constellations, to within five, we’ll add [p]15,000 into the prize fund. You have ten minutes to complete this challenge – here are the diagrams to help you, good luck.

Presenter: The contestants seemingly wish to whisper – although it is a creepy environment in which to look up, rather than towards the shadows – and after ten minutes of heated discussion, they reach a decision.

Presenter: Okay contestants, have you reached a decision.

Farfetch'd: Yes we have… although I want to know who was watching us from the shadows.

Presenter: Nobody was… why?

Farfetch'd: I heard noises.

Mothim: Maybe we’ll all get eaten by hungry Rhydon.

Raticate: There’s no wild Rhydon here, idiot.

Farfetch'd: Well you never know do you…

Clefairy: I knew a Rhydon once ^_^

Presenter: Can I just have your answer please…

Farfetch'd: 62.

Clefairy: I thought we’d agreed on 186… ^_^

Raticate: YOU said 186. The rest of us can count.

Clefairy: Oh ^_^

Presenter: I have to take your first answer of 62… which congratulations, is absolutely correct! That means the prize fund now rises to [p]154,000! Now I think we can take a gentle moonlit walk back to the Pokémon Center, but I’m afraid what awaits you there is not quite so pleasant. The time has come for the next quiz and the next elimination. Please follow me.


Presenter: How do you think you’re doing quiz wise? Here’s another ten to make you think:


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