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Episode 7

Season Six
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Episode 7

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments ain Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Comments in Purple are real time conversations between contestants, outside of challenges.

Presenter: Clefairy, Farfetch’d, Mothim, Raticate. While others have fallen by the wayside these four remain. And by the end of today’s episode, we will know our final three. Who do you think it is?

Day 19

Presenter: The quest to find the PokéMole has taken the remaining four contestants to Quest Island and no sooner than they arrive, they are whisked off to the Tanoby Ruins for their next challenge.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, minus Mawile. Time for your next challenge which is called To Know The Unown. As you are probably aware, there are seven chambers located within the Tanoby Ruins which are home to the Unown. Just for today we’ve built you an eighth, containing seven rooms. Your task will be to go into each chamber and work out the password needed to open the chest located in the last chamber. Inside the chest you will find [p]25,000, and if you can unlock that chest within half an hour then that [p]25,000 will be added to your prize fund. If you’d like to step into the entrance just behind me, just through the door you will find a chart that may be of help to you. Your time begins… now.

Presenter: The contestants enter into the first chamber and immediately spot the first legend on the wall:

Raticate: Well that’s just stupid… there’s a huge amount of answers to that. How are we supposed to answer that?

Farfetch'd I bet it’s a trick question…

Clefairy: Ooh look at the chart ^_^

Raticate: Why would I want to look at the chart?

Clefairy: It has a grid and some letters already in it… maybe we have to fill in the answers ^_^

Mothim: Great, so they think so little of us that they think we need extra help…

Clefairy: It has letters already filled in though… this has a third letter of M and ends with C. Eight letters… OOH it’s like a crossword ^_^

Mothim: It could be this…

Presenter: Mothim (somehow) grabs the chart and fills in the row.

Raticate: Well that fits.

Clefairy: Can we move on then? I WANT TO LEAD ^_^

Presenter: The contestants move onto the second chamber and again quickly find the next legend on the wall:

Raticate: Well that’s clearly an aardvark.

Clefairy: Oh but we need to check with the grid! It begins with an A and has a V in it!

Raticate: Yeah… it’s an aardvark.

Clefairy: Okay! Follow me peeps ^_^

Presenter: The contestants move into the third chamber and after adjusting their eyes to the darkness, eventually find the next legend:

Farfetch'd Well that doesn’t make sense…

Clefairy: What letters are in it?

Raticate: Well you’re the one holding the chart… why don’t you tell us?

Clefairy: Oh yeah ^_^ Begins with S and ends with… S?

Farfetch'd Not oranges? Well what about Seagulls? They’re not oranges. Unless there’s some sort of seagull-orange conspiracy going on…

Mothim: Technically… so they could be taken as? Oh, I’ve got an idea. There we go. Let’s continue, we don’t have too much time.

Presenter: The contestants continue into the fourth chamber where it takes them a couple of minutes to spot the legend on the floor beneath them:

Clefairy: This one has A as the second letter and ends in E… oh that’s easy ^_^… what is it?

Raticate: Very obvious, that’s what. Hurry up or we’ll leave you behind.

Clefairy: ^_^

Presenter: The contestants continue into the fifth chamber where it takes them a couple of minutes to spot the legend on the wall behind them:

Raticate: That sounds painful. Shame we can’t use one of them to shut Clefairy up.

Clefairy: Oh I don’t like nuts. They get stuck in my teeth ^_^ Fourth letter is N.

Raticate: Come on, I think I know the answer. We need to move on.

Presenter: And move on they do.

Mothim: Oh… I don’t know. I think we’re going to fail.

Farfetch'd Maybe they’re just setting us up for a fall?

Clefairy: The first letter is P and the second letter R ^_^

Raticate: Well keep it in mind. It might make more sense when we get the rest as well.

Presenter: The contestants advance into the seventh and last chamber and eventually spot the seventh legend circled around all four walls:

Mothim: The answer is in the question… and here’s the chest! … Hmm, it needs an eight letter combination code to open it.

Clefairy: Well there’s some squares on this grid bolded… I wonder if that would help us work out where the code is?

Raticate: That probably IS the code dimwit.

Clefairy: Silly Raticate. That is only 4 letters long ^_^

Farfetch'd What’s that on the ceiling?

Mothim: Oh… I can hardly read it. What if it’s some ancient prophecy of impending death?

Clefairy: Ooh I bet it’s the final legend! I worked that out! I worked that out! ^_^

Raticate: What are the letters given?

Clefairy: Oh!... Oh it doesn’t say any. Maybe it doesn’t have any and it’s a nice easy one for us to finish the challenge with? ^_^

Farfetch'd It’ll be some sort of trick…

Clefairy: OH! I know it I know it I know it!!! ^_^ Because it describes me ^_^

Raticate: Oh? I didn’t think that spelt annoying?

Presenter: Ignoring the squabbling, Mothim takes a long hard look at the chart and (again somehow) tries a combination in the lock, and successfully manages to open the case! Time to let them all out I suppose.

Presenter: Congratulations contestants! You’ve opened the chest within the time limit and so [p]25,000 will be added to the prize fund, taking your total now to [p]179,000! Your next challenge will take place tomorrow morning in the Trainer Tower. I’ll see you there.

Clefairy: Raticate was very helpful today, although she says some silly things at times ^_^

Farfetch'd Those dark chambers were very creepy… Clefairy’s innocent and playful image is starting to become more obvious and annoying by the day. She’s obviously from another planet…

Mothim: I still look at Farfetch’d as the most likely suspect for the PokéMole. He really didn’t make a great contribution today. Seagulls?

Raticate: Looks like it wasn’t Mawile then. Clefairy’s complete incompetence to make sense doesn’t help. It's no wonder luck in four of the answers pulled us through today – we certainly wouldn’t have got some of those answers without the letters to help us. Certainly not with the clueless Clefairy trying to organise everything. Although my two main suspects are still in, and I’ve got a huge chance of being right between them. I’d stick with Mothim though. Very sulky, private, and has made a few questionable decisions over the weeks.

Day 20

Presenter: Those battles. They’re like buses aren’t they? Not Stockport buses though. They just don’t turn up at all.

Presenter: Contestants, welcome to the magnificent Trainer Tower, the location for your last Battle challenge for PokéMole 6! I’m going to assume you’re all familiar enough with the format now, so be aware that this challenge is worth [p]20,000 to your prize fund should three out of the four of you defeat a Sceptile. To make use of the space we have here, all four of you will be battling simultaneously, so if you’d all like to go and stand in front of a lift, I think we can get this challenge started! Good luck to you all.

Presenter: All four contestants battling a different Sceptile at once? Scandalous. Onto Clefairy’s battle first. Sceptile starts off by using Leaf Blade which hits Clefairy directly and also lands a Critical Hit. Clefairy responds with Metronome which causes Clefairy to use Protect, blocking a second successive Leaf Blade attack from Sceptile. Clefairy again decides to use Metronome, this time attacking which Overheat, which surrounds Sceptile. When the flames clear, Sceptile lies in a heap on the floor. Knocked out. 1-0 Contestants. That was easy.

Onto Farfetch’d. Sceptile starts off that battle. Sceptile starts off using Agility while Farfetch’d attempts to use Aerial Ace but Sceptile dodges the attack and uses Rock Slide. Farfetch’d is promptly knocked out. 1-1.

Onto Mothim. This Sceptile starts off attempting to use Rock Slide but Mothim dodges the attack and responds with Air Slash. Sceptile flinches and so Mothim attacks with another Air Slash which deals some serious damage to Sceptile. Only just hanging on, Sceptile uses Rock Slide again, which this time hits Mothim directly. It’s incredibly super effective and Mothim looks out for the count, but just about gathers up the energy to use a Gust attack, knocking out Sceptile. 2-1 to the contestants.

It’s all up to Raticate. Sceptile starts the battle off by using Agility, and then quickly switches into a Double Kick attack, striking Raticate once and twice and causing a lot of damage. Raticate bravely gets to her feet and summons an Ice Beam which hits Sceptile squarely in the chest and sends it flying. Raticate quickly uses Blizzard which also hits but unbelievably Sceptile manages to jump back up, and counters with a Drain Punch attack. Raticate takes a lot of damage but also manages to get back up, but unfortunately Sceptile takes a lot of health back from the Drain Punch, and one last Double Kick attack is enough to knock out Raticate. 2-2. But that just ain’t good enough I’m afraid.

Presenter: Well contestants, I’m afraid that two of you managed to beat your Sceptile, while the other two of you lost to your Sceptile. That means that the challenge has been failed and the prize fund will remain at [p]179,000. Your last challenge before the next elimination will take place in the lobby of your hotel tomorrow morning. I’ll see you there.

Clefairy: Overheat is cool ^_^ Well no it isn’t cool, it’s hot, but it’s also cool ^_^ I really don’t know who to vote for… maybe Raticate still?

Farfetch'd I know that Clefairy won her battle, but surely using Metronome twice was the worst possible strategy? She won that battle by luck.

Mothim: Farfetch’d lost his battle. And we lost the last chance to get some decent money into the prize fund. No doubt the challenges in the Final will be awful and we’ll fail miserably…

Raticate: Even though I lost, I think that, watching the video, Farfetch’d got knocked out FAR too easily. Clefairy was also very lucky to win.

Day 21

Presenter: This won’t take long. I promise.

Presenter: Welcome contestants to the annual waste of time we call Challenge 21. Today’s challenge is called Why Do We Bother. To add [p]5,000 to the prize fund I need you all to name a contestant who has left us this series.

Clefairy: Mawile! I’m right aren’t I! I’m right!

Raticate: Prinplup.

Mothim: Slowking.

Farfetch'd This is too easy… surely this is some sort of trick?

Raticate: Just answer the question, idiot.

Farfetch'd Smeargle.

Presenter: Congratulations, all correct, the prize fund now rises to [p]184,000, which will be the prize fund you hold going into the Final. While it’s all very well having a nice easy challenge like this, it’s done so you can start to seriously reflect on what is the most important quiz yet. Tonight all four of you will take that quiz and one of you will leave us. I’ll see you later.


Presenter: Feeling the pressure yet?


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