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Episode 8

Season Six
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Episode 8

Comments in Red are commentary added out of earshot of the other contestants.

Comments in Blue are the Contestants own personal diary entries.

Comments in Purple are real time conversations between contestants, outside of challenges.

Presenter: After seven episodes, this is what it has all come down to. Clefairy, Mothim, Raticate. Each one has worked tremendously hard to get here, but now it’s no longer about survival. This time, the answer is worth everything. Who will be the winner? Who will be the loser? Who is the PokéMole? It’s nearly time to find out.

Day 22

Presenter: The contestants might be used to luxury (ish) but for the final days of their PokéMole adventure they’re going to be slumming it. In a tent. Ha. They’ve spent the night camped out on the mysterious Navel Rock, and the following morning they’re all very tired. What a perfect time to start getting them to pick their brains.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, minus Farfetch’d. Congratulations on making the Final of PokéMole 6! Welcome to our annual adventure into our memories – today’s challenge is called PokéMole 6 and as you probably guessed, it is our usual challenge where we pickle your brains to see exactly how much you remember about the weeks gone by. I’m going to ask you three questions each – and if between you all you can answer 6 questions correctly then we’ll add [p]25,000 to the prize fund. We’ll do this in alphabetical order I think, so Clefairy, we’ll start with you.

Clefairy: Oh goody ^_^

Raticate: Goody? You always mess it up when you go first.

Clefairy: I know ^_^ I mean erm… what? ^_^

Presenter: Clefairy – who was the first contestant to jump out of a plane in Yes, You Need To Dive Twice?

Clefairy: Oh oh oh I know this one!! ^_^ … hang on, no I don’t. Machoke?

Presenter: Incorrect – the answer was Raticate. Mothim, your first question now. What was the name of the second challenge?

Mothim: Such a terrible challenge it was too… very depressing to think about… a lot of work it was. All In A Day’s Wobbuffet.

Presenter: Is the correct answer! 1 out of 2 so far. Raticate, time for your first question. How many contestants managed to defeat Rotom in Episode 1?

Raticate: How am I supposed to remember that? 6?

Presenter: Good guess, but I’m afraid that’s incorrect. The answer was 7. 1 correct answer out of 3. Come on team, you need to do better than this. Clefairy, time for your second question – How much money did the team earn for the prize fund in To Combee Or Not To Combee?

Clefairy: Oh! … I don’t know this one either… oh well ^_^ Hang on… oh, [p]20,000! ^_^

Presenter: Incorrect.

Clefairy: Really? Oh dear, plenty more questions to come ^_^

Presenter: The challenge was initially worth [p]20,000, but just [p]10,000 was won in the end. That’s just 1 correct answer from your first 4 questions team, you can no longer afford any slip ups. Mothim, time for your next question. In Episode 3, what was the farmer from The Mock Flock called?

Mothim: Old Te Strake.

Presenter: Correct answer. 2 correct answers out of 5 questions. Raticate, how many bags were hung up in How Very Ice?

Raticate: Oh, I actually remember this. There were 8.

Presenter: Correct answer, which makes 3 correct answers out of 6. One more question each, all of which you need to answer correctly. Clefairy, in Episode 5, where did That Figures take place?

Clefairy: Oh… I know this one! ^_^

Raticate: We’ve heard that before…

Clefairy: The old abandoned Rocket Warehouse ^_^

Presenter: Correct answer!

Clefairy: See ^_^

Presenter: 4 correct answers of 7, you can still do this. Mothim, time for your last question. What score did the Putting Your Footy In It match finish?

Mothim: 3-2.

Raticate: … please tell me you didn’t just say what I think you said.

Presenter: Sorry Mothim, it actually finished 4-3. I’m afraid the challenge has been lost, and your prize fund remains at [p]184,000. I’ll be back tomorrow morning to pick you up before we start our journey. You shall see what I mean by that tomorrow. See you then.

Clefairy: Mothim got a very easy question wrong, that’s fairly worrying ^_^ But my gut instinct is still Raticate. Can’t quite put my finger on it though ^_^

Mothim: Clefairy got two questions wrong today, and with her going first and knowing full well we could only afford to get three questions wrong overall, she made the challenge incredibly difficult to pass right from the word go.

Raticate: Mothim getting that question wrong today lost us the challenge, however you dress the rest of it up. It was a fairly simple question and one he should have remembered. What a prat. He has to be the PokéMole after that. It was shocking.

Day 23

Presenter: I’m getting excited you know. Our time is almost up. I think we have enough time to set them something really tedious first though. LOL. The contestants wake up to the site of three Wurmple sitting happily in camp, spinning String Shot all over their tents. Bless.

Presenter: Good morning contestants! A nice quick challenge for you today and it’s called A Wurmple Worry. It is a little known fact that species of Wurmple from different places do differ from each other in incredibly subtle ways. In a moment I’m going to hand you three envelopes – who opens what envelope does not matter. Each envelope contains a picture of a specific Wurmple – your task will be to identify which of the three Wurmple is yours. This will be done in secret away from your fellow contestants – it’d be far, far too easy otherwise really. Should all three of you – and only if all three of you – manage to successfully identify your specific Wurmple, then we’ll add a whopping [p]40,000 to the prize fund. Sounds easy? Wait until you try it. Here are the envelopes, no conversing. You have precisely three minutes in which to study your pictures. Ready, steady, go.

Presenter: The contestants spend the said three minutes carefully analysing every single detail in the pictures – from exact shape of body art, to length of horn in relation to the rest of the body and even eye position. It really is very detailed stuff. After three minutes, Mothim and Raticate are sent away while Clefairy spends ten whole minutes attempting to talk to the (completely disinterested) Wurmple before deciding on the Wurmple she believes is the one she’s looking for. Mothim spends another seven minutes deciding, while Raticate takes just five minutes to decide. Let’s see how they did, shall we?

Presenter: Okay contestants, time to see exactly how you did. Looking at the Wurmple head on as we’re doing now, and numbering them one, two and three from left to right as we see them: Clefairy you chose Wurmple number… two. Mothim, you chose Wurmple number… three. And Raticate, you chose Wurmple number… one.

Clefairy: Oh we’ve won we’ve won we’ve won!! ^_^

Presenter: What makes you say that?

Clefairy: We all chose differently! ^_^

Raticate: That just means we’ve got a chance of passing the challenge. Not that we’ve actually passed it. Idiot.

Presenter: Well congratulations, Clefairy’s somewhat premature celebrations were worthwhile. You were all correct!

Clefairy: Silly Raticate ^_^

Presenter: That means the prize fund has now risen dramatically to a fantastic [p]224,000. This however, is not the end. For the first time ever, we will give you one last chance to add to that total. Your final challenge will take place tomorrow. Right now we’re going to leave immediately and set sail for Birth Island. There you will face your final challenge and tomorrow night, you will take the final quiz in order to decide which one of you is the winner of PokéMole 6. Once we get there we’re going to leave you alone for the rest of the day – give you a chance to compose your thoughts and decide exactly how you want to place this. Oh, and a small word of advice: get plenty of rest. Build your energy up. You’re going to need it. If you’d like to follow me, we have a boat to catch.

Clefairy: Yay, more money! ^_^ I think Raticate is the PokéMole.

Mothim: How did Clefairy know the challenge had been passed before it was announced? I was certain we’d failed, after all we’ve been punching above our weight for a while now really… Does she have inside knowledge? And we’re going to need our energy? I bet they make us do something awful… oh god, what if we have to wrestle a Deoxys? Oh dear. I really think that Clefairy is the PokéMole.

Raticate: Mothim’s whole body language is so down and lazy. I think it’s fantastic we won such a huge amount of money and I’m so determined to win now. Mothim has to be the PokéMole. Clefairy has been on my mind for quite a while admittedly, and I was praying she’d leave at the last elimination. That would make it more obvious to me. And she’s the most annoying little brat I’ve ever met in my life.

Day 24

Presenter: I’ve got a feeling. That tonight’s gonna be a good night. That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night. It’s all been building up to this one day. The contestants are clearly knackered. Both physically and mentally. So what better than to make them complete a gruelling assault course? Oh what fun. At the end of today we will know the final destinies of our last three contestants. Let’s go for it. It’s an early morning wake up call for the contestants. What a shame.

Presenter: Good morning contestants, I trust you slept well?

Raticate: What time is it?

Presenter: 8am.

Raticate: I hate you so much.

Presenter: That’s nice.

Clefairy: I like getting up early ^_^ It’s so nice to hear the Pidgey and the Taillow and the Starly singing in the morning ^_^

Raticate: Shut up before I kill you.

Clefairy: ^_^

Mothim: I bet this is awful. It’s going to be isn’t it? Why else would you get us up early?

Presenter: Contestants, by the end of today we will know the outcome of PokéMole 6. But before that happy moment, for the first time ever I’d like to introduce to you Challenge 24: All Out Assault. Birth Island is a beautiful island full of deserted plains, which we’ve temporarily turned into our very own assault course. One by one you will tackle this course and if all three of you can get across the finishing line within half an hour, we will add a whopping [p]50,000 to the prize fund. Any volunteers to go first?

Raticate: I will.

Presenter: Then please position yourself on the start line behind me, and good luck.

Presenter: A klaxon blows and Raticate darts across the start line and towards the first obstacle – a scramble net. Raticate is incredibly quick to crawl under and runs the next one hundred yards to the second obstacle – a balance beam. Raticate quickly scampers across the twenty foot long beam and sprints to the third obstacle – a trapeze over a small gap. This doesn’t seem to faze Raticate either, who leaps straight across and lands safely on the other side. However, Raticate is clearly starting to tire heading into the final obstacle – a two-hundred yard long mud bath. Raticate leaps in and attempting to crawl across but quickly finds herself getting stuck. Raticate continues to force her way along but is now going at a snail’s pace. Visibly exhausted, Raticate continues to push on and crosses the final line after thirteen minutes.

Next to tackle the course is Mothim. Mothim struggles to crawl under the safety net and spends a whole five minutes on it, but eventually forces his way out. Although saying that, Mothim easily flies along the balance beam, and easily clears the gap by sitting on the trapeze. Mothim then slowly flies across the mud bath and crosses the finishing line after just eight minutes. Twenty-one minutes have now gone, leaving Clefairy just nine minutes in which to complete the course.

Clefairy darts across the starting line and practically flies under the scramble net. Clefairy then leaps onto the balance beam and jumps across as though it were a mile wide, before leaps onto the trapeze and even managing a pirouette before landing safely on the other side. Clefairy now has seven minutes in which to cross the tricky mud bath, but starts leaping across as though jumping on concrete. Clefairy is two-thirds of the way across when disaster strikes – she slips and falls head first into the mud, and quickly starts to sink. Clefairy quickly pulls herself up but she is now stuck fast and must force her way through. It doesn’t take long for Clefairy to become completely drained. She eventually forces her way out and across the finishing line. But how long did she take?

Presenter: Contestants, how did you do? To be exact, as soon as you crossed the finishing line Clefairy, the time on my stopwatch was… 29:04! Congratulations, you have all passed the challenge with 56 seconds to spare! That means that the final prize fund of this series is a magnificent [p]274,000! I can promise you that you have now completed all 24 challenges of the series, and that no more surprises will come. You’ve sky-dived from helicopters, slid down slides of ice and even played football, but finally this is what it was all for. Use your last few hours wisely. Tonight, you’re playing for the lot. I’ll see you there.

The Final

Presenter: Just ten questions separate Clefairy, Mothim or Raticate from [p]274,000. And just ten questions separate you from their destinies. Best of luck.


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