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Episode 5

Season One
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Episode 5

Natu scored the lowest on the quiz, and so was eliminated last episode. Do YOU still have your suspect in the game? Have YOU spotted any clues? Do YOU know who the Poke-Mole is?

DAY 13

The next day has dawned. All the contestants have breakfast, and are taken to a location near Rustboro City; an abandoned airport- the very same airport at which their journey started nearly 2 weeks ago.

Presenter: Hello everybody. First of all well done for getting to the halfway point of the Poke-Mole. Secondly, welcome back to this abandoned airport....

Presenter: I'm cut off from speaking, as 6 planes suddenly shoot forwards very quickly from behind the contestants. Nearly everyone jumps.

Presenter: Last time you were here, you were taken up in a normal plane and you all performed a parachute jump. This time, you will be strapped into a bi-plane and the driver will perform a trick. In a moment, you will enter the warehouse just over there, and on the walls you will see the names of 6 tricks, and a description of them. You will then pick a plane number, and that plane will perform a specified trick of which you will have just read and hopefully memorized the description. After the trick has been performed you will write down what trick you think it is before you leave the plane. In order to pass this task, all 6 of you must get your trick correct to pass the challenge, and win £15,000 for the money pot. You will have 10 minutes to study all 6 tricks, and that time begins now.

Presenter: The moves are as follows:

Plane 1- Corkscrew
Plane 2- Oblivion
Plane 3- Nemesis
Plane 4- Runaway Plane
Plane 5- Hairpin Bend
Plane 6- Rattle Snake

Please blame James for any bad trick names used during today's challenge. 10 minutes later, the contestants pick their planes.

Plane 1: Staryu
Plane 2: Snorunt
Plane 3: Kecleon
Plane 4: Vulpix
Plane 5: Taillow
Plane 6: Wobbuffet

All the contestants go up, the planes perform their moves, and then the contestants give their answers. The answers they gave were:

SNORUNT: Oblivion
KECLEON: Nemesis
Runaway Plane
Hairpin Bend

Presenter: Bad luck team- Staryu and Wobbuffet both got their trick names wrong, and so the pot remains at £65,000. Meet me back at the Rustboro Gym again tomorrow.

Taillow: I can't believe that we lost £15,000, all because of Staryu and Wobbuffet.

Staryu: I'm really disappointed with myself. My trick was very similar to another one, but I still should have been able to tell the difference.

DAY 14


Presenter: Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Rustboro City Gym. Hopefully we can earn some money today- £10,000 to be exact. This one, is probably the hardest challenge you've had to do yet- you must all remain in this room, but must not talk, move off your chair, or communicate with each other in any way. if you can remain like this for 6 hours, then you win the money. You are not allowed to do anything, other than sitting on your chair. By leaving your chair, you also fail the game. The 6 hours, starts now.

Presenter: We know that this is a boring challenge for readers, so we'll skip to the halfway stage of the challenge. I enter the room after 3 hours, with a special offer for someone.

Presenter: OK team, I need to tell me now, who you think is the most bored. You will not forfeit the challenge by telling me at this moment.

Presenter: Overall, the team nominate Taillow.

Presenter: Right Taillow. If you get up now, and walk out of the room then you will forfeit the challenge, but also earn yourself an exemption. I need your final decision now.

Taillow: No, we need the money.

Presenter: OK, have a nice 3 hours.

Presenter: To cut a long story short, the team somehow eventually pass the challenge.

Presenter: Congratulations team. Somehow you survived all 6 hours, earning £10,000 and taking the total in the money pot to £75,000. Your next challenge starts tomorrow, immediatly after breakfast. When you come down to breakfast, please bring your luggage with you, as we will be changing destinations again.

Wobbuffet: That challenge, was very, very tough.

Snorunt: Taillow turned down a exemption. Which makes me think that maybe she didn't need one because she may be the Poke-Mole.

DAY 15

Breakfast has just finished, and it's time for details about the next challenge.

Presenter: Right everyone, listen up. Your next destination is Petalburg City. This time however, you will be walking there. Your challenge is to walk there, carrying not only all your belongings but also an egg. If just one egg is smashed by the time you get to Petalburg City, then you will not win the challenge. There is no set time limit to arrive in Petalburg City, you just have to look after your eggs. The route you will take is through Petalburg Woods, which is a bit of a rough journey. By winning this challenge you will earn £5,000 for the money pot. For one of you, this will be your final challenge. I'll hand out the eggs, and you can begin.

Presenter: The hike is a long one, and takes nearly 3 ½ hours to reach Petalburg City. Wobbuffet and Snorunt both pad their eggs in their bags, whereas everybody else carrys their's. When they arrive in Petalburg City, they meet me at the Pokemon Center.

Presenter: Right everybody, show me the eggs.

Presenter: All of the eggs are fine, except for Wobbuffet's.

Presenter: Wobbuffet has broken her egg, and so the money pot stays at £75,000. Please follow me upstairs, it is time for the 10- question quiz, and later for the elimination.

Staryu: There were some very steep hills, and I fell down one. I bumped into Wobbuffet who stopped me from falling further, and thankfully stopped my egg from breaking. But we lost anyway which was a shame.

Wobbuffet: I don't know how my egg got broken, but I'm sure many people will now be very suspicious of me.


The 6 of you, are about to become 5. Remember, you should always listen to what I say, as it may be hiding a clue. It's time for the elimination.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.