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Episode 6

Season One
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Episode 6

Just 5 left- Taillow, Staryu, Wobbuffet, Kecleon and Vulpix. There are just 2 rounds left before the final. Keep a lookout for the hidden clues, which all point, to the Poke-Mole.

DAY 16

The contestants have all gotten up. After breakfast, the contestants head on over to the Petalburg City fields, when a very "Moley" challenge is about to begin.

Presenter: Hello everybody. Snorunt left us last night unforunately. But, we can't stand around feeling sorry for ourselves, we have another challenge to attempt. This challenge is worth up to £15,000 to the money pot if you succeed. In the field of earth in front of you, lives a colony of Diglett. They all pop out randomly for a couple of seconds maybe twice a minute. Your challenge is to catch 15 Diglett's within this next hour. There is a bonus however- there is also 1 Dugtrio down there somewhere. If you manage to catch him, regardless of how many Diglett you also catch, you will earn a bonus of £5,000. You must catch the Digletts purely by your hands or paws alone. Your 1 hours begins.............. now.

Presenter: Below is a table showing how each contestant did: what they caught and what they missed.

Caught Missed

4 Diglett's 2 Diglett's, 1 Dugtrio

Taillow: 2 Diglett's 3 Diglett's

Wobbuffet: 2 Diglett's 5 Diglett's

Kecleon: 4 Diglett's 2 Diglett's

Vulpix: 3 Diglett's 3 Diglett's

Presenter: Well team, you managed to catch exactly 15 Diglett's, which takes the money pot up to £85,000. You didn't manage to get the Dugtrio however, you still have £85,000. Please join me at the Petalburg City Gym, at midday tomorrow for your next task.

Vulpix: I can't believe Staryu missed the Dugtrio, but we still earned £10,000 anyway.

Staryu: Wobbuffet missed a lot of Diglett's, which makes me very suspicious.

DAY 17

It is, as the above sub-title suggests, Day 17. It will be one week today that the final of the Poke-Mole takes place. But that is 1 week away, and that means there are still 7 challenges and 2 eliminations to go before that fateful day.

Presenter: This is the Petalburg City Gym. You are here for your third battle, and it is against a Vigoroth. If 3 of you defeat Vigoroth then, we'll add £10,000 to the money pot. We are yet again battling in alphabetical order, so Kecleon, please step forward.

Presenter: Kecleon is in first with Screech. Vigoroth is nearly deafened by the sound, and kecleon then tries a Focus Punch. It hits, and as it's Super Effective, it knocks out Vigoroth.

Next up comes Staryu. Staryu uses Cosmic Power, which hits Vigoroth. Vigoroth retailates with Slash, and then moves in for a Focus Punch. Staryu dodges the Focus Punch, and Rapid Spins Vigoroth, knocking it out.

Now it's Taillow's turn. Taillow uses Aerial Ace, and then poisons Vigoroth with a Toxic attack. Vigoroth uses it's weakness to it's advantage and uses Facade, which has it's attack doubled and knocks out Taillow.

Vulpix steps up. Vulpix uses Flamethrower, which burns Vigoroth. Bad mistake. Vigoroth uses Facade again, and knocks out Vulpix. Now it's all up to Wobbuffet.

This time Vigoroth makes the first move- Secret Power. Wobbuffet knows what to do, and uses Mirror Coat. The Secret Power bounces back at Vigoroth, and knocks him out. They have all passed the test.

Presenter: Well done team. That's the second battle you've won now, which brings the money pot up to £95,000- so close to the £100,000 mark. I have some details of tomorrows challenge now. All I need you to do is to read a certain book for me before 5pm tomorrow. Kecleon, your book is "The Ghost of Thomas Kempe". Staryu, your book is "The Queen and I". Taillow, you'll be reading "The Lottie Project". Vulpix, your book is "The Magician's Nephew" Wobbuffet, you'll be reading "The Demon Headmaster". Please make sure you meet me at 5pm tomorrow, with your read books at the Petalburg City Library. See you then.


Presenter: At the end of dinner, Staryu is the last to leave the table, when I have an offer for it.

Presenter: Ok, Staryu. Tomorrow you be asked questions on your books- 2 each. if you get your 2 wrong on purpose, then you will earn an excemption. I don't need your decision now, but we will see tomorrow.

DAY 18


Presenter: Hello everybody. Have you all read and finished your books?

All Contestants: Yes.

Presenter: Ok then. In a minute I am going to ask you 2 questions about your book. That will mean a total of 10 questions altogether. If 7 questions are answered correctly, then I'll add £5,000 to the money pot, taking you up to the £100,000 mark. You will be answering your questions in reverse- alphabetical order. That means that Wobbuffet, you're up first.

Presenter: Wobbuffet's questions on "The Demon Headmaster" were:

QUESTION 1- What is the families surname? ANSWER= Hunter

QUESTION 2- Name the female prefect. ANSWER= Rose

Presenter: Wobbuffet answers the second question right, but the first question wrong. next it's Vulpix's turn. Her questions on "The Magician's Nephew" were:

QUESTION 1- Name the lion. ANSWER= Aslan

QUESTION 2- Name the Uncle. ANSWER= Andrew

Presenter: Vulpix gets both her questions correct. Now it's Taillow's turn on "The Lottie Project".

QUESTION 1- What are the main characters initials? ANSWER= C.A.K.E

QUESTION 2- Name the teacher. ANSWER= Miss Beckworth

Presenter: Taillow also gets both her questions correct. Staryu's questions are on "The Queen and I".

QUESTION 1- Which year are the elections held, in which the Republicans win? ANSWER= 1992

QUESTION 2- Who refuses to come out of bed? ANSWER= Philip

Presenter: Staryu gets both the questions wrong, earning it an excemption. The team can still win the money however, but only if Kecleon gets both his questions correct on "The Ghost of Thomas Kempe".

QUESTION 1- What is the families surname? ANSWER= Harrison

QUESTION 2- Which century is the ghost from? ANSWER= 17th

Presenter: Well done team, you have just about passed this challenge. That means, that the money pot now stands at a staggering £100,000. Onto another little matter though. Some of you may be wondering why Staryu got both it's questions wrong. The answer is, that I offered Staryu an excemption, for answering both it's questions incorrectly. That it did, and so Staryu has got an excemption from tonight's elimination.

Staryu: I knew both the questions anyway, but excemptions are really important this late in the game. I'm pretty sure I know who the Poke-Mole is, and I've suspected this person from around Day 1.

Kecleon: I'm annoyed that an excemption was given this late in the game.


Presenter: You have all played the game extremely well to get this far, but only 4 of you can go through to the penultimate round. Staryu has already booked it's place there. Now it's time to see who else is going through. Good luck.

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.