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Episode 7

Season One
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Episode 7

The final 4 are now playing to win £100,000, plus any amount they win over the next 2 episodes. It's getting exciting. All 4 have reached the penultimate round, but only 3 of them can go through to next episode's final. Kecleon, Staryu, Taillow and Vulpix. Who will be eliminated this episode? Who will reach the final? Both these questions will be answered this episode.......

DAY 19

After an amazing plane ride to Mossdeep City overnight, the contestants head to the hills- or rather the cliffs- for their next challenge.

Presenter: Firstly congratulations everybody for making it through to the penultimate round. Today's challenge is called High Cliffs. The name speaks for itself. There are three cliffs here, one is 5 metres high, one is 15 metres high and the final one is 25 metres high. We want you all to jump off a cliff into the sea. The height of the cliff you jump from, or even if you jump at all is up to you, but the total of metres jumped must total 60 metres or more, in order to win £5,000 for the money pot. You will be jumping in alphabetical order, so Kecleon will be up first. None of you will know how the others have done, so it's a matter of doing the best you can do and pushing yourself to the limit.

Presenter: The others don't know it, but Kecleon jumps from 15m. Staryu is next.

Staryu: That challenge was really scary for me, as I'm afraid of heights. I'm not affected by them when I'm in an aeroplane or something like that, but otherwise I get terrified. I'm proud of what I did in that challenge.

Presenter: After much divering about at the top of the 5m cliff, Staryu finally jumps.

Taillow is also scared of heights. But somehow, she takes herself to 25m and literally throws herself off it! But then, the team hit a brick wall- in the shape of Vulpix.

Presenter: Water is my biggest phobia. I am not jumping, I want to but I can't.

Presenter: So Vulpix doesn't jump. But how did the team do overall?

Presenter: So team, 3 of you managed to jump. Staryu jumped from 5m, Kecleon jumped from 15m and Taillow somehow managed to jump from 25m. That brings the total metres up to 45m. The challenge however, is not yet lost. Vulpix, if you can jump from 5m, then I'll add the £5,000 to the money pot anyway. Will you do it?

Vulpix: I'm really sorry everyone but I can't. It's just... so scary.

Presenter: Very well then. The money pot still contains £100,000. Your next challenge will take place at the Mossdeep City Space Museum at 10am tomorrow. See you then.

Staryu: Vulpix not jumping was obviously sabotage. I'm scared of heights and I managed a jump. Even Taillow did!

Vulpix: I really regret not jumping, but even now I wouldn't be able to do it.

Kecleon: I should have jumped from the 25m, but it is scary.

Taillow: How I did that I will never know. I'll probably have nightmares about it.

DAY 20


Presenter: Welcome to the Mossdeep Space Museum. There are lots of fascinating things here. You may want to take a closer look round here, and we are giving you the chance. I have 10 questions with me, on various bits of information that you can find somewhere in here. You will have 2 hours to collect as a group, as much information as you can. use your time wisely, as each person must get at least 7 of the 10 questions correct to add £5,000 to the money pot. Off you go.

Presenter: The contestants spend their time wisely. Along their travels, they notice a message on the wall. It says:

have you worked it out yet?
can you spot a clue?
with one in nearly every episode
you should have found some too

Presenter: 2 hours later, the contestants arrive for the test. The questions are:

1. What year was Mars found?

2. What is in the asteroid belt?

3. Does the planet order ever change?

4. Which planet is the 2nd biggest?

5. Approx how many moons are in space?

6. In about 4.5 billion years the sun will run out of gas?
True / False

7. Venus can melt lead in about 10 seconds?
True / False

8. Does every planet have a ring around them?

9. Which planet is the hottest?

10. Does every planet have a moon?

Presenter: The contestants take the test, and the answers are then marked. I then deliver the result.

Presenter: Right, the answers you all gave have been marked and checked. I'll tell you now that only Staryu managed to get 7 out of 10. Kecleon you got 6 correct. Taillow you got 5 correct, and Vulpix you also scored 5. You all did a marvellous job collecting the information, but not such as good a job memorizing it. Your final challenge before the final will takes place tomorrow at the Mossdeep City Gym. Good luck for then, and remember to bring your sweet tooth with you.

DAY 21

It's the beginning of week 3. Today is the final challenge before the final. Things have been have a bit tough recently, so we thought we'd give the contestants a treat.


Presenter: You must all be very familiar with gyms by now! Today's challenge is worth £5,000 for the money pot. We have 10 popular types of chocolate: Mars, Snickers, Galaxy, Dairy Milk and Milkybar. Today's challenge is an almost dead cert for you to win, because the challenges next episode are very, very tough. All you have to do, is identify the 5 types of chocolate by tasting them. To make matters easier for you, the chocolates were given to you at dinner last night if you remember. You off, take your time, and as a group identify the chocolates. I need what you think each numbered chocolate is, to be written down on THIS piece of paper. So be 100% sure before writing anything down. You may begin.

Presenter: Considering how easy the challenge is, the conteatants pass with flying colours.

Presenter: Well done everybody. You passed, though I'm hardly surprised. The total in the money pot is now £105,000. For one of you, that was your last challenge. We will now go to the hotel, where you will answer your quiz about the identity of the Poke-Mole. I'll see you at tonight's elimination.


You should all be proud of getting this far, but for one of you the journey is over. I won't hold it off any longer. Lets begin the elimination.

Presenter: So, we have our final 3- Kecleon, Staryu and Vulpix............

Presenter: Kecleon, are you the Poke-Mole?

Kecleon: No, I'm not the Poke-Mole.

Presenter: Vulpix, are you the Poke-Mole?

Vulpix: I could never be the Poke-Mole.

Presenter: Staryu, are you the Poke-Mole?

Staryu: One of those 2 is lying, because I'm not the Poke-Mole.

Presenter: So who is the Poke-Mole? Who will walk away with the contents of the money pot? Find out........... next episode!

Roll the mouse over each contestants picture - if it turns green, the contestant will continue through to the next round, whilst if the picture turns red, the contestant is eliminated, and they must leave the game immediately.