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Episode 8

Season One
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Episode 8- The Final

Kecleon, Staryu and Vulpix. One is about to win more than £100,000, one is about to become a loser, and one is about to be finally unmasked as the Poke-Mole. At the end of today's episode there will be an interactive quiz for you to take part in, and then finally, what we've all been waiting for; that elusive question finally answer; Who is the Poke-Mole?

DAY 22

The contestants are brought back to the Mossdeep City Gym the morning after Taillow leaves. Here, they will face their last, and toughest battle yet.

Presenter: Welcome back you 3, to the Mossdeep City Gym. You are about to face your last battle, which will be worth the usual £10,000. All 3 of you will have to defeat a Donphan, in order to pass the test. You won't know how anyone else has fared this battle, as you will be kept apart until the end. This time, Staryu, you be going first. Good luck.

Presenter: Staryu bravely starts off with a Hydro Pump. Donphan curls up in a Defense Curl and Staryu's attack has little effect. Donphan goes into a Rollout attack, but Staryu dodges it. Donphan then uses Odor Sleuth, and Staryu hits Donphan with a Swift, but then Donphan uses Earthquake, and knocks out Staryu. The contestants don't know yet, but the challenge is already lost.

Vulpix is next. Vulix starts off with Flamethrower, but Donphan goes into a Defense Curl. Donphan then uses Rollout, which hits Vulpix and then on the re-bound knocks Vulpix out.

Lastly it's Kecleon's turn. Kecleon starts off Psybeam, but Donphan uses the same Defense Curl/ Rollout method and knocks out Kecleon. All 3 contestants have lost, and the challenge is also lost.

Presenter: Bad luck team, but you were all defeated by the Donphan. The money pot stays at £105,000. Your next and final challenge, will take place tomorrow at 9am. It is actually 2 challenges rolled into one, but you will see what I mean tomorrow.

Kecleon: That Donphan was amazingly strong.

Staryu: That last battle was definetly the hardest one.

Vulpix: I was really disappointed when I lost, because I was sure that Kecleon and Staryu would have defeated the Donphan.

DAY 23

It is 9am in the morning. The contestants are about to leave Mossdeep City, and travel to a mystery location somewhere in Hoenn. They are actually going to the infamous Trick House, located north of Slateport and south of Mauville. All of the contestants arrive blind-folded.

Presenter: Right then, you are about to face your final challenge. One by one you will go into the building in front of you. We are actually at the Trick House so beware it's many traps. We will be playing a game called Three Questions. Last night, you were asked to fill out a small questionaire about your fellow contestants, of whom you should now know really well. The Trick House has been turned into a maze especially for out purpose. The ways you will take will depend on how you think your friends answered their questions. You can only take the right path through the maze, by answering all 3 of the questions correct. There are doors at the end of each path, but only 1 will open. By taking the wrong path, you may also find some Ghost Pokemon lurking around, which may easily be scary, considering how dark it is in there. You have already had the chance to win £185,000 this series. I will give you £5,000 in the money pot, if you answer all 3 questions correctly on your first attempt, and reach the right door. Good luck to you all.

Presenter: The 3 questions are:

1- Who is most likely to half the money pot by taking an excemption?

Kecleon's answer = Staryu
Staryu's answer = Vulpix

Vulpix's answer = Staryu

2- Who is most likely to take drugs such as Iron and Carbos, in order to impress someone?

Kecleon's answer = Staryu
Staryu's answer = Kecleon
Vulpix's answer = Kecleon

3- Who would you prefer to be stuck on Southern Island with?

Kecleon's answer = Staryu
Staryu's answer = Kecleon
Vulpix's answer= Kecleon

Presenter: All the contestants will receive a mix of 3 questions from the other 2's questionaire. Kecleon answers his first 2 questions correct, but then gets the last one incorrect.

Kecleon: I thought I was doing well. I was walking towards this door, when a Banette appeared in front of me and suppossedly surroundly me using Double Team. It started to laugh and I was really, really scared.

Presenter: Staryu is next. Staryu answers the first question wrong, the second question right, and the last question wrong.

Staryu: I was walking towards a door and a massive load of Haunter's and Gengar's appeared and were staring at me laughing. It really makes you jump and it isn't at all nice.

Presenter: Now it's Vulpix's turn. Vulpix answer the first 2 questions correct, but the last one incorrect. No money has been won.

Vulpix: my heart was pounding badly as it was, when suddenly a Misdreavus came flying at me out of no-one and started screeching horribly. I wouldn't do that challenge again.


Presenter: So team, you have finished all 23 of your challenges. You have all been brilliant, but the final amount in the money pot is £105,000. Tonight we will be travelling to Ever Grande City, where tomorrow you will answer the final quiz to determine who wins the money.

Kecleon: I've got all the information I think I need on my suspect, and I'm going to give it my all to try and win.

Staryu: I've got this far now, and if I don't win I'll be really disappointed.

Vulpix: I haven't always stuck with the same person to get here, but hopefully I can win this quiz. I spent all dinner last night learning as much new information about Kecleon and Staryu as I could.


Contestants, you are about to take the final quiz about the identity of the Poke-Mole. Please, take your time as the results decide who will win £105,000. Please begin the quiz.

Readers: Take part in this quiz yourself and see if you've been paying attention!

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